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Remember, Remember, the 5th of November
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11-05-2023, 02:50 PM

[Image: 7cTJ0lz.png]



[Image: 7dcX8qh.png]

Pre-Show Match
Ricky Rodriguez & Carmen Santana
- vs -
Grimgor Ironhide & Johnny Miami

[Image: Pu26CCT.png]

Chris Mosh
- vs -
Elijah Copeland

[Image: R619BLM.png]

XWF X-Division Championship
Hayley Fien ©
- vs -
Drake Hemingway
-Xtreme Rules Ladder Match-

[Image: h9J4GVP.png]

XWF Tag Team Championship
Gabriel Landry & Eren Hunt ©
- vs -
Bing Bong Twinzz

[Image: zdqcW3C.png]

Sean Parker
- vs -
Kieran King

[Image: FsLuaX0.png]

XWF United States Championship
- vs -
Cyrus Braddock
-Falls Count Anywhere-

[Image: QxCufAG.png]

Marisol Vilaro
- vs -
Summer Page

[Image: m3VYaL5.png]

XWF World Championship
Myra Rivers ©
- vs -

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November opens to live shots of a raucous London crowd.  The live shots pan the O2 Arena as we’re greeted by the voice of Monday Nights, Jacuinde.

JC:  We’re LIVE FROM LONDON!  We’re LIVE FROM THE SOLD OUT O2 Arena!  We are LIVE here on the pre-show of our very first ever Madness exclusive pay per view event!  Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jacuinde and as always, I’m joined by my broadcast colleague, wrestling legend and Hall of Famer, Havok himself, Damon Riggs!

DR:  The long and the short of it is that the Madness brand has come so far in a short time!  Since July Jacuinde, Madness has steadily increased in ratings, in gate, in sponsorship, in gaining mainstream traction.  Thanks in no small part to this roster and the incredible work they do week in and week out.

JC:  It’s Guy Fawkes Day here in England and all across the United Kingdom as all of us Remember… Remember… the 5th of November!

Ladies and gentlemen, the pay per view will begin in about twenty minutes but before that, we have a free match broadcast on the XWF Network and streaming services all around the world to kick things off tonight as we send it to ring announcer Randy Anderson!

RA:  Ladies and gentlemen this pre-show bout is a tag team match set for ONE FALL!

RA:  Introducing first, with a total combined weight of 475 pounds… the team of JJJOHNNY MIAMIIII and GRIMGORRRR IIIIIRONHIIIIIDE!

JC:  Three of the four combatants in this match have certainly had their struggles, so it’ll be interesting if Grimgor and Johnny can even co-exist.

DR:  Grimgor hasn’t exactly proven in the past that he can be a team player.

RA:  Their opponents…

RA:  With a total combined weight of 339 pounds… CARMEN SANTANAAA and RRRRRICKYY RRRRRRODRIIIIGUEEEEZ!

JC:  Carmen Santana just got a much needed initial win two weeks ago on Madness and tonight, she’ll team with Ricky Rodriguez as he makes his Madness brand debut here in London!

DR:  Ricky and Carmen are both incredible talents, but it’ll be interesting to see how they go about combating the awesome power of Grimgor Ironhide!

[Image: 7dcX8qh.png]

Pre-Show Match
Ricky Rodriguez & Carmen Santana
- vs -
Grimgor Ironhide & Johnny Miami

The pre-show opener would kick off in high-octane fashion between two very exciting competitors in Johnny Miami and XWF newcomer Ricky Rodriguez. Ricky and Miami started things off by immediately showcasing their speed and technical proficiency, going back-and-forth with a very exciting chain-wrestling exchange that ended in a stalemate.

Ricky took Johnny down multiple times with several arm-drags. Johnny bounced back though, responding with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors followed up by a dropkick to the chest. As Ricky got to his feet, he smirked wryly. He and Johnny would go back-and-forth once more, exchanging high-caliber including a step-over takedown from Ricky and a sly backslide pinning attempt from Johnny which would only get a one-count before Ricky wriggled out of it.

Several tag exchanges would take place following on from this. Grimgor would enter the fray and Carmen would tag herself in just as Ricky was getting ready to go head-to-head with XWF’s resident orc. Grimgor would see red and run full-steam ahead towards Carmen but the California Dreamgirl was wise to it, sliding gracefully under the big guy’s legs before trying to wear him down with a variety of different kicks and strikes. However, despite nailing him with a combination of dropkicks, spinning heel kicks and open-hand chops, these only served to aggravate Grimgor. He would respond with a thunderous clothesline from hell that turned Carmen inside out.

RIcky would lean over the top rope and tag himself in, leaping over it and into the ring. He would run towards Grimgor as he attempted another big clothesline but Ricky would seamlessly avoid it, spinning through the air behind Grimgor’s back, taking him down to the mat with a beautiful hangman’s neckbreaker. Ricky would showcase his incredible speed and agility, staying one step ahead of Ironhide who was growing more and more frustrated.

Miami would then take a page out of Ricky’s book by tagging himself in, much to the displeasure of Grimgor as the match would come full-circle back to how it started.  With Ironhide reluctantly retreating to his corner, Carmen hops from the apron and trips Grimgor.  Ironhide face plants against the ring apron and the distraction gives Ricky time to deliver a springboard cutter to Johnny Miami as Santana scaled the turnbuckles.

Ricky gets to his knees as Santana flies from the top rope hitting her SoCal Sunburn 450 Splash on Johnny Miami.  Ricky makes the cover for the win as Carmen stays in the ring.

WINNERS:  Ricky Rodriguez & Carmen Santana
By pinfall (14:24)

JC:  I don’t know if I’m surprised or not by how well Carmen and Ricky fared as a team, Damon!

DR:  They worked together seamlessly so if they ever wanted to make a go out of the tag team thing, I think they’d be very successful together.

JC:  So Santana gets her second win in as many weeks and Ricky debuts headed right for victory lane.  But when we rejoin you, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be LIVE on pay per view!

Take The Crown

As ‘Take The Crown’ plays, we’re joined by the voice of General Manager, Thaddeus Duke as he voices over a video montage that shows the Madness brand roster in action.  All of their ups and downs, their successes and failures, their wins and losses.

For months, Monday Night Madness has proved time and again that it’s the clear choice for real wrestling fans.  For months, this roster has laid it all on the line.  For months, we’ve all proven that Monday Night Madness is the premier wrestling show not just on Monday Nights, not just in the XWF, but among the wrestling world as a whole.

Tonight, we arrive.

Tonight, we claim what is ours.

Tonight, Monday Night Madness roars onto pay per view for the very first time.

Tonight… without question… wrestlings fans all over the world will no doubt Remember… the 5th of November.

The video montage fades, giving way to the live shot inside the O2 Arena as red, white and blue pyro explodes.  Fans from all over Europe and the United Kingdom are loud, boisterous, excited for what tonight will bring.  The cameras settle on Randy Anderson standing in the center of the ring.

RA:  Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the Union Jack and remain standing for the British National Anthem!

High in the rafters, a large Union Jack is unfurled to great applause and cheers from the London crowd.  Soon after, a live orchestra set up on the entrance stage plays the British National Anthem.

British National Anthem

RA:  Now ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing as we present the American flag and the American National Anthem.

High in the rafters, a large Star Spangled Banner is unfurled next to the Union Jack to some applause and cheers from the London crowd.  Soon after, the live orchestra plays the American National Anthem.

American National Anthem

JC:  Remember!  REMEMBER!  The 5th of NOVEMBER is LIVE!  Damon Riggs, welcome to pay per view!

DR:  It’s a fitting start to the brand new era of Madness branded entertainment.  The British and the Americans have been friends for two centuries.  We share the same values and morals, we share the same colors, we’ve been bound in blood sweat and tears through several major global conflicts.  It’s impossible to think of one without the other.

