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Weekend Warfare - 12/09/23
Author Message
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12-09-2023, 05:18 PM

12 - 09 - 2023



- vs -
2 RP/2K - Singles

- vs -
2 RP/2K - Singles

- vs -
2 RP/Unlimited - Xtreme Rules

- vs -
1 RP/4k - Cram can name the match stip in his first promo

OOC: Default RP rules are Warfare Rules; 2 RPs with a 2k word limit.
Universal Championship - Champs choice (At minimum must be 3 RPs/3k)
Xtreme Championship - 2 RPs/unlimited
Television Championship - 2 RPs/3k
Tag Team Championships - Champs choice (2 RPs/3k or 2 RPs/unlimited)

Soft deadline (at least 1 RP must be posted before this time) will be MONTH 00TH 11:59pm board time. Deadline will be MONTH 00th 11:59pm board time. Good luck!

HHL: Hello everyone and welcome to Weekend Warfare. As always I am joined by my partner, the best color man in the business Pip Collins!!! We have a solid card tonight featuring two title matches. Dionysus defends his new Xtreme Championship against XWF Legend and current Anarchy Champion Centurion and Cram defends the Television title against XWF legend Barney Green. But before we get to our first match an ad for our upcoming Pay Per View.

7 Spots Left for the Last Blood Battle Royale. Winner receives a guaranteed Universal Title shot at March Madness!!!

HHL: And here we have a match that we never thought we'd see, Pip.

Pip: But I'm looking forward to it nonetheless!

As the bold notes of Dmitri Shostakovich, Symphony No. 5, blare through the arena,

The curtains open, and there's Dick Drizzle, dressed in a really bright and showy robe.

He walks down the ramp confidently, a bottle of whiskey in one hand. He shouts "Woooooo!" to the crowd, and they shout back, getting into the spirit.

When he reaches the ring, Dick takes a big drink from his whiskey bottle. He then asks the referee to hold the ropes open for him. He goes through the ropes, a bit unsteady on his feet, and gets ready in his corner for the match to start.

The lights in the arena go deep blue as smoke fills the air. Pink and silver laser lights cut through the smoke and it looks fucking rad.

As Comanche blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Bobby Bourbon. He looks out at the crowd in the arena, cold and stoic, surveying his surroundings. He stops and raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Bobby climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops.

- vs -
2 RP/2K - Singles


As the bell sounds, "The Natural" Dick Drizzle and Bobby Bourbon circle each other warily in the center of the ring. Dick, with a sly grin, tries to engage, but Bobby immediately overpowers him with a massive Clothesline, sending Dick crashing to his back. Bobby's raw power is on full display as he follows up by deadlifting Dick into a Vertical Suplex and slamming him back onto the mat.

HHL: "Dick Drizzle is getting a rough welcome back to Warfare, Pip!"

PIP: "Senior citizen or nay, Bobby Bourbon is not holding back, Heather."

Dick, feeling the heat, resorts to his tricks. He attempts an Eye Rake, but Bobby, anticipating the move, blocks it and retaliates by hurling Dick into the corner and punishing him with a Earth shaking Corner Avalanche Splash.

Dick, now desperate, tries to escape the ring, but Bobby grabs him by the hair, pulling him back and executing a Double Underhook Suplex, further showcasing his dominance.

HHL: "Dick's trying to run, but there's no escaping Bobby Bourbon!"

PIP: "He’s like a ginger freight train in there, Heather!"

With Dick now reeling, Bobby sets up for his signature move, the Phrenology Claw, but Dick falls back and rolls under the bottom rope. Dick, now outside the ring, scrambles to his feet and quickly makes his way to his buddy, 'Loady' Potty Diaper, who's at ringside. Panting and desperate, Dick exclaims, "Screw this, we're out!" Together, they start walking up the ramp, trying to escape the wrath of Bobby Bourbon.

HHL: "Looks like Dick Drizzle is opting for a strategic retreat, Pip!"

PIP: "That’s one way to put it, Heather! But I don't think Bobby's going to let him off that easy!"

Just as they near the top of the ramp, Bobby, like a man possessed, charges after them, his eyes locked on Dick. He crashes into them with the force of a locomotive, sending Loady Potty Diaper tumbling off the stage with a dramatic thud.

HHL: "Bobby Bourbon is a man on a mission! He just sent Potty Diaper flying!"

PIP: "That's gotta hurt! But look at Bobby, he's not done yet!"

Bobby then grabs a stunned Dick Drizzle, hauling him back towards the ring. He delivers a series of brutal blows as he drags Dick along the ramp.

HHL: "This is a beatdown, Pip! Bobby is making sure Dick pays for trying to escape!"

PIP: "Bobby's sending a message, Heather. In the XWF, you can run, but you can't hide!"

As they reach ringside, Bobby tosses Dick back into the ring. Dick, battered and bruised, tries to crawl away, but Bobby is relentless. He lifts Dick for a massive Big Boy Toss, hurling him across the ring.

HHL: "Dick Drizzle is being manhandled by Bourbon!"

PIP: "It's like watching a ginger tornado tearing through the ring!"

HHL: "Could you knock it off with the Ginger jokes?"

PIP: "...I could..."

With Dick lying prone on the mat, Bobby sets up for his finishing move, the Bobbybomb. He signals to the crowd, who are on their feet in anticipation. He lifts Dick effortlessly and executes a devastating Bobbybomb, slamming him into the mat with incredible force.

HHL: "The Bobbybomb! That's got to be it!"

PIP: "Nobody kicks out of that! Bobby Bourbon is in total control!"

Bobby goes for the cover.





Winner - Bobby Bourbon

HHL: "And that's the match! Bobby Bourbon wins in dominant fashion!"

PIP: "What a display of power! Bobby Bourbon has proven yet again, why he's a force to be reckoned with in the XWF!"

The feeling of bone meeting metal was one he’d never forget. The body of his prey falling limp in his arms. The throbbing of blood simmering into a slow thud.

Thud. Thud. Thus.

The flickering of light.

The flickering of life.

A sneer stretched across The Kingslayer’s face, incongruent with the joy he knew he should be feeling. His fingers curled against the cold gold of his prized possession.

“Iz, the media is here for the opening… And for your interview.”

Ezekiel’s voice was full of trepidation, with a tinge of concern. It came out as a light cheerfulness.

Isaiah flipped the title onto his shoulder, closed his eyes and pushed himself up onto his feet. His fingers rub the bridge of his nose, easing the tension that had built up on his face. Turning to face the door, Isaiah’s eyes fell on the woman he… Loved.

“Are… Ya ready champ?”

Doosh, doosh, doosh.

A rapid series of punches struck against a heavy bag behind him, Elijah Hussein practicing his morning combinations. They were still sloppy, they were still weak, but they’d started to find a rhythm after a couple of weeks of performing them on repeat.

“Yeah, champ, you ready to show them what we’ve got cookin’?”

Isaiah tried to force a smile onto his face, all he could do in response is nod. The door swung open before his brain could track it, and as a series of flashes blinded him momentarily.

There was a substantial crowd of youtubers, sports journalists and other media personnel crowded around the door to his gym - interspersed with new and old fans of the Kingslayer.

“Mr King!”



The chorus of vices shook him in a way they’d never before.
… Was that Pop’s? No, he’s dead.

… Jeremiahs? No, he wouldn’t dare

As Isaiah’s eyes settled to the flashing lights and the Sun’s light, he realised a practiced smile had already plastered itself on his face. His voice slipped through his lips but it felt like he wasn’t in control of it.

”There there, thank you all for coming all the way out to our humble Harlem’s streets! Your support is so wonderfully encouraging!”

A gentle hand traced its way into his palm. His other hand lifted the title above his head, letting the sun’s rays glint against it’s polished gold.

