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"Crash Kid" Bobby Vicious
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Active in XWF

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(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

11-22-2023, 06:24 AM


[Image: DOmheEK.jpg]

Wrestler's Real Name: Bobby Vincent

Wrestler Age/Date of Birth: 19 / June 22nd 2004

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 194 lbs.

Hometown: Battlecreek, MI

Alignment (Face? Heel? Antihero?): Heel

Pic Base: Nick Wayne

Backstory/Important Character Details: Bobby has always been an unconventional individual. Often people take one look at his slight build and thin frame, thinking that he's a pushover that can be easily beaten down. In highschool he was a cerebral bully, attacking others both physically and psychologically. He was the bully who bullied other bullies. The reason he was so capable is that he was trained from an early age in submission wrestling. He knows ways to harm the human anatomy most don't have access to at his age. On his feet, he isn't much of a brawler, but once he takes his opponents off theirs? It's game over. He would have would be bullies on the floor screaming in seconds, often laughing at the pitiful sounds they made as screams became whimpers, then silence as they passed out.

He graduated early, top of his class at 17, got an associates degree in applied sciences in college, and had already had a head start on his wrestling career by 19. Now he makes his first steps into the big leagues.

Strengths: Cardio, Unbeatable mat and chain wrestling game, submission specialist, strong jaw (can take hard hits).

Weaknesses: Not a brawler, skilled but lacking experience, not overly strong in the lock up (avoids it), and sometimes relies too heavily on a singular strategy.

Entrance Theme Music: "Little Fugue in G Minor" by Falkkone 

Ring Entrance (PLEASE write one out for use in match/show writing):


Cue Falkkone's cover of the Johanne Sebastian Bach classic "Little Fugue in G Minor" with it's aristocratic harpsichord chimes giving way to a symphony of electric guitar, heavy drums, and brass. The lights flash in patterned purple, light blue, and white lights throughout the arena in perfect synchronicity with the music. Through the curtains steps out a young, brash, and rather cocky looking young man with short, stylized brown hair, a pale complexion, and slender build. He wears black tights with white and purple floral patterns on the thighs, blue knee pads, white wrestling boots, and simple white tape on his wrists. Resting on his shoulders is a long white robe with more purple floral patterns, Vicious written across the back in elegant cursive writing. 

He basks in the crowds negative reaction to him, a smile creeping across his thin lips as he stands there with arms bent at his sides, hands stretched outward. He closes his eyes and nods his head, inviting their hatred upon him for a moment. Then all at once, eh throws his arms up in the air, his robes falling free of his shoulders as the stage erupts with four large columns of violet and white sparks. The young man then casually strolls to ringside in a nonchalant manner, exuding confidence and smug arrogance along the way.

In-Ring Style (Technician? High Flyer?): Submission Specialist

10 or More Standard Moves:
A wide variety of joint locks, rest holds, submission holds.

Trademark Move Name(s): The Velvet Revolver(Diving Spinning Neckbreaker), Vicious Retort (Leaping Knee to the Face- running, standing, diving), The Inelegant Solution (Rear Groin kick), Pop and Lock (Single Leg Crab), Choke Artist (Rear Naked Choke w/ Body Scissors), The Elegant Solution (Figure 4 Neck Choke), Running Chop Block, Chest Chop

Finishing Move Name(s): Murder Stroke (Running Flatliner), Classic 4 (Figure 4 Leglock)

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Hardcore isn't his forte but I would wager a Kendo or Chair shot to the back or sides of the legs.

Additional Notes (What are some things that they would ALWAYS do? Or would NEVER do?): 

Bobby always targets the legs at some point in his matches. 

He prefers to finish people using the Figure 4 Leglock. When he sees someone try to counter the Figure 4, he often starts to punch and batter their knee or grips their foot and twists the ankle to add to their pain and try to make them tap out faster.

He will do everything to make his opponent wear out in a wrestling match, drawing out as much as he can while denying them any opportunities to breath or rest. Often this can involve rest spots with sleeper holds to keep them from catching their breath.
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