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MADNESS: November 20, 2023
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11-20-2023, 07:55 PM

Madness begins with a cold open, replaying, reliving the controversial ending of Remember, Remember the 5th of November.

Still photos of the main event between defending champion Myra Rivers and challenger Penelope accompany the dramatic background music, Damon Riggs and Jacuinde’s commentary accompanies both.

The first shot:  Penelope has Myra Rivers set up for Leucotomy.  The sound of a crowd roars and boos as a shot is shown of Penelope making the cover.

”Jesus Christ!”  Damon yells.  ”Why won’t she stay down!?”

Another shot further into the match of Penelope measuring Myra Rivers accompanied by the sound of a kick and the slap of skin followed by a roarous ovation from the Londoners.

”Vixen Kick!” shouts Jacuinde.

Seeing the cover, you can hear the sound from the event as the referee pounds the mat.

”Penelope kicked out!” Jacuinde cries out.

Another shot.

Another crash as the still photo shows the moment Myra Rivers drove Penelope into the mat with the Rebel Bomb followed by another referee count.

”She kicked out!” cried Damon Riggs.  ”She kicked out!  Penelope kicked out!”

Deeper into the match, Sahara is shown about to enter the ring as Myra Rivers eggs her on.  Jacuinde calls out to Damon.  Another shot in the ring as Damon pounces on Sahara to stop her from interfering.

”WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SEE!?” asked a bewildered Jacuinde as a shot shows Damon Riggs give his Black Out maneuver to Myra Rivers.  Damon Riggs, you son of a bitch!” Jacuinde yelled as Penelope is shown making the cover on the champion followed by the referees three count.

The closing shot is Penelope, Sahara and Damon Riggs celebrating Penelope’s world title victory.

We transition now, to live footage in Baltimore, Maryland, backstage in the CMG Bank Arena. The strains of Sarah McLaughlin’s “I Will Remember You” can be heard softly playing as the camera pans past a number of still shots of former Madness World Heavyweight Champion Myra Rivers. Some of them are promotional photos while others are of her successful title defenses. The camera pans between then, one at a time, passing past some ornate flower arrangements. It finally settles on Sahara, Damon Riggs, and the newly crowned Madness World Heavyweight Champion, Penelope.

The boos from the live crowd can be heard as they can view the feed in the arena. Riggs is dressed in a sharply fitted black suit, and Penelope is dressed in a Victorian era black dress. Her signature wide brimmed hat has a black lace veil attached that’s obscuring her face somewhat. The outlier of the group is Sahara who is wearing a white pantsuit. All three are looking down, but to what we can’t see. Penelope turns her head slightly, so the camera is in her eye line.

Penelope: “Ladies and gentleman…Remember, Remember the 5th of November, has come and gone. And with it, sadly, as had been foretold…was the impressive championship reign of Myra Rivers.”

Sahara scoffs, muttering under her breath.

Sahara: “Pfft…it wasn’t that impressive.”

She catches Penelope’s eye and quickly silences herself.

Penelope: “Tonight, we’re giving the fans here in Baltimore, Maryland…as well as the millions of fans around the world, the opportunity to reflect, remember, and celebrate the death of Ms. River’s championship dream. So join us as throughout tonight's broadcast we serve up highlights of the two hundred and eighty plus day reign. One that will go down in the annals of XWF forever.”

Sahara looks confused as she leans over to Damon, whispering.

Sahara: “What was that about anal?”

Damon rolls his eyes, holding up a hand to stop any further questions. Sahara makes a face, clearly annoyed at him for not answering her super important question.

Penelope: “But…as Semisonic once said, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Sahara leans over, whispering to Riggs again.

Sahara: “OMG I love that song!”

She starts humming ‘Closing Time’ as Riggs exhales sharply and whispers back.

Riggs: “Would you please-”

Penelope, hearing the whispering, begins talking over them a little louder than before.

Penelope: “And as such, as we come to terms with the death of one championship reign, we need not mourn forever. Not only Madness, but the XWF as a whole needs to rejoice. We are about to embark, each and every one of us, on a voyage. So, as you board my Hell gondola to be ferried into the darkest era XWF and Madness has ever seen, remember this. There is no going back now. What Madness was, died alongside Myra’s reign as champion. The rotted, putrefying corpse of the status quo will be buried six feet under alongside the remnants of everything people like Ms Rivers stand for. That is my solemn promise to you, the little people, from your new World Heavyweight Champion.”

Penelope gestures, holding out her arms in a mockingly loving type of way as Damon and Sahara both nod to each other. The crowd's boos can still be heard as the feed cuts back abruptly to the ringside area.

JC:  Welcome to Madness, folks…

Jacuinde is clearly despondent over the way in which Myra Rivers lost her championship.

JC:  Ladies and gentlemen, Myra Rivers is not in Baltimore tonight.  The woman put this show on her back for over a year and to be unceremoniously kicked to the curb the way she was and… and for it to be allowed to stand is just…  It’s unthinkable.

If you’re not aware of what happened in London on November 5th, then I implore you to watch the replay.  Despite what I think of the end of that event, it was great top to bottom.  But I never imagined… Madness fans, I never thought that Damon Riggs was in on the conspiracy.

You know how we are.  We’re contentious, but I have a deep respect for what Damon has done in this business.  But he took it upon himself to make certain millions of fans had their hearts broken in London.  He made certain that Myra Rivers and her glorious title reign and her undefeated streak came to a bitter end on pay per view.

I just… I just don’t know where we go from here.

Stay with us.

JC:  We’re back here in Baltimore for Madness and joining me… as always… is Damon Riggs.

DR:  It is a somber evening to be sure.

JC:  Do you have anything to say for yourself?

DR:  Me?  The way I see it is Myra Rivers tripped, I tried to catch her and she face planted hard and knocked herself out.

JC:  Do you even hear yourself right now?

DR:  Jacuinde, you can mourn for Myra Rivers if you want.  I know ICON STATYS will lose not a wink of sleep as we carry Monday Night Madness into the new era!

JC:  It’s been ten minutes… I’m ready for this night to be over already.

DR:  Myra LOST!  The world did not end.  If she’s as good as you think she is, then where the hell is she?  She’s certainly not in Baltimore now is she?

JC:  …

DR:  I questioned her heart!  I questioned her character!  Jacuinde, you can hate it all you want, if I was wrong, she’d be here live tonight in Baltimore to show all her fans that the measure of a champion isn’t how you fell off the horse, but how you get back on it.

Where is she?

JC:  Ladies and gentlemen, Johnny Miami is already in the ring as he awaits the arrival of the debuting Minka Valeria.  Randy?

DR:  Exactly what I thought.

RA:  Ladies and gentlemen, your opening contest is set for one fall!  Already in the ring… JJJJOHNYYYY MIIIIAMIIII!

His opponent…

RA:  Making her debut tonight on Monday Night Madness!  From Minneapolis, Minnesota!  MMMMINKAAA  VAAALERIIIIAAA!

The hook of “In For the Kill" blares over the venue’s soundwaves. Minka Valeria appears on the stage to a strong, negative reaction from the opposing crowds. She takes in some of the cold reception she's getting, smirking and laughing for a bit before making her way down to the ring feeling confident and determined while ignoring the fans on her way to the ring. She heads into the ring and takes a glare at the referee in the ring.

The match is about to begin but before the referee can ring the bell, Minka Valeria requests a microphone. The fans aren’t too happy about this, but she couldn’t care less about what they think as she gets a microphone and begins to express her thoughts.

Minka Valeria:  Don’t worry, I’m not going to take too long. I have a little something I want to say before I have to face this Johnny South Beach guy or whatever his name is. For those of you that know me…

Minka narrows her eyes with disdain as she hears a small smattering of “Minka Carter” chants in the crowd in reference to her former wrestling name.

Minka Valeria: That’s not my name anymore, GET OVER IT! But you know, let’s talk about that shall we? I am a well traveled wrestler. If you’ve heard of me, you most likely know of my four world championships to my name. You most likely know of this group that I ran back in New York City called the Carter Corporation. You may have heard of me from Blazenwing something where I became a triple crown champion over there. You may have heard of what I consider to be the proudest accomplishment of my career so far and that’s the number 839!

Johnny Miami is looking rather confused right now.

