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Weekend Warfare - 11/11/23 - Results
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11-12-2023, 03:08 AM

11 - 11 - 2023



- vs -
Standard Warfare Rules

- vs -
X-Treme Rules - Title Only Changes Hands if B.O.B D is pinned

- vs -
Warfare Rules - TV CHAMP names the stipulation in their first match

HHL: Well, folks, we have a killer opener tonight. A brand new XWF superstar against a long-time veteran.

PIP: Should be a dynamite match-up, Heather.

Ian comes out, shielding his eyes from the spotlight with his left hand. Ian smiles and begins walking down to the ring, nodding to his theme song "Superheroes" by The Script.

HHL: Ian Dream, a second-generation… supervillain? Am I reading that right?

PIP: Hey, why can’t supervillainy be a family business, Heather? We’re talking about the son of “The Resurrected One" Daniel Dream here? That’s a legendary pedigree to live up to!

HHL: Well, I’ve seen Dream training and, I promise you, he’s got the stuff to live up to Daniel Dream’s legacy AND maybe craft one entirely his own!

Ian gets in the ring over the second rope, climbs the nearest turnbuckle, shields his eyes and looks out at the crowd. Ian smiles and hops off the turnbuckle before walking to his corner.

The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Leaving Dionysus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the stage, illuminating a velvet red curtain. At the moment the guitars begin to play, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm. He clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

You never had the right,
Removing me from paradise.
Your path removed the light,
Rendering me colour-blind.

But now I’ll speak,
Since I’ve become my own again,
And now I’ll leave,
Since I’ve become my own, again.

"Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis MN, weighing in at 270 lbs; he is the Lord of the Vine, DIONYSUS!"

HHL: Two-time Television champion, Dionysus! It’s insane to recall his career only started ten short months ago, feels like Dion has become a mainstay in the XWF, an absolutely essential component!

PIP: No doubt, Heather. If Ian Dream wants to prove he’s earned a spot in the XWF, I can’t imagine better proof than a win over Dion here tonight!

HHL: But, I can’t imagine Dionysus will be too keen to oblige there, Pip! It’s been a journey for Mister Berget to climb his way up the ladder, and he’s not just going to step aside and let a young buck rookie pass him!

Dionysus sets the Thyrsus and shield next to the ring apron and rolls inside, running to one of the turnbuckles and climbing up to rally the crowd behind him. He then hops down and limbers up...

Both men square up to the ring. Dream has a cocksure smile, nodding and muttering something to his opponent.

Dionysus seems laser-focused, ready to let his fists do the talking.

An official steps between the two, wearing zebra stripes, a metal whistle dangling from a loop on his neck.

The ref confirms both men are set to go…


Ding Ding!

- vs -
Singles Match

HHL: Alright! Here we g-

THWACK! Dionysus drops to one knee, gritting his teeth!

PIP: What just hit happened?

HHL: Uh, not sure! Let’s go to the instant replay in slow-motion!

Quote:The instant the bell rings, Dream slips one step in and catches Dion with a snap kick to the shin! Then returns right back to position! This happens so fast, Dion doesn’t seem to react to it!

HHL: Wow! We’ve called superstars in the XWF lightning-quick, but I think Ian Dream might be QUICKER than lightning!

Dream backs up, lounging on the ropes smiling as Dionysus sneers determinedly, rising back to his feet. Dream shields his face from the cameras flashing from wrestling journalists in the front row, as the former TV champ stands to charge!

FWIP! In a flash, Dream zips from the ropes right onto Dion to further the assault! Right hand to the ribs! Left! Right! Lef-

But, Dion absorbs the blows, and manages to tangle his grip around Dream’s arm!

Dream’s eyes widen! He tries to zip away quickly…


Dionysus twists his body, looking for an arm drag to whip the lighter superstar across the ring!

Dion hits the mat, launching Dream…

But with incredible agility, Dream manages to handspring off the mat and land on his feet!

Dream even springs up atop the turnbuckle to lounge across it, smiling and waving at his opponent!