JC:  That is very true, Damon.  We’re extremely proud to be hosted by England and the welcome we’ve received all over the region has been overwhelmingly positive.  Tonight Damon, I have no doubts that this event will do everything justice that we’ve all been building since the summer.

DR:  No truer words have ever been spoken, my friend.

JC:  Ladies and gentlemen, all four championships will be decided tonight but we have so much more in store for all of you.

DR:  Title matches might sell the tickets, but it’s everyone else’s job to keep them entertained and I have no doubts that this roster, this card, is up for the challenge.

JC:  Folks, we’re not gonna waste any more time talking, so let’s throw it back to Randy Anderson as we get things kicked off here on pay per view!

RA:  This opening contest is set for ONE FALL!

RA:  Introducing first!  From New York City.  Weighing 210 pounds… EEELIJAHHH COOOOPELANNNND!

The scene comes up in the middle of the ring, where everyone is getting ready for the next match. The lights turned off as the arena was now pitch black. That's when "I hope you suffer" AFI blasts throughout the arena.

♫I got two letters from you
Last words of the runaway
Your love was written so true
And now I can't speak your name
I gave my heart to the cruel
Now it will not beat again ♫

That's when Elijah Copeland comes out wearing black pants, black boots, black leather jacket and a chain around his neck. He looks around at the fans as they boo him.

♫I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
Just like I've suffered ♫

A white light beams on him as he looks at the fans in what seems to be a disgusting look. He points at them and yells. He then makes a cutthroat symbol towards the fans as they boo him even louder.

♫No one will ever know you
Deny the last one who cares
Intoxicate with the new
Pretend I'm no longer here
I opened my heart to you
You lied just to reach inside
Now with the faith you removed
Our hope for forgiveness dies♫

After he lowers his hand, he walks off the stage as the lights begin to flash orange, white, and red. He walks down the ramp as the fans begin to badmouth him. He looks at the fans and starts to yell at them. He put his hand up as he was treating to backhand them.

♫I opened my heart to you
You lied just to reach inside
Now with the faith you removed
Our hope for forgiveness dies♫

He backs away and starts to walk down the ramp some more. He finally gets to the bottom and starts to yell and cuss at the fans some more. He walks towards the steel steps and walks up them. He walks alongside the ring before turning his back and yelling out, I HOPE YOU SUFFER! I HOPE YOU DO!

♫I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
I hope you suffer
I hope you do
Just like I've suffered♫

He turned around, moved towards the ring post, and climbed up them. He has one foot in the middle and the other foot on the top. He looks at the fans and holds his hands up. He starts to take in the hatred that the fans are putting on him. He lowers his hands and aggressively points at the fans. He finally got down from the turnbuckle and took off his jacket. He's wearing black elbow pads and white wrist tapes. He puts his jacket on the outside and grabs the ropes to see if they are intact. He then warms up and waits for his opponent.

RA:  His opponent!

RA:  From Las Vegas, Nevada weighing 210 pounds… the VEEE IIIII PPPP!  CHRIS MOSSSSH!

JC:  Damon, these two have been on a collision course since Relentless back in September!

DR:  They have been and Jacuinde, there’s a possibility that right here right now, without Elijah Copeland’s interference in September, that CHris Mosh is the United States Champion today.  There’s a distinct possibility that he’s the first ever Grand Slam Champion in Madness history.

JC:  Valid points but Copeland saw to it that that did not happen and there’s been more instances since, including Copeland costing Mosh his match against Carmen Santana.

[Image: Pu26CCT.png]

Chris Mosh
- vs -
Elijah Copeland

This match has been coming for a while and it started off exactly as you’d expect. Mosh made an immediate beeline for Copeland before the bell had even rang, keen on exacting any measure of revenge he could after weeks of being targeted by the devious Copeland. Mosh took down Copeland with a double-leg takedown to start things off, laying into his nemesis with a barrage of rights and lefts that caught Copeland off-guard.

After the two rolled across the ring in a grounded brawl, throwing all caution to the wind, Copeland would soon get his bearings, raking his forearm across Mosh’s face to disorient him. He would soon dictate the pace of the match, punishing Mosh with DDT variations before laying into him with a series of multiple shoot kicks to an Mosh’s legs rib cage followed by multiple knee strikes to his head.

As Mosh would attempt to get back to his feet, Copeland would come charging in with a running punt kick to the side of the face and go for cover but Mosh would show his toughness, kicking out at two.

After a submission attempt by way of a Boston Crab, Mosh would will himself back into the match after breaking the hold when he reached the ropes. He used his years of experience to turn the tide of the match back into his favor, taking down Copeland with a series of precision-laded suplexes including a Northern Lights varian that would earn him a nearfall followed by a belly-to-back version that would drop Copeland on the back of his head.

As the match waged on, the two would go toe-to-toe in the center of the ring, trading strikes and chops, stinging each other’s chests and faces as the match well and truly lived up to the hype that had been brewing for weeks between the two.

The match ends in disqualification as a referee distraction allowed Copeland the opportunity to blade himself, give a pair of brass knuckles to Chris Mosh and throw himself to the mat.  A confused Mosh looks on as the official turns around and calls for the bell.

WINNER:  Elijah Copeland by DQ (13:46)

JC:  Copeland escapes the ringside area as Chris Mosh is absolutely livid!

DR:  He is, but he got outsmarted by Copeland and he’ll suffer a loss because of it!

JC:  This one is no doubt just beginning as I can not imagine that either Chris Mosh or our GM will in any way allow that end to just slide on by.

DR:  Me neither.  When they lock horns again, I’d imagine something will change.

JC:  Before we continue the action, let’s take a quick look at Drake Hemingway as he prepares for Hayley Fien here tonight!

The scene opens with the enigmatic Drake Hemingway somewhere backstage. He is sitting at the top of a blue ladder similar to the one that is likely to be used in his ladder match later in the evening. Decked in a crisp all black suit, he looks at the camera aiming up in his direction.

Drake Hemingway: Ms. Fien. When I spoke of sacrifice in that tweet I released into the ether, I wasn’t speaking of the championship that will hang above the ring during our contest. You putting the X-Division Championship on the line is part of your contractual obligation. A trinket that belongs to the company.

Not yourself.

If I wasn’t your opponent this evening, your challenger would have been someone else. What I meant by sacrifice Ms. Fien is the taxation on your body. Which might sound trivial to you, again, putting your body on the line is part of the job. Standing across the ring from a man as dangerous as I am. Who you don’t quite know the depths I will sink to to make you remember this day for the rest of your existence?


You still don’t know why I targeted you, do you? Is the championship even my end game? So my questions. So little time. As we both scale this ladder Ms. Fien, whether you walk out with your trinket or not, I assure you, one way or another, you will Remember the 5th. See you soon.

With a smirk plastered on his face, the scene fades to black. 

JC:  Someone is pulling that mans strings but it remains to be seen just who is behind it!

DR:  He’s got an incredible opportunity later tonight against the X-Division champion but I guess among the unanswered questions is:  is now the right time for him to hold that championship?

JC:  I suppose time will tell that story but I can assure you, like her, love her, or hate her, Hayley Fien is a warrior and beating her is no easy task.

DR:  No it surely isn’t.

JC:  That match will be a little later on but right now, some tag team action as the tag titles are on the line!

RA:  The following tag team match is set for one fall and it is for the XWF Tag Team Championships!  Introducing the challengers…

RA:  From Jacksonville, Florida weighing 395 pounds… The BINNNNG BONNNNG TWINNNNZZ!

JC:  Say what you will about these two idiots, but they ARE former tag team champions!

DR:  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, sometimes they sneak up on ya.  Sometimes they steal one from ya.  In spite of their lack of intellect, they’ve proven to be resourceful.