Minka Valeria: No Johnny, that’s not the number of women that have rejected you. Go back to your corner and let me do my thing. I’m sure when your  mom gave birth to you, she didn’t genetically pass on any real talent except for being the epitome of SUCK on Madness. Anyway, 839! That is the number of consecutive days that I held at least one championship. That is longer than two whole years! That’s right, I, Minka Valeria, was a title for 839 days in a row! Let me say it REAL slow just so you simpletons can understand me…

I held a title for 839 days in a row! 839 days in a row! I became, and still reign to this day, as a one woman dynasty and I am here because quite frankly, it’s about time Madness had some class, some dignity and some decorum around here. This show contains nothing but chaos and a bunch of hocus pocus crap… and Myra Rivers who is the epitome of CRINGE with her whole “best for wrestling” shtick…

But that’s okay. I’m here to change the game. It’s all business at the end of the day and I am here to make this brand VERY palatable to the mainstream press! I am here to make Madness a Fortune 500 stock to be proud of starting with… what’s your name again?

Johnny starts to look angry as the referee tells Minka to just get on with it already.

Minka Valeria: Clearly, you never took your talents to South Beach. You, Johnny… that’s your name right? You want to act like you’re something from Miami… but really… if you’re from Miami, you’re an automatic failure and by the way, that Miami Vice show was honestly trash but that’s enough about that. It’s about time you all see what I am truly capable of…

Minka flips the microphone over her shoulder and leans against the corner with the match about to begin.

JC:  839 days!?

DR:  Impressive for Ms. Valeria!

JC:  Maybe Thaddeus Duke knows what he’s doin’ after all!

DR:  Gawddd would you stop?

Johnny Miami
- vs -
Minka Valeria

In the night’s opening contest Mink Valeria faced off against Johnny Miami in a thrilling encounter that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Both competitors showcased their unique move sets and fought fiercely for dominance.

The match started with a series of fast-paced exchanges, with Mink Valeria delivering a corner back elbow, sliding forearm smash, and enziguri. Johnny Miami responded with his own arsenal, executing an exciting Pele kick, following up with a headscissor DDT and bookending his sequence with a spectacular Spiral Tap.The energy in the arena was electric as both wrestlers demonstrated their agility and strength.

As the match progressed, Valeria gained momentum with a well-timed hurricanrana driver and a float-over DDT. Johnny Miami retaliated with a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors and a Fisherman's Suplex, keeping the audience guessing about the outcome. The wrestlers continued to push each other to the limits, creating a captivating back-and-forth spectacle.

In a pivotal moment, Valeria seized control with a “Market Crash”, her jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick that left Johnny reeling. Determined to secure the victory, Valeria followed, locking in the “Market Correction”, applying her deep cobra clutch with body scissors. Johnny Miami held for as long as he could before being forced to tap out as the referee called for the bell.

WINNER:  Minka Valeria by submission (6:56)

JC:  What an impressive debut for Minka Valeria!

DR:  Maybe she’d like to sign with Icon Statys!?

JC:  Shut up Damon.  You make me sick!

Myra Rivers: Memoriam of a Champion

Day 1 - January 28th 2023

We’re shown a brief highlight package consisting of clips from the Triple Threat match for the vacated IDL Championship. Sierra Silver, Holden Ross, and Myra Rivers compete in a hellacious match, culminating with Myra emerging victorious and beginning her reign as champion.

JC:  Damon, are we gonna see that stuff all damn night?

DR:  What the champ wants, the champ gets!

JC:  I hate this night.  So much.

DR:  On behalf of ICON STATYS, good.  We do not care.

The show cuts backstage and finds Kevin Mears with a microphone in hand as he shoos away the interviewer who was set to ask him questions.

Kevin: I don’t need you for this. Take a walk…or do whatever you do when you’re not holding a mic.

As she heads off, he turns back to the camera.

Kevin: After the big event in London, there’s a couple things that I wanted to bring up before I go out to face Drake Hemingway. One, the prize is still on. I’m so confident that none of the current would-be challengers can defeat Enigma for the US title that I’ll give the first one who does $25,000 in cash. That’s probably more than most of them have seen in their lifetimes. Prove me wrong, gentlemen. Now onto other matters…

He takes a deep breath as he shakes his head.

Kevin:  Tonight it’s me against Drake Hemingway, like I said. Why am I facing him? Fuck if I know. I know he’s tight with Penelope, good for him. But I haven’t really had anything to do with her either…unless you count that match Parker got pissed about because apparently I can cue the truck when I decide to head to the ring. Drake, I get that you hit like a truck. I get you’re something of a technical wrestler, which I can respect. But unfortunately, this is a case of wrong place and wrong time. Let me guess, you want to be the US Champion, right? A title I have never once said I was interested in holding, but tend to keep finding myself in matches that surround it. I don’t get it either. So it’s nothing personal here. Hell, I happen to have some respect for Penelope. I might not be as tight with her as you, but that’s not a prerequisite. The fact is I’ve been here for over a year, you just popped up in July. I’ve put in a bit more time around. I don’t know if you kept up too much, but trust me when I tell you not to believe a damn thing anyone in management tells you. Madness has had two General Managers since I got here, and….that’s a rant for another day. I’ll see you out there, and hopefully all that stuff you like to wear around your eye giving you that half-raccoon look doesn’t rub off easily. Besides I got things to do after this match and don’t have much plan on—

The camera pans slightly to the left as from stage left, Carmen Santana walks through the shot. She turned back around as the camera zoomed out to show the pair looking at one another.

Carmen: On what?

Kevin: Staying after my match. We don’t get paid by the hour around here. Also…

Kevin points towards Carmen’s eyes.

Kevin: Look at that, that’s professional eye makeup Carmen is sporting right there. My opponent could take lessons. She even puts it on both eyes!

Carmen instinctively went into “face model mode”, batting her lashes and showing off the merchandise

Carmen: Thanks Kev, I came from the business of looking good on camera. You came straight from the wrestling business. Hope you didn’t mind me watching you at work. 

Kevin: If I didn’t want people to watch me, I’m in the wrong line of work. That includes dreamgirls from California who are soon to become X-Division Champions.

The young upstart cracked a slight smirk. The compliment was much appreciated.

Carmen: Future X Division Champion, well, it’s a sure thing now. You know what the hell you’re talking about. I know what everyone seems to say about you, but your track record speaks for itself, in and out of the ring. You might not have to sit for twenty minutes in front of a mirror but you’ve got great eyes, for talent, for opportunity, for success. You could say it’s mutual, you see anything in my game, you let me know.

Kevin: I know what you can do. I had you on my birthday show after all. And you won. Not to mention gift-wrapped a tag team win for you and Ricky in London. There’s one or two things I could point out for you, but not in front of the camera. That would be counter-productive.

Carmen looked to be heavily considering his words before it was becoming clear she agreed.

Carmen: I mean, gotta put in the work to get your dreams right? I’ll take all the advice that I can get

Kevin: I am a trainer too, after all. When we’re both done tonight, swing by my locker room and we’ll find some food somewhere in this town and discuss it. How’s that?

Carmen: You’re paying though, I hear you have the bank for it.

Carmen would turn, stopping for a moment to face the camera once again, to show off her proper and professional eye makeup.

Carmen: Take notes, Drake. Now if you excuse me, I have a title match to win.

With that, the twirl was complete and “The California Dreamgirl” made her exit, with ever the gentleman Kevin Mears following behind her as we fade back to ringside.

JC:  Those two seem to be hitting it off, Damon!

DR:  She’d do well to listen to a guy like Kevin Mears.  Like him or not, he’s money!

JC:  I can’t argue with that.

DR:  Speaking of money, you wanna place a bet?

JC:  If it has to do with Myra Rivers or Icon Statys, I’m not interested.

DR:  It doesn’t… I just wanna make a bet that before they leave Baltimore, Kevin Mears is balls deep in Carmen Santana.

JC:  Jesus fu… siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh  We’ll be right back.

Myra Rivers: Memoriam of a Champion

Day 122 - May 28th 2023

Another highlights package of Myra’s 3rd IDL title defense. This was against the previous champion, Elijah Copeland. Another hellacious match showing Myra’s heart of a champion and will to win. She celebrates another successful defense, jubilant as the clip ends.

Damon feigns crying at ringside.

JC:  We’re back here on Madness and Damon, would you stop!?

DR:  Doubtful.

JC:  I need a raise.

RA:  The following contest is set for one fall!

RA:  Introducing first!  From San Bernardino, California weighing 217 pounds.  ERENNN HUUUUUNT!

As "THRIFT SHOP" begins to play, Eren walks out of gorilla wearing his oversized fur coat and sunglasses. He makes his way to the ring, high fiving as many fans as he can before getting to ring side. He climbs the stairs in the corner, getting into the ring before going to each side of the ring, pumping up the crowd before making his way to his corner, removing his entrance gear and preparing for the match.

JC:  Damon, back on the 5th of November, the Bing Bong Twinzz shocked the world by defeating the then tag team champions Gabriel Landry and Eren Hunt.

DR:  It was never a shock to me.

Still photos are shown on the X-Tron of the tag title match from pay per view.

JC:  In the end it was Gabriel Landry betraying Eren Hunt and costing he and his partner the tag straps!