HHL: Wow! Incredible showing here by the debuting Ian Dream!

The cameras flash… Dream again blocks the camera flashes from his eyes…

Dion stews angrily… Trying to figure out how to get the better of a literal superhuman!

The official charges forward at Dream, starting a five count so Dream will get off the turnbuckle.

As he charges, the shiny, metal whistle leaps up-and-down around his neck…

…Dion’s eyes narrow.

HHL: Looks like the former TV champion is crafting an idea…

As Dream zips down from the turnbuckle, EXACTLY before a five-count can finish…

Dion backpedals toward the turnbuckle, cornering himself.

PIP: Oooh, not where you want to be against a speedster like Dream. The corner is a position of vulnerability…

Dream’s eyes widen! He sees a chance to finish this right now! Dion smiles and steels himself, as the official dashes to the action between the competitors.

Dream sprints looking for a boot to the face in the corner!

…Dion shifts position, stepping to the right!

The jumpy official steps closer… And the ring lights catch his whistle!

Flashing Dream square in the eyes!

HHL: Wow! Dream’s feet may be fast, but Dionysus’ mind is even faster, crafting in realtime the exact position necessary to light Dream in the eyes he’s been shielding all match!

Indeed, Dream squints, putting on the brakes to shield his eyes…

As Dion rotates, winding up…

Dream comes to a stop, just in front of Dionysus…



…Dream hangs in the air for a full second.

Before crashing to the ground like a ragdoll, limbs splayed on the mat!


HHL: What a knockout blow!

Dion drops to a lateral press, hooking the leg!

The official drops to count…





The crowd whoops and hollers! The official raises his Dionysus’ arm, clearly unaware that he even played a role in the finish.

Dion breathes a sigh of relief, looking down at his opponent, who is counting stars from his back on the mat.

HHL: What a win from Dionysus! Dominant! He took the win in just one blow!

PIP: An incredible showing from the two-time TV champ, snatching victory from Dream’s control in one fell swoop!

HHL: But, don’t sleep on Ian Dream, who naturally turned heads and impressed in his debut! If he sticks around, he could easily become a force to be reckoned with in the XWF!

PIP: If he sticks around... And maybe looks into a pair of sunglasses.

The camera sweeps across the arena, capturing all of the excited faces in the crowd.

Then, without warning, Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5 starts to echo throughout the venue, signaling the arrival of an always surprising character...

The curtains gracefully part, and to the surprise of many, it's Dick Drizzle!

PIP: "What in the world? Is that Dick Drizzle? What's he doing on Warfare? He's an Anarchy exclusive!"

With swagger, he heads down the ramp, a quarter-bottle of whiskey in one hand.

HHL: "This is highly unusual, PIP. But then again, Dick Drizzle has shown that he's not one to play by the rules."

Dick is dressed in a sharp tailored suit, he confidently struts down the ramp, the crowd greets him with an echoing chorus of "Woooooo's! He responds with a grin and a couple of his own signature calls.



PIP: "The Natural sure seems to be in a good mood tonight!"

HHL: "Probably because he's fresh off an... unconventional victory over Big Preesh!"

As Dick reaches the ring, he grabs a microphone.

Dick Drizzle: "Woooo! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, lend me your ears! XWF's Fire and Ice just got a whole lot hotter and a whole lot cooler, because it just got DICKED! WOOOO!"

HHL: "PIP, do you have any idea what Dick Drizzle is talking about? Fire and Ice just got 'DICKED'? What does that even mean?"

PIP: "Heather, I'm just as baffled as you are. Knowing Dick Drizzle, it could mean anything. This guy always seems to have a trick up his sleeve."

Dick Drizzle: "That's right! I had a little chat with our esteemed Anarchy GM, Jett Sterling. I told him, 'Jett, baby, you're leaving green on the table with the lack of Anarchy chaos at Fire and Ice!' And guess what? He saw the light! So, get ready for the wildest, most over-the-top preshow:

Anarchy Ignites: Fire & Ice! 


