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Soft Deadline Sabotage (Pt 3)
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11-18-2023, 11:33 PM

The worst part of this entire situation was waiting on insurance to get back to us.

Cleanup went smoothly, considering we had to clean out whatever sludge was still in the sink. Sweeping up debris and scrubbing off the caked on dirt gave me plenty of time to weigh over the options we would have available to us. This was definitely something I can't do on my own, not while I am commuting between here, my commitments in XWF, and Cambodia all at the same time.

For me to pull all this off, I would need The Many Faces.

I delegated the business with the insurance company to William, since we were unsure when they would get back to us about the review of the damages. We were, however, able to get an itemized quote of the damages. In total, we were looking at approximately $34,000 in damages. Along with the shattered windows and destroyed lumber, the inspector also found several bent pipes, both installed and laying around. They also found that parts of the foundation had been dug out and letting water underneath the support, which, if not addressed, could cause major structural damage.

I explained the extent of the damages to Daniel, Devin and Wide Dio in the conference room. I sat at the head of the table, showing them a slideshow of the pictures we took for the claim. Devin was taking notes, alternating between looking at an image and the notebook in front of him. Wide Dio seemed otherwise disinterested, but put on a good face anyway. Daniel, on the other hand, looked incredibly angry, his fists clenched on top of the table. "We should be hearing back from the insurance company soon with their final assessment," I concluded. "I thought it best to address the situation with you guys so you are aware of what we have been dealing with."

"Well it seems pretty cut and dry if you ask me," Devin commented after setting down his pen. "Enough evidence to show the damages, plausible deniability that it would have been self-inflicted to try and scam for insurance money-"

"Oh come on," Daniel interrupted. "These places are going to look at all that and decide that we must have done it ourselves."

"Do you not have faith in our coverage?"

"His coverage of his business," Daniel said, pointing directly at me.

I tilted my head to the side in confusion. "I'm unsure what you are implying with that statement, Daniel."

Daniel started to speak, then stopped himself, releasing the tension in his hands. "You're right; I don't really know what I meant by that. Sorry Dio."

"Didn't say nuthin," Wide Dio chimed in. "Why did-"

I held a hand up before an argument broke out. "Look. Given that the situation is what it is currently, I cannot in good faith leave this place unattended. William is a capable business partner, but even though I forgive him for this incident happening under his watch, I need other people I can trust to remain at the vineyard."

"And that's where we come in," Daniel implied.

I nodded in confirmation. "I doubt whoever did this is going to return-"

"Speaking of which," Devin said slowly. "Do we have...any idea of who could have done it?"

I shook my head, sighing. I really wanted to just tell them what I'm expecting them to do. "The property didn't have any security cameras installed, so we never did get a glimpse of the people who ruined the tasting room. Even if we had, I doubt they would have done so without having a mask or something to hide their identity. The only thing I really have is a hunch, and it is nothing I can truly act on without more proof." I looked over at Devin, who now leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head. "Does that satisfy your curiosity? May I continue now?"

"It does, and you may," Devin replied in a sing-song way.

"As I was saying," I continued, "I doubt whoever did this is going to return. However, until we have the new security measures installed, I'm not willing to take any chances leaving the grounds unattended."

"Guessin' you want us to watch the place while you're gone?" Wide Dio asked. It always surprised me that in these moments where I thought he would crack a joke, he ended up being very insightful.

I nodded once again. "That is correct. I understand you all have your own lives and want to do as you wish. However, I am hoping this will be a temporary measure while we get everything ready. All I am asking is you stay at the homestead and help out with getting the new measures put into place. Wide Dio, you'll be on camera duty. We are planning on having a temporary security room installed here in the house. You will be responsible for it being completed and the cameras installed. Once finished, I would like for you to review the footage on a daily basis, or if a concern is raised by the security team."

Wide Dio replied back with a salute. "Can do, boss."

"Speaking of security," I continued, turning to Daniel, "We are hiring on at least four guards to watch over the grounds. Daniel, I would like for them to report to you. Show them around the grounds, work out a rotation, and ensure that I have daily reports of any suspicious activity. Document each day, even if nothing of interest happens."

"Will they stay on after the building is done?"

"I'm hoping they can continue to assist us, but this will only be until the construction is complete." I looked over at Devin once more. "Since they will have their hands full with the additional security measures, I will need you to work with William on continuing the construction project. We should find a new contracting company to work with, and I want to see a fence installed around the perimeter of the site. Since we're still needing to bring in supplies, make sure there is a gate to let them through."

"Aye, mon capitan."

"As soon as everything is wrapped up with our new security measures, I'd like all three of you to help out William with whatever he needs. Learn about this business and why it is important to keep around. Once the construction is finished, you are, of course, free to do whatever you would like."

"You can trust us," Daniel said. "If we see anybody trying to ruin this place again, we'll be ready for them."