RA:  Their opponents!

RA:  With a combined weight of 422 pounds.  They are the REIGNING!  DEFENDING!  XWF Tag Team champions… Gabriel Landry… and ERRENNN HUUUUUUUNT!

JC:  They ARE the tag team champions and they’ve dominated the tag team scene for months!

DR:  They have but the Bing Bong idiots have proven that they can get over on them, so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out here tonight in London!

[Image: h9J4GVP.png]

XWF Tag Team Championship
Gabriel Landry & Eren Hunt ©
- vs -
Bing Bong Twinzz

The match began tornado tag-style with all four combatants going at it in the middle of the ring. They four men brawled much to the delight of the crowd. Hands flew as both champions and challengers laid into each other until eventually, the champions would begin to get the upper hand, sending the twins over the top rope and on to the floor with a pair of synchronized clotheslines.

The referee would soon establish some order and Landry would face off against Lil’ Ca$h App, the latter gaining an early advantage with a Lou Thesz Press and a standing elbow drive. An early cover attempt however would barely register a 1-count as Landry would easily kick out.

He’d fight back into proceedings, taking down Ca$h App with two consecutive dropkicks and a scintillating springboard DDT that drew a big pop from the London crowd. Caught off-guard, Ca$h App would make the tag to his brother and Hunt motioned for Landry to do the same of which he duly obliged. Both Hunt and MC C-Munqqquee would slug it out before the latter would gain an advantage before Irish whipping Hunt and taking him down with an audacious back body drop.

MC-Munqqquee would stomp viciously at Hunt to keep him down, even going to the second turnbuckle and coming off with a well-timed diving elbow to the face.  A subsequent pinfall attempt would garner a nearfall and when C-Munqqquee would go back onto the attack, he would but would be cut-off by Hunt catching him with a variety of different strikes ranging from boxing-style punches to Muay Thai ones too.

Hunt would force him into a neutral corner, pounding into C-Munqqquee with the traditional 10 corner punches, the London crowd counting along in unison but this would be countered with a low-blow not seen by the referee. C-Munqqquee would fight back into the fray by repositioning himself and nailing Hunt with a powerbomb. The tide of the match would go back and forth for about ten more minutes, both sets of teams exchanging tags along the way.

Landry and C-Munqqueee were the legal men when the action picked back up, both men having battled back and forth. The twins had managed to isolate Landry through several uses of twin magic but Landry had managed to counter a Cancel Culture attempt by catching C-Munqqquee with a hurricanrana to stop the powerbomb. With both men laying on the mat, their respective partners would be seen reaching over the ropes in their corners, encouraging Landry and C-Munqqquee to make the tag.

Tags are made simultaneously as Ca$h App and Hunt both enter the ring.  The referee admonishes MC to leave the ring.  Behind Hunt’s back, Landry re-enters the ring, drops to his knees and sends a shot to the groin to his own tag team partner right up between the legs as MC retreats to the apron.

The official turns around and sees Landry in the ring and begins yelling at him leaving Hunt to get double teamed by the Twinzz.


Illegal man MC makes the cover but the referee counts the three anyway as Gariel Landry makes his way to the back.

WINNERS:  and NEW XWF Tag Team Champions
Da Bing Bong Twinzz by pinfall (16:36)

JC:  We have new champions!

DR:  And Gabriel Landry has turned his back on Eren Hunt!

JC:  But the Bing Bong weirdos are the new tag team champions!

DR:  I know you can’t believe it, Jacuinde, but what you’re seeing is real!

JC:  The former champions have seemingly dissolved their partnership here in London!

DR:  It was a great match but I really don’t believe that Landry just did what he did!

JC:  Folks, we’re gonna catch our breaths for a second.  In the meantime, the X-Division title match will be coming up in a few minutes, but first, we’ll show you some pre-recorded comments from the champion.

The scene starts with Hayley Fien in Wildwood, New Jersey. She’s at her mother’s house and is sitting on a chair. She’s flipping through a photobook and looking at the memories.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color]: It seems like Drake Hemingway is having some misconceptions about me.

She keeps on flipping through the book and looking at the memories.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color]: Saying, I’m afraid of losing it all and saying that I’m emotional and I cannot keep those emotions in tact….

Hayley keeps on looking through the book.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color]: He’s right about one thing, I am an emotional person, though what he does not know is this….

The cameras see her finger move around her father.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color] I’ve been through it all. You see, what you don’t know is, I’ve lost everything that I could imagine. I lost the precious gift that a little girl always had to protect her, and that precious gift? Was my father.

You can tell the tears are coming through.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color] I lost him to cancer, stage four liver cancer to be exact and right after he passed, my mother raised two children, my sister Kailtyn, and myself. She was a single mother, working two jobs to keep a roof over our head. We only got money from my father’s estate once a month, sometimes that money was not enough to keep utilities on until I was able to get a job myself, help her before I started this crazy journey we call “wrestling”.

She gets herself back together.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color]: When the journey started, I was the only female trainee in my class, but never complained once. Once I finally graduated, I started working and working, eventually getting signed to a company I am still in right now before moving forward with other companies, especially this one.

She keeps her eyes on her father.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color] Along the way, I lost everything along with gaining everything. From being unprepared, getting my ass handed to me, having my hand broken, being cheated, gaining respect, winning my first championship, being fired, winning a World Championship, being on the biggest stage, having enemies, winning more gold, AND getting married!

She shakes her head and closes the book.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color] With our ladder match coming up, do you think, and I really mean DO YOU THINK I’m not afraid to go in there and prove to you that I’m willing to do anything at all costs?

She puts the book to the side.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color]If I can go into a lego death match, a first blood match or a extreme rules match, what’s going to stop me from retaining my X-Division Championship that YOU WANT?!

She stands up from the chair.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color] Nothing’s going to stop me from going out there and inflicting the pain that you want me to release. Nothing is going to stop me from keeping my emotions in tact and NOTHING is going to stop me from going up the ladder, and grabbing my championship!

Her facial expression does not change.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color] The 5th of November, Drake Hemingway, is the day you will ALWAYS remember!

The scene fades back to ringside as we see the urn that’s on the table with Hayley’s father’s name on it.

JC:  Pointed words from the X-Division champion!

DR:  Death and grief can be huge motivators, so we’ll see just what’s in store tonight!

RA:  The following contest… is a ladder match for the XWF X-Division Championship!

RA:  Introducing the challenger!  From Salem, Massachusetts weighing 245 pounds… DRAKE!  HEMINNNGWAAAY!

The lights go out. "Exciter" by Judas Priest plays from the loud speaker. Steam rises from the stage. Out walks Drake Hemingway. The spotlight shines on him as though he is an angel being given to us from the heavens, his aura tells a different story. He walks down to the ring. Drake walks up the steel steps, walks across the apron. He walks to the center of the ring as the lights come back on. He stands there stoically waiting for Hayley Fien.

RA:  HIs opponent!

RA:  From Wildwood, New Jersey.  She is the REIGNING!  DEFENDING!  X-Division Champion!  HAYLEYYYYY FIIIIIIIENNNN!

Never Dawn (instrumental) by Lacuna Coil kicks in as the fans boo at her. Out comes Hayley Fien as she’s looking down. She looks back up as soon as the heavy guitar part kicks and walks to the ring. Ignoring the fans boos, she blows past them. As the guys are trying to cat call her, she stops and mockingly blows kisses at them and says that she’s not in their league. Hayley rolls into the ring and stands in the middle of it. She eyes the crowd still booing at her.

JC:  This match came about Damon, several weeks ago on Madness when Drake Hemingway laid out Hayley Fien!

DR:  We still don’t know the why’s but we do know the when’s!

JC:  That’s right now!