”Before we answer some questions, I want to say - We’ve done it! We’ve… Made it to the top! And if it wasn’t for all of your support, all your cheers… And for those of you who’ve known me from childhood… Without your very practical love and care. Friends, we’re at the mountain top… And it’s time for a new era! An era of justice, of grit… Of EFFORT.”

The crowd cheers as Isaiah ponders whether he even believes the words coming out of his mouth.

”The roads been hard and long, it’s been… Full of sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears. But we’ve gotten there. And I’d be damned if I let it slip out of my fingers without a fight.”

Another raucous cheer from the masses!

”I want to be a champion you can be proud of. I want to be a champion Harlem can be proud of. I want to be a champion these kids can look at and endeavour towards. I want to be a shining light of what’s possible when you put in the work, of what’s possible when you tackle the dragon and slay it.”

His hand shook at his side, and a comforting squeeze settles it.

”Thunder Knuckles was a menace that needed to be slayed. He didn’t deserve the throne, the crown or the sceptre when he grabbed it through the slimy means meant for the criminals of this world. No, that vile piece of trash has been sent to the dump, and this era is one of hope. Of light.”

Isaiah could smell Ezekiel’s strong cologne from behind him.

”And it’s to usher in this light that we’re opening up this gym - A gym with as complicated a past as I have… A gym that’ll bring NEW life into these streets.”

Ezekiel stepped to a curtain behind Isaiah.

”The King’s Court used to be a home for miscreants. A home where we were taught to fight, bleed and kill for what we believed in. It turned the hopeless into a bonafide killers. I’m a product of such a gym. I… And my friends… Were the best it had to offer.

But pain and strife were stains on The King’s Court, stains I couldn’t scrub clean.

Stains that’ve cost us too many lives…”

Isaiah swallowed, holding back the emotion his words elicited.

”And so from the ashes of pain… A new arena is born. A gym that’ll give my brothers an escape from the darkness of this world. A gym where diamonds will be found in the rough. A gym where TRUE steel is crafted through the flames. A crucible… Where weapons for good, where weapons to conquer evil are crafted. Ladies and Gentlemen… I present to you - in the honour of the best of us… The Doc’s -  Crucible.”

Ezekiel ripped the curtain down, uncovering the beautiful brand new sign of The Crucible gym.

[Image: 4P6FKwD.png]

“The world is a free-for-all. A world where everyone has a dream and everyone is clawing for the very highest of heights. As your champion - There are going to be thousands who’ll covet this title… Come for it, I say. Come, and earn your place on top like I did.

This gym will train diamonds that can withstand that kind of attention - the kind of free-for-all chaos that this world is.”

Isaiah slung his title about his shoulder and raised Elijah’s hand into the air beside him.

”This gym will be open to all who can afford the time. Walk through these doors and train alongside other warriors, other fighters, and become the best you can be. The first of our class is right here with me.”

Elijah Hussein stepped out into the light, standing on Isaiah’s left side, flanking him with Chaeryoung.

”Elijah Hussein - a boy… No, a man seeking to make a difference. Seeking to uphold the legacy of his grandfather and bring comfort and celebration to these streets, not pain. He will lead his class, and bring ALL of Harlem to greater heights… Hopefully, with the same care and concern all of you poured on me.

It’ll be a gym for our Family.

A gym that builds champions on the shoulders of those who love them. ”

Isaiah felt an uncontrolled tear stream down his face.

”For Doc… For Elias Hussein. We will turn this neighborhood around, and hopefully make a dent in this dark world that we live in.”

Isaiah raised his championship in the air once more, signifying the end of his speech. Elijah joined him, holding up his gloved fists in the air with a wide smile on his face.

Isaiah’s heart thumped hard in his chest, his vision glazed over as a dozen different journalists started to question him once more.

The arena goes dark and an ominous red fog rises up around the stage giving the illusion that there was a fire burning below it.  Through the mist rises Doctor Louis D'Ville in his pearl-white suit and a grin from ear to ear.  He takes a step forward, while standing at the top of the ramp he take a deep breath of the fiery mist and exhales before slowly making his way to the ring.

Flynn bursts through the curtain in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact with his opponent. When the bell rings, he shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face.

- vs -
2 RP/2K - Singles

The two square off in the center of the ring, neither backing down from the other.  The bell rings and the match begins!

Doc D'Ville wastes zero time and immediately charges Flynn!  Flynn side steps and pulls up a knee catching Doc in the abdomen, flipping him over!

Doc sits on both knees and takes quick, chop-like kicks across the chest! 

PIP: "Mark Flynn won the coin toss thjs evening and has elected to kick!"

HHL: "Real clever, Pip."

Flynn takes a quick bounce from the ropes then drops down, dropkicking Doc in the back of his head!

Doc folds up then takes a quick roll out of the ring.  He walks away and when circling back Flynn catches him with a baseball slide sending Doc tumbling backwards and into the barricade!

Flynn runs up and grabs Doc by the wrist and twists his arm…

PIP: "Is Flynn looking for the Fujiwara Armbar?"

HHL: "With D'Ville pressed against the barricade, this could spell trouble for the doctor!"

As Flynn steps over, Doc lays in a shoulder and pushes Flynn off of him and into the ring post!  The official quickly grows tired of the outside brawl and starts a count!  Doc waves off the referee and grabs Flynn by the head and slams him down on the top of the ring steps!

Flynn's head bounces off, Doc keeps ahold and sends him on his own trip into the barricade!

The referee reaches a four-count when Doc walks up the steps to the ring apron.  The official gets in his face, demanding the doctor to bring the fight back inside.  Doc acts like he's going to step through, but instead leaps off and hits a flying elbow drop onto Flynn!

There's a seven-count when Doc reaches his feet and tossed Flynn in under the bottom rope.  Doc slides in behind and goes for a simple lateral press, placing two open palms across Flynn's chest.  Flynn quickly and expecedly kicks out after one and rolls to one knee.

PIP: "The doctor was looking for a quick ending to this one, Heather."

Doc beat Flynn to his feet and helped him the rest of the way up.

Flynn resists and lands a couple of punches to Doc's midsection.  Doc loses control of Flynn, who manages to throw together a lethal combo of kicks and punches before Doc shuts him down and flattens him with a strong lariat.

Doc takes control and starts to work on Flynn's head and already damaged neck with a pair of head scissors!  Flynn writhes in pain and flails around trying to escape the hold!

HHL: "Flynn spent eight years on the shelf because of a neck injury!"

Flynn uses the power in his legs to pull them close to the ropes and throw a foot over top of the bottom one!

D'Ville couldn't hear him at first, but the official quickly calls off the hold and threatens a disqualification if Doc doesn't let up.

After nearly a four-count, Doc releases the hold and spins up to his feet.  Flynn holds his neck and struggles to breathe as his face returns to its normal shade from a bright, cherry red.  Doc pulls Flynn to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes!  Doc dials in a high kick to the face, but Flynn ducks and takes another bounce!  Doc throws up a back elbow, which Flynn evades, too!  Flynn leaps onto the middle rope, then springs back and hits a clean cross-body onto the doctor!

PIP: "Flynn caught him!"

Doc rolls through the move and up to his feet while holding onto Flynn!  He holds him for several seconds and maneuvers himself in front of the corner then throws Flynn backwards into it! 

Flynn folds up in the corner and D'Ville takes a long, strutting lap around the ring.  He circles around to the opposite corner, lines up his opponent, who's now sitting upright, and sprints across the ring!

As Doc forward flips into a sentan, Flynn rolls out of the way and Doc crashes into the corner himself.  Flynn pulls himself up using the ring rope and huffs and puffs his way to the opposite corner where Doc was and runs in for his own attack!