"Now, Jett, sharp as ever, was on board in a heartbeat. But he fretted, bless his heart, about finding a worthy adversary for yours truly on such tight notice. 'Don't sweat it,' I assured him, 'I've got this all sorted.' My rival for the main event at Anarchy Ignites? It's a well-kept secret!"


"But I'll tell you this much," Dick flashes a sly grin, "Whoever gets the honor to face me is stepping into the ring with no ordinary wrestler, they're stepping into the ring with the brawl-dancing, booze-guzzling, debt-owing, high-living, lady-charming legend; 'The Natural' Dick Drizzle! Woooo!"

PIP: "Did he just say brawl-dancing?"

Dick Drizzle: "So, to whoever walks through that curtain at Anarchy Ignites, get ready for a night you'll never forget! Because when you're in the ring with 'The Natural', it's more than another boring match– IT'S A DAMNED PARTY, and you’re ALL INVITED! – WOOOO!"

With that, Dick tosses the mic and does a final strut around the ring, soaking in the excitement from the crowd, as PIP and Heather continue their commentary.

HHL: "Well, you heard it here first, folks! Add one more match to what is set to be one unforgettable night!"

PIP: "Unforgettable, chaotic, and just plain crazy, but that's Dick Drizzle!"

As the Funeral March for Queen Mary blares throughout the arena, the fans get to their feet. Bobby Bourbon, in a stunning Louis Vuitton number, walks out slowly, raising his arms at 45 degree angles, holding the defunct Bombshell Championship high. Behind him, the Xtreme Championship draped over his shoulder, is B.O.B. D, jawing at the crowd as they boo. Last, but certainly not least, is Thunder Knuckles, the XBUX Universal Championship around his waist. The three men congregate at the top of the entrance ramp, then march slowly down to the ring.

HHL: The Brotherhood of Bastards, or Bros, are all together for this one!

PIP: What a disgrace!

HHL: I agree, Pip, B.O.B. are some of the nastiest customers in the industry!

PIP: No, Heather, why are the Bombshell, Xtreme, the XBUX Universal Champion coming out first!

HHL: Oh, stop, the Bombshell Championship isn’t a thing!

PIP: Well if anyone can make it a thing, it’s B.O.B.!

All three men enter the ring. TK hands the XBUX Universal Championship to the timekeeper. D hands the Xtreme Championship to the referee, who holds it high, signifying that it is on the line here tonight. Bobby tries to hand the Bombshell Championship to the timekeeper, who shakes their head ‘no’ and Bobby half shrugs, displaying it proudly in his team’s corner.

The crowd goes absolutely wild as Mark Flynn, Ned Kaye, and Isaiah King all walk out in unison!

HHL: The fans here are solidly behind these three men tonight!

PIP: These fans in Dallas are obviously biased, they think the Cowboys are due for crying out loud!

HHL: Oh, go tell it on the mountain!

Ned acknowledges the fans, stopping to pose with one holding a sign with his, King’s, and Flynn’s names on it. King smiles and takes his phone out and gestures to Flynn to get into the picture. Flynn looks baffled as Ned pulls him over and King takes a photo of a smiling confident Ned, a very happy fan, and a confused Flynn. The three men make it into the ring, and the referee gives his instruction.

- vs -
X-Treme Rules - Title Only Changes Hands if B.O.B D is pinned

Bobby and D step out of the ring and stand on the apron in their corner, letting TK start things off. Ned, Flynn, and King all have a brief chat, and King stays in the ring.

HHL: Isaiah King wants to get his hands on TK, and it looks like he’s getting his chance tonight!

PIP: I don’t think so, Heather!

TK gives King his signature jerking-off hand motion, and immediately tags in B.O.B. D. D looks baffled, and jaws at TK, pointing at the Xtreme Championship. Isaiah shrugs.

HHL: King has no problem taking on the Xtreme Champion here tonight either, Pip!

PIP: King doesn’t know what problems he has!