[Image: R619BLM.png]

XWF X-Division Championship
Hayley Fien ©
- vs -
Drake Hemingway
-Xtreme Rules Ladder Match-

With ladders placed all around the ringside area of the O2 arena, it didn’t take long for them to be brought into the match after a chaotic start which saw both champion and challenger have the same idea from the off. Both of them quickly exited the ring from opposite sides, grabbing a ladder each and bringing back to the ring. They rammed the ladders at each other, the reverberation of the impact causing them both to drop them. Both of them would exchange punishing moves, utilizing the ladders as canvases for their paintings of pain.

Drake would drive Hayley’s face into one of the ladders with a wheelbarrow facebuster but she would shake it off, responding by propping one of the ladders up and springboarding off it and catching Drake in the face with a springboard dropkick sending him tumbling through the ropes and to the outside. Hayley would attempt the first ascent to grab the X-Division Championship however Drake would be quick to cut her off, as he climbed back up onto the apron, nailing his own springboard dropkick to the ladder, sending it tumbling down to the mat, crashing on top of the champion.

This time, Drake would look to climb the ladder, not before lifting it up and slamming it repeatedly on top of a prone Hayley Fien. He would reset it back to a standing position and begin to climb but the champion would tenaciously grab a hold of Drake’s leg, preventing him from climbing. He would kick her repeatedly to try and push her off but Fien was resilient, pulling herself up and she would end up spiking Drake with a hellacious poisonrana from the top of the ladder.

The match would soon spill out onto the floor, both of them fighting tooth and nail, exchanging violent strikes, using the arena around them as a weapon as well as the ladders themselves to try and gain an advantage in an entertaining back-and-forth affair. As the match eventually found its way back into the ring, champion and challenger were both hastily climbing opposite sides of the same ladder, getting to the top where they would try and upset the other’s balance.

The two competitors would trade blows on the top of the ladder.  Each have one hand on the championship and one hand to deliver blows.  On paper, its an easy Drake win.  Matches aren’t waged on paper.  After they each rock each other a number of times, Hayley is rocked so hard she loses her grip on the title and nearly falls from the ladder.

Drake seizes the opportunity to put both hand on the belt to try and yank it down, but Hayley as other ideas as she sends a kick through the ladder rungs to the other side, connecting square in his groin.  He immediately lets go of the belt and nurses his groin.  Heyley palms his face and shoves him backward and reaches for the title.

Hemingway crashing to the mat causes such upheaval that the ladder is knocked from beneath Hayley.  She hangs there from the belt, suspended adobe the ring until the snaps give way, sending her crashing hard to the mat below with the X-Division title firmly in her grasp.

WINNER:  and STILL XWF X-Division champion
Hayley Fien  (21:39)

JC:  Hayley Fien has done it!

DR:  That was without a doubt one of the best ladder matches I have seen!

JC:  It remains to be seen now what’s next for these two!

DR:  I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of these two one on one!

JC:  It was an incredible match Damon, and we’ll see King versus Parker here in just a few minutes.  First let’s send it backstage.

“Spoiled” Summer Page is staring at herself in the bathroom mirror of her locker room. She sees a focused yet concerned look on her face.

“Spoiled” Summer Page:  You are a whirl of emotions right now. Dammit! Get it together!!! You’ve shown the entire world that you get everything you want and tonight will be no different. Why would that change tonight of all nights? You can’t believe anything Mari has to say? You know her better than that. You know her better than Mari would like to admit and that is why she feels threatened. The last two plus years have led to this because this is the only way it could end. With you and Mari each being the way you are. You grew up living a life of luxury and never accepted anything less than what you wanted. While Mari strived to get what you grew up having. It is why she is as driven and ruthless as she can be. You have seen this kind of person your whole life. Mari is the clear definition of absolute power corrupts absolutely. So like you ust said that there is no other way this could have ended. So don’t let any doubts that you have in the pit of your stomach dissuade you. So get your head out of your ass convey that swag you have that is absolutely #PurePerfection.

Enigma walks into the room and Summer looks up at his reflection in the mirror.

Enigma:  You ready?

“Spoiled” Summer Page:  Damn right I am!!!

Summer turns around towards Enigma as he allows her to lead the way.

JC:  That’s a big one we’re all waiting for!

DR:  That match has been brewing since the dawn of the new era of Madness and finally, it’ll happen tonight as Marisol Vilaro goes one on one with Summer Page.

JC:  That’s a little later on but up next, last Madness, Sean Parker had it in mind to challenge Enigma.  It wasn’t Enigma that responded, but Kieran King!

DR:  Parker is a lover of competition.  Say what you want about Kieran King and the way he operates but no one will deny that he’s a legitimate competitor capable of beating anyone at any time!

The Xtron shows the view of a dark room, with a single light bulb dangling precariously from the ceiling casting an eerie spotlight that sways with the movement of the bulb.

Voice: Remember…remember…the fifth of November…gunpowder, treason and plot…

A man walks into the frame, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and stands under the spotlight.

Man: I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot…

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, ‘twas his intent, to blow up the King and the Parliament…

….Three scores barrels of powder below, poor old England to overthrow…

The man holds up a lantern to the camera, the light continuing to sway ominously over him causing him to go unseen and seen again every few seconds.

Man: By God’s providence he was catch’d with a dark lantern and a burning match.

Holler boys, holler boys, let the bells ring, holler boys, holler boys…

The man takes off the mask, revealing it to be Sean Parker, smirking.

Sean: God Save The King!

The crowd cheers from the arena as they see the King of the Skies, the Sky Assassin, their fellow Brit, appear on the screen. Sean paces back and forth.

Sean: Kieran King… you and I have become rather quickly acquainted over the last fortnight…whilst Kevin Mears has been off doing…God knows what…you’ve graciously stepped into fill a void…you’ve managed to get the drop on me once…you’ve spent two weeks running me down, pushing my buttons, poking through the bars of the safe  spouting on social media the reasons why you’re going to beat me, like some ominous countdown…

Sean stops for a moment, standing under the light as the bulb stops swinging.

Sean: …but all you are, Kieran…is a void to fill, a means to an end, a necessary evil that has been put in front of me to kill time before a proper challenge presents itself to me! Enigma wasn’t quick enough to accept my initial challenge, he’s too concerned about having a dick-measuring contest with Cyrus Braddock and, like I said, Christ knows what Mears has been doing, he hasn’t been seen in weeks but still felt like he needed to get a plane and fly halfway round the world to be here. You are nothing to me than time to kill, a warm-up act to keep me fresh for the bigger challenges to come.

Sean resumes his stroll back-and-forth under the light, but he doesn’t take his eyes off the camera.

Sean: You have been a formidable champion, a renowned name, Kieran…. But in case you haven’t been keeping up on wrestling current affairs, I’ve been making a little bit of a name for myself lately…winning titles…defending titles… killing giants…  name after name after name… the list gets bigger, the names more prolific and my reputation gets more notorious each time… tonight…in front of 20,000 screaming Brits, you’re going to find out why it was a mistake to answer my challenge, why it was a mistake to kick me in the face…why it was a mistake to try and make an example of me.

The 5th of November is going to be a date you thought was going to be the relaunch of your career but it’s going to be the day, just like Guy Fawkes… he thought he was going to change the world, make a name for himself but he overplayed his hand and now all he’s known for is the almost-guy…that’s you Kieran and from this moment on…that’s all you’re going to be!

Sean smirks as the lightbulb cuts out and the feed cuts to black.

JC:  Last minute words from Sean Parker!

RA:  The following contest is set for one fall!  Introducing first, now residing in Santa Monica, California weighing 190 pounds… KIERAAAAN KINNNNNG!