Hunt looks at the still photos on the tron, seething with rage.

RA:  His opponent!

♫I got two letters from you
Last words of the runaway
Your love was written so true
And now I can't speak your name
I gave my heart to the cruel
Now it will not beat again ♫

That's when Elijah Copeland comes out wearing black pants, black boots, black leather jacket and a chain around his neck. He looks around at the fans as they boo him.

♫I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
Just like I've suffered ♫

A white light beams on him as he looks at the fans in what seems to be a disgusting look. He points at them and yells. He then makes a cutthroat symbol towards the fans as they boo him even louder.

♫No one will ever know you
Deny the last one who cares
Intoxicate with the new
Pretend I'm no longer here
I opened my heart to you
You lied just to reach inside
Now with the faith you removed
Our hope for forgiveness dies♫

RA:  From New York City weighing 210 pounds.  ELIIIJAHHH COPELANNNNND!

After he lowers his hand, he walks off the stage as the lights begin to flash orange, white, and red. He walks down the ramp as the fans begin to badmouth him. He looks at the fans and starts to yell at them. He put his hand up as he was treating to backhand them.

♫I opened my heart to you
You lied just to reach inside
Now with the faith you removed
Our hope for forgiveness dies♫

He backs away and starts to walk down the ramp some more. He finally gets to the bottom and starts to yell and cuss at the fans some more. He walks towards the steel steps and walks up them. He walks alongside the ring before turning his back and yelling out, I HOPE YOU SUFFER! I HOPE YOU DO!

♫I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
Just like I've suffered♫

He turned around, moved towards the ring post, and climbed up them. He has one foot in the middle and the other foot on the top. He looks at the fans and holds his hands up. He starts to take in the hatred that the fans are putting on him. He lowers his hands and aggressively points at the fans. He finally got down from the turnbuckle and took off his jacket. He's wearing black elbow pads and white wrist tapes. He puts his jacket on the outside and grabs the ropes to see if they are intact. He then warms up and waits for the bell.

JC:  And on November 5th it was Elijah Copeland using some dirty tactics to escape with a victory over Chris Mosh!

DR:  In the wrestling business, you gotta be ready for anything!

Elijah Copeland
- vs -
Eren Hunt

In a heated encounter, Elijah Copeland faces off against Eren Hunt in a fierce battle that showcases two different personalities and goals. Copeland just wants to inflict pain and Hunt has lots of pent-up frustration to vent following his betrayal at the hands of his former tag team partner, Gabriel Landry.

The match unfolds with a flurry of strikes and high-impact maneuvers, keeping the audience excited. Both Copeland and Hunt exchange sequences of different suplexes and backbreaker variants, as well as pinfall attempts.

Copeland takes down Hunt with the "Berzerker Boot" running arched big boot followed by the "Broken Skull" shining wizard but again only secures near fall.

The former tag team champion doesn’t stay down though and soon fights back. He cracks. Copeland with a stinging series of  knife-edged chops before managing to spike Copeland with his "San Manuel Spike".

As the match looks like it’s about to reach its climax…

Gabriel Landry: Hello Eren. How’s life treating you? Rhetorical question by the way, I don’t care.

The voice of Gabriel Landry catches everyone including Eren’s attention. They look for the young man only to find out he is on the Tron. He doesn’t appear that he is inside the arena. We see inside of a restaurant. He is seated at a table all by himself. From what we can see, Gabe is wearing a plain white t-shirt. He waves for the camera as the fans in the arena continue to shower him with boos. 

Gabriel Landry:  What everyone cares about is why I kicked you between the legs at The 5th of November. Quite simple actually. I FINALLY decided to do something for myself.

I was raised in a good household. Upstanding church going parents. Taught me to do the right thing. Sounds great on the surface. We need more good guys in a world overpopulated by jerks... what I came to realize is being the so called good guy is not a fun way to live. My entire career up to The 5th of November was me dedicating myself to a set of ideals. When we were forced to go after the tag team championships I should have said no.

Let's be honest Eren, you and me, we were never going to be great tag partners. I sucked it up. I followed through with my contractual obligations. That’s what good guys do, right? Time and time again I choose some abstract concept of what a good person SHOULD be. Well. I have had enough of living up to society's expectations. From November 5th on I am living for myself. Me. Myself. And I. If you are not down with the program, I really don’t give a damn.

The young man shrugs.

Gabriel Landry:  Eren. Stew away all you want. Makes no difference. You want revenge? Fine, I’ll entertain you just a little while longer. I have bigger fish to fry to be frank. I am not naive, you’ll want your pound of flesh. Friendly warning, walking down this road won’t work out for you my... I would say friend. We weren’t that. Barely partners. More an albatross around my neck. See you soon, Eren. Can’t wait to disappoint you... again.

Gabriel chuckles as the feed cuts.

With Hunt distracted, it allows Copeland enough time to recover.  Head Trauma from Copeland to the distracted Hunt, gives Elijah the three count.

WINNER:  Elijah Copeland by pinfall (9:19)

JC:  Copeland goes to victory with an assist from Gabe Landry!

DR:  You gonna cry about that now too?

JC:  Shut up Damon… oh SHIT!

As Copeland mocks the downed Eren Hunt, Chris Mosh slides into the ring seemingly from out of nowhere.  The fans pop as Mosh takes Copeland down and starts a ground and pound tactic for several moments.

JC:  Not scheduled tonight, Chris Mosh made the trip to Baltimore anyway!

DR:  Attaboy Mosh!  That’s how you stand up for yourself!

JC:  Here comes security!

DR:  And Baltimore’s finest!

Security forces separate Mosh from Copeland relatively quickly.  Copeland sneaks out of the ring and is in full retreat as blood pours from his head.  Mosh breaks free of security and quickly exits the ring to chase after Copeland.  Elijah ducks behind the curtain and just as Mosh reaches the stage, more security rushes him and tackles him to the stage as Madness fades to commercial.

JC:  Back here on Madness and folks, it’s already official!

DR:  What is?

JC:  Next Madness, Chris Mosh and Eren Hunt will team up to take on Gabriel Landry and Elijah Copeland in tornado tag rules!

DR:  Mosh still wants some of Copeland but he won’t get it tonight!

Mosh is escorted from the arena by security as we fade somewhere else backstage.  The scene starts with Hayley Fien warming up for another championship defense against Carmen Santana. The self proclaimed queen of the Extreme Rules Match takes one good look at her championship before her match. Along the way, she stops in her tracks with an unhappy look on her face.

Hayley Fien: Fantastic….

She turns around and sees Carmen Santana with a smirk on her face. Hayley adjusts her belt and eyes her challenger.

The California Dreamgirl would wave, her fingers wiggling.

Carmen Santana: Hey champ! Looking forward to seeing you out there! Since you’re here, I might as well ask, from a current champion to a future champion, what’s it like? What should I expect when I am champion? Sure I’ve thought about what it would be like to hold XWF gold, but I mean, any advice?

Hayley rolls her eyes at this and looks at Carmen.

Hayley Fien:  Out of all the people you ask, you have to ask your opponent, who HAPPENS to be The X-Division Champion about this?

Hayley eyes her.

Hayley Fien:  Carmen, do you realize how much of a mistake this is? I’ll give you credit though, you do have the balls to ask me, but what makes you think you can defeat me to win THIS Championship?

She keeps her eyes on her, waiting for what Carmen is going to say.

The smirk returns to the challenger’s face, eyeing the same title just as Hayley was.

Carmen Santana: Sure, I could ask anyone, but I figured why not ask you—the most recent X-Division Champion? You would have the most up-to-date advice, plus like, doing it this way, I’d have an excuse to tell you to your face that…

Carmen would gesture, pointing a finger between the X-Division Title and herself.

Carmen Santana: …that pretty little thing is going away with this pretty little thing. Sure, I might not look like the type that ever gets ugly, but I understand that you have to work hard to get what you want; and I mean, you don’t survive the pageant circuit without one hell of a mean streak, that life is filled with monsters, sometimes, you ought to become one. I’m not stupid actually, I will walk away from tonight battered and bruised, but I’ll still look great. In comparison to you especially, besides, I’ll heal, and in the meantime, they’ll all be looking at my new gold.

Hayley Fien looks at her.

Hayley Fien:  Wow, such a speech coming from a believer that thinks she could win this championship from me in this type of match that I’ve defended this championship ever since I won it. Carmen, you may think I’m this “monster” standing in front of you right now, but once you face off against me, ESPECIALLY in a hard core match, it’s game over.

She looks at her.

Hayley Fien:  Your pretty little face that you have on you, will be busted open and bleeding like it’s your time of the month! And yet, I’m going to be called the ugly one? You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into when it comes to this match against me! You have no idea what type of monster you’ll bring out in this match and the only thing the fans are going to be looking at….