He lifts a knee and catches Doc under the chin, staggering D'Ville!  Flynn pulls him out of the corner and wraps his arms around him.

PIP: "Flynn looks to be going for Riparte!  This could do–"

As Flynn flipped the doctor over in thr Northern Lights Suplex, Doc flipped through somehow, landing on his feet.  He turns to face Flynn, but Flynn was ready for him even though he was just as shocked that Doc managed to counter through!  Flynn flipped backwards and hit Doc with a standing…  backflipping enziguri!  Doc is knocked senseless!  Flynn jumps up behind D'Ville and rolls him up tight….!  But only for a slow two-count!

Doc rolls through back to his feet, but is obviously still woozy from the kick to the head.  He attempts to stomp Flynn's face and misses completely.  Flynn wraps around D'Ville and rolls him up again..
  Twisting him and pinning his shoulders to the mat!  The referee was still in position and had a two-count before Doc rolled through it again.  Flynn tries catching Doc with another, different style roll-up, but is caught this time and planted with a Flatliner!

HHL: "Quite the exchange between these two superstars tonight!  Neither one can seem to hold onto the advantage!"

Both men lie on their backs, catching their breath near the center of the ring.  They begin to stir together, crawling the opposite way from each other. 

The crowd starts to rally as they simultaneously reach and use the ropes to pull themselves each to their feet.  Flynn looks across the ring and lets put a warcry as he runs and leaps, attempting to dropkick Doc out of the ring, but Doc moves at the last second!  Flynn catches himself as he leaps through the top and middle rope and lands outside of the ring on the apron!

D'Ville must have thought Flynn went all the way out to the floor, he pays no attention and keeps his back turned.  As he circles back, Flynn belts out another warcry and slingshots himself over the top rope into Doc hitting a flying clothesline!

Flynn starts to rally, landing kicks like a machine gun all over the front and back of D'Ville as he tries getting to his feet over and over again before Flynn pulls back and lands a clean shot to the back of Doc's head.

Doc's eyes roll back as he falls face down like a giant tree.  Flynn grabs Doc's wrist and goes for the Fujiwara Armbar again, in the dead center of the ring!

PIP: "D'Ville is in no man's land!  If Flynn can…  nevermind.

Flynn managed to step over, but Doc was able to roll out before Flynn could settle in the move! 

A frustrated Mark Flynn follows Doc who rolls outside of the ropes onto the apron.  Flynn tries to attack, but is held back by the referee.  The two argue back and forth as the doctor recoups.  Flynn looks like he's backing off, when the official relaxes Flynn zips by and kicks Doc in the head!

PIP: "That wasn't very 'Good Guy' like…"

The blow pushes Doc from the apron and onto his feet out on the floor.  The referee, angry with Flynn now, prevents him from following up on the doctor who now watches from the outside.

Doc reaches up through the ropes and grabs the referee by the back of their belt and holds him against the ropes!  Flynn tries pulling him out of the way, but can't as Doc won't let go either.  The official is thrown around until Doc finally releases him, Flynn pushes him aside, but Doc is waiting!

Doc reaches up and pulls Flynn's head down hard across the top rope!  Flynn shoots back and hits flat on his back on the canvas!  Doc climbs up the apron and all the way up the turnbuckle to the top!

HHL: "Uh-oh!  Doc's looking for a high-risk maneuver!"

PIP: "Could it be Trepanation?  The dreaded fiery headbutt?"

Doc is on the top turnbuckle, he cuts across his throat with his thumb.  Flynn grabs the referee and shoves him into the ropes causing the doctor to lose his balance and land groin first on the turnbuckle.  Flynn races up and knees Doc under his chin…  he grabs a dazed and confused D'Ville!!!


PIP: "Flynn took Doc from the middle rope and landed a picture perfect Northern Lights Suplex!!  He holds it bridged!"

HHL: "The official is right there!  One!!  Two!!"

Doc kicks out at the last second!

Flynn directs the referee on how to count going forward before heading back to work on his opponent.  He lands a couple of knee strikes before hoisting Doc up and holding him in a suplex!

HHL: "Flynn's not messing around!  He's looking for the End!!"

PIP: "This would be the end, Heather!"

Doc swims around and escapes the hold, landing on his feet behind Flynn!  The doctor wraps his wiery arms around Flynn and locks in…

PIP: "DOCkata ha jima!"

HHL: "Flynn is going crazy!"

Doc has the submission locked in tight!  Flynn tries but has no chance at breaking the move!  Doc has the leverage and the power!  Flynn makes a last ditch effort and pulls to the corner where he pushes off with his feet!

Doc staggers, but keeps the hold locked in!  Flynn manages to wrap his free arm around the top rope and holds it for dear life! 

The ref gets close!  He pulls on Doc to release the hold, but again, Doc can't understand him!  Flynn panics and grabs the referee and pulls him over the top rope!

PIP: "What is Flynn doing?"

The ref misses the apron and on his way to the floor, holds Flynn's arm and pulls both him and Doc out on top of him!

HHL: "Boy, both Mark Flynn and Doc D'Ville are taking advantage of the presence of an XWF Official tonight…"

The referee took the worst of it, breaking both of the competitors' fall, he lay out cold.  Flynn crawls away, holding his neck again after suffering the deadly choke hold.  Doc crawls towards a set of ring steps while Flynn crawls towards the time keeper's table.  Flynn grabs one of the briefcases sitting there!

PIP: "Well, I'm not sure who's briefcase that belongs to, seeing as both of them own one."

HHL: "I don't think Flynn cares who's is who's…"

Flynn takes the case and wobbles over to where Doc is still balancing himself on the ringsteps and post.  Flynn swings the case and hits Doc in the back!  Doc turns, scrunched up from the blow when Flynn takes another swing... but Doc quickly ducks out of the way and Flynn smacks the ringpost!  Doc then grabs Flynn and pulls him in, smacking Flynn's head off the post, too!

Flynn topples to the ground, lifeless, and Doc grabs and slides the briefcase into the ring.  He walks over to the corner, grabs the top set of ring steps, and fanangles them over the top rope and into the ring!

PIP: "This isn't that type of match, Heather, but it looks like D'Ville is doing whatever it takes to get a mark over Mark Flynn tonight!"

The referee remains down on the outside as Doc tosses Flynn back in the ring under the bottom rope.  Doc isn't done yet though…  He walks back to the time keeper's desk and grabs the OTHER briefcase, too!

PIP: "Well, now Doc has both the cases so it doesn't matter."

Flynn fights and reaches for the bottom rope to pull himself up, but Doc gets in the ring and stomps him in the head before he can go anywhere.  He's still holding the briefcase and says something to Flynn while holding it up!  Doc looks at it and tosses it aside then reaches down to bring Flynn to his feet…  He pulls Flynn to the center of the ring near the ring steps and throws an arm over his back…

HHL: "Doc looks like he's going to try and finish Flynn off…  Could this be…"


Doc lifts up Flynn by the ringsteps and holds him in the air!!!

He circles around and Flynn squirms around enough to fall out of the hold!  He lands on his feet on the ring steps and kicks Doc in the face!

Flynn flips over Doc and grabs Doc and lifts him up in the same manner!

PIP: "No!  It's the END!"

Flynn holds Doc up in the air and as he brings him around to the cutter Doc slips out!

Flynn takes a swing and Doc ducks!  Flynn takes another and Doc goes under the swing and catches Flynn with….


Doc flattens Flynn across the ring steps with a Dock Bottom out of nowhere!  He immediately gets to his feet and spreads Flynn out evenly across the top of them.  Doc heads for the corner and climbs to the top rope…

PIP: "Doc's going high-risk again…  It didn't work out for him very well last time!"