The first, frenetic strums of Faith No More's "Gentle Art of Making Enemies" rips through the arena as strobes of gold and white cast across the stage and crowd. After several moments, and then a few more for good measure, Kieran King eventually saunters onto the stage, smugly mugging for the audience. In a flash, he sprints towards the ring and glides underneath the bottom rope - practically hovering off the mat. Keeping his momentum going, King darts towards the corner post and leaps towards the top. He crouches, and throws his arms up and back as if to backflip off the top... only to pull out at the last minute. He laughs at the crowd, mocking them as he settles in to some pre-fight stretches.

RA:  His opponent!

RA:  From Dunfermline, Scotland weighing 215 pounds… The United Kingdom’s owwwn SEAAAN PARKERRRRR!

“Ken’s Theme [Metal Cover]” by ToxicxEternity starts to play throughout the arena. As the song plays its slow, building intro, Sean Parker appears on the stage in a hooded waistcoat. He goes down on one knee, his head low as sparks fill the stage area. When the song explodes into life, Sean leaps to his feet, his arms outstretched and his hood falls back behind him. Sean walks confidently to the ring, running as he gets ringside and slides effortlessly under the bottom rope. He takes off his waistcoat, tossing it into the crowd before he climbs up one of the turnbuckles and fist pumps before doing a backflip back down as his music fades out.

JC:  A match we didn’t even know we wanted to see!

DR:  Put together on the go-home Madness, these two men are sure to send London into an uproar!

[Image: zdqcW3C.png]

Sean Parker
- vs -
Kieran King

Sean and King wasted no time in getting their match underway, the bell barely ringing before Sean had launched himself like a missile across the ring, looking to take King’s head off early with his Masamune Decapitation. King would be wise to it though and avoided the contact, offering Parker a cocky grin and tapping his forehead.

King would bait Sean into a collar-and-elbow tie-up but would initiate a standing switch straightaway, slapping Sean on the back of his head mockingly before nailing him with a hurricanrana. As Sean would zip right back and fall back into one of the corners, King would take advantage with some corner-focused offense, hitting Sean with repeated kicks to him in the corner until he dropped to the mat, followed by a running knee to him while he was seated followed up with a Monkey Toss out of the corner and a surprise small package which would only get a 2-count.

King would continue to dominate the early portion of the match, utilizing his own high-flying style as well as his experience to keep the younger high-flyer grounded. Moves like slingblades and shotgun dropkicks would keep Sean from building back up into the match but he would soon find his opening.

King took down Sean with a buzzsaw kick to the temple and went for a trademark lionsault but Sean would counter by bringing his knees up and driving them hard into King’s ribs. Sean would go on the offensive, laying into King with a variety of martial arts kicks before driving hard with a Michinoku Driver which would earn him a nearfall.

Sean would continue to build momentum, keeping King on the backfoot with his high-octane style, hitting him with several big moves including an impressive snap dragon suplex, standing corkscrew senton splash and big-time Liger Bomb would keep him in the ascendancy, earning him another nearfall with a subsequent pinning combination transition. The momentum would slowly begin to go back into King’s favor though as he would counter a Raidenrana attempt with a brilliantly-timed Electric Chair Drop.

However Sean would not stay down for long and would also counter an F Ur Head with a beautiful tiger suplex. Eventually, the pace of the match would begin to slow after a good 20 minutes of back-and-forth action, both men beginning to feel the effects of the other’s offense.

Both men are done but King gets to his feet first.  Parker starts to get to his and King is behind him, measuring for something.  As Parker gets vertical, King springs his attack with an attempted Ugly on the Outside (code breaker).  Parker though, telegraphs by monkey flipping himself out of danger and lands on his feet.  Parker shoots across the ring as King gets back to his feet and nails the Masamune Decapitation!  He hooks the leg for the three count.

WINNER:  Sean Parker by pinfall (23:12)

JC:  What a match!

DR:  This was everything we’d hoped for!  King and Parker took each other to the absolute limit!

JC:  Sean Parker with a huge victory tonight on pay per view!

As Sean pulls himself up to his feet, the referee hands him the Zion Wrestling Endurance and Pro Wrestling Valor Spirit of the Fight Championship belts and raises his hand in victory, much to the delight of the capacity crowd in London. Sean is just about to exit the ring when a countdown appears on the x-tron.

JC:  Holy shit!

DR:  He’s here!?

JC:  He’s here in London!

The crowd erupts into a chorus of insanely-loud boos as “Chronic” Chris Page appears on the stage, a sly grin across his face as he makes his way down to the ring to the surprise of Sean Parker. Chris reaches ringside as he hasn’t taken his eyes off the dual Champion that is Sean Parker. Chris climbs up on the ring apron and leans on the ropes from the apron of the ring. Chris steps through the ropes and enters the ring. Chris calls for a microphone as he walks across the ring and reaches through the ropes taking it from the ring announcer. The Terminator theme fades out leaving a very loud, very mixed reception as the former XWF Universal Champion stares across the ring at Sean Parker. Chris raises the microphone and intentionally speaks over the response from the crowd.

JC:  The Legend of Legends!  Chronic Chris Page has made a trip across the pond to confront Sean Parker!

DR:  Those two do battle in just a couple days in Los Angeles for the Porter Games!

CHRIS PAGE: So this is Sean Parker.

The crowd pops for Page mentioning Sean’s name as Chris turns to address the fans in attendance.

CHRIS PAGE:  First things first, I’m not here for the XWF because honestly I’m shocked the doors are still open when you’re reduced to having Thunder Knuckles representing your company.

Boos reign out louder at Page but he can care less as he turns and faces Sean once more.

CHRIS PAGE:  I’m here for you.

The crowd starts to quiet down.

CHRIS PAGE: That’s right kiddo, I took time out of my busy schedule to show up in London just to look you in the eyes so I can tell you face to face that you have my undivided attention.

Chris looks at Sean’s Championships on each shoulder.

CHRIS PAGE: I’ve been watching you since the beginning of the Porter Games, and I know that you have the tools to get the job done… but I also know that in this instance you’re in way over your head. I came here tonight to offer you a way out. I came to offer you the opportunity to rest on your laurels, be content with the two upsets that you’ve gained, and enjoy the levels of success that will no doubt be coming your way.

A massive chant of “FUCK YOU PAGE!” starts echoing throughout the arena.

CHRIS PAGE: I’m sorry, I have to address this… but uh… why are you promoting other federations by carrying Championships that don’t matter to them? With all due respect, I know who runs PWV and the last thing anything is there is credible, and don’t get me started on Zion. You see, guys like you need to promote yourselves, you need to feel important, you need notoriety because you’re not content with people taking notice or else it would rarely happen.

The chant from the crowd gets louder and louder.

CHRIS PAGE:  You might have scored some wins, you might be a decent hand, but when you step into the ring with me you’re not going to like how things end. For you this is arguably the single biggest opportunity of your life because I’m not just a mortal man… I’m a WRESTLING GOD!

The boos are unreal.

CHRIS PAGE:  I don’t need to take to social media pointing at myself while screaming “look at me” because when a man has enough power, when you’re a legitimate legend, and when you are of my stature your reputation precedes you, but in the off-chance you don’t know who I am or what you’re dealing with I suggest you spend what little time you have left brushing up on how dark I can go, and then I want you heed my warning… if you don’t then consider your cinderella story in the Porter Games comes to a halt by my hands.

Sean doesn’t respond straightaway, merely just staring back at the man before him, the man he’ll be facing off with in just two days’ time. He looks round at the sold-out crowd who are booing Page. It looks like Page is going to speak again but Sean snatches the mic off him right as he’s about to open his mouth and the crowd lets out a loud “Ooooh!” reaction.

Sean Parker:  I’m not gonna stroke your ego, Chris. I know who you are, everyone knows who you are and it sounds like, based on what I’m hearing from 20,000 of my fellow Brits here in London…

Sean pauses as the crowd pops again.

