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(has an old school wrestling mentality; no nonsense; less appealing to some younger fans)

12-08-2023, 11:37 PM

I admit I am a bit haunted by my past. The dreams I have experienced seeing people in my past that I know aren't around anymore. Whether it be the late Foley Anderson or Jeff Night who were two influences on my career. I may not have been the flashiest wrestler like Foley Anderson was but I bring a bit of a different flare. I was willing to do things that he would never even attempt. Light tubes and glass! The blood that has spilled from me. How I haven't caught some sort of serious blood virus is beyond me. Just another Green moment I guess. Jeff Night could talk the crowd into the arena to watch his clients fight. He was a big help in giving me guidance. May not have his candor or cadence but that's alright.

I am who I am at the end of the day. Not many people are gonna go the level I went at times when push came to shove because I was willing to always dig into that gear most people lack. Even when I was taking shots from a car battery. I am not even supposed to be alive. I died for 6 days and came back to life thanks to Xavius. Dude was weird but I gained a lot of strength in this vessel.

Fell into BarnCoin which got me thrown in jail but it is what it is. I have nothing to lose by battling Cram. All I know is he thinks his gangsta presentation is gonna scare me off. I've fought tougher people and gotten back up. Let's see if I can make some wonderful rhymes about this.

Going for the bit. Gonna nail a hit. Even when i shit. He's just a tit. Cram is gonna get crammed with walnuts. Why? Fuck me if I know. Whatever match he wants to put me in doesn't bother me. I'll fight him in a dress if i have to. Actually, I wouldn't mind that too much. Give me more leg room to do some serious damage.

This never gets old to me. I love this business a lot even with all the injuries that have taken their toll on me. The pain ringing through my body and barely able to walk some days but once that music hits, The pain goes away for a bit. Age is only a number and I will keep coming back for more. I will bring back the version of Green you don't expect. Age and weathered I may be but I will fight the war. Wave the orange, green, and white flag one more time. The Irish version is coming out. The words of Shane MacGowan ringing through my ears. May that man rest in peace.

It may not be the Galway Races but I will dazzle the audience with my skills in the ring. I just gotta do the impossible and prove that when the chips are down, The man I am will rise to the occasion. They wanted to throw me into a slaughter but its laughable. I've faced tougher competition in my storied career dating back to 2008. 15 years in one place is crazy when you look at it. Shout out to Steve Sayors for staying here as long as he has. Best interviewer in the business.

Haunted by my demons is alright with me. I knew the price of doing business. I have nothing in my house but a dog. I got nothing to really go home to. That is a really scary thing because that means I got no problem going balls to the wall. The Daddy Of Violence is right here.

[Image: 2023-12-04-004201.jpg]

This is no game to me at all. Even with the greying hairs in my beard and my head, I can still brawl with the best of them. This is my livelihood. Even when I lose, My opponents remember me because not many people were willing to do the stuff I have been doing for over a decade. Most people back then weren't willing to fight barefoot in the type of environments I have stepped in. That just became a thing that happened for me.

Somebody stole my shoes backstage one day and I just went out barefoot. That is how that happened. Nothing like picking shards of glass out of your foot after the fight. My feet are so calloused now that its hard to even get those to bleed when I do step on the shards. I got nothing to fear in whatever type of match you wanna throw my way, Cram. Know that. I am the one who will always give you a fight even if it means I am gonna be sore the next day. It doesn't matter. Pain is temporary. I got so many scars over my body.

Its a shameful thing, Cram. That they put me into battle against you. I'll nail every single move I got in my arsenal. The Television Title is coming home to the kid from Boston. Scratch that. The man from Boston. I still haven't forgotten my Irish Heritage seeing as I still got family in Belfast. I was the first generation of Green's born in the United States. I may not have been born the most athletically gifted person but I got something that you can't teach and that is guts. I will step into a fight even if I lose because I have no fear in me. Just figured I would share these words with you. To quote a friend of mine from the past, "It will be" Maybe I should say the other quote instead. Victory Forever! There! That sounds better!

The scene opens up outside where we see Barney Green, dressed in an olive green coat and black jogging pants with black sneakers. He is walking towards his car. He climbs into it and we see him dial a number. He starts driving as a voice picks up.

???: Hello?

Barney: Hey, Ryou. Hows it going on your end?

Barney continues driving as Ryou starts to speak.

Ryou: It's going good, Barn. What is this I hear about you coming back to the XWF?