D steps forward, and he and King circle one another, teasing a tie up, before D goes to his corner and tags in Bobby. The fans start to boo loudly.

HHL: These are just mind games from B.O.B., Pip, they’re playing with the number one contender!

PIP: It’s the game of human chess, and they want to put the King in check!

Bobby steps into the ring, cracking his neck as he does. He points at Flynn, then motions for King to tag him in. Flynn looks fervid for the opportunity. King rushes in at Bobby, and lands a solid right body shot! Another solid right to Bourbon! A left to Bourbon, and King with the feint! King peppers Bobby with two more shots! Bobby grabs King and chucks him into his team’s corner! Bobby adjusts his dress, distracting the referee as D and TK choke King!

HHL: Oh, this is ridiculous! The referee can’t be swayed by the hem of Bobby’s garment here tonight!

PIP: Heather, you’re just Jealous your Louis Vuitton knockoffs aren’t as nice as his!

D and TK let go of King, and Bobby steps in and hurls King with a Big Boy Toss to his team’s corner. Bobby once again points at Flynn, who tags himself in!

HHL: Flynn is a whirlwind, Pip, springboarding in with a huge knee to Bourbon!

Bobby stumbles back into the ropes, and Flynn rushes in with a dropkick, sending Bobby keeling to the outside! Bobby lands on his feet, but Flynn rushes the opposite ropes and comes back with a tope suicida dive to Bobby, clapping him in the jaw with a forearm! The referee looks over as TK and D hop down from their corner to go assist Bobby! Isaiah King cuts them off, and all five men are brawling as Ned takes to the top rope! Ned with a huge splash, clearing all the rest of the competitors!

PIP: Ned giving caution to the wind and taking down his partners and his opponents!

Ned to his feet, and he rolls Bobby into the ring! As he does, D comes in with a forearm to Ned’s back! Both men continue to brawl on the ringside area! Ned blocks a punch from D, and kicks D in the stomach! Ned lifts D and nails him with a sick piledriver to the arena floor! Ned with a pin, but the referee is out of position! The referee makes his way outside the ring and counts!



The pin is narrowly broken up by TK! Mark Flynn comes in quickly behind him though, and hits a huge forearm to TK’s back! TK spins and clocks Flynn with a right! TK shovels Flynn into the ring, and immediately after, King rushes in and brawls with TK!

HHL: Oh, and look at Bourbon!

Bobby rolls into the ring, and he and Flynn meet in the middle of the ring! The referee is outside, still trying to get the action back in the ring!

HHL: Bobby is slow to stand, and he glances forward, seeing Flynn!

PIP: Flynn is aware, and he should be worried!

HHL: Flynn going to tie up with Bobby, who has the obvious power advantage!

PIP: Also the fashion advantage!

HHL: Bourbon with an eye rake to Flynn!

The fans boo as D and Ned continue to brawl outside. King is back in his corner, waiting for a tag, and TK makes his way to his!

HHL: Bobby with a huge Flatiron to Flynn!

PIP: Mark Flynn has just been flattened! Yes!

Bobby backs away from Flynn, still regaining his senses, and a blind tag from TK! Bobby steps out of the ring, and TK is in and stalking Flynn who’s still on the mat! Ned Kaye pins D on the outside, though, and the referee rushes to count it!



D kicks out!

HHL: Is the referee supposed to be counting that? Neither are the legal man!

PIP: It’s Xtreme Rules, Heather, anything goes!

TK grabs Flynn by the ankle and sneers.

HHL: Thunder Knuckles looks to be going for the Thunder Strike!

PIP: If you can’t stand, Heather, you can’t fight!

Before TK can finish the manuever, King is bounding from the top rope!

HHL: Massive crown shatterer to Thunder Knuckles!

PIP: No, TK had is scouted! He moves out of the way, releasing Flynn’s leg!

HHL: King missed but he’s still on his feet!

PIP: King with a quick small package roll-up of TK! He’s not the legal man!