Sean Parker: … they all know who you are and they haven’t forgotten just what you were like when you graced XWF with your presence. You wanna know why I carry these titles? I care about the legacy I’m building, Chris. See you’re right about one thing, I am looking for notoriety, I’m looking to make a name for myself. And yeah, you don’t need to parade your accomplishments on social media because everyone knows what you’ve achieved in your career. All you need to do to stay relevant is latch onto the next young superstar trying to make a name for himself, because that’s what you do, isn’t it, Chris? You don’t win a title or a match of any real relevance for a while and then you grab hold of some up-and-comer like a leech, looking to make a statement to remind everyone you’ve still got it? Well, you know what? That stops when you stand across from me. You’re not a God, Chris, and I’m gonna prove it in our match, you wanna know how I’m gonna prove it?

Sean steps towards Page so they’re almost nose-to-nose.

Sean Parker: Because Gods don’t bleed!

Chris laughs to himself before he responds.

CHRIS PAGE: And that right there is your problem, you’ve literally just regurgitated the same ole same ole. When your name is Chris Page you don’t have to leech onto anyone. I didn’t enter the Porter Games for any other reason than to win. You, while a young pup, have absolutely nothing to do with that other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time against the wrong opponent. This vanity project you’re on? It’s over. I’ve been doing this longer than you’ve been alive, so if you think your parlor tricks are going to work on me, if you think that drinking your own kool-aid is the cool thing to do, and if you think I give two fucks about you beating Peter Vaughn then I suggest you….

Page drives a boot to Sean’s midsection, causing him to drop his titles on the mat as Page uses the end of the microphone, driving it into the forehead of Parker.

JC:  They’re not waiting until Los Angeles!

Page unloads with a series of right hands before shooting Parker across the ring, Sean bounces off the ropes and into a boot to the midsection doubling him over! Chris Page sets up Sean for the Page Plant!

JC:  Page Plant from the Chronic one!

The crowd explodes with a back body drop counter by Sean!

DR:  Countered by Sean Parker!

Page lands hard on the mat and quickly gets to one knee and as he does, Parker cleans his fucking clock with Masamune Decapitation! Sean makes a mock cover on Page, hooking the inside leg with one arm and counting the three count with the other as the crowd counts along with him with each slap of the mat. The three count brings a thunderous explosion from the London crowd, showing their love for their fellow Brit.

JC:  Sean Parker!  He beats Kieran King and he’ll leave with a moral victory over Chris Page as well!

Sean grabs both his titles, placing over either shoulder before he picks up the mic, leaning over Page.

Sean Parker: Two days, Page! In two days, win or lose, I’m going to change your entire fucking world forever!

Sean tosses the mic aside as his music hits again and he holds both his championships aloft. He takes one last look at Page before leaving the ring and making his way to the back, slapping hands with fans along the front row.

JC:  Chris Page came to London to face Parker!

DR:  But its Parker that puts down Chris Page!

We cut backstage to the duo of Sahara and Penelope in close quarters. They’re whispering to each other. A nod here. A slight bit of laughter there. Sahara then makes some sort of hand motion as if hanging herself by a noose, her tongue sticking out to the side, to which Penelope lets out an evil laugh.

A portion of their conversation can be overheard–

Sahara: This is perfect. Just make sure she’s facing the hard cam if it happens… ain’t no way this bitch is walkin’ outta here with that gold. Not this time.

Penelope: My dear, I dare say it won't even be necessary. This time I have her right where I want her…like a pathetic fly, struggling against the confines of the nefarious web we've woven. Unaware that there is no escape and her efforts are futile.

A sinister smile spreads across her lips as she gives Sahara a wink.

Penelope: There will be no error tonight! No chicanery…no flim flam…there won’t be any infernal caskets or scaffolding. Just her and I. Space and opportunity. An opportunity I will gleefully accept as I tear the World title from her hands. The last, pitiful gasps of her title reign on show for the world to see before it flatlines for good.

Penelope curls her hand into a tight fist like a good Bond villain would. She pauses momentarily, tapping her index finger against her lips.

Penelope: However…I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of insurance–

Sahara smiles, nodding along.

Sahara: Wow, that was awesome. I never thought I’d be part of one of those evil Thanos speeches. Tonight, when Myra gets snapp–

The conversation abruptly cuts as Thaddeus Duke enters the frame. The London crowd cheers at his unexpected appearance. He places a hand on each of the girls shoulders, stepping between them. They look at each other before looking at the General Manager of Madness.

First, he looks at his lovely wife…

Nice to see you made it on time.

As her brow furrows, he looks to Penelope.

Penelope. Always a pleasure.

Penelope: Flattery will get you everywhere Thaddeus.

Sahara: No it won’t, he’s about to mess everything up, I can tell!

Thaddeus lets out a bit of a laugh as he looks back at his wife.

Hi, babydoll, mind if I speak directly to Sahara for a moment?

She looks really confused.

Sahara, when I see you two back here all huddled together, whispering to each other, giggling… I just know you're cooking up some sort of nefarious scheme.

Whenever you two get together like this, nothing good comes of it. Especially for Myra.

So I’ll tell ya what we’re gonna do.  Tonight during the main event when Penelope challenges for the World Heavyweight title… I’mma need you to keep something in mind.

See, you can go out there, you can be Penelope’s support animal, you can hang around ringside all you want.  But I’d advise you, to keep it to cheerleading.

Sahara:  That’s…

Let me finish.  If you interfere, it pains me to tell you this, but… I’ll have to suspend both of you.


Thad removes his arms from the two ladies and walks ahead of them both, leaving them behind.

Sahara:  LEANDER!!!

We fade back to ringside.

JC:  Finally!  The GM makes sure tonights main event is on the up and up!

DR:  I don’t know what he’s doing!  That’s his wife, that’s his friend Penelope!

JC:  He has a business to run, Damon!  These people didn’t pay all that money to come watch a handicap match in the main event!

DR:  How the hell is Sahara supposed to stop herself from interfering!?  This is preposterous!

The bell rings, grabbing everyone’s attention.

RA:  The following contest is a falls count anywhere match for the XWF United States Championship!

RA:  Introducing the challenger!  From Memphis, Tennessee weighing 305 pounds… CYRUUUSSSS BRRRRADDOCKKKK!

As the drum beat starts up for Animal Magnetism, Cyrus Braddock steps out from behind the curtain.  Stopping on stage, he surveys the crowd a moment before throwing up his arms and yelling something unintelligible.  On the way down the aisle, his stride matches the drum beat as he looks over the nearby members of the Universe.  Every now and then, he'll exchange a fist bump with a cheering fan (if there are any.)

Once at ringside, he wastes very little time in climbing the steps to the apron before stepping over the top rope and into the ring.  Once in the ring, he faces the hard camera and waves his right hand in a "V" for Vilaro pattern, exciting some heavy boos from the Universe.

RA:  His opponent!

RA:  Weighing 275 pounds… he is the REIGNING!  DEFENDING!  XWF United States Champion!  EEEEEEENIGMAAAAAAAA!

Luna est dominae,
Volkodlak malorum,
Artes et perditae,
Lycan incarnatus,
Luna est dominae,
Volkodlak malorum,
Artes et perditae,
Lycan incarnatus…

A dense fog rolls out along the entrance ramp, the haunting whispered chant growing in volume along with the pulsing tempo of the music. A hulking appears from the gloom, slowly and methodically stalking towards the ring. His leather doomsday cloak is open over his massive chest, each step bringing him further into the light until “The Monster Machine” is revealed in full.

The dark and Gothic chanting continues, music swelling in volume as each pulse in the tempo and each measured step of the monster are in sync.

Rota! Vita! Mara! Vena! Mare! Dracul! Morte! Vita! Rota! Vita! Mara! Vena! Mare! Dracul! Morte! Vita!