Barney: I figured I would give it another run because I get bored just sitting at home doing nothing.

Barney makes a turn down the street and goes to speak again.

Barney: I'm just glad we were able to make peace after Foley died, you know?

Ryou: Me too. There was no real hatred. Its just that we are such polar opposites. I did a few hardcore matches but not like you. You went to a level that I don't really approve of. I was the safe ring general. You were just reckless at times.

Barney sighs and goes to speak.

Barney: It is what it is at the end of the day. You were the smarter one though. You are in better shape than me. No doubt on that. I go balls to the wall literally in that ring while you were Mr. Safety. Not knocking that. You stayed away from drugs. I am a drunkard but deep down, We are two sides of the same coin.

Ryou: Fair point on that. Maybe that is why we argued so much. We both got into this for different reasons. There is clearly something lacking in your psyche when you wanna be a pro wrestler.

Barney pulls into a parking lot of a local bowling alley as he goes to speak over the phone.

Barney: Exactly. I got into this because of my own issues. The fact I was overlooked by family and wanted to find my way in life. I did it my way. I credit all the friends I have each day.

Ryou: I did as a way of survival. You know, Fighting on the streets of New York City in order to survive and got discovered by Foley Anderson. You look at us. We come from two different backgrounds.

Barney shuts off the car and takes a swig of water as Ryou continues speaking.

Ryou: He definitely did see something in you. I see a man who wasn't afraid like I was. You were willing to risk things. I can respect that. People still know who you are. I have slowly settled into retirement away from the bright lights.

Barney: I can respect that, my friend. You have my respect because you were always a gentleman in the ring and carried yourself in such a way that I could never do. Very serious and professional. While I was the guy who would be having a beer or two before the match with the boys. You were always reading or doing something more productive.

Ryou: Its been great talking to you. I got some stuff to take care of on my own end. Family business but great talking to you, Barn.

Barney goes to speak.

Barney: Yeah, Its been fun. I'll definitely meet up with you sometime in the future and maybe even get you to drink more than 1 beer this time. Ha! Ha!

Ryou: That sounds like a good plan, Barn. Talk to you soon. Come on down to Buffalo and i'll show you around.

Barney hangs up the phone as we see him exit the car.

Barney: Might as well get a nice game in at this bowling alley.

Barney walks into the bowling alley as we see a couple of his friends waiting for him. 

Barney: Good to see you again, Skunk. I am glad we were able to reconnect after nearly 10 years away from each other.

Skunk: Very funny, Barney. I may be bald now but guess what, I see quite a few grey hairs popping up on you.

Barney starts laughing a bit and high fives the skunk. Barney goes to speak.

Barney: Guilty as charged. I may be going grey and losing my hair a bit each time I look in the mirror but at least I got friends like you in my life.

Another person in the trio goes to speak.

Bob: We gonna bowl or what? I wanna see if Barn will actually hit a strike this time around.

Barney: Always gonna bust my balls, Bob? I remember when we all went into that bar underage and you got busted with that fake id.

The Skunk and Bob start laughing as Bob tries to speak.

Bob: You were the one who bought those fake ID's, Barn. You should've realized that there was no February 30th in any decade.

Skunk: That was really funny when Barn tried to run off and tripped and fell into the middle of the road.

Barney goes to speak.

Barney: I was sore for quite a few days after that fall. We all wound up at the police station. Boy, My parents were pissed.

Skunk: Mine too but those are some memories that will never be forgotten.

Bob: The fact we have remained friendly enough for almost 30 years is amazing.

Barney goes to speak.

Barney: I am grateful for having you guys around in my life and know that the first drink is on me. Let's get to bowling!

The scene fades to black.

That was one hell of a ride for this journey you have been on with me. Getting to see a few of my friends outside of this business. Even a person like Ryou Bakari Itemri who retired. I may be haunted by my past friends but I welcome it at the end of the day. Knowing that I still have a lot of living left to do down here.

Let there memories live on within me. One day, We will all reunite again. But at least, I can enjoy hanging out with whoever is left in my life. This is exactly what I live for. Making those connections with people. My family and I may not be close but friends are the next best thing to have in my life.

My story is just getting started again. People thought I was done last year but I always find a way to prove people wrong. Even if it means facing my own inner demons that will never go away.

Until next time,

-Barney Green.

[Image: juXb2Dg.jpg]
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