The referee rushes back into the ring and makes a count!





Pip: This is horseshit. Isaiah King wasn't the legal man. This is a travesty of justice! I want a recount!!!

HHL: I already told you Pip it's Xtreme Rules. Anything goes.

Pip: That's not how tag team matches work Heather. In tag team matches...

HHL: Are you about to mansplain to me on live air?

Pip: If by mansplain you mean inform you of something that you are incorrect about then yes I am. It's not my fault that it's basically a sin to be a male in America these days but..

HHL: And we will be right back with our main event after this commercial break.

As Warfare returns from commercial we see Theo Pryce walking through the halls the American Airlines Arena speaking with one of the arena's staff. As he rounds the corner one of the XWF staff, a young lady named June approaches Theo with a piece of paper in her hand.

June: Mr. Pryce I have a note here for you.

"A note? What are we in high school? Do you want me to sit at your lunch table? Who uses notes anymore?"

June: Vinnie Lane does sir.

"Vinnie Lane? He's here?

"No sir. He called in looking for you but you were in a meeting so he asked to leave a note." June says as she reaches out and hands the folded piece of paper over to Theo.

"Thank you." Theo says as he takes the note and opens it up.

Hey Theo what's up dude? Sorry I missed you but cell phone service is really bad here in Myanmar. Anyway I wanted to say that it's really cool seeing you and Mark Flynn finally patch things up after all this time. As a reward for Mark finally coming around and a thank you for running things while I've been on sabbatical I am exercising my Owner privileges and putting Mark Flynn in a tag team title match at Fire and Ice. And his partner will be none other than Bobby Bourbon. No need to thank me. I know you'll be thrilled about this. Later Dude.

"Mother fucker." Theo yells as he crumbles the note and tosses it to the ground as the show transitions to a ring side view of HHL and Pip Collins.

HHL: Theo Pryce doesn't look so happy there as he just learned that Mark Flynn will be teaming up with someone he's gone to battle with repeatedly over this last few months in Bobby Bourbon and that pair will take on the reigning XWF Tag Team Champions The Just Us League.

Pip: I don't know why Theo's being so pissy. This is great XWF television. Mark Flynn and Bobby Bourbon on a team together? Who wouldn't want that?

PIP: "Apparently Theo. But anyway ladies and gentlemen, welcome to what promises to be an electrifying main event for the XWF Television Championship!"

HHL: "Absolutely, Pip. And it's not just any match, it's an 'X-Treme Kiss My Feet Match', a stipulation chosen by the champion, Bulk Logan, clearly playing mind games with Tommy Wish's known foot fetish."

The arena dims as the opening chords of Bulk Logan's Rock 'n' Wrestling Theme blare through the arena. The crowd erupts in a deafening mix of boos and jeers.

PIP: "And here comes the champion, Bulk Logan!"

Bulk emerges, unfazed by the negative reception, sauntering out confidently with a smirk. He mockingly interacts with the members of the crowd booing him, while slapping hands and taking photographs with a few of his BULKAMANIACS.

HHL: "Despite his controversial past and less than stellar reputation, Bulk Logan always commands attention."

As Bulk enters the ring, his music fades. 

Dabrye's 'Take Me Home' hits. The lights flicker, and the camera pans to Tommy Wish emerging from the back.

PIP: "And here comes Tommy Wish, a man with something to prove tonight."

Tommy walks down the ramp, giving daps to fans, wielding a Kendo Stick. He gets into the ring, poses on the turnbuckle with the stick raised high, and then prepares for the match, his eyes fixed on Bulk.

HHL: "If you've been following the build-up to this match, you know that Tommy Wish has been deeply involved in some... let's say, unusual and intense preparations."

Pip: "That's putting it mildly, Heather."

HHL: "And in that recent promo that he released, Tommy openly acknowledged Bulk Logan's attempt to get into his head with this 'Kiss My Feet' stipulation. He's been playing into Logan's hands, but at the same time, he's been showing a level of intensity and focus that's frankly been chilling."