HHL: "Right, but there's no official available to get thrown into the ropes either, Pip!"

PIP: "True, that!"

Doc readies himself on the top rope and once again cuts with his thumb from ear-to-ear….  As he slowly bends down to take a leap…  His head glows orange!  When he leaps it bursts into flames and the fiery headbutt shoots down towards an incapacitated Mark Flynn!

Or so it seemed!!!

Mark Flynn quickly spins up off the steps and waits for Doc….  Catching him with the end of the END!!  The cutter!  A fiery cutter!  ON THE RING STEPS!!

Sparks, embers, and ash poof up from the impact and a mini-explosion leaves both men sprawled out in the middle of the ring!



PIP: "Flynn crawls over and goes for the cover!!!!"

HHL: "But there's still no referee, Pip!  He's still laid out outside the ring!"

Heather's absolutely right.  The crowd had already started the count for him….






Flynn gets up and breaks the cover, finding the referee still outside of the ring.  Frustrated, he leaves the ring and retrieves the official, forcefully shoving him back under the bottom rope.

Flynn slides back under the bottom rope as the referee slowly crawls to the corner.  Just as Flynn gets to his feet, Doc smacks him in the head with one of the cases!

PIP: "Cheapshot by Doc!"

The referee pulls himself to his feet and turns around, just as Doc is picking up Flynn….

Doc lifts him up!!



The referee falls down and goes for the count!

PIP: "ONE!!!!"

PIP: "TWO!!!"

PIP: "THREE!!!!"

Winner - Doc D'Ville

HHL: "Doc gets the win!  What a match, Pip….  It took a lot, if not everything for the doctor to come out victorious tonight!"

PIP: "Both competitors pulled out every stop, Heather…  And I doubt this is even close to the end of seeing these two battle one another…"

HHL: "With both holding briefcases…  And both of them being two of the top competitors here in the XWF…  It's inevitable that we'll see this war wage on even longer…"

HHL: Folks, what a shocking night Fire & Ice was! Five title matches! FIVE new champions! AND the House Cup ended IN A TIE! House Gold and House Principle both ended at the top with THREE points!

PIP: Different places might split the prize, but that’s not the XWF! We need a winner! And this match will not only decide who wields the XWF X-Treme title… But, the theme of an upcoming XWF Pay-Per-View! Stakes are high!

As the familiar chords of "Wild Thing" echo through Edinburgh Castle. The camera focuses on the entrance ramp, now bathed in a vibrant light.

Centurion emerges from the back, his presence commanding the attention of everyone in the arena. The Anarchy title rests atop his shoulder. His walk is a mix of determination and a seasoned warrior's confidence, embodying the spirit of a man shaped by personal struggles and years of battle-hardened experience.

HHL: XWF Legend! Winner of the 2021 XWF WarGames! Two decades of dominance! The XWF just feels more whole when Centurion is in the building!

PIP: Still never won the Uni.

HHL: …Jesus, Pip. Could you pretend to be even-handed for even a second?

PIP: Sure. I *could*.

As "Wild Thing" continues to blare, Centurion pauses at the top of the ramp, taking a moment to survey the crowd..

HHL: Well, despite my broadcasting partner’s rude dismissal, Centurion returned with a vengeance at Fire & Ice. EDWARD had become the longest-reigning Anarchy champion of all-time! The Thursday Night champion was thought to be unbeatable. But, Centurion found a way, as he has so many times in his career, to accomplish the seemingly impossible! With a huge opportunity to control a whole pay-per-view and grab the company by its reins, can Centurion get the job done once more tonight.

Centurion starts his descent down the ramp. The camera pans out to show the coal miner's glove hanging ominously in the background.

PIP: No chance. Look, Cent was a talent… in his prime. But, how many times has his knee collapsed under him? Or his arm given out? I’m just saying, after rotator cuff surgery, knee replacement, he might be more machine than man.

HHL: Pip.

PIP: I’m just saying.

HHL: …Well. Many fans have claimed that Centurion is looking quicker and sharper in the ring than he has in years. The X-Treme champion is in for a real challenge tonight.

As he reaches the ring, Centurion slides under the bottom rope, rising to his feet in a smooth, practiced motion. He takes a moment in the center of the ring, raising his arms to acknowledge the roaring crowd, a gesture showing that despite his bitterness and the toll of years, he's still very much connected to the fans.

The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Leaving Dionysus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the stage, illuminating a velvet red curtain. At the moment the guitars begin to play, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm. He clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

Clasped around his shield! Is the X-Treme title belt!

The crowd roars with approval!

HHL: Two-time XWF Television champion! And NEW XWF X-Treme champion! And he’s still in his rookie year! What a whirlwind of a twelve months for the Lord of the Vine, Dionysus!

You never had the right,
Removing me from paradise.
Your path removed the light,
Rendering me colour-blind.

But now I’ll speak,
Since I’ve become my own again,
And now I’ll leave,
Since I’ve become my own, again.

"Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis MN, weighing in at 270 lbs; he is the Lord of the Vine AND the XWF X-TREEEEEEEEME CHAMPION, DIONYSUS!"

HHL: Dionysus did the unthinkable and beat B.o.B. D who was JUST ONE MATCH away from sneaking his way into possessing a briefcase! But, D hit the Trojan Wall that is Dionysus and now Dionysus is your XWF X-Treme champion!

PIP: I don’t know if I’d call beating D unthinkable! D lost more matches as X-Treme champion than any other X-Treme title holder! He just didn’t get pinned in those matches!

HHL: That’s the X-Treme champ job description, Pip. Don’t get pinned. Dionysus proved himself a worthy challenger, but now, can he get the job done as champion?

Dionysus sets the Thyrsus and shield next to the ring apron and rolls inside, running to one of the turnbuckles and climbing up to rally the crowd behind him. He then hops down and limbers up.

The official stands between the two champions, taking each of their title belts in his arms, before handing them off to the timekeeper.

Outside the ring, on tennis umpire’s chairs, both Warfare Co-General Manager, Peter Principle and Anarchy Co-General Manager, Atticus Gold both climb into position watching the match.

HHL: Remember! If Dionysus wins, that’s a win for House Principle! If Centurion wins the belt, House Gold wins the Fire & Ice Cup!

PIP: Right… And what comes with the Cup?

HHL: Bragging Rights!

The official signals for the bell!

- vs -
2 RP/Unlimited - Xtreme Rules

Centurion raises his arms, ready to grap-

DIONYSUS CHARGES, catching Cent under the arms and pitching him into the corner turnbuckle! Cent grits his teeth as his spine rattles against the metal turnbuckle!

HHL: Oooooh! Dionysus utilizing the EIGHTY pounds size advantage he has to overpower and corner Centurion in the early going!

Dion charges forward into the corner, looking to keep the offense going…

IN A FLASH, Centurion dips under Dion’s clothesline, forward-rolling under his strike!

HHL: Wow! Despite his years, Centurion is lightning-quick!

Dion spins around in the turnbuckle, just as Cent… BACKFLIPS!

Pele Kick straight to the top of the champion’s dome!

HHL: WOW! Cent throwing everything he has into the early going here!

PIP: Like I said, Cent’s held together by wrestling tape and bandages at this point. If he wants a win, he needs to take it quick!

Dion spins backwards, face against the turnbuckle, as Cent scrambles up to his feet…

HHL: Cent’s still going here!

Cent wraps the Lord of the Vine in a waistlock… And liiiiiiiiiifts…

Dion’s feet…



HHL: German suplex! What an opening combination by the challenger here! Trying to steal this one in record time!

Gold smugly waves across the ring at Peter Principle, confident his representative has the upper hand!

…Principle smiles and waves back!