ENIGMA ascends the ring steps and subtly wipes his feet on the apron, turning towards the crowd as he removes the hood from his head, revealing his soot-streaked face and colorless eyes as well as the snake writhing around his neck. Throwing his head back, he sprays a bloody mist into the air before letting out a snarl. When his head lowers, blood drips from his chin and down his heaving chest.

JC:  These two men did battle on Madness a couple weeks ago!

DR:  Enigma picked up the win but Cy Braddock had his foot beneath the rope which should have stopped the count!

JC:  So these two men will battle again but this time, Damon, it’s Falls Count Anywhere!

[Image: FsLuaX0.png]

XWF United States Championship
- vs -
Cyrus Braddock
-Falls Count Anywhere-

This battle of the bulls had built for weeks after several physical altercations both in and out of the ring and tonight was no exception in front of a baying London crowd in the O2. The two behemoths would face off dead-center in the ring and even though Braddock had a good few inches over the champion in terms of height, this would not hold any sway or intimidation for the Monster Machine.

They would soon give the crowd what they wanted as they teed off on one another with thunderous strikes but both men ate them up like they were nothing. Cyrus would break this up though, grabbing Enigma by the throat and launching him into one of the corners before following him with a big corner clothesline and a big boot choke.

The referee would admonish the leviathan for this and attempt a 5-count just on habit but all it took was one death stare to send him scampering. As Cyrus focused back on his target, the champion would turn the tables, sending Braddock this time and laying into him with a series of hard kicks to the midsection and shoulder strikes. He would showcase his incredible strength by grabbing Braddock by the throat and choke-tossing him halfway across the ring much to the delight of the crowd.

Braddock would quickly get back to his feet, looking flummoxed and out of sorts but would regain his composure, running at Enigma but the champion barely moved after a big-time lariat attempt. Champion and challenger would continue to test each other’s physical limits with powerful moves that would have seen off any other normal opponent.

Braddock would get a nearfall after catching Enigma running in, drilling him with a devastating sidewalk slam. He would haul the champion back to his feet, pulling him into a tight bearhug, showcasing his strength by shaking the champion around like he weighed nothing. Enigma would refuse to give up though and rammed his elbow into Braddock’s face and fought out of the bearhug. A standing switch would see him take Braddock’s back and wow the London fans with a breathtaking deadlift German suplex, even going so far as to manage a bridging pin but would only get a 2-count.

It wouldn’t take long for the match to descend back into a full-on slugfest, even spilling out onto the floor with both men trying to use the barricade, the ring apron and the ring posts to emphasize their violent intent. Eventually, after a standing 8-count from the referee, the action would return to the ring.

The fight would resume for several minutes as they beat and battered each other with anything and everything they could find while making their way toward the entrance stage.  Cyrus would get the upper hand for the final time as he levels Enigma with a vicious chair shot to the head that busted the Monster Machine wide open.

Cy lifts him up and sends him down with the Vilaro’s Justice powerbomb and nearly gets a three count, but Enigma barely gets a shoulder up.  Cy thinks he’s won the match and the title and demands his U.S. Championship.  The referee repeatedly tries to tell him that the match isn’t over.  The distraction allows Enigma to recover long enough to grab the chair that just busted him open and drive it into Big Cy’s midsection.

After a Questions & Answer chokebomb, Cy, like Enigma moments ago, kicks out just before the three.  In contrast to Cy Enigma knows the match isn’t over and measures up the big man from Memphis.  Enigma lifts and plants him with the face eraser right onto the steel chair then flips him over for the 3 count!

WINNER:  and STILL XWF United States Champion
Enigma by pinfall (19:12)

JC:  Enigma vanquishes Cy Braddock tonight on pay per view!

DR:  That was a hell of a big man match but in the end, like he does with most, it's Enigma with the victory and Enigma keeping his United States title!

JC:  You gotta wonder if either of these two will be in any condition to accompany their respective charges here in just a few minutes!

DR:  I partially doubt it.

JC:  I guess we’ll find out shortly but right now, let’s hear some final words from the Face of the Franchise, Myra Rivers.

In some pre-recorded footage, Myra Rivers hangs out in the green room. The look on her face is an indicator that she’s not in the brightest spirits as she would normally be.  She’s got the main event of night one of Relentless going on and she’s watching the ending of that match.  A triumph would normally make her happy in this situation but when she sees how things went down and when she watches the aftermath, Myra begins her thoughts with a bit of a stunning statement…

Myra Rivers:  Maybe I should’ve…

Myra narrows her eyes when she thinks about the events of the previous Madness and most of all, remembering the not so positive reaction that she had in Penelope’s backyard.

Myra Rivers:  Maybe I should’ve buried the bitch… maybe I should’ve killed her. Maybe the right thing for this brand wasn’t to just beat her at Relentless, but to make sure she never competed in an XWF ring again. Penelope… you are LUCKY… and I mean DAMN LUCKY that the match between us didn’t take place 6 years ago because at that time? I was that bitch! I would’ve done everything that it took to kill you. I was swallowed by a darkness within me that pushed me to be something that I wasn’t and that I never imagined I would be prior to that in my career.

And I’ve got to be honest with you Penelope…

I’m starting to reach my wits end here…

The mind games…

Sahara and her bullshit…

The reception that I got in your backyard…

It’s damn crazy how I’ve done everything that I’ve done for this brand for nearly two years through thick and thin turning back anyone that has ever threatened to bury this brand into the ground. I stuck around through the hard times. I stuck around through the times where this show was in post-production delays for weeks. I stuck around when two cancers that used to infest this locker room were in contention for the championship that I hold… two people… Penelope… that can never hold a candle to either of us.

I BEAT those cancers!

Had one of them won this title instead of me, this brand wouldn’t be around at ALL!

I dealt with the selfish, idiotic morons like Elijah Copeland that tried to make it all about them and tried to diminish my title reign by saying it was “their” title.

I dealt with people like Kieran King that attempted to do the same thing.

I even turned YOU back at Relentless and the thing is… ever since then… things have felt different…

Myra takes a pause, looking like she’s definitely got regret in her eyes.

Myra Rivers:  Even before then…

I made the stupid mistake of letting the hype about you get to me. Rather than focus on the match at hand, I was going off about stupid social media popularity contests and I was letting these stupid little things someone of my stature shouldn’t be allowing to get to me, get to me.

Beating you didn’t make me feel much better… because the more I think about it… the more it is becoming reluctantly clear that I SHOULD’VE killed you. I should’ve put you away because one look at you and I see a younger, modernized version of that same person that I was six years ago and holy hell, just thinking of that fact makes me absolutely sick. You have been bringing out what is essentially a dormant virus in me…

And after what I went through two weeks ago…

Add on the fact that my own flesh and blood in the form of my sister recently betrayed me somewhere else…

And I’m going to be honest…

I’m not so sure how much longer that virus in me is going to remain dormant. I did what I had to do two weeks ago and I hate to admit it, but watching Sahara choke…

…that actually made me smile inside…

That’s when it hit me that I know what I have to do now. I HAVE to kill you. I HAVE to end your career. I HAVE to make you suffer. I didn’t want to do this when this whole thing between us started Penelope, but with everything that has been going on for months, I have no other option. If people don’t want to appreciate everything I’ve done for this brand since I’ve been here… then that’s their prerogative.

But what I am not going to stand for any longer is being a VICTIM of all the hocus pocus crap and blindside attacks. What happens to you tonight, Penelope? I’m NOT going to FUCKING REGRET IT! If your career ends tonight, I DON’T CARE! There’s a dormant anger that has been living inside of me for a LONG time…

I can see a fading light…

And tonight? I’m going to make sure it’s YOURS that fades from this brand… from this company…


Myra storms out of the room at this point without so much thinking of some of the stunning words that she just said. The room quickly dims to nothing but darkness as the scene ends and we fade back to ringside.