Pip: "Tommy Wish is embracing the situation. He's been unpredictable, to say the least, and it's like he's channeling all that into tonight's match."

HHL: "And let's not forget his words, Pip. He promised a 'blood-soaked grand finale' to Bulk Logan’s reign as Television Champion. That's a bold statement, especially considering Logan’s dominance in the ring."

PIP: "Tommy Wish may not be the typical hero figure, but he's certainly captured the everyone's attention with his unorthodox approach to this showdown."


Bulk and Tommy circle each other. Tommy seems eager to engage, while Bulk appears more relaxed, almost dismissive.

PIP: "Both competitors sizing each other up here."

HHL: "Bulk Logan has the size advantage, but his lax approach to training might come back to bite him."

PIP: "Lax? Bulk has the biggest arms in wrestling! You don't get that BULKY by being 'lax' at anything, Heather!"

HHL: "Except a gut—something you and the Bulkster share."

They lock up! Bulk uses his size to push Tommy back, but Tommy responds with a quick Uppercut, taking Bulk by surprise.

PIP: "Tommy Wish not wasting any time with grappling!"

Bulk stumbles back, regaining his composure. He charges at Tommy, but Tommy sidesteps, sending Bulk crashing into the turnbuckle.

HHL: "Good agility by Tommy Wish, avoiding the bulk of Bulk Logan!"

Tommy capitalizes, taking Bulk off of his feet with a Flying Lariat, and delivering a jumping Elbow Drop to Bulk's chest, who is now trying to defend himself on the mat.

PIP: "Tommy Wish taking the fight to the champion early on!"

As Bulk slowly gets to his feet, Tommy attempts a Sleeper Hold, but Bulk powers out, delivering a Scoop Slam to Tommy.

HHL: "The strength of Bulk Logan on display!"

Bulk taunts the crowd with a trademarked cupped ear. But as he turns back to Tommy, Tommy lands a surprise Enziguri, knocking Bulk off balance.

PIP: "What a move by Tommy Wish! The champion didn’t see that coming!"

Tommy Wish hits the ropes and catches Bulk with a Running Bulldog! Bulk quickly rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, but Tommy follows him, grabbing his Kendo Stick along the way.

HHL: "Looks like Tommy has decided to introduce some X-Treme elements into this Kiss My Feet match!"

Tommy swings the Kendo Stick, connecting with a thunderous strike to Bulk's back. Bulk staggers, but turns around to confront Tommy, only to receive another sharp strike.

PIP: "Tommy is relentless with that Kendo Stick. Bulk may be in trouble here!"

Bulk, showing his resilience, fights back with a Big Punch, but Tommy ducks and smashes the Kendo Stick across Bulk's knees, bringing the champion down.

HHL: "Tommy is systematically dismantling Bulk Logan!"

Tommy continues his assault with the Kendo Stick, but Bulk manages to grab a steel chair, swinging it at Tommy and connecting with a clang.

Pip: "Bulk Logan fighting back with everything he’s got!"

The fight spills into the crowd, with Bulk trying to escape Tommy’s hardcore onslaught. Tommy, however, is relentless, chasing Bulk through the sea of fans.

HHL: "They're taking this fight to the people!"

Tommy catches up to Bulk and tackles him, sending both crashing over the barricade back to ringside. Tommy grabs a trash can and smashes it over Bulk's head, causing a loud thud.

PIP: "Tommy Wish is using everything at his disposal to take down the champion!"

Bulk, dazed, struggles to his feet. Tommy goes for another attack, but Bulk counters with a low blow..

HHL: "A desperate move by Bulk Logan!"

PIP: "It's all legal, Heather!"

HHL: "But it wasn't when he used that very same move to capture the TV title!"

Bulk uses the moment to regroup, but Tommy quickly recovers and launches himself at Bulk's BULKY frame with a Spear, spending both of them crashing through the Spanish announce table.

PIP: "Oh my goodness! They just destroyed one of the announce tables!"