HHL: Principle clearly confident that the X-Treme champion isn’t out of this yet!

PIP: Or he has no idea what’s going on up there.

Centurion bridges his back, holding Dion’s shoulders to the ground!

The official drops to count!



A ONE COUNT! Dion backward-somersaults out of Cent’s grip, onto his feet, hitting the ropes!

Cent tries to rush back to his feet, keeping the momentum going…

As Dion spins in place!


Centurion does a 540 in the air, landing on his back!

HHL: WOW! Dionysus just nearly decapitated the Anarchy champion!

Principle smiles and waves at Gold!

…Gold scowls.

Dion tries to scramble into a pin… But Cent rolls on his side and latches with one hand onto the ropes!

Dion scoops Cent, hands around his collarbone, but Cent clings on for dear life!

The official steps up to admonish Dion into breaking the hold!

HHL: Cent, the wily, more experienced veteran, knows the rules to the letter! Great ring awareness grabbing the ropes to force Dion’s momentum to a halt.

Dion puts his arms to the ref, like ‘hey, I’m complying’, as Cent slowly climbs back to his feet.

The official turns his back to Dion to start a count on Cent… As Dion backs up and hits the ropes.

Cent grumpily holds up a finger for the official to give him a second as the referee starts the count for him to release the r-



HHL: Dion, wiser than his years in the XWF, punishing Cent for keeping his position by the ropes a moment too long!

Cent goes up and over the top rope! Landing awkwardly on his side on the apron, before tumbling to the padded concrete below… Next to Atticus Gold’s umpire’s chair!

Dion raises an arm as the crowd cheers!

PIP: A dominant display by the champion!

HHL: But don’t count Cent out yet!

Cent uses the umpire chair’s leg to pull himself to his feet, gritting his teeth.

A knock above? Cent looks up. Gold gives him a nod, then tilts his neck behind the chair.

…Cent grips the side of the chair and works his way around the back…

Dion meanwhile slides under the bottom rope the long way, savoring his time with the fans cheering him, as he strolls along the ring apron.

HHL: The Lord of the Vine possibly taking a little too much time show-boating here!

Dion works his way around the corner, where he sees Cent doubled over behind the chair…

Dion rushes up, grabbing Cent by the back of the hea-

CLANG! Cent swings a nine iron over his head and catches Dion straight in the dome!

Dion cradles his skull, stutter-stepping backwards…

As Cent reveals, behind the chair… Is a golf bag full of clubs!

HHL: Centurion’s preferred weapon for hardcore matches!

PIP: Of course… The geriatric wrestler loves to golf…

Dion gets backed up to the apron…

Cent puts his hand over his eyes, judging the distance from here to Dion’s skull…

He looks at the bag… his hands juggle between the five iron and six iron.

Cent goes with the five iron.

HHL: Oooh, Cent going for distance rather than finesse…

Cent interlocks his pinky and index, as Dion rapidly blinks, clearly shocked and stunned by getting hit with a club club.

Cent reels back.


HHL: Beautiful technique on that swing, Pip.


Cent’s swing goes all the way around…

Dion tries to come in…

But Cent’s spin keeps going! He brings his club low!


PIP: Oooooh! A heel strike to Dion!

HHL: Hope that’s not Dion’s achilles heel!

Dion cradles his ankle agonized…

As Cent brings up his club!

WHAM! Straight to the skull! The X-Treme champ cold-cocked across the skull so hard, the five iron bends completely out of shape!

…Cent tosses away the club, hooking the leg!

HHL: This could be it, Pip! Centurion could be a double champion tonight!

The official crawls under the bottom rope, and drops beside him!




NO! Demonstrating incredible toughness, Dion forces a shoulder off the ground!

HHL: Wow! An absolute onslaught here by Cent, but Dion refusing to quit!

Cent snorts, irritatedly, as he gets up off the padded concrete and pulls Dion to one knee by the scruff of his neck.

Cent wraps Dion in a frontfacelock… Possibly looking for a DDT to the outsi-

WHAM! Dion extends his arms and shoves Cent backwards!


The chair wobbles! It tilts!

Gold’s eyes widen, he extends his arms out!

…Cent grabs the leg of the chair…

And the wobble stabilizes!

HHL: Not sure if it was just a reflex, not wanting a GM to fall fifteen feet, or if it was out of gratitude for the weapon assist earlier, but Cent saves Atticus Gold!

The crowd claps for Cent’s heroics, as Gold breathes easy, giving a thumbs up to the XWF Legend…

Cent spins back toward Dion, who has taken this opportunity to crawl under the ropes, back inside the ring!

Cent reaches back behind the umpire chair and grabs the DRIVER! (That’s the hardest club in the bag!)

Dion meanwhile, stumbles hurt into his corner… Reaching…

Cent slides under the bottom rope, club at the ready…

As Dion reaches…



Cent looks at his golf club… Then, looks at Dion’s ancient greek weaponry.

…He exhales grumpily, like, ‘yeah, this might as well happen…’

The crowd, meanwhile, is on its feet, like we’re in the Roman Coloseum of old!

HHL: Holy cow! This escalated QUICKLY, Pip! Both the X-Treme champ and challenger have their weapons of choice. Who do you give the edge?

PIP: Between a gladiator and a golfer? …Are you serious?

Dion bashes his Thyrsus against his shield, roaring! Daring Cent to face him head-on!

…Cent twirls the club in his grip like a fencer.

HHL: Cent, surprisingly calm here. When you’ve been around wrestling for two decades, I guess you develop a gameplan for having to fight a shield-and-spear guy with a golf club.

PIP: This is a weird job sometimes, Heather.

Cent brings his club across Dion’s shield! CLANG!

Dion holds tight… AND BASHES FORWARD…

Cent steps backwards gracefully, maintaining grip on his… golf club.

Dion stomps, lowers his knee and bashes his shield once more.

Cent strikes again! And again Dion drives him backwards!

…Guiding Cent like a cornered animal towards the turnbuckle…

HHL: Oh man… Centurion is running out of space to fight!

PIP: Like a Spartan warrior, Dionysus drives Cent against the cliffs! The X-Treme champ is going to crush his challenger into blood and chunks against his shield!

Another exchange drives Cent’s back right against the turnbuckle! Cent’s head spins on a swivel, realizing his predicament as Dion bashes his spear against his shield once more…


… But Cent leaps atop the turnbuckle! DION’S SPEAR STICKS THROUGH THE MIDDLE BUCKLE!

Cent boots Dion in the face! Dion, still shellshocked from the club strikes to the face, drops his spear!

Cent tosses his club to the outside and wraps Dion in a front-face lock, looking for a tornado DDT!

Cent spins off the turnbuckle…


HHL: Wow! Cent is no lightweight! Incredible strength by Dion!

Dion lifts Cent into the air…


The entire ring shakes and rattles from the SHEER MAGNITUDE OF THAT SLAM!

PIP: What-a-maneuver! Dion had a hard time catching the quicker Cent, but now that he has, that’s gotta be all she wrote…

Dion exhaustedly rolls over Cent, hooking the leg!

The official counts!




The crowd erupts! Somehow, some way, Centurion digs deep and KICKS OUT!

Dion’s eyes widen as he’s thrust off his back! His hands reach up to his head, wondering what he has to do to finish this match!


HHL: Cent, refusing to give in! Both of these men know what’s at stake! Both men want this win with their whole being!

The champion grunts, pushing himself to finish this.

He grabs Cent by the base of he neck, forcing him up…

Cent’s legs look a little jellified after that last hellacious slam… He struggles to keep his footing…

Dion draws a thumb across his neck, looking to end this! He grabs Cent’s arm…

HHL: Here we go! Dionysus looking for the Grapevine!

Twists him out!