JC:  Myra Rivers, the unbeaten World Champion of Madness!  Adding fuel to the main event fire tonight in London!

DR:  I didn’t like what I heard, Jacuinde!  How that damn woman has been the face of this place for so long is beyond me.

JC:  Oh god!  Don’t be…

DR:  You heard her yourself, Jacuinde!  She wishes she would’ve killed Penelope!  She enjoyed watching Sahara choke half to death!

JC:  Maybe she’s tired of the games!  Maybe she’s tired of being diminished by someone that can’t even beat her!  Maybe she’s just fed up with people like you, people like King, people like Sahara and Penelope trying to steal what she worked so damn hard to earn and continue to earn by any means necessary!

DR:  Then maybe Penelope is the best thing to ever happen to her.

JC:  Gawwwwd.  That match is still to come but right now, a match that is six months in the making!

DR:  We all know that back in May, someone attacked Summer Page prior to her scheduled match with Kevin Mears.

JC:  When we kicked off the new era in July, Marisol Vilaro vowed to help her friend find the truth.

DR:  For weeks and weeks, Marisol gaslit Summer Page only to finally be revealed at Relentless as the mastermind behind the plot.

JC:  All the talk, all the hype, all the attacks have led to this match tonight!  Summer Page goes one on one with Marisol Vilaro with revenge on her mind!

RA:  The following contest is set for one fall!

RA:  Being accompanied to the ring by Cyrus Braddock and Nessa Wall, from Barcelona, Spain… MARISOLLLL VILLLAROOOOO!

Shake it off by Taylor Swift plays over the public address system as the boos overtake the arena. As the lights dim, and a lone spotlight is set at the entrance ramp, first out is big Cyrus Braddock, who walks out looking as menacing as possible, as the video screen shows highlights from Marisol's workout videos, as well as some in-ring highlights, and stuff from photoshoots. After a few moments, walking side by side is the Fitness Queen herself, Marisol Vilaro, and her mentor, Nessa Wall, who share a smug expression. Marisol greets her "adoring" public with a sarcastic pageant wave before doing the "kissy kissy" taunt toward the camera, which Nessa follows up with as they saunter down the ramp with the massive Cyrus behind them. 

They walk down to the ring as if they own the play, with Marisol getting into it with several fans in the process, critiquing them and telling them all about her amazing life-changing Vilaro System, while the Canadian veteran ignores the fans and continues to show support to her student.  As they arrive at the apron, Cy grabs her by the side and gently lifts her up to the apron. Nessa soon follows up the steel steps before Cy himself enters first and lowers the ropes for the two women.  As they both enter the ring, the Fitness Guru takes center stage as she raises her arms high in the air, soaking in the fans' negative reactions. As Nessa claps and points toward her, after a few moments of soaking it in she moves to the other side, doing the same thing for the other side, allowing them to get a good glimpse at the most marvelous woman in wrestling.  After that she and her entourage move to their corner as Nessa gives some coaching to the young woman, while Cryus stands off to the side.

RA:  Her opponent!

RA:  From New York City… Spoiled SUMMERRRRR PAAAAAAGE!

JC:  Conspicuous by his absence is the U.S. Champion Enigma!

DR:  The referee will have his hands full with this one if he’s not here!

JC:  Fear not!  I’ve been told that Enigma is currently being stitched up and when he’s done, he’ll be coming out to keep things safe for Summer Page!

[Image: QxCufAG.png]

Marisol Vilaro
- vs -
Summer Page

Summer was in no mood to be playing around and started off the match in fiery fashion, taking down Mari with a double-leg takedown and peppering her with vicious shots. Mari tried to cover up as best she could but Summer was out for blood. She pulled Mari back to her feet and sent her back down with a vicious snap suplex followed by a hard leg drop from the top rope before getting a 2-count from a very early pin attempt.

Mari would roll to the outside of the ring to catch a breather and regain her composure but was followed by Summer. However Mari would soon gain the upper hand, catching Summer following her with a sneaky eye rake before grabbing Summer by the back of the head, slamming her face-first into the ring apron and then drilling her hard on the outside mats with a swinging neckbreaker. She stamped her foot right into Summer’s throat, gripping onto the ring post for extra momentum as she pressed her weight down hard.

The referee would soon initiate a count which would force Mari to roll Summer back into the ring where she would continue to dominate, not allowing Summer any quarter. She would lock Summer into a painful single-leg crab, cinching the submission deep and putting a lot of torque onto Summer’s quad, thigh and lower back.

Summer would refuse to submit though and manage to grab the ropes. As Mari would relinquish the hold, she landed several big elbow drops onto Summer’s back followed by a mocking display of push-ups which elicited a chorus of boos from the crowd.

As Mari would continue to flaunt her success so far, it would soon be her undoing as she would over an enziguri attempt allowing Summer to duck out of the way of it. She would counter with a hard chick kick to the face followed by a big high knee that took Mari back down.

Summer sensed the tide turning and started to feed off of the crowd’s energy, and she would capitalize on this, hitting Mari with a scintillating springboard DDT and scoring a nearfall pin attempt after a breathtaking Best Moonsault Ever. But Summer too would go to the well one too many times, and hit nothing but canvas with a top-rope knee-drop attempt after Mari avoided the contact at the last moment. The two rivals would come back to their feet, both weary after the match’s hard-hitting nature.

Cy Braddock gets on the apron causing the referee to become distracted.  Nessa Wall flies to the other side of the ring and rolls inside behind their backs.  As she does, Enigma emerges from backstage with a fresh bandaged forehead.

With the crowd reacting positively, it causes Nessa to look out and see Enigma coming.  Wall immediately exits the ring.  Page takes advantage with a running knee strike, but Vilaro sidesteps and Page accidentally knees the official in the head knocking him down to the mat.  Reacting quickly, Mari rolls Summer up from behind, not yet realizing the official took a bump.

Both women are back to their feet.  Mari throws a kick to the midsection that is caught by Page.  Mari goes for an enziguiri kick but Page ducks that and Marisol face plants.  Page takes a quick second to try and help the referee recover before returning her attention to Vilaro.  As Mari gets to her feet, Page hooks her up and hits the Pure Perfection perfect plex.  With a perfect bridge, the referee is slowwwwww to count to two before Nessa Wall yanks Page’s foot to break up the count.

Enigma naturally goes after Nessa Wall, chasing her around the ring.  That only opens the door for big Cy Braddock to enter the ring as the official is still heavily groggy on the mat.  He immediately grabs Summer Page by her throat and lifts her up for a chokeslam.

Enigma though, is quick to react as he slides in the ring and grabs Page by her foot.  Cy drops Page and he and Enigma have a face to face staredown as Summer Page gets back to her feet.  Seemingly out of nowhere, Enigma turns fast and grabs Summer Page by the throat with both hands, lifts her up and slams her down to the mat with the choke bomb!  Cy peels away and grabs Marisol by her arm, pulling her on top of Summer Page.  Enigma, Wall and Cy each exit the ring as the referee performs the agonizingly slow three count.

WINNER:  Marisol Vilaro bt pinfall (14:31)

JC:  Damon, I am at a loss for words!  Enigma has just betrayed Summer Page!

DR:  Ohhh how the plot has twisted here tonight in London!

JC:  Damon, I don’t think they’re one!

To her feet, Marisol, Enigma, Nessa Wall and Cy Braddock enter the ring surrounding the fallen Summer Page.  Screams and screeches of joy from Londoners cause the four to look toward the entrance way.


Ricky hauls ass down the ramp and slides into the ring.  Mari, Cy and Wall all slide out of the ring leaving Enigma in the ring.  Ricky pops to his feet and charges toward Enigma.  Enigma goes for a big boot but Ricky ducks beneath, turns and clobbers Enigma.  Rights and left back