She looks at her championship before going back to Carmen.

Hayley Fien:  …is the result they’ve been seeing for the past couple of weeks, and that’s Hayley Fien, STILL X-Divison Champion!

She walks away and turns back around.

Hayley Fien:  See you out there “beautiful”

Hayley smirks and walks away for her match as Carmen stands there, refusing to be rattled, as focused as ever.

JC:  What a bold strategy from Carmen Santana!

DR:  We’ll see how it works out for her!

JC:  Hayley Fien defends the X-Division championship against Carmen Santana and that match is NEXT!

Myra Rivers: Memoriam of a Champion

Day 184 - July 31st 2023

The arrival of Thaddeus Duke heralds a new dawn of professionalism as he takes over Madness from Vinnie Lane. The video shown is from the episode of Madness when Thaddeus and Serenity Holmes presented Myra Rivers with the brand new World Heavyweight Championship. We see her hand over her IDL title belt and take the new one, celebrating the new title with the fans in attendance.

JC:  That was a great day for Madness, a great day for Myra Rivers!

DR:  See Jacuinde?  It’s not all bad.

JC:  Shut the hell up.

RA:  The following contest… is an Xtreme Rules match for the X-Division Championship!

RA:  Introducing the challenger!  From Beverly Hills, California!  CARRRRMENNNN SANNNNTANAAAAA!

The arena tron shows a shadowy silhouette against a California sunset. The arena lights go down, a dreamlike fog rains down from the ceiling as the lights come back on with a red tint as Carmen Santana emerges. She invites audience members to “keep dreaming”. She deliberately makes sure to stay out of reach of any common fans as she struts down to the ring. She gets into the ring slowly, about two seconds straddled on the middle rope and leaned forward.

JC:  Carmen Santana has been heating up!

DR:  Phew!  I’ll say!

JC:  At the 5th of November, she teamed with Ricky Ridriguez and that duo was successful on the pre-show!

DR:  She gets a second chance now at the X-Division championship!

RA:  Her opponent!

RA:  From Wildwood, New Jersey!  She is the REIGNING!  DEFENDING!  X-Division champion!  HAAAAAYLEYYY FIIIIIIENNN!

Never Dawn (instrumental) by Lacuna Coil kicks in as the fans boo at her. Out comes Hayley Fien as she’s looking down. She looks back up as soon as the heavy guitar part kicks and walks to the ring. Ignoring the fans boos, she blows past them. As the guys are trying to cat call her, she stops and mockingly blows kisses at them and says that she’s not in their league. Hayley rolls into the ring and stands in the middle of it. She eyes the crowd still booing at her.

JC:  Hayley Fien is thus far undefeated in her Madness tenure!

DR:  Say what you will about her, Jacuinde!  She knows how to get the job done!

JC:  She really does and she proved that at the 5th of November in a grueling match with Drake Hemingway!  She did what it took to survive Hemingway and she defends again here tonight!

XWF X-Division Championship
Hayley Fien ©
- vs -
Carmen Santana
-Xtreme Rules-

Upon the bell ringing Hayley and Santana collide immediately. The match begins with a flurry of standard offense from both wrestlers, with Hayley taking control early with some flurries of strikes before forcing Carmen into the corner and taking her down with a Tornado DDT and Reverse Poisonrana combination. Carmen though shows her tenacity by fighting back into the fray with striking attacks and aerial offense, including a breathtaking moonsault. The intensity escalates quickly as the X-Division aspect of the match quickly comes into play.

Fien introduces a steel chair into the mix, setting the stage for a series of dangerous sequences. Both women exchange brutal chair shots, with Santana countering Fien's attempts with a creative leaping calf kick sending the steel back into the champion’s face. The crowd “oooh as the competitors utilized the chair in innovative and painful ways, creating a spectacle of carnage. Carmen brings a kendo stick into the fray, slamming it hard over Hayley’s back, splintering the martial arts weapon.

The match soon spills to the outside the ring, where Carmen executes her Santana Champagne on the apron, leaving Hayley reeling in pain. Undeterred though, the champion retaliates by introducing a table into the equation, setting the stage for something big and dangerous. The tension reaches a boiling point as both women teeter on the edge of the table, showcasing their resilience and determination to emerge victorious. Hayley takes the initiative though and drills Santana through the table with “Destroying Hearts” that elicits a “Holy shit!” chant from the fans in attendance. Hayley tries to go for a pinfall but the California Dreamgirl shows tremendous heart to kick out.

As the match progresses, both champion and challenger deliver their respective trademark moves, with Santana attempting her “Tijuana Hangover” and Fien avoiding it with her “Not Here” Matrix Dodge and nailing her with “Black Out”.

Fien attempts the “Bitch Slayer” Air Raid Crash into Anaconda Vice, only for Santana to counter with a vicious 'Dreamsnatcher' Tequila Sunrise submission. The submission is applied amidst a sea of scattered weapons, leaving the audience in awe of the pain and determination displayed by both wrestlers as Hayley desperately tries to fight out of the painful predicament.

As the official checks for a submission, Hayley uses her free hand and grabs him by his pants pulling him toward her.  The referee stumbles, inadvertently colliding with Santana to break the hold.  Santana is slow to her feet but Fien is slower.  Grabbing a chair, Carmen stalks the champion before stabbing it down into the small of her back.  Santana wraps the chair around her ankle then hops to the second rope.  She leaps off with her feet directed toward snapping the chair shut on Fien’s ankle.

Hayley rolls away at the last second causing Santana to jam her knees.  With Santana hurting, Fien wills herself back to her feet before hitting the Bitch Slayer (air raid crash into an anaconda vise.)  Santana fights for a long while but eventually has to tap out to save herself.

WINNER:  and STILL X-Division Champion
Hayley Fien by submission (14:13)

JC:  Hayley Fien wins again!

DR:  Win or lose, Carmen Santana arrived tonight on Madness!

JC:  I could not agree more!  Sooner or later, Carmen Santana will wear XWF gold!

As Hayley celebrates her win…

Static engulfs the screen for a couple seconds. We fade into what can best be described as an unknown location. Mostly dark. The only real light filling the darkness are a circle of candles that Drake himself is sitting in the middle of.

Drake Hemingway: “When you bet against me this is the result...”

Drake scoffs as he recites for the audience a tweet Hayley released to the world after their epic encounter at Remember the 5th.

Drake Hemingway: How... adorable Ms. Fien. Is that how champions are supposed to conduct themselves after retaining their championships? I’m quite certain there were individuals who didn’t beat against you. You are an esteemed champion for a reason, correct? Why aim your vitriol at these individuals who supposedly bet against your ability to barely come out on top. If memory serves me correctly, the conclusion to our contest could have gone either way. All it would have taken Ms. Fien was for fortune to swing my way instead of yours when we both had an equal opportunity to secure the prize hanging above the ring. Alas, you were the one who escaped. Survived even.

But if you think we are through; correct me if I am wrong, you assume we are done based on your declarative statement of individuals betting against you, whomever they are, allow me to inform you Ms. Fien... and serve you with yet another reminder.

Drake takes a deep breath for dramatic effect.

Drake Hemingway: This conflict between us was never about the X-Division Championship. I never asked for an opportunity. Management opted to add those stakes. Not I. Whether fortune favored me at 5th of November, my intentions with you would not have ended with me walking out the winner. This is bigger than championships, Ms. Fien. While I did enjoy putting you through the ringer, I have not scratched the surface, consider our Ladder Match a prelude to the main event, trust me when I say this, when this dance between us is over, you’ll know. You’ll know when my purpose with you is through. Sleep tight. You’ll need it.

Drake snaps his fingers as the scene fades to black.

JC:  Hayley looks…

DR:  Uncertain…

JC:  Just what is going on?  What does Drake want with Hayley?

JC:  We’re back here on Madness and Damon, Sean Parker is slated to go one on one with our esteemed General Manager Thaddeus Duke coming up on the blue brands Fire & Ice pay per view!

DR:  A couple weeks ago, Sean Parker was in Los Angeles for the Porter Games and Thaddeus Duke no doubt made his presence felt.

JC:  Sean Parker had just been defeated by Chris Page and Thaddeus Duke jumped the rail, slid into the ring then proceeded to basically kick Parker’s head off his shoulders!

Thaddeus Duke starts to make his way to the ring to a negative reaction from the Baltimore crowd as he wears a T.J. Watt Pittsburgh Steelers jersey.

DR:  I did not see the Madness logo on his tron, Jacuinde.  He’ll join us now as Thaddeus Duke the competitor.  Not the General Manager!

JC:  I really don’t understand the distinction.