Dion’s arm reels back! He swings!


He grabs Dion’s back, tucking his arm under Dion’s shoulder!

As Cent lifts!

HHL: Oh my God! The Thousand Mile Sla-

As he goes up, Dion KICKS Cent straight in the knee!

Cent’s face contorts in agony, as he drops off the knee, collapsing onto his side!

HHL: OH NO! A shot straight to Centurion’s previously-injured knee!

Cent seethes in pain…

He tries to lift himself ba-



Cent flops onto his side… A knockout blow…

Dion pushes the XWF Legend onto his back!

The official counts!





Dion tries to immediately rush back to his feet, like a triumphant warrior… But, his legs are exhausted, he sits next to his fallen opponent, barely the victor, as the official drops the belt into the champion’s hands!

HHL: Wow! What a first defense from Dionysus! What an absolute war here for the X-Treme championship!

PIP: I gotta admit, Centurion put up one HELL of a fight! He wanted this with his whole heart. But Dion wanted it just a little bit more! And he wins the Fire & Ice Cup for House Principle!

HHL: But more importantly, Pip! Now Dionysus gets to decide the theme for an entire XWF Pay-Per-View! Do you figure he’ll set it in Greece! Do you think we’ll see all the faces of Dionysus? Can you imagine Dionysus in the main event, possibly challenges for the Universal Title?

PIP: Yes! Yes! And Yes, Heather!

"The Rocky Road To Dublin" by The Pogues starts playing throughout the arena as the fans are silent. We see a truck start driving down the entrance ramp and we see Barney Green standing in the back waving the Irish Flag as the fans start cheering. Green jumps off the back of the truck continuing to wave the Irish Flag as he makes his way down the entrance ramp. Green places the flag in the corner and removes his leather jacket revealing a "The Pogues" Shirt underneath. He enters the ring and does a few more taunts as the music fades.


The bass is so deep, the ramp rumbles to the beat…

Or could that be the massive step of the dominant tank that is…


HHL: In CRAM’s debut match in the XWF he took down Tommy Wish to become the new XWF Television Champion. Now in his first defense he gets to face XWF Legend Barney Green!!

XWF Television Champ CRAM walks up the ramp and then ascends the ring steps. He casually climbs between the top and middle rope and then stands in the ring center of the ring as the fans reign boos down upon him. As the boos intensifies a grin comes across his face and as the boos finally reach their peak CRAM hoists the TV title up in the air while looking over to Barney Green and mouthing "Come and take it."

- vs -
1 RP/4k - Cram can name the match stip in his first promo

Ding Ding!

HHL: It’s time to see if CRAM can survive his first title defense, taking on the veteran, Barney Green!

PIP: And since this is a Street Fight, both men are dressed in their street clothes. They will not, however, be fighting on a street.

HHL: You don’t know that Pip, this fight can go anywhere! In fact, it’s going right now!

With the bell having rung, CRAM charges forward, catching Green off-guard and clotheslining him right over the top rope! Green crashes to the floor, having not seen CRAM coming at him.

CRAM immediately follows, taking the stairs down to Green’s level. He reaches quickly under the ring and pulls out a steel chair, raising it above his head. He swings it at Green, but Green dodges backwards, causing CRAM to just hit the floor.

Given a moment of freedom, Green goes under the ring and pulls out his own steel chair. He raises it up, coming back at CRAM, and the two men begin a chair duel, smashing the chairs against each other as they fight near the crowd.

HHL: This is like two Jedis coming together, except we’re not using shiny sticks!

PIP: Lightsabers, Heather, and they’d be far more lethal than these steel chairs ever could be.

Green tries to match CRAM in swings, but CRAM is just too powerful, as he’s able to knock Green’s chair out of his hand. He shrugs and waves CRAM on, with CRAM not hesitating as he smashes the chair into Green’s side, knocking him over!

Green moves away, holding his ribs on that side, as CRAM follows behind him on the way up the aisle. But Green turns back, throwing the contents of a fan’s drink straight into CRAM’s face!!

CRAM stumbles away, blinded by the unknown liquid, as Greens turns and thanks the fan, throwing them a few bucks before going back on the offensive.

PIP: What type of drink was that?

HHL: Does it matter?

PIP: Of course it matters! It makes a difference if there was alcohol involved. Also, hell, here in Arizona, that might have been a tobacco dip cup!

HHL: I think we’d be able to tell if it was that, but your point stands, Pip.

Given a chance at an upper hand, Green doesn’t waste it, asking some fans for a weapon to use. Remarkably, one guy came prepared, pulling out a light tube from under his seat! Green marvels at it, then smiles and turns to CRAM, who is clearing his vision.

CRAM turns around, finally able to see again, but there’s nothing he can do as Green brings down the light tube across his head, sending glass shattering everywhere!! CRAM leans back and forth for a moment, before finally dropping to a knee.

Green immediately takes advantage, grabbing CRAM by the head and dropping back with a DDT on the outside mat! He covers.



And CRAM kicks out, physically tossing the smaller Green off of him!

PIP: Somebody find Barney some more light tubes!

HHL: There are plenty of other weapons around, Pip.

PIP: Yeah, but few have the satisfying shatter effect that the light tubes do.

Green is back near the crowd again, asking for another weapon. Another fan comes through, handing over… what looks like a toy horse. Green looks at it dubiously, but opts to use it, heading back towards the recovering CRAM.

Barney peers at CRAM to make sure he’s got him lined up, then steps in, the toy horse raised above. But CRAM catches Green in mid-swing, grabbing him around the waist, before yanking Green around with a belly-to-belly suplex!

Due to the angle, Green bounces off the edge of the guardrail on the way down, before toppling to the side, into the fans’ area. They all respectfully clear a path for him to fall. Of the toy horse, there’s no sign other than a stray piece or two of fluff.

HHL: That’s one horse that’ll never gallop again.

PIP: Damn, I wanted to see what kind of damage it could do. Oh well. Just make sure the press releases mention it wasn’t a REAL horse, or else we’ll have protests again.

CRAM is over the railing now as well, grabbing onto Green and throwing him bodily into a set of chairs. Green crashes through them, landing in a pile of discarded nacho and popcorn boxes underneath.

With Green laying in the personal belongings and trash of the fans, CRAM comes over, sizing him up. He goes up a step higher, shoving more chairs out of the way, before positioning himself above Green. He then comes down, squashing Green with a Banzai Drop!!

CRAM stays on top, using his weight to keep Green down, as the referee pushes his way through debris to make the count.



THRE-No! Somehow Green shifts enough to raise up a shoulder, saving himself! CRAM gets up, the disbelief clear on his face.

PIP: How did Barney kick out there?? Inconceivable!

HHL: I do not think that word means what you think it means…

PIP: Oh, I know exactly what it means, but thanks for The Princess Bride quote.

Still disappointed, CRAM has Green up now, dragging him through the fans as they head further towards the stage area. They go more to the right of it, though, as CRAM tosses Green bodily over the barricade.

CRAM follows, getting his considerable bulk over. He then heads to the right, where a cart of various items has mysteriously been left out near the exit. He picks through it, before pulling out a large STOP sign.

Pleased, CRAM turns and goes over to Green, intent on smashing him with the sign. But Green jumps up, dropkicking the sign back into CRAM’s face!! CRAM staggers back, but isn’t stopped. But Green follows it up with an Intelligent Diversion throat punch, causing CRAM to drop the sign and stagger away, trying to breathe.

HHL: A perfectly placed shot from Barney Green. Everyone has a weakness when it comes to their throat.

PIP: I don’t know, I’ve known some ladies whose throats were…

HHL: I’m going to stop you right there, Pip, we don’t need to hear anymore.

