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12-08-2023, 05:53 PM

When we last left our four protagonists, they were in the process of getting drunk at the PA Renaissance Faire…or, three of them, at least. The “Centurion Anarchy Title Victory Party And Extravaganza” wasn’t going to be a one stop affair, however.

We open up inside a moving car, with the camera on the dashboard facing the occupants of the vehicle. The four people in the car are seated in what appears to be in order of drunkenness - Ruby is the driver, and completely stone cold sober. Next to her in the passenger seat is Nellie, who is seated upright and looks slightly more animated than usual, but overall her demeanor seems fine. Behind her is Erin, who has a giant smile on her face as she bops along to the music. And then there’s the aforementioned Anarchy Champion, Centurion, who has his seatbelt on but is leaning towards Erin, his eyes glassy as he tries to communicate with those in the front.

Nellie, in the passenger seat, has her cellphone in her hand, as she scrolls through some song selections. “You really don’t care what I put on?” Nellie asks as she glances over at Ruby.

Co-pilot picks the music!” Ruby responds, cheerfully. “Besides, I’m cool with pretty much anything. I have my own eclectic taste in music, and I was raised around a bunch of different genres.

Nellie nods as she continues to scroll. Finally, she lands on a song, and the opening beat to BIA’s “Millions” begins to play. Erin immediately sits up and leans forward.

Awwwwww shiiiiit!” Erin drunkenly exclaims. “Yeah, put on some bad bitch music! I love it!

I have a playlist of about…a hundred “bad bitch” songs that I put on when I start drinking and want to fight the world.” Nellie says in a matter-of-fact tone before slightly nudging Ruby with her elbow. “Do you have a bad bitch playlist?

I mean, I wouldn’t…call it that.” Ruby responds, apprehensive. “But I do have a list of songs I listen to in order to get pumped up.”

Nah, nah, nah.” Nellie shakes her head. “I’m not talking like, Sara Bareilles or Katy Perry. I’m talking some absolute ratchet shit. The kind of stuff that gets your booty grinding. Meg Thee Stallion. Snow Tha Product. Ice Spice. That kind of stuff.

Old man Centy has a playlist of nothing but Beethoven.” Erin says jokingly. “He probably doesn’t even know who any of those people are.”

With that, Centurion sits up, his face going from drunken apathy to complete determination. He waits a few seconds as the song Nellie chose plays, before jumping in and rapping along to the lyrics. “This glock is new as fuck. Don’t compare me to these bitches, they don’t do enough.” Nellie and Erin’s faces both turn to complete shock as Centurion continues to rap. “They can’t walk it in my shoes because I’m booted up.” Erin let’s out an “ok!” as Centurion gets more animated and into the song. “I got oppositions showin’ me computer love. Brought my stick inside the club, I got no worries today. I get paid to party on a permanent base. Only time we link is meet and greet. On and off the jet ‘cause I got places to be.”

Erin and Nellie simultaneously let out a “YOOO!!!” as Centurion just laughs. “You need to give me more credit. Don't underestimate me. I know I might not be the coolest person in the world, but I'm not some caveman frozen in time. Despite what Twitter might say, I wasn't ACTUALLY classmates with Abraham Lincoln.

No, I get that you're not old…” Erin says before thinking about her next words. “It's just that you're…well…

You're really white.” Nellie interrupts in order to finish Erin’s sentence. “In fact, you may be the whitest person on the planet.

What are you talking about?” Centurion asks. “I'm Greek!

The other ladies in the car groan as Erin rolls her eyes. Centurion looks around, baffled, which causes Erin to speak up. “Most Greeks are white. Besides, look at you - you think there's a single person on the planet who would mistake you as being anything other than Caucasian?

Ok…” Centurion starts in defense. “That might be true, but it doesn't make me the WHITEST person on the planet. Besides, who the hell are YOU to talk?!

Hey!” Nellie yells out as she turns to point at Centurion. A few seconds of silence goes by, and Nellie just simply and calmly says “That's fair.

Nellie turns back in her seat as Centurion turns and looks out the window. A few minutes go by with no one speaking, just the sound of the music in the car, until Centurion speaks up again.

It’s still hilarious to me that this match has so many stakes attached to it.” Centurion says in regards to his upcoming match, despite no one asking. “I mean, I completely forgot about that team stuff at Fire & Ice.”

I know you did.” Nellie responds. “I knew you were going to be so focused on Edward anyway so I didn't feel the need to bring it up to you before the match. Didn't find it to be relevant to your goals.”

Especially considering who I was supposedly on a team with.” Centurion says with a slight chuckle in his voice. “There was a chance I could be rewarding Thunder Fucking Knuckles.”

I didn't know that was his middle name.” Erin chimes in in a deadpan manner. Centurion and Nellie both glance at her before going back to their own conversation.

