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PlaceMarker Sabotage (Pt 2)
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11-10-2023, 11:57 PM

The drive to South Shore Construction was not a long one.

I confirmed with the receptionist that Scapelli was in, although he was in a meeting at that particular moment.

So it must have been a shock to her seeing me march through the lobby toward Scapelli's office.

Once I reached his door, I knocked first. Then, without waiting for a response, I threw the door wide open, revealing Scapelli sitting at his desk only having just set the receiver of his phone down. "Well well," he started saying in surprise, "I didn't think we had any meetings today. To what do I owe the-"

"Save it," I replied curtly, shutting the door behind me. "I wanted to tell you, in person, that the construction site was vandalized the other night."

"Really?!" Scapelli gasped. "How bad is the damage?"

"Several broken windows, including the custom piece. The remaining lumber has been cut through and soaked in liquid. And I don't even want to begin to know what ended up in the sink."

"How unfortunate," He empathized, getting up from his chair to face me directly. "Surely your insurance will be able to cover for the damages?"

"I also think," I continued, "that you already knew about all of this."

I could see his eyebrows furrow into a grimace at the accusation. "You wanna run that by me again?"

"Look," I explained, "You and I both know that very few people know that construction is going on at that site. It couldn't have been rowdy local kids or some college fraternity looking to trash any old place. This was calculated, methodical destruction." I leaned against the door. "The only people who would benefit from something like that would be someone who could make a claim on the damages. And almost everything there could be written off as just harmless vandalism...except for the wood."

Scapelli let out a low chuckle. "What, you're suddenly a lumber expert?"

"Far from it," I corrected. "I am, however, a very observant man. And in our contract, we had laid out a reporting plan on where supplies would be kept during the various phases of construction. The second floor was only half-finished; the wood was supposed to be kept under the finished portion to keep it out of the elements, along with being covered with a tarp as a precaution. That would have been near the custom window." I withdrew my cell phone from my pocket and found the photos of the damage I took. I showed him one image of the lumber. "This was the lumber in question. Not only was it cut through, but it was also moved to the open side of the second floor. If the cuts hadn't already ruined the wood for construction, the rain definitely would have."

"I take it," Scapelli interjected, "That this is all leading to your point?"

"It is, Mr. Scapelli. If this were just some kids, they wouldn't have bothered with the lumber at all. They likely would've just knocked out the windows and spraypainted everywhere instead. This could have only been done by people who knew what they were doing; someone who could use the opportunity to upcharge for emergency supplies and amend the contracts to allow for it." I put my phone back in my pants pocket. "I don't have any reason to ruin my own construction, Mr. Scapelli."

Scapelli only shook his head. "I really don't know what you're talking about."

"I think you saw an opportunity to take advantage of a kid who is only trying to do the best work he can. Taking advantage of my business partner and attempting to extort more out of him in exchange for shoddy work, requiring repeat business on your end. I think you and your company are responsible for the damage done to the site." I took a step away from the door, staring down at Scapelli. "And if I was not concerned with the ramifications of my actions, I would lay you out in the middle of this office so you could contemplate just how expensive that hospital visit would be for you."

"Are you trying to threaten me, Mr. Berget?"

"I am setting the record straight on how I feel about you in the moment. So let me make something abundantly clear to you. In the next few days, you will hear from my attorneys regarding the insurance claim. No doubt that they will want to speak with you as well regarding the contract. I don't want you, or any of your guys, anywhere near the construction site. You should expect restraining orders in the next week."

I turned around and grabbed for the door handle. As I went to twist it, I felt Scapelli throw his body into mine, smashing me against the door. Unfortunate for him, since I did not need to move very much to push myself away. That resulted in Scapelli falling to the ground as the door swung open. Without offering to pick him back up, or saying anything of any kind, I slammed the door to his office and proceeded to march out of the building.

After getting in my car and pulling out of the parking lot, I took a deep breath to calm myself down. The man went to great lengths to try and assault me over a presumption of sabotage. He had to have been guilty...though he may try and spin it to his favor. Maybe make it look like I was trying to intimidate him into altering the contract. Or maybe he'd try and fake an injury to garner sympathy.

Either way, I certainly did not expect this outcome. I think it may be time to find a new construction company to work with to finish the job.

Before Scapelli tries to find a way to finish me.

Permit me, for but a moment, to address a very serious issue.

While my match last Warfare was...quite spirited, I cannot help but wonder if lethargy has overtaken the Warfare roster. Have the many great names backstage decided now is the time to hibernate, now that winter has come? To have a seasoned veteran like Dolly work in such an uncharacteristically sloppy fashion, and Slade...being Slade, I cannot help but wonder where the passion has gone.

Surely there are others looking to jockey for position and to take opportunities when they arise, is there not? Especially before Fire and Ice? We have fresh blood in Ian Dream coming in from Madness to get a brief showcase, and all the while the rest of the roster is...what, exactly? Training for the event itself? I mean really, is it any wonder, at that point, why I would reach out to BOB about a partnership? They are, in fact, the ones running the show at this stage. My stock only rises further with them. Are they terrible, deplorable bastards? Of course they are. And they're unashamed by that fact. Because at the end of the day, they get the job done. They're here putting in the work just like I am.

And that work is what has led me to capturing the television title twice in the span of one year, against a plethora of names and talents across all of XWF.

So when you come at me, Ian Dream, in your XWF debut, know that you are now doing so against the self-appointed measuring stick. I represent the amount of blood, sweat and tears you need to be prepared to leave in this ring each and every night. I represent the tenacity in which you need to fight with in order to make it here. For you, this is the first match of the rest of your life. For me, it is but another opportunity to show this roster why I am inevitable. You will know what it means to bring passion to this business.

And do not be surprised to see the Dream...become a nightmare.

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