PIP: … “Well-Built”. I was just going to say “Well-Built.”

Green heads to the cart, making his own selections. He gets a pair of kendo sticks, wielding them like a pro. He smashes them into CRAM’s sides repeatedly, smashing away at the champion, as CRAM tries to cover up the best he can.

The challenger then brings the two sticks together and wraps them across CRAM’s throat, pulling him up as if to land a Russian legsweep with the kendo sticks adding more damage. But CRAM gets free with a sharp elbow shot that staggers Green back.

When Green returns, trying to use the one kendo stick he’s still holding, CRAM meets him with a Coconut Cram headbutt, knocking Green backwards to the concrete! CRAM then drops his weight forward onto Green, once again crushing him down as he makes the cover.



THRE-but Barney Green is able to get out of the pin once again!

HHL: Somehow Green is staying in this one, despite some serious weight being dropped on him.

PIP: One thing Barney Green has in abundance is tenacity. Anyone else would have long left the business, but not Barney, he just can’t leave.

HHL: Can’t, or won’t?

PIP: Depends on the contract he signed, I suppose.

Looking annoyed now that the fight is still going, CRAM pulls Green up with one hand, while looking into the cart with the other. Seeing nothing in there he wants, though, CRAM instead lifts Green up and throws him INTO the cart! The crowd reacts, unable to see Green now, as CRAM raises his arms.

He grabs the cart, dragging it closer to the stage, as if thinking about shoving it forward into the electronics area. But before the champ can do it, Green suddenly pops back up in the cart, spraying CRAM in the eyes with a spray bottle! CRAM, unable to see, stumbles backwards.

Green, meanwhile, pulls himself out of the cart, breathing heavily, before coming at CRAM and delivering the Dreammaker!! The move’s strong enough to put CRAM down, as Barney falls on top for the cover.



THR-And CRAM doesn’t stay down, shoving Green off of him!

HHL: These two are having a strong back-and-forth fight right now. Perfect for CRAM’s first defense.

PIP: After all this, I think CRAM is going to need to see an eye doctor tomorrow. He keeps getting blinded!

HHL: But can Barney capitalize?

Green pulls himself back up, feeling the fatigue as this one continues. But he’s got one more trick up his sleeve. He pulls down a piece of railing protecting the electronics area, laying it carefully on the ground, before going back to CRAM and dragging him over.

With the champion still dazed, Green positions him and calls for the Green Awakening!! He locks up CRAM’s head, but CRAM fights him off, actually lifting Green up off the ground. Before a startled Green can do anything, CRAM bodily throws him back… right into the electronics!!

Sparks fly everywhere as Green gets a super charge, before falling forward to the ground and laying there, unmoving. CRAM stumbles back, still trying to get his vision back to almost normal, as the sudden light show didn’t help matters.

PIP: That was absolutely shocking!

HHL: Terrible, Pip, but true nonetheless. We also likely lost another expensive piece of equipment there.

PIP: Yeah, luckily after all these years, the XWF has some great deals with the manufacturers.

CRAM pulls himself back together, moving back over to where Green is still down. He pulls Green up, staring at him, with Green's eyes opening as he's lifted up. The two lock eyes, with Green giving a weak smirk towards his opponent. He throws his head forward, smashing CRAM in the nose!

But CRAM shakes his head to clear it and angrily lifts the defiant Green where he wants him, holding him in a gutwrench position before delivering the CRAM JAM on the concrete floor!!! The crowd gasps at the impact, buzzing and wondering if Green can possibly get up after that.

CRAM tiredly drops onto Green, making the cover, as the referee moves in carefully to avoid any loose wires that are still sparking.



Barney Green's leg kicks up for a second... but the shoulder doesn't move far enough...


Winner - CRAM

HHL: The Television Champion retains!

PIP: It wasn't an easy one by any stretch of the imagination, but CRAM comes through, holding off the stiff competition of Barney Green!

HHL: Who's next to try and dethrone CRAM? We'll find out soon enough!

CRAM gets to his feet, looking like he's feeling every bit of that contest. He moves off, leaving Green on the ground, as the referee brings him his championship.

CRAM celebrates with the title as Barney slowly makes his way towards the back.

HHL: Well ladies and gentlemen that's a wrap...

Strings, an organ hit the speakers. The dramatically played instrumental of Eleanor Rigby courses through the speakers as the lights dance around the stadium before centering on the stage and the ramp.

With a devilish grin on his face, followed closely by his trusty friend Irwin, Mark Flynn walks out through the curtains. One half of the tag titles is strapped to his waist, as a belt should be, and his arms are both raised in the air to a mixed chorus of cheers and boos. He has on a shirt that reads “A Good Boy”.

Mark Flynn walks down the ramp, high-fiving reluctant XWF faith-fulls and taking selfies with people shirking away from him - all while that smile lingers on his face. Nothing would phase him, he was a champion once again as CRAM also a champion in the XWF passes him on the way up the ramp.

Done with his fan duties, Flynn slides into the ring and calls for a mic.

”Ladies and Gentlemen! It is I! THE Tag Team Champion! YOUR TAG-TEAM CHAMPION!“

Flynn points out at the crowd.

”THAT’S RIGHT! AS YOUR GOOD GUY, I consider this a belt I share with EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!”

Flynn jabs a thumb into his own chest!


Irwin stands nervously at his side, eyes flickering from the crowd to Flynn.

”That’s right! Once more, MARK FLYNN! Holds XWF GOLD! But! I did NOT do it alone!”

Flynn gestures to the crowd, shooting them points and winks.

”I couldn’t have done it without you! And I certainly couldn’t have done it without the help of…”[orange]

He shoots Irwin a sharp look and the nervous man starts patting his thighs awkwardly.

[orange]”Lord knows, this man and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. But! He really came through for me when the chips are down!… BEGRUDGINGLY, I MUST ADMIT! These belts should be half-his!”

”Of course, I could only be talking about one guy… He’s the best teammate I’ve ever had.”

The anticipation is THICK.


“You Know My Name” hits the speakers and a blue hue drops over the stadium as Ned Kaye’s theme echoes through it. The crowd bursts into cheers, fresh love after his latest win against Chris Page.

Yet nobody walks out.

”Haha!” Flynn grits his teeth. “Nedaroo must be doing some goodie good charity work or summin… NED, PUT DOWN THE WOOD FOR THE ORPHAN SHELTER YOU’RE BUILDING AND GET OUT HERE!”

A sheepish Ned Kaye finally makes his way out of the ring, smiling uncomfortably at the crowd and raising his arms to quieten their thunderous cheers, in his hand is a microphone.

”Nederino! There ya are!”

”Thank you, thanks! It's nice to be out here with the fans, especially with everything going on. You all have my deepest appreciation ”

”Haha, Ned, DO NOT THANK THEM!” Flynn howls. ”I AM THE ONE WHO brought you out here!”

”That you did, Mark, that you did… I’m glad I could set you on a better path. Obviously, I still feel ways about Bobby and his behavior, but you went out there and earned it.”

The cheers of the crowd simmer a little, a mix of boos chorus out at the mention of Bobby’s name.

”I always knew honest victory was well within your grasp To do the right thing. To strive for better and now you have. Really, congratulations Mark - you deserve it!”

Mark grins from year to year, gesturing towards the crowd and slapping his beloved belt.

”Don’t thank me yet, Ned. Because another man also deserves to share this moment!”

Flynn exhales, like what comes next will be hard.

”See. There’s someone missing from this celebration party. Someone who ALSO deserves their name in the credits of the movie titled ‘MARK FLYNN’S TRIUMPH’.”

”Some might call him a… Bad Guy. But, we demonstrated, working in the ring together… He is GOOD as GOOD GETS.”


”Who else could I possibly be talking about?”