DR:  When it comes to this business, that’s what Thaddeus treats it like.  Business.  If you leave his kids out of it, it never gets personal with him.

JC:  Then explain the sneak attack on Sean Parker!

DR:  I’d venture to guess he’ll explain himself tonight, but I know him well.  It was a warning shot.

The announcers lay out as Thad takes the stick.

I wanted to come out and explain what happened at the Porter Games.  I wanted to take a moment so that Sean Parker would understand why I did…

JC:  Here comes Sean Parker!

DR:  He doesn’t look very happy!

JC:  And why should he be?

Sean Parker looks somewhat stoic as he stands on stage and stares down Thaddeus Duke in the ring.  He stands for a long few moments before heading to the ring, not once removing his eyes from the Lionheart.  The King of the Skies steps into the ring and leans against a corner.

I was gonna have you come down if you’d have given me a minute but since you’re here, I’ll just come out and tell you exactly why I did what I did.  Sean, you can call bullshit on this if you want, but I needed you to know how deadly my fuckin’ kick is.

Parker stares, but says nothing.

A split second is all I need, Sean.  A split second of your attention being elsewhere and I knocked your ass out cold.  I don’t say that to gloat, I don’t say that to big time you like others would.  I say it simply because it’s true.

See, you have an argument to make that you had no reason to expect me to be there.  You had no reason to suspect that I’d sneak in, kick you in your face, then dance around the ring.

Alright, the last part I did simply because I could.

Sean, it isn’t personal.  This isn’t me being a piece of shit simply because I can.  Thing is, you and I grew up in this business in different areas of the industry and you needed to know that just because it looks the same on tape, don’t mean it is.

You’re capable of beating me Sean and I truly believe that.  But if you lose focus…

Thad snaps his fingers in Sean’s face.

It’s over.

See I’m not the kind of guy that comes out here asking rhetorical questions like ‘do you know who i am?’ or saying dumb shit like ‘you’re in over your head’ or ‘I’m too big for you.’  That ain’t my thing.  It’s not my style, Sean.  You can refuse to believe what I’m telling you is the truth but why would I lie?  I don’t play mind games, I don’t blow myself in promos.  I simply tell the truth and a lot of times that truth is uncomfortable for my opponents to hear.

Opponents, Sean.  Not enemies.

I’m fast and that kick is a shoot, Sean.  I know you know what I mean because you felt it.

Thaddeus begins to pace as Sean still hasn’t opened his mouth.

I needed you to be aware of…


JC: Masamune Decapitation from Parker to Duke!

The crowd pops with approval as Thaddeus Duke is knocked unconscious with the deadly elbow from Sean Parker.  Parker stands over Thaddeus and leans down before snapping his fingers in Thad’s face.

JC:  Just like that the score is even!

DR:  Fire & Ice may be a blue brand event but Parker and Duke alone is worth the price of a buy!

JC:  What a matchup that will be in six days in Scotland!

Myra Rivers: Memoriam of a Champion

Day 226 - Sept 11th 2023

Myra is taking on the arrogant and braggadocious Kieran King, the “Real” World Heavyweight Champion in her 5th defense. Kieran had come back, claiming to still be the champion as he had never been beaten for the title. Claiming his own ridiculous nearly 5000 day reign, Myra was out to prove a point. And prove one she does as the highlight package shows the battle between the two. Myra proves who the true champion is with the emphatic victory.

JC:  God those things are annoying!  Myra Rivers isn’t even here to defend herself!

DR:  What a champion she was!

RA:  The following contest is set for one fall!

RA:  Introducing first!  From Salem, Massachusetts weighing 245 pounds… DRRRRRAKE HEMINGWAAAAY!

The lights go out. "Exciter" by Judas Priest plays from the loud speaker. Steam rises from the stage. Out walks Drake Hemingway. The spotlight shines on him as though he is an angel being given to us from the heavens, his aura tells a different story. He walks down to the ring. Drake walks up the steel steps, walks across the apron. He walks to the center of the ring as the lights come back on. He stands there stoically waiting for the match to start.

JC:  He may not have walked out with the X-Division title, but he’s still playing his games with Hayley Fien!

DR:  From what I gather, Mr. Hemingway is just biding his time.  When the time is right, everything will fall into place!

RA:  His opponent!

The opening lyrics of "The World is Spinning" by DMAD begins to play as a strobe lighting effect begins at the entrance. When the song hits its normal tempo with DMAD rapping, that's when Kevin appears in the entrance. Wearing a leather jacket with heart-shaped red glasses and a cane twirling in his hand, he looks behind him before he's joined by Summer Page. She takes his hand before they head towards the ring. Kevin opens the ropes for her, enjoying the view as she bends over to step inside before joining her.

RA: Hailing from Atlantic City, New Jersey and weighing in at 175 lbs... KEVIIIIIN MEEEEARRRRS!!

JC:  Mears continues to be adamant that he does not want the United States title!

DR:  Obviously he’s just afraid of Enigma!

JC:  I don’t know if that’s the case…

Drake Hemingway
- vs -
Kevin Mears

The bout is marked by a series of intense exchanges. Kevin utilizes his quick strikes early on, keeping the dangerous Hemingway down with the delivery of a precise Pele kick followed up with a Penalty kick to keep Drake down. Hemingway, in turn, responded with a combination of powerful slams, including scoop slams and T-bone suplexes. The momentum swung back and forth as both wrestlers showcased their agility and strength.

Mears connects with a series of aerial maneuvers such as a Quebrada and a Flying Headscissors DDT, keeping Hemingway guessing and struggling to counter the unpredictable offense. Meanwhile, Hemingway demonstrates his ground-and-pound style, utilizing MMA-style offense and knee strikes to wear down Mears.

As the match continues, Mears attempts his “See My Knee” single knee facebreaker, while Drake hits him with his signature delayed hangman's neckbreaker. The subsequent nearfalls add to the suspense, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

As the match rumbles on, with both competitors going back and forth, Mears sees an opening and goes for the 'Insides Out' diving double foot stomp and the 'Head Games' running front flip DDT. Hemingway, however, displays resilience and manages to avoid these maneuvers, countering with his own impactful offense.

The match reaches a crescendo as both wrestlers exchange strikes and counter-moves.  Drake hits a savate kick and Mears falls into the referee.  The official seems fine, if not a little dazed.  Mears starts to get back to his feet and Drake backs away, measuring Mears like prey.

Hayley Fien charges down the entrance ramp and hops on the apron.  Drake notices just a second too late.  As he turns, she clobbers him in the face with the X-Division title.  Drake staggers back and Mears springs to life, rolling him up from behind for the three count as Fien gets out of Dodge.

WINNER:  Kevin Mears by pinfall (11:43)

JC:  Mears picks up the victory here on Madness, but the story between Hayley Fien and Drake Hemingway just added a few degrees of heat!

DR:  Rest assured Jacuinde.  When Drake realizes what happened tonight, there may just be hell to pay for Hayley Fien!

Myra Rivers: Memoriam of a Champion

Day 238 - Sept 23rd 2023

It’s Madness’ first time being added to an XWF pay per view and it’s the biggest one of the year, RELENTLESS! Penelope and Myra battle in the diabolical Phlegethon Pyre Match! More highlights are shown of the brutal encounter including Penelope falling onto the coffin. Myra is once again victorious in her 6th defense as she locks Penelope in the coffin!

JC:  Ugggh… at least it’s nearly finished.

DR:  Finished!  Just like the title reign of the late Myra Rivers!

JC:  She’s not dead, Damon!  What exactly is she late for!?

DR:  Her next title defense.

JC:  You’re an idiot.

The excitement of that sold out crowd popped that much higher as the lights dimmed down, being accompanied by those flashing pink and green lights and the intoxicating sounds of DJ Logy's remix of Disco Inferno by The Tramps.

As soon as the smoke started rolling, those two masked women, the Inferno Girls, were the first out onto the entrance stage. They displayed their synchronicity, dancing in complete unison before suddenly stopping, both of them pointing to the back.

Ricky Rodriguez emerged out from the back, the cheering audience's excitement growing that much more. Ricky joined his two companions in their dance, the crowd eating up every bit of it. After a few more moments of dancing, the trio started to make their way down the ramp.

Dancing all the way down, the trio would make sure to slap hands with the fans as they went, showing they appreciated them just as much. Once getting to the bottom of the ramp, each of the Inferno Girls went to either side of the ring as Ricky slid in underneath the bottom rope. Popping up to his feet, Ricky threw his arms out, basking in the cheers raining down around him. Walking to the lower right corner, he was handed a microphone before going back to the middle of the ring.

'Baltimooooreeee~ Let's..fuckin..go!'

The crowds cheers grew that much louder, almost deafening. Ricky was all smiles, clearly enjoying the reaction he was drawing out of them. Nodding his head in full agreement, he spoke back up.

