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Don't Stand on the Tracks
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(the perfect heel; hated even by the fans who usually cheer heels; pisses off internet fans too)

11-14-2023, 10:47 AM

The night air was heavy.

Warfare: Lost. 

A local bar where Bulk Logan, the once invincible force of the XWF, now sat, drowning his sorrows. 

The TV screen played reruns of the match where Dick Drizzle, with a handful of salt, cost him not just the TV title but also his undefeated streak. 

Bulk's large frame slumped over the bar, his hands tightly gripping a half drank pint of beer. 

By the looks of him, far from his first.

His friend and financial advisor, Gary, sat next to him, trying to offer some words of comfort.

"Come on, Bulk, it's just one match. You'll bounce back, you always do!" He said while patting Bulk on the back.

Bulk shot him a bloodshot glare. "Just one match? Gary, you don't get it! That sneaky Drizzle made a fool of me, brother! The whole XWF is laughing at Bulk Logan!"

Gary sighed, knowing well that reasoning with Bulk in this state was near impossible. As Bulk continued to rant, his hand gestures grew more animated, and in a moment of careless fury, he knocked his beer over, spilling it on a nearby patron.

Unfortunately for Bulk, a big burly biker.

"You looking for trouble?"

Bulk, his eyes burning with a mix of alcohol fueled anger and wounded pride, glared back. "Maybe I am. What's it to you?"

The biker stepped closer, his face inches away from Bulk's. "You come in here, spill your drink on me, and act like you own the place. You think because you're some big shot wrestler, you can get away with whatever you want?"

Bulk's jaw clenched as his fists tightened. "I don't have to prove anything to you." The words more to himself than the biker. 

The biker laughed mockingly. "Oh, I get it. Big man in the ring, but a real coward out here, huh? What's the matter, can't handle a real fight?"

The bar grew silent. 

Sensing danger, Gary tried to intervene. "Bulk, let's just go. It's not worth it."

But Bulk's pride was wounded, his reputation challenged. 

Exactly as it was on Warfare when Dick Drizzle laid out his challenge for Anarchy Ignites. 

Suddenly, Bulk stood taller, "You want it?" His voice now booming; 

"You got it, DICK!"


The camera zooms in on Bulk Logan, his muscles oiled and bulging as he stands against a backdrop of American flags.

"Let me tell you something, brother! Bulk Logan is here, and I've got a message for that no-good, low-down, sneaky snake Dick Drizzle! You think you can come into my world, throw salt in my eyes, and walk away like you're the king of the mountain? Well, let me tell you something, brother, Bulk Logan doesn't back down from any challenge, brother!"

"Dick Drizzle, you've awakened the sleeping giant, dude! You've unleashed the fury of the Bulkster, and there's no turning back now! I'm coming for you, Drizzle, and when I get my hands on you, you're gonna feel the power of the red, white, and blue running through these veins!"

"When I stepped into the XWF, brother, I came in with one goal – to fight for the rights of every man, woman, and child who believes in justice, in honor, in the power of Bulkamania! I trained, I fought, I sweat, and I bled, and I rose to the top, undefeated, unbroken, a true American hero, brother!"

"And then, out of nowhere, this Drizzling Dick thinks he can waltz in and rain on my parade? Thinks he can throw salt in the eyes of justice and get away with it? Well, let me tell you something, brother, the Bulkster doesn't let anything slide, especially not for a slimy weasel like Dick Drizzle!"

"You've made the biggest mistake of your life, brother. You've stirred up a storm you can't control. You've poked the bear, and now you're gonna face the wrath of Bulk Logan and the power of Bulkamania! I'm fighting for every person who believes in the Bulkster, for every little Bulkamaniac out there who looks up to me!"

"I'm coming into Anarchy Ignites: Fire & Ice with the force of a hurricane, brother! I'm gonna unleash the power of Bulkamania on you, and when I'm done, there won't be anything left but a Drizzling puddle left on the mat, dude!"

"I've been the champion, the hero, the man who stood tall against all odds. And now, Dick Drizzle, you tried to tarnish that legacy! You're trying to dim the bright light of Bulkamania! Well, brother, I've got news for you, Bulkamania is eternal, it's unstoppable, it's the force that drives me, and IT WILL BE YOUR DOWNFALL!"

"Dick Drizzle, you may think you're clever, you may think you've got the upper hand. But you've never faced someone like me, dude. You've never been in the ring with a force of nature, with a true icon of wrestling. At Anarchy Ignites, I'm going to show you what it means to face a legend, brother!"

"Oh, but you're 'The Natural', huh, Drizzle? If you ask me, brother! The only thing natural about you is your natural talent for sneaking around and playing dirty. But guess what, brother? It's gonna take more than a few tricks to stand up to the Bulkster, dude!"

"So listen up, Dick Drizzle, at Anarchy Ignites: Fire & Ice, you're stepping into the ring with Bulk Logan, the one-man wrecking crew. I'll be coming at you like a freight train with no brakes, ready to lay down the justice you've been dodging, brother. And when the dust settles, when the cheers of the Bulkamaniacs fill the air, you'll be left questioning the tag number of the bus that just hit you, dude."

"So, whatcha gonna do, Dick Drizzle, whatcha gonna do when Bulkamania and the power of every true American runs wild on you?!"

Bulk's image fades out, leaving the promise of an epic showdown at: 
Anarchy Ignites: Fire & Ice.
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