"I can only hope that all of this will-" I was interrupted by a knock at the door. That must be William now. "Come in; we were just finishing up."

William quickly darted into the room, closing the door behind him as he did. "Sorry to interrupt, but I have an update about the insurance claim."

There was a beat of silence as we all leaned in to hear what William had to say. "...And?" I asked after a moment.

"Well...I don't quite know how to put this..." William paused midsentence, thinking of his response. "They said that due to the ambiguity of the damage and not seeing who was responsible for it, as well as a pending legal matter about this situation...the decision has been suspended."

Everyone at the table was shocked by the answer, even Daniel, who had predicted this very thing from occurring. They all discussed the decision at the table, though my mind was swimming with other thoughts, enough so that I tuned out what they were saying. It wasn't a denial...just a pause. So why did this feel worse? I cleared my throat to get everyone's attention once again. "William, I believe you said our claim was on hold due to a pending legal matter?"

"Right, the other thing," William reminded himself as he walked over to my desk. "This came for you from a solicitor." It was a hefty looking manila envelope. My heart sank in my chest. I knew exactly what this was.

"So this is how they want to play this..." I muttered to myself.

"What happened? What is that folder for?" Daniel asked.

"It is a complaint," I replied, slowly opening the folder and retrieving the document inside. "Its from...Scapelli. He is intending to sue us."

Since we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving, I would be remise if I did not, once again, express how thankful I am for you all to welcome me into the fold as you have this past year. It has truly been a life-changing experience, one that I will not forget for quite some time. A memorable debut followed by several trying months of finding my place among you, and now here I stand, out the other side of that windfall, as still one of the top prospects Warfare has acquired this year. It is humbling to know that you all show such kindness with me.

To paraphrase Kahill Gibran, kindness is not a sign of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution. It is why, despite my boasting, that I can stand confident in that ring today as something of a gentle giant; respectable but overwhelming. It would lead many to believe that maybe, just maybe, that my collected nature is a poor match-up for our current Xtreme Champion, BOB D.

Because after all, what can a guy like me, with a sunny personality and a willingness to help others, even do to a fucked up bastard like BOB D? It should be that cut and dry, right? ...Ah, but of course, this is the wrong expectation to have. I mean, I have already proven I am able to rise to the occasion, have I not? Is this something that still requires evidence? I'm going to do what I do best; step into that ring and slap around BOB D until each cheek has a permanent handprint.

And I do mean every cheek.

You see, there is a fundamental difference between you and I, BOB D...or would you prefer that I call you simply D? Either way, the difference between you and I is how we view the concept of "nice." I built a career out of being a nice guy; playing as fairly as possible within the rules allowed, letting the spirit of competition carry me to the finish as opposed to the easy route of a cheap blow to secure that win. It is within reach, of course, but anything worth having hardly comes that easy. Playing up the role of the nice guy has done wonders for me, whereas you being kind has led you nowhere. Which, if I'm being honest, should really be expected; after all, you wouldn't have been considered for BOB if you weren't. But see, you didn't decide to become a bastard because being nice is lame and uncool. You decided to become a bastard because it was easier than being kind.

Put simply, you are not cut out to be a nice guy. It is why you are the tenacious asshole that you are now; it didn't work for you in the past, so why should it work now? No one who is "nice" can stand up to you, right?

But kindness comes in many forms. You may think you are being nice by allowing your opponent to see you in your moment of triumph, whether it is in the ring or in the many areas backstage you have had to fend us off from before. Holding that Xtreme Championship up high as you once again show the world just how kindness never wins. But that isn't really kindness. Real kindness, true kindness, would be allowing your opponent that final moment that they are still triumphant in the end. Picture it with me; we are in the final moments of the match. You are still the champion. Nothing that comes after this moment truly matters until the win is secured.

And suddenly...darkness.

You're not really sure what has happened to you, only that one moment you were in the fight of your life, and now there is nothing...aside from you and the void. In this space, you are still that champion. That is the kindness I bring; the type that allows you that moment of combined serenity and glory that comes with securing your position. I am more than willing to allow that final thought before you hit the mat cold to be that of your current state as champion. The despair once you come out of that stupor, however, is not something I can spare you from.

Kindness can only be extended so far.

Now I get it; that particular brand of "kindness" may not be what other people expect of a "nice guy" like me. But that is still a kindness that can be given. And I am in a unique position to be able to deliver that kindness to you at Fire and Ice. More importantly, however, it is an opportunity to show Bobby and TK why fresh blood is necessary for BOB to continue to thrive. The exact words were "Show us you still want in and we'll discuss it. You'll know when the time comes." D, I'm sorry to say it, but that time is fast approaching. This may not be the test they were expecting, but this is the test they will get from me. Taking the Xtreme Title from you will help guarantee a spot for me in BOB.

Is BOB, a group defined by being bastards, ready for kindness to enter their ranks?

There is only one way to find out.

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