'How fuckin great was London? I mean, not only did I make my debut, absolutely settin the pace of the whole ass show with the hellaaa bad ass Carmen Santana..I made a difference. I saw shitty..bout to happen that very well coulda ended the career of one of the most talented wrestlers in this business.

So I stepped in. Not givin a shit bout the consequences, I ran my ass down to that ring and I stopped it from happenin. I did the right thing.'

Ricky's smile was warm as he closed his eyes for just a moment. Laughing a bit, he shook his head slowly.

'But now, those consequences come to call. Now I gotta deal with Marisol..Vilaro.'

The crowd rumbled with boos at the mere mention. Ricky's expression showed he was fully behind them on their reaction towards her.

'See, this has been a long time comin. I've been in Summer's shoes before, exactly where she was in London. That's part of the reason why I hadda do what I did. But cause I did, now I gotta deal with the Wrath of Mari.'

Speaking those last three words in an extremely mocking tone, Ricky laughed out with a shrug of shoulders.

'And I'm fine with that. Hell, I'm fuckin stoked for it. See, this has been a looong time comin. I owe you, Mari. And not for anythin you've ever done or said. I owe you an ass kickin. We never really got to settle our shit from Liberty and things have just festered and the mind numbin back and forth with you has made me wanna kick you in the mouth more than I've ever wanted to kick anyone else in my whole ass life.

And that's exactly what Ima do tonight. Now..I know it's not gonna be that easy. I fully expect everyone of your little fucks to get involved in one way or another. And y'know what?


Walking forward, Ricky leaned into those ropes with his chest, letting them hold himself up while he continued on.

'Mari..I will walk through and put you on your ass. I will fight through any army to get what I wanna get. So bring'em. Bring of'em. I don't care. This is different now..things..are different now.

When you walk your manipulative, hypocritical, usin, fuckin snake in the grass ass out here, I want you to look me in the eyes and I want you to realize this: I'm not the same guy you left layin in that Liberty ring. When I got you down on your ass, I want you to look up at me..right before I kick your face in..and I want you to realize..

You..were..wrong. Now let's fuckin go.'

Opening his hand just enough to let that microphone fall from his hand, Ricky bounced back off of those ropes. That bright, childlike smile began to return to his face as he loosened himself up, awaiting the arrival of Marisol.

JC:  As stated, Ricky Rodriguez debuted in the ring at the 5th of November and he did so in victorious fashion!

DR:  That wouldn’t be the end of his night though.

JC:  Summer Page is not here tonight, but be that as it may, the United States champion Enigma turned his back on Summer Page during the match with Marisol Vilaro and she’d have been injured pretty badly if not for Ricky Rodriguez.

DR:  He got himself involved with that to his own peril, Jacuinde.  Marisol has Nessa Wall, Enigma and Big Cy Braddock at her side.

RA:  His opponent!

RA:  Being accompanied to the ring by her entourage.  From Barcelona… MMMMARISOLL VILLLARRRROOOO!

Shake it off by Taylor Swift plays over the public address system as the boos overtake the arena. As the lights dim, and a lone spotlight is set at the entrance ramp, first out is big Cyrus Braddock, who walks out looking as menacing as possible, as the video screen shows highlights from Marisol's workout videos, as well as some in-ring highlights, and stuff from photoshoots. After a few moments, walking side by side is the Fitness Queen herself, Marisol Vilaro, and her mentor, Nessa Wall, who share a smug expression. Marisol greets her "adoring" public with a sarcastic pageant wave before doing the "kissy kissy" taunt toward the camera, which Nessa follows up with as they saunter down the ramp with the massive Cyrus behind them. 

They walk down to the ring as if they own the play, with Marisol getting into it with several fans in the process, critiquing them and telling them all about her amazing life-changing Vilaro System, while the Canadian veteran ignores the fans and continues to show support to her student.  As they arrive at the apron, Cy grabs her by the side and gently lifts her up to the apron. Nessa soon follows up the steel steps before Cy himself enters first and lowers the ropes for the two women.  As they both enter the ring, the Fitness Guru takes center stage as she raises her arms high in the air, soaking in the fans' negative reactions. As Nessa claps and points toward her, after a few moments of soaking it in she moves to the other side, doing the same thing for the other side, allowing them to get a good glimpse at the most marvelous woman in wrestling.  After that she and her entourage move to their corner as Nessa gives some coaching to the young woman, while Cryus stands off to the side with Enigma.

Ricky Rodriguez
- vs -
Marisol Vilaro

Making his Madness debut Ricky Rodriguez looks excited and loose as he looks set to face off against  Marisol Vilaro. The two have been going back and forth on social media in the lead-up to the match and it doesn’t take long to turn into a thrilling encounter that showcases both superstars' diverse move sets and technical prowess. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as both competitors bring their A-game to the ring. At ringside, the XWF United States Champion, Enigma patrols back-and-forth whilst Cyrus Braddock and Nessa Wall also look on.

The match begins with Ricky demonstrating his agility and speed, executing leaping calf kicks, arm drags, and an array of acrobatic maneuvers that take Mari off her stride, as the debuting Ricky looks to make an immediate statement. Mari takes some time on the outside to recover and recuperate. Ricky tries to force the issue and encourage her to get back into the ring but as he leans through the ropes, Mari grabs him out of nowhere, pulling his head and neck down into the rope.

Marisol quickly gets back into the ring and begins to put her own stamp on the match with her own arsenal of moves, including a DDT, a snap suplex whilst also locking  Ricky into a single-leg crab. However she can’t force the submission on the experienced Rodgriguez as he’s able to wrap an arm around the bottom rope.

As the bout progresses, both wrestlers continue to exchange momentum, with Rodriguez hitting a spinning roundhouse kick and an armbreaker DDT, while Vilaro hits her 'Vilaró Experience' handspring corner elbow and the 'Marvelous Stretch' bow and arrow stretch. The back-and-forth action has the crowd on their feet.

However, just as Ricky nails Mari with his “To The Top” springboard cutter, before he can make the cover, Enigma decides he’s seen enough and storms into the ring as Braddock looks conflicted. Enigma plants the former Zion Wrestling Internet Champion with his “Questions & Answers” chokebomb leaving the referee with no option but to call for the bell which brings a chorus of boos from the Baltimore crowd.

WINNER:  Ricky Rodriguez by DQ (12:39)

Nessa and Cyrus help Marisol recover as Enigma lays the boots to Ricky.  The referee repeatedly signals for the bell and tries to step in to beg Enigma off of Ricky, but gets decked for his trouble.

JC:  Ricky wins by DQ but so far, he isn’t gonna walk out of Baltimore feeling like a winner!

DR:  This is what happens when you play with fire!

In the ring, Ricky starts getting to his feet and…


DR:  Ricky Ridriguez might be broken in half!

Mariol is to her feet thanks to the aid of Cyrus Braddock and Nessa Wall.  Marisol barks out orders as Ricky starts getting back to his.  Enigma shoots across the ring again but out of nowhere, Cy shoves Ricky out of the way and takes the big spear from Enigma instead.

JC:  What the hell!?

DR:  I don’t know what happened.  Did Cy misunderstand the instructions from Marisol?  I mean, he’s a little soft in the head.

Stunned by the apparent accident, Enigma, Mari and company stop their attack to check on Cy.  Cy starts to get up and Ricky is back to his feet and clubs the United States champion from behind.  Enigma turns around but a bit too slowly.  As he does, he’s caught with Ricky’s To The Top springboard cutter.  As Ricky gets back to his feet again, Mariol uppercuts him in the nuts from behind, leaving him prone to Cy’s power bomb.

JC:  Will we see Vilaro’s Justice from Cyrus Braddock!?

DR:  I don’t know, he seems like he doesn’t want to do it!

Ricky is stuck in position for the power bomb.  Cy goes to lift, but stops himself as Marisol yells at him, then slaps him in the face.  Angered momentarily, Cy shoves Ricky to the mat and lunges at Marisol but Mari and Nessa escape the ring with quickness.

The Baltimore fans feel a shift and begin to chant for Cy repeatedly.  He stares at Ricky flat on his back, and looks over at Enigma.  The fans continue to urge Cy to do right.  Instead he backs up a step or two, then leans against the top rope exiting over the top.  He reaches inside and grabs Enigma by his ankle, pulling him from the ring and helping him to the back.

JC:  I’m not sure what we just saw, but one thing is certain.  Cyrus Braddock to not take kindly to the slap from Marisol Vilaro.

DR:  He didn’t and with Enigma down and out right there, I really don’t think that was a smart move on her part if Big Cy would’ve snapped there.  He did correct course in the end but I’m not sure why he didn’t want to power bomb Ricky Rodriguez!