Is that a new thing? That Fire & Ice team thing?” Centurion inquires.

No.” Nellie responds quickly. “In fact, you took part in it last year. Your team was just so terrible that it didn’t end up mattering. Plus, at that time, it was actual wrestlers who were the team captains, whereas this was a random draft done by GMs or something, I have no idea how it was actually drawn, if I’m being honest. All I cared about was you winning the belt.

Yeah, me too.” Centurion concures. “Still…it’s kinda funny. I wasn’t supposed to be wrestling on Savage at all, and now I’m in a title match for the right to name and theme an entire pay per view. I’m like Mister Magooing my way up the card.” Erin lets out a few slight chuckles, causing Centurion to glance over in her direction. “Do you know who Mister Magoo is?

Of course I know who Mister Magoo is!” Erin says, defensively. “He’s the British guy that does like, the spy shit? But he always seems to fuck it up somewhere.

Centurion and Nellie both look at each other, confused, and mouthing the words Erin just said. Centurion looks down at the floor of the car, before lifting his head and responding. “Are you thinking of Mr. Bean?

“What? No!” Erin says, almost offendedly. “Mr. Bean is the big guy on the front of the cans of corn.

Nellie begins to rub her temples in pain over the stupidity of the conversation taking place behind her. Centurion, meanwhile, refuses to yield and corrects Erin once again. “That’s the Jolly Green Giant.

You REALLY need to brush up more on your pop culture.” Erin says, mockingly. “Jolly Green Giant is the cartoon character Vin Diesel voices.

Cartoon character Vin…” Centurion’s voice trails off, trying to think through what Erin might be talking about this time. Of course, being drunk doesn’t help his situation, as he leafs through Vin Diesel’s entire biography in the recesses of his mind. Finally, he’s able to figure out what Erin is talking about. “You mean Iron Giant?

Oh my God, NO!” Erin yells. “That’s Tony Stark!

You’re thinking of Iron Man!

We’re here!” Ruby, mercifully yells out as she parks the car. All four get out of the car, some with more various degrees of difficulty than others, and look around them. The crew is in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania - specifically, in the parking lot of a CVS, a detail Centurion is quick to point out.

“A CVS? I thought we were going to a bar.

We are, silly goose.” Ruby coyly responds. “The bar is right across the street. I figured it would be easier to get you all in and out in a parking lot than it would be on the street. Besides, I know you, and I figured it would be a good idea to pick up some Tums and perhaps some Gatorade before we go to the bar.

Centurion’s eyes widen. If this was an anime, they would sparkle. “I love you.

—---Movin' militant, no regular civilian—---

We open up inside Just Press Play Games in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a vintage video game store. There, we see Centurion, surrounded by vintage games and memorabilia on either side of him, leaning up against a glass counter.

You know, it’s rare that I have to do one of these, but I have to begin tonight…with an apology.

I apologize, Dionysus. I completely forgot about our brief time together at Level Up Wrestling. You stay in this business as long as I have, and you’re bound to forget a few things along the way. You’re right, Dio. I was in Level Up. And, you actually downplayed my time there a little bit. I wasn’t just a disappointment…

…I flat out sucked.”

Centurion reaches below the counter and pulls out a small cardboard box.

I was given every opportunity in that place to shine, and I dropped the ball. They put the biggest spotlight on me from the moment I stepped in the doors, and I lost just about every match I was in from that moment forward. It was embarrassing.

Honestly, a lot of that time in my career is a bit of a blur to me. It was a complete whirlwind. I was wrestling on supershows, multiple federations, matches against talent I’ve never heard of before - it was wild. I broke the mold of what made me successful. Let me…put it another way.

Centurion reaches into the box and pulls out a copy of Super Mario Bros on NES, still inside it’s black plastic sleeve that apparently protected it from early 90’s dust.

I was successful in one format for a VERY long time, Dio. I was in the XWF, battling anyone and everyone that came through those doors on a weekly basis for 20 years. I was innovative in 2001, and still beloved in 2019, but I was also playing it safe. Younger fans who consume their media in a different way didn’t get to see me as much as they saw others. So I needed to break the mold, and do something different. I joined UGWC. I joined Revolution1. I joined Fight! NYC and Level Up Wrestling. All…

Centurion reaches back in the box and pulls out a copy of Super Mario Bros 2, which he places next to the original Mario he has already on the counter. various degrees of success.

I’m not going to stand here and pretend like everything I have done in my career has been a success, but I needed an opportunity to take risks and do something different, and that’s exactly what I was doing at that time. Not everyone liked it. Hell, some of it was awful. The story was trash but the soundtrack was awesome…

…wait, are we still talking about the game or my career? Anyway…

If you want to judge me by my time in Level Up, you are well within your right to do so. Hell, I’ll even send you the tapes of my matches if you can’t find them online anymore. I will not defend myself for any failures I had elsewhere. All I will tell you is that every great person, be it a wrestler, artist, businessman, you name it, takes something from their failures and learns something from it. If you write something off as a complete loss, all you’re doing is admitting you wasted your time.

