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The Rickinator Offline
Active in XWF

XWF FanBase:
Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

11-12-2023, 09:38 AM



Wrestler's Real Name: Rick Prudes

Wrestler Age/Date of Birth: 18, Jan 2 2004

Height: 5'11

Weight: 226 ib

Hometown: Ricktopia

Alignment (Face? Heel? Antihero?): Hero

Pic Base:
[Image: abcb6534-7913-4eb1-a7a5-62b081ebc628.png]

Backstory/Important Character Details: In a land he made, Ricktopia. He was shunned by his own people for losing the biggest RMA ( Rick Martial Arts) fight ever. C-640 stepped into the ring and executed a ricklusion causing rick to see double. Rick Prude tried his hardest to fight back at the multiple Rick's in his vision. C-640 through a Rickroll knocking Rick Prude to the ground. 1...2...3... It was over.  Rick Portales home embarrassed and livid he was going to quit when suddenly on inner dimensional cabel pops a commercial "THE XWF NEEDS YOU SO GET ON THE MATT SON" He pulled out his portal gun and left with nothing but it and his flask.

Strengths: BIO Spine

Weaknesses: Stupidity 

Entrance Theme Music (Provide YouTube link as well as name and version): &si=9g6dV9b5TvW0bD6R

Ring Entrance (PLEASE write one out for ): enters the ring with hands in pocket a mean but grim look on his face

In-Ring Style (Technician? High Flyer?): High Flyer

10 or More Standard Moves: B-Ricked Up (throws brick at opponent)
                                                    Rickle (kicks side of opponents face)
                                                    Rickroll (powerbombs opponents head)
                                                    Rickavision (emitts frequencies making oppents vision double)
                                                    Rickomania (straight haymakers)
                                                    Round House Rick (spinning kick)
                                                    Rickhook (right hook)
                                                    Fricked (double leg takedown)
                                                    Crotched (high crotch)
                                                    Rick new baby (cradled)

Trademark Move Name(s): Rickafication 
Description(s): BIO Spine emitts Rick's most depressive memories into opponents mind causing momentarily paralysis 

Finishing Move Name(s): Rickabye Baby
Description(s): BIO Spine emitting a high frequency making the opponent weak while throwing the heaviest punch.

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: RICKY TICKY TAVY BEEEIIIIIITCH (drinks from flasks and projectile shits on paralyzed opponent)

Additional Notes (What are some things that they would ALWAYS do? Or would NEVER do?): Rick's demeanor is rude and cruel but inside he wants to fight for us all.
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