JC:  Ricky Rodriguez lives to fight another day and that’s largely because Cyrus Braddock let him.  Folks, we’ll be right back.

Back from break, the cameras are in the office of GM Thaddeus Duke.  He’s leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed and an ice pack on the right side of his face as Sahara walks in.

Sahara:  What the hell happened to you?


Sahara:  The ice pack.

Oh!  Ummm…  I can’t remember.

Sahara contorts her face into a confused sort of look, but sits on his desk.

Sahara:  Babyyyyy?

She said sweetly.

Oh hey Babydoll.  When did you get here?

Again with the confused look.

Sahara:  You know what would make this tag match even better?

What tag match?

Sahara:  The one tonight.  With me and Penelope against the Incest Twinzz.

Okay yeah sure.

Sahara:  I think if you made it for the straps and made it no DQ that’d be just… well… I’ll owe you one later.


Sahara:  LEANDER!

WHAT?  I thought you left.

Sahara:  Tag match.  Make it for the belts and no DQ.  Comprende?

Sounds swell, Babydoll.  Whatever you want.

Sahara:  I knew you loved me.

Sahara hops off his desk and kisses his cheek before hurrying off.

JC:  He is clearly suffering some adverse effects of Sean Parker’s elbow earlier tonight!

DR:  The funny thing is, Sahara has no idea she just manipulated a sick man!

JC:  Somehow I imagine you had a hand in this.

DR:  I am shocked and appalled you’d think that.

JC:  Can we see your text history with her?

DR:  …absolutely not.

JC:  She has no idea he’s probably concussed, right?

DR:  Hahaha, I doubt it.

JC:  Stay with us, folks.

The scene opens backstage to a close-up shot of Kieran King's smug, grinning face. Slowly the camera pans out to reveal him standing in front of a Madness logo, with Brody Goodman next to him.

Brody Goodman: Kieran King, thank you very much for making time for this interview. I spotted you backstage and couldn't help but wonder what brings you to Baltimore.

King cocks a disapproving eye.

Kieran King: What do you mean ‘what brings me here’, Brodster? Last I checked I was still on the Madness roster, and that gives me the right to show up wherever I damn well please. And from what I'm hearing, that's more than can be said about that bitch Stuart Parker.

Goodman: Sean…

King: Same diff’. The point still stands. It's the same fucking thing I've been saying for months now. I said it to Myra Rivers, I said it to Solomon Parker, and I'm saying it to you and every one of the bozos watching - I make this place better! I make people CARE. And I'm tired of acting like it's not true. I'm tired of pretending that whatever shiny new toy Thaddeus Duke wants to play with this week is a better model than me. That's not something that exists! They broke the mould when they created YA BOY and you know it, Duke knows it, and everybody in this hellhole of Baltimore knows it!

Audible boos rattle the arena, felt even wherever it is that Goodman and King are standing.

Goodman: You mentioned both Myra Rivers and Sean Parker–

King: Who's Sean?

Goodman ignores that smartass jibe.

Goodman: The last two times that you turned up unannounced to Madness, you wound up getting into it with both of those two competitors. Can we expect more of the same from you tonight? If so, who do you have on your radar?

King: More of the same? Nah fam. They say a leopard never changes its spots but I ain't no pussy. If you think you can predict my moves, that's when I'll get you. Besides, why on earth would I want to breathe the same air as these troglodytes? I've got something better in mind. Brods’, have you met my friend Abe?

A small, sneering Japanese man slips into the frame on the opposite side of Goodman.

Goodman: Uh… Sensei Abe Lincoln. Is that correct?

The man made a brief appearance at Remember, Remember, the 5th of November, as well as having been signed a few weeks back without ever quite appearing on Madness.

Sensei Abe Lincoln: Indeed, Brody-San. Mmhmm.

King throws a casual arm around Goodman's shoulders.

King: Ah, you know him! See, the sensei and I have been getting to know each other a little bit too. As it turns out, we have a whole lot in common: A) we both love sushi, B) we both hate Baltimore–


King: –C) we both love titty bars, and most importantly, D) we both hate - that's H-A-T-E feeling undervalued, unappreciated, and disrespected. And I feel like that's been happening to me a bit lately. As it turns out, Abe here knows a fella who's been dealing with that his whole life. And this fella is big. B-I-G. The size of a goddamn mountain. And he's MAD. And guess what? He's going to be here next week. That's right, I'm not going to give Baltimore the glory of my presence in vivo, but next Madness, YA BOY is going to be getting a front row seat to root on HIS BOY. Abe, tell them who I'm talking about.

Lincoln: He is sumo legend.

King: Oh shit!

Lincoln: He is 6 foot, 4 inches.

King: That's kinda tall. Dope.

Lincoln: He is 469 pounds.


Lincoln: He is Oni of Oblivion.

King: That's demon-king shit!

Lincoln: He is–

King: Tell ‘em!


A mysterious gong rings out at the sound of the name. Lincoln grins speedily while King mugs for the camera.

King: See you next week, BITCHES!

They leave Goodman standing by himself, not sure what to make of the forthcoming debut of new Madness star, Shujin Yama.

JC:  Sumo great Shujin Yama…

Mysterious Gong

JC:  …is… on his… way to Madness…  WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?

DR:  What the hell was what?

JC:  The tag team titles are on the line when we come back.

RA:  Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a no disqualification match for the XWF tag team championships!  Introducing first!

RA:  From Jacksonville, Florida with a total combined weight of ALLEGEDLY over 500 pounds… they are the REIGNING!  DEFENDING!  Tag Team Champions… DAAAAA BING BONNNG TWINNNNNZZ!

JC:  These two failed abortions are two time tag team champions, Damon.  Can you believe that?

DR:  Worry no more, Jacuinde.  Here in a just a little bit, they’ll be FORMER two time tag team champions!

RA:  Their opponents…[lime]

[lime]RA:  Ladies and gentlemen…. IIIICONNNN STATYYYYSSS!

JC:  Folks, you know as well as I do that the fix for this one is already in.  These two jabronis have no chance in beating the world heavyweight champion and her lackey.  AND Myra Rivers isn’t here to put a stop to it.

DR:  First of all, I commend you on accelerating through the stages of grief as you’ve now come to accept Penelope as your rightful world champion.  Secondly, Sahara is no one’s lackey.  She does what she does because it’s fun to her and she enjoys it.  Lastly, screw Myra Rivers.

XWF Tag Team Championship
Bing Bong Twinzz ©
- vs -
Icon Statys (Penelope & Sahara)
-No Disqualification-

As the twins hand the referee their tag team championship belts, they leer over at Penelope, who looks like a sphinx, expressionless, staring a hole through both of them as she cradles the XWF World Heavyweight Championship in her arms. The brothers make obscene gestures, whilst smirking towards the World Champion who doesn’t look impressed at all and neither does Sahara, ushering them away with a dismissive wave of her hand. Penelope hands over the XWF World Championship belt to the referee without taking her eyes off the twins and the referee calls for the bell to start the match. Sahara and Penelope converse briefly before Sahara steps out of the ring and onto the apron.

As Li'l Ca$h App and Penelope start the match off, they face off in the center of the ring. Ca$h App tries to be funny by mocking Penelope by waving his hands at her, Scott Hall-style disparagingly but it only ends in him eating a jaw-jacking European uppercut that almost takes his head off. Penelope nails him with another. And another. The World Champion then grabs him by the forearm and launches him into a neutral corner face and chest-first before running for a corner clothesline and finishing off her sequence with a mammoth rolling German Suplex. Sahara cheers on approvingly from her corner of the ring, applauding Penelope’s work.

However, as Penelope and Sahara exchange some quick tags, working L’il Ca$h App over, he eventually manages to make the tag to his brother.  The tag team champions, true to their sneaky reputation, resort to cleverly-timed double-team maneuvers as they execute a series of rapid-fire arm wrench combinations and a sit-out jawbreaker, aiming to wear down Penelope.

However, the tide only remains in their favor for a short period of time as Penelope demonstrates her resilience, countering a back body drop attempt from MC-C Munqqquee with a PK to the face. She nails him with a hesitation dropkick followed by a Ripcord Knee Strike that sends him reeling.

Soon enough, the White Widow herself is tagged in, setting the stage for a dazzling display of high-flying moves. Sahara, like a cyclone of agility, unleashes a float-over DDT on Li'l Ca$h App, followed by a scintillating moonsault, showcasing her dynamic in-ring style. She goes for a cover but only gets nearfall following the pin being interrupted by MC C-Munqqquee.

The momentum swings back and forth for another short time but soon enough, the superior skills and ruthlessness of Sahara and Penelope soon becomes evident.