That’s not me. I refuse to do that. Instead, I take everything - the good and the bad - and I put it together. I build off of it. I mold it…

Centurion reaches back in the box and pulls out a copy of Super Mario Bros 3, which he puts next to the other two.

...into something truly spectacular.

I may have fallen flat on my face before, and I may have taken some time off to recover from it, but I don’t just sit idly by and dream about all the things I wasn’t able to accomplish. I am a much, MUCH different competitor now, Dionysus, than I was in Level Up, as I assume you are a much different wrestler than you were in places like Action Wrestling.

I also want to make something very clear to you, Dio, as well as everyone else who watches the XWF on a somewhat regular basis. I did not ask for this match. I didn’t storm into anyone’s office demanding that I get a title shot. I told XWF officials that I would be available to wrestle on December 9th. That’s it. I could have been put against fucking Mastermind for all I knew. This is just how the chips fell. I was given a golden opportunity…

And I’ve now learned what to do when given those opportunities.

Not that I expect you to complain about it, Dio. You don’t strike me as that kind of person. In fact, you’re probably thrilled at the opportunity to showcase your talents in the ring with a legend. I’m sure you’re extremely confident - you have to be in order to be a champion in this company - but I also know you’re not sitting there with a cocky grin on your face, expecting this to be some kind of cake walk. I also believe you wouldn’t say anything if you were to lose. I think you’ll shake my head, head to the back, and figure out your next plan of attack…

…at least, I really hope that’s what you do. If you throw a tantrum, I will be extremely disappointed.

I also know you’re going to give it everything you’ve got when you walk down that aisle. You’re going to tape up those fists and you’re going to attempt the beat the unholy hell out of me, which is exactly what I want, but I would like to remind you of something very important - wanting something doesn’t mean you’re able to achieve it. I know we’re all told to “follow our dreams” or whatever, but ultimately, there is a level of skill that goes into anything, and while you may not think so at this particular moment, Dio…I am simply better than you. That’s why I was able to take time away and recharge. That’s why I’m able to come back and immediately become a champion again. It’s because I am, quite simply…


Thing is, Dio, I’ve worked hard to be great. I’ve wrestled for 22 years in order to be great. I’ve won more matches in XWF history in order to be great. So if I decide to take a couple months off in order to enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean, I think I’ve fucking earned it, Dio. And if come back and see that the Anarchy roster is in shambles and in a giant need of a recharge, I’m going to say so, because I’ve fucking earned that, too.

My entire career is built off the backs of wrestlers who thought they had me figured out. Wrestlers who wanted to retire me. Wrestlers who wanted to beat some humility into me. Wrestlers who wanted to change the very person that I am. And almost every single one of them have been cast out of the company, and many of them out from the business all together, and here I still stand. So, let me ask you, Dio…

…what exactly are you going to do to me?

Centurion packs the Nintendo cartridges back up in the box and places it back down underneath the glass counter.

One final thing, Dio. I’m not afraid of progress. Hell, I welcome it. In fact, there will come a time when you are holding the Universal Title, and I will applaud you and welcome you with open arms, because I know you’re working hard to achieve that goal, and it will be the symbol of hard work paying off for you. Anything that pushes the XWF forward, I’m ok with.

What I’m not ok with is people using this place as a playground for their terrible ideas. That should piss you off, too, Dio, but my guess is you’re too wrapped up in your own business that you can’t see the damage others can do to the brand. You want to be this great, serious wrestler that everyone respects? You need to make sure the world respects the company first. I mentioned Action Wrestling earlier, and it is the perfect example. I am amazed by the talent offered by Tatiana Jolee, their current world champion. She could be the biggest name in the industry, and defeat anyone put in her path…

But she represents Action Wrestling, and no one gives a shit.

I want people to give a shit, Dio. I want people to see me as Anarchy Champion and not think of me as the leader of the clown car, but rather the one who tore the circus down and created a brand new environment. I want to be the one who wins the XTreme Title and welcomes new challengers from all over the world to try and test their metal against the best the XWF has to offer. And if I have to be the bully that chases away people who refuse to get serious, and who take this place for granted? Then so be it.

Understand one thing, though, Dio. While you may hate that I have the ability to walk away at any time, I want you to take a quick look at my past. See how long I’ve been here. Then ask yourself, what is more likely? That you’re going to inflict pain on me that causes me to walk away for good? Or that I will outlive whatever legacy you build here? Be careful what you answer, Dionysus, because there is a whole trail of folks who thought for SURE that they would be here to see me ride my last ride, and each and every one of them meet their…


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