HHL: "Both men are down, and this crowd is going absolutely wild!"

The referee checks on both wrestlers as they lay amid the wreckage of the table. The crowd chants: 


HHL: "This is what the XWF Television Championship means to these two men. They're willing to destroy each other and everything around them for that title!"

PIP: "Or to avoid kissing the winner's feet!"

Tommy Wish is the first to stir. Using the shattered remains of the table for support, he pulls himself up, his eyes locked on the recovering Bulk Logan.

HHL: "Tommy Wish is up first!"

Tommy grabs a nearby steel chair and waits for Bulk to stand. As Bulk staggers to his feet, Tommy swings the chair, connecting solidly with Bulk's back.

PIP: "Tommy Wish is not letting up! He’s using that chair with devastating effect!"

With Bulk reeling, Tommy continues his assault. He sets up Bulk for a DDT, driving his head into the steel chair with a sickening thud.

HHL: "A brutal DDT onto the chair! Tommy Wish is in complete control now, and you have to wonder how much more punishment the Bulkster can take!"

Not satisfied, Tommy drags Bulk back to the ring, sliding both the chair and Bulk under the ropes. Inside the ring, Tommy sets up Bulk for a high-impact move.

PIP: "I think Tommy Wish is looking to put this one away!"

Tommy climbs to the top rope, pausing to gauge his position. With a fierce battle cry, he leaps, aiming for an Elbow Drop, but at the last second, Bulk rolls away, causing Tommy to crash onto the chair!

HHL: "Bulk Logan narrowly avoids disaster!"

Bulk, using the ropes, pulls himself up. He sees Tommy writhing in pain and decides to capitalize. He lifts Tommy for a massive Scoop Slam, slamming him down with incredible force.

PIP: "This could be the turning point that the champion needs!"

The crowd are on their feet as Bulk, feeling the momentum shift, begins to unleash a series of punishing blows and slams on Tommy, drawing a mixed reaction from the audience.

HHL: "Bulk Logan is back in this match, and he's showing why he's the Television Champion!"

Tommy, still reeling from his missed Elbow Drop, struggles to regain his footing. Bulk Logan sees his opportunity and lines up for his signature Big Boot, whipping Tommy into the opposing ropes.

PIP: "Bulk Logan is setting up for the Big Boot! This could be lights out for Tommy Wish!"

As Bulk charges, he connects the Big Boot squarely on Tommy's jaw. Tommy drops to his back, clearly stunned by the impact.

HHL: "What a Big Boot from the Bulkster! Tommy Wish might be out cold!"

Bulk, sensing victory, hits the ropes and goes for the Leg Drop of Gloom. However, in a last-second burst of awareness, Tommy rolls out of the way, and Bulk crashes hard onto the mat.

PIP: "Tommy dodged it! Bulk Logan missed the Leg Drop of Gloom!"

Bulk sits there, eyes wide, stunned by the missed Leg Drop. Tommy, seizing the moment, pulls at Bulk, trying to guide him back to his feet, but the champion, in a desperate move, rakes Tommy's eyes and bites his nose.

HHL: "Oh, that's dirty even for Bulk Logan! An eye rake and a bite to the nose!"

As Tommy recoils in pain, holding his face, Bulk rises to his feet and delivers a massive lariat, knocking Tommy back down to his back.

PIP: "What a lariat! Bulk Logan just turned the tables again!"

Bulk quickly hooks the leg, looking to end this one ASAP. 




Both men lay sprawled on the mat sucking wind. 

Before Bulk can get to his feet, the mysterious wrestler quickly throws a handful of salt right into Bulk Logan's eyes. Bulk cries out in pain, clutching his face, temporarily blinded.

PIP: "Oh no! That's a dirty move! Bulk Logan's been blinded!"

Taking advantage of this shocking interference, Tommy Wish springs into action. He grabs the disoriented Bulk, quickly sets him up, and delivers his devastating signature move, HideYaFace.

HHL: "HideYaFace! Tommy Wish hits HideYaFace! This could be it!"