Ned wheels around, his left eyebrow arching almost all the way off his head as “The King’s Affirmation” hits the speakers. Isaiah walks out, his Universal Championship held high into the air as he does. The crowd cheers loudly for the dethroner of Thunder Knuckles!

“King! King! He’s Our King!”

“King! King! Kiss His Ring!”

Isaiah drinks in the cheers for a few seconds before signalling the crowd to quieten down. He raises a mic to his lip.

”I’ll be honest Flynn, the moment you called Ned here out I knew you had me up next. Always keeping the fans on their toes aren’t ya?”

Flynn grins smugly, as if asking “what can I say?”.

”Congratulations Flynn, you’re unstoppable. I don’t imagine it’ll be long before you come knocking on the doors of this championship… A championship you held pretty dominantly when I was just starting off here.”

The crowd pops at the thought of a Mark Flynn vs Isaiah King matchup.

”Hell, in the year I’ve been here, how many belts have you held? Three? Four? Is there a better accoladed wrestler around?”

Isaiah asks that last question to the fans, whose initially mixed cheers and boos begin to morph into more positives for the Tag Champ.

”There ain’t a thing I’ve done for you, except not kick yo’ ass for sticking your nose where it don’t belong… But congratulations man, it’s good to see you doing good, albeit with a little… Bourbon sized piece of shit stuck to your boot, right Ned?”

Isaiah shifts towards Kaye and goes to sling an arm around the man who helped bury his mentor with him. Ned shirks away from his hand and jabs a finger into Isaiah’s chest.

”I never thought I’d say this, but maybe you should learn a thing or two from Flynn about winning clean.”

Flynn’s eyes widen! He smiles! ”GAH DAMN! When did Ned learn to talk trash?”

Isaiah’s eyes widen in anger before softening quickly.

”I know what it looked like, but everyone here saw that voodoo shit that went down at Fire & Ice. I had nothing to do with it, I ain’t no Dumbledore, Ned.”

Ned stares Isaiah down, before shifting his eyes and looking to the ground.

”You believe me right? I’m ruthless, I’m vicious, but I’m no cheater.”

”You know what? I seem to recall your little girlfriend helping you out when you were defending that Television Championship.. Against Mastermind I think?”

Isaiah narrows his eyes and takes a step back.

”They acted on their own, I made that clear. I don’t need anyones help to fight my battles.”

”And what about the shit you’ve pulled against Bourbon, Kido and Corey?”

Isaiah puffs his chest out and takes his chance to stab a finger into Ned’s chest.

”I gave them what they deserved, for overlooking me… For avoiding me when I’d clearly earned the title. It’s more than I can say for you Ned, how long are you going to keep dancing away from a real challenge? From challenging from the top.”

Flynn uneasily smiles, stepping between Kaye and King. ”Zay-zay! Nedders!” He raises his arms between them. ”Lets not fight at MY BIG TIY-TLE PARTY!”
Isaiah looks straight through Mark, as he holds his title into the light once again. Mark whispers something to Irwin, who’s standing nervously behind him. Irwin pulls out his phone and starts calling somebody.

”What’re you going to do Ned? Run… Again?”

There’s a deep pause as the crowd oooh and aahh.

Ned’s eyes bore a hole through Isaiah, not once flickering to the belt in the air.

”You know what Isaiah, maybe it-”


Irwins voice bursts our from his little body, interrupting Ned mid sentence.

”It’s done sir.”

”Always could count on you Ir-dango! I came up with the BEST idea guys. ME, THAT PUNK BOURBON and… MY BEST FRIENDS! Man to man, tag to TAG! Facing off at the BIGGEST show of… to END the year! That’ll help us all get a little chummier, hm?”

”What’re you talking about, I’m not going to-”

”-partner with this little bitch.”

Mark winces at the vitriol.

”Well, TOO BAD! Mark knows best, and the match has been SET! Sometimes it’s nice having ol’ sneaky Theo on speed dial!”

Isaiah turns his head and seems ready to yell at Mark, when suddenly the lights go pitch dark.

The countdown clock ticks away to zero before breaking into the synonymous tone of the Terminator. A loud, mixed reception can be heard as a spotlight hits the top of the ramp.

HHL: The rumors are indeed true! The winner of the 2023 Porter Games, the former twenty-time World Heavyweight Champion, and one of the only guys to get a genuine reaction regardless if you like him, love him, or hate him; Chris Page is about to make his presence felt.

Pip: I don’t think he cares about the views or opinions of those beneath either way; which to be fair, that’s about ninety-five percent of the industry. It’s a beautiful thing.

All attention rests on the entrance ramp as the anticipation continues to build before we see stepping out onto the stage with the Porter Games briefcase in hand is the man you wish you could be, the man that has more stroke in his left nut than all of you have coursing through your bodies… combined. All eyes are now focused on Chris Page.

HHL: There you see it, that briefcase entitles Chris Page a shot at one of four Championships; including our very own Universal Championship currently held by Isaiah King.

Chris stands at the top of the ramp soaking in the reaction from the crowd before slowly hoisting up the Porter Games Briefcase garnering a louder response from the live crowd while Chris looks down at the ring locking eyes with King.

HHL: I can only assume that Page is here to announce his intentions to cash in his title shot for the Universal Title. Kind of shocking when you hear him slam the company, and then want to challenge for its top title. That sounds like some stuff you’d see in New York a year or so ago in a Tower.

Page lowers the briefcase and begins to make his walk toward the ring. The ringside fans reach out just to get a touch of the sheer greatness that defeated Goth, defeated Larry Tact, humbled Sean Parker, and destroyed Brandon Hendrix on his way to claiming the briefcase and the Cup. Chris reaches ringside, an intense gaze in his eyes. No fear is shown in the ring as King lays the Universal Championship in the ring and dares Chris to “cross the line in the sand”,

PIP: Page is a former Universal Champion, and his reign saw him defend the title more in 5 months than any other Universal Champion in the last four years. This has the potential to get really, really good.

Chris stands at ringside looking up into the ring, a smirk etched on his face. Page raises the briefcase into the air, and with it in the air starts to circle the ring like a shark that smells blood in the water.

HHL: Say what you will but nobody elicits a response quite like Chris Page.

PIP: At times can be a blessing or a curse.

Chris begins to turn his head toward the crowd as he listens to the boos that are mixed with a “CCP! CCP! CCP!” chant from the smarts in the crowd drawing light laughter from Page. Chris turns his head back at King as he slowly circles the ring.

HHL: What’s going to happen here?

Chris makes his way around the ring as the XWF crowd still can’t believe what they’re seeing. Page comes back around the ring to the foot of the ramp. He mouths some words, but nothing is picked up and remains unknown with what he’s said before Page starts to walk backward up the ramp as his message has been sent loud and clear.

PIP: Does this mean it’s King and Page for the Universal Title?

HHL: Did you hear Page say he was challenging?

PIP: Well, no… but…

HHL: Then no, but it does mean that the XWF is on notice just like TPW was put on notice last night.

Page reaches the top of the ramp where he winks at King before turning his back on the ring and walking back through the curtain.

HHL: Well that's something. Not only do we have Chris Page making it clear that he is lurking in the shadows with a guaranteed title match against the Universal Champ but if what I heard before Page's appearance is correct we have our next tag team championship contenders...

PIP: And it's Mark Flynn's two best friends Ned Kaye and Isaiah King!!!

HHL: In two weeks at Weekend Warfare. Absolutely incredible!!! Well friends we are over our allotted time limit so thank you as always for sharing your Saturday Night with us. We will see you all in two weeks live from San Antonio!!

A special thank you to the following match writers:
Doc D'Ville
Peter Principle
Jonathan Barrows

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