In a moment of chaos, both teams spill to the outside as Sahara dives through the ropes with a suicide dive, crashing into the brothers. The crowd roars with approval as Sahara and Penelope, now in control, unleash a barrage of kicks, stomps, and swift strikes. The action spills around the ring, and Sahara executes a running hurricanrana on Li'l Ca$h App, further solidifying their dominance.

As the legal competitors regain their composure in the ring, Li'l Ca$h App manages to create an opening for Da Bing Bong Twinzz. Seizing the opportunity, the Twinzz go to execute their Cancel Culture with MC C-Munqqquee landing a second rope wheel kick, and Li'l Ca$h App delivering a Superkick to the shoulder of Penelope but she manages to wriggle out of her slight predicament.

Just when it seems like Da Bing Bong Twinzz might turn the tide, Penelope and Sahara rally. They counter with a well-coordinated series of moves, including a wheelbarrow facebuster by Penelope and a Pedigree by Sahara.

In a stunning display of unity, Penelope and Sahara simultaneously unleash black and orange mist from their mouths, blinding the brothers and leaving them vulnerable. The mist-covered twins stagger around the ring, disoriented and unable to see their opponents. The air is thick with anticipation as Penelope obliterates L’il Ca$h App with her £Leucotomy” Kamigoye Knee Strike, using his arms for extra leverage as her knee crashes full force with his face. At the same time, Sahara disposes of MC-Munqqquee with a leaping calf kick that sends him flying over the top rope. She quickly ascends the top rope, coming down hard onto L’il Ca$h App with the Venom Drop. Sahara makes the cover as Penelope stands behind her, arms outstretched, grinning deviously as the referee counts 1……2…..3!

WINNERS:  and NEW Tag Team Champions
Icon Statys by pinfall (17:17)

JC:  Ohhh I can hardly believe it.  We have new tag champs here on Madness.

Jacuinde is not amused.  Like at all.

The crowd are beside themselves as the ref signals for the bell! We see Damon Riggs get up from his position at the commentary table and quickly head over to the timekeepers area. He grabs the Madness Tag Team Championships and walks back, hopping up onto the apron before entering the ring. The ref tries to take them from him, but Damon bows up and the ref backs away. Instead it’s Damon who hands them over to Penelope and his precious Sahara. The crowd’s booing is boisterous as he raises both their arms in celebration, the girls each raising one of the titles as well.

The group, all smiles and arrogance, play the crowd a little bit before Riggs faces the entryway. He waves his arms in the air, which apparently is a signal as soon thereafter four men come out. The quartet are all dressed in matching black suits, each of them “helping” in carrying out a comically small casket between them. Riggs smiles at Sahara and Penelope as he approaches the ropes. The men stop when they reach the ring, hoisting the casket up to Riggs. Once in his possession, the men depart as Riggs walks to the center of the ring.

JC:  This is ridiculous.  Can we just end this show early?

Sahara meets him, unclasping the locks on the casket and opening it up to reveal the XWF World Heavyweight title belt. She picks it up and gently hands it over to Penelope who has been handed a microphone. Penelope hands Sahara her half of the Tag Team titles as she grasps the World Heavyweight title in exchange.

Penelope: “This title has technically only been part of this brand for just over three months. But the fact is, it’s legacy as the IDL championship goes back to the beginning of 2022. Chris Mosh, Elijah Copeland, and our dear Myra Rivers. That is the sad legacy of this title. A title that was treated as little more than an afterthought. And to Myra’s credit she tried her heart out to make this Championship mean something. She fought her absolute heart out for each and every one of you…”

Penelope gestures out to the crowd before laughing maniacally.

Penelope: “And where did that get her?! She lost the title that she held so dearly, and was crushed under the unbearable weight of massive expectations! But, fear not my little fiendish morsels, we are here to pick up the pieces. The status quo that was the pathetic history behind this title is no more! The slate has been wiped clean, as we lead Madness into a future darker, deadlier, and more glorious than ever before! Tradition, Respect, Hard Work, and Fair Play…are not concepts, are not ideals! They’re trophies I keep on my desk as paperweights!”

Penelope has gone full super villain now as she pontificates. Sahara and Riggs stand dutifully behind her clapping and mocking the fans.

Penelope: “The project of Myra’s life…is now the toy of mine! And the chaos that Icon Statys will wrought in the XWF will be our greatest masterpiece! Let this title be an everlasting symbol of the true legacy that will be written for the XWF World Heavyweight Championship!”

Penelope hands Sahara the mic as she grabs the title in both hands. She holds it up to, appearing to admire her own reflection in the gold faceplate. Suddenly though without warning, Penelope spits her vile black mist across the faceplate! The trio admire the new “look” of the title as the crowd begins to stir.

JC:  What a vile, trash, group of people.

Myra Rivers runs through the crowd with a steel chair in hand before she jumps the barricade and enters the ring.


The crowd cheers quite loudly as she enters. Damon Riggs turns around and Myra guts him with the chair. Sahara comes at her but Myra guts her with the chair also. She then drills Sahara right across the spine causing her to roll out of the ring. She turns and lays one into Riggs' back causing him to powder out alongside Sahara.

JC:  The Face of Madness is taking out Icon Statys!

Penelope attempts a sneak attack from behind with the title, but Myra anticipates it. She turns around, ducking under the shot at the last second. Penelope stumbles and gets cracked across the back with the chair, dropping the title. As Penelope crawls towards it on her hands and knees she eats a vicious curb stomp out of nowhere from Myra! The former champion removes her own jacket and then wraps it around Penelope’s throat, choking her with it, surprising some people in the crowd and causing others to cheer.

Myra Rivers: “You like this? Huh? Are you liking this now you little BITCH?!?!?!”

Myra pulls back a bit, making her struggle even worse to breathe. We see Penelope is bleeding from her nose a little bit but not even this is enough to make Myra happy as she lets go of her jacket. Penelope coughs, gasping for air as he struggles towards the ropes. Myra notices the discarded title and picks up the championship. Penelope is slow to get up, using the ropes to assist her. Just as she stands Myra blasts her right across the skull with the title to a monsterous pop from the Baltimore crowd.  She kneels down next to Penelope who is on dream street, her forehead bleeding from the force of the shot.

Myra Rivers: “You like this? YOU LIKE THIS?!??!?!”

Myra actually has a look of satisfaction in her eyes that is only growing the more she makes Penelope suffer. Seemingly still not satisfied, Myra starts to pull Penelope up to her feet thinking about the Rebel Bomb! Sahara however is resourceful and quick enough to trip up Penelope from behind and pull her out of the ring to save her from any further damage. The crowd is booing this but in the ring, Myra doesn’t appear to be bothered very much, if at all, from any of this. Penelope and Sahara are looking a little stunned as Myra requests a microphone. She gets one and she’s staring a hole right at Riggs as he and Sahara check on Penelope.

Myra Rivers: “You’re ALL paying for this…. ALL of you… even YOU….”

Myra continues to stare a hole through Riggs before she turns and focuses her attention on Penelope and Sahara.

Myra Rivers: “You know…. I TRIED… I REALLY… REALLY TRIED to do this the right way. I really tried to do this the respectful old fashioned way. You think you’ve won because you’ve got the title. You think you’ve won because you took the light that I had and snuffed it out. But what you’ve done… you have NO IDEA what you’ve done. You have NO IDEA of the HELL you’ve just signed yourselves up for. I really didn’t want to do this… but you’ve left me no choice. Because going forward? I could give fuck all about your feelings, about your well being, about the state of your careers. Now? Winning the title back isn’t good enough. No… I’m not going to stop until the VIRUS of Madness is COMPLETELY GONE! I won’t stop until BOTH of you cease to fucking exist in this company! Tradition? Respect? The Rebellious Vixen you all got to know for a damn long time here on Madness? That’s out the window now… ALL of it…

The Mistress is BACK, bitches… the Mistress of your FUCKING ANNIHILATION! And you’re both going to wish that you never fucked with me at all by the time I’m done with you! You don’t know darkness… not until you know what’s been lurking inside my soul for a DAMN LONG TIME!”

Myra slams the microphone down on the mat at this point and the look in her eyes says it all: nothing but pure anger and a burning desire to destroy the two women she is seeing backing up the ramp. There is no light in her eyes. It’s all nothing but pure darkness. Sahara and Riggs help Penelope to the back, their celebration cut painfully short. Penelope is staring daggers at Rivers but not saying a word as the show closes.

[Image: wgqr9W2.png]

1x  XWF Universal Champion || 3x  XWF Xtreme Champion || 1x  XWF Supercontinental Champion (First)
1x  XWF Hart Champion (Last) || 2x  XWF Television Champion || 1x  XWF Tag Team Champion
1x  OCW Savage Champion || 1x IIW Tag Team Champion  || 2x  SOTM (9/20, 7/21)
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