Tommy hooks Bulk's leg for the pin. The referee slides in for the count.






PIP: "I can't believe it! Tommy Wish wins! We have a new XWF Television Champion!"

Tommy rolls off Bulk and is handed the XWF Television Championship belt, and he clutches it tightly.

HHL: "Tommy Wish has done it, but the circumstances of this victory will definitely raise some eyebrows!"

The mysterious wrestler, now revealed to be Dick Drizzle, seems pleased with the chaos he's caused, strutting around ringside and Woooing.

PIP: "Bulk Logan had no chance after that underhanded attack. He's still trying to clear his eyes. This is bullshit!"

Tommy Wish, now the new XWF Television Champion, holds the belt triumphantly. However, he’s not done yet. Remembering the stipulation of the match, Tommy begins to unlace his right boot.

HHL: "Looks like Tommy Wish is about to enforce the 'Kiss My Feet' stipulation. This is going to add insult to injury for Bulk Logan!"

Tommy slowly removes his boot and sock, revealing his bare foot. He turns towards Bulk Logan, who is still trying to recover on the mat. 

PIP: "I can't believe we're about to see this. Bulk Logan is about to get a taste of his own medicine!"

But just as Tommy is about to approach Bulk, there's sudden chaos. Dick Drizzle, still at ringside, signals to someone. Suddenly, a group of hired goons rush the ring.

HHL: "What's this now? Drizzle's got backup!"

The goons slide into the ring and immediately start laying into Tommy Wish, leveling him with a barrage of punches and kicks. The new Television Champion is caught completely off guard.

PIP: "This is an ambush! Tommy Wish is being attacked by Drizzle's goons!"

Bulk, still dazed from the salt attack, tries to intervene and help Tommy. However, Dick Drizzle intercepts him. With a swift and brutal shot of brass knuckles to the forehead, Bulk is laid out cold.

HHL: "Bulk Logan tried to help, but Dick Drizzle just took him down with those brass knuckles! What a cowardly act!"

With Bulk and Tommy both down, Drizzle grabs a microphone. The crowd boos loudly as he begins to speak.

Dick Drizzle: "Woooo! Bulk, my man, it's a crying shame to see your reign as the TV champ come crashing down like this! But hey, if you're itching for a little bit of that sweet Pay-Per-View spotlight and a chance to get back at me, then Woooo! strut yourself down to the main event of Anarchy Ignites! That's right, Bulk! 'The Natural' Dick Drizzle is laying out the red carpet just for you! You and me, under those bright lights, baby! And Bulk, remember, to beat the man, Woooo, you gotta meet the man! SEE YOU AT ANARCHY IGNITES, BULKY BOY, UNLESS YOU'RE YELLA'! Woooo!"

Drizzle struts around the ring.

PIP: "Did you hear that, Heather? Drizzle just challenged Bulk Logan to a match at Anarchy Ignites!"

HHL: "That's the preshow to Fire and Ice. It sounds like Bulk Logan has a chance for revenge, but after tonight, who knows what condition he'll be in for that match."

Medical staff rush to the ring to attend to Bulk and Tommy. Meanwhile, Drizzle continues to strut and Woooo, leaving the ring amidst a chorus of boos.

HHL: "And what about Tommy Wish? He just won the Television Championship, but after this brutal attack, his condition for Fire and Ice is in serious doubt."

The camera pans over the chaotic scene – Tommy Wish and Bulk Logan receiving medical attention

PIP: "You're absolutely right, Heather. While Tommy Wish may be holding that Television Championship high tonight, that savage beating he took at the hands of Drizzle's goons has put a big question mark on his ability to defend it at Fire and Ice. It's a bittersweet victory, no doubt. He'll need to recover quickly and get back in fighting shape if he wants to prove that his win tonight was more than just a fluke. It's going to be a rocky road to Fire and Ice for both of these men!"

There has been a slight delay in the house banners. They will go up today along with the Fire and Ice Card!

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