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PlaceMarker Eat Them Apples
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Centurion Online

TITLE - Anarchy Champion

XWF FanBase:

(has an old school wrestling mentality; no nonsense; less appealing to some younger fans)

11-08-2023, 11:28 AM

It’s easy to become disillusioned with the world. Between the violent rhetoric that has ingrained itself into politics across the globe, to conflicts with seemingly no ending in sight, even the most positive person can begin to look down on the world.

It’s the same with any form of pop culture. Bad movies, problematic comedians, low effort musical artists - it can be enough to cause someone to snap, especially if that particular person was already fed up with the world as it was.

We open up on the property of Centurion at his Pocono cabin. There, we see Centurion with a small hand ax, chopping away as some branches connected to a downed tree in the woods. Each branch he hits falls to the side of the trunk, and Centurion repeats this motion all the way up until he gets to what was the very top of the tree. He stands up straight and looks over the work that remains ahead of him, but the sound of footsteps walking through the leaves causes him to turn his head. He lets out an exhale and places his ax down next to the tree as his daughter, Nellie, approaches him.

You know, there’s an easier way to do that.” Nellie says in a smug, joking fashion. “Large metal machine. You put gas in it. Has a chain around it.

Yes, I know.” Centurion responds in a perturbed tone. “I could also hire someone to do this for me. But I’m not just doing it for the wood. I’m doing it for the workout.

Nellie gets a surprised look on her face. “Really? Sounds like someone is taking their comeback a bit more seriously this time.

I have to.” Centurion says as he picks his ax back up. “Someone has to. The XWF has become a joke, Nellie, and Anarchy has become the punchline to that joke.”

Centurion begins hacking away at another part of the tree as Nellie’s face goes from one of joking to one of concern. “Woah, pump the breaks a second, partner. I know you wanted to make some changes on Anarchy, but now you’re talking about the entire company as if you’re, what…some kind of savior?

Centurion makes one hard swing into the tree, sticking the ax into it, before standing upright once again. “I’m not trying to save anything. On the contrary - I’m trying to kill the disease that rots that place. I’m facing a man whose wrestling name is French Canadian Bed Shitter.” Nellie lets out a slight laugh, causing Centurion to point at her and retort angrily. “It’s not funny! This is a match to determine a number one contender for the Anarchy Title! Which means this joke of a human being was next in line for a title shot had I not returned! We could have seen Edward, a man who was once frozen in time and is some sort of dimensional demon or some shit, and a dude whose entire gimmick seems to be incontinence, at the pay per view for the title!”

You know, I…” Nellie pauses for a moment and nods her head. “I get your point. And I can’t say I even disagree with you, but you know what happens when you put high expectations on yourself. I was already worried when you decided to come back as some sort of Ruby Revenge Tour, but now you’re talking about changing the very fabric of the company, and that’s something even the most talented wrestlers can’t do.

So you’re saying I’m not the most talented?” Centurion says as he crosses his arms in front of him.

Am I breaking new ground here?” Nellie quips back. “My apologies if you just now found out you’re 46 years old and haven’t been in the main event scene for over a year. I’ll be sure to give you a heads up next time.

Obviously it’s going to take some time!” Centurion responds in a huff. “I’m not going to be storming down the ring, guns firing, demanding a Universal Title shot tomorrow. I know how this works - I’m not a fucking dummy. There are several steps I have to walk up in order to truly accomplish what I want. Step one was to eliminate that useless piece of leather Drizzle two weeks ago. Step two is to take this Canadian bastard with too much fruit in his looms and bury him underneath the arena where he belongs. Step three will be Edward…so on and so forth.

So you have this all thought out then, huh?” Nellie asks in an unconvinced tone.

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot, Nell.” Centurion says in a quieter, more calm tone. “A lot more than I probably let on. As much as I’d love to say I don’t care about the XWF or where it’s going anymore, the truth is I consider its legacy to be a part of my legacy, and seeing it directionless has been a gut punch to me. I would love nothing more than for Ruby, or hell, for any decent young wrestler, to take up the mantle and rebuild that place, but none of them are walking through that door, and as long as the Edwards and the Bed Shitters on ruling Anarchy, and Thunder Knuckles and Bobby Bourbon rules Warfare, I will give nothing less than my 100% focus towards making things right.

Nellie looks at her father for a moment, seeing the passion and fire in his eyes, before crossing her arms in front of her. “Alright…tell me what you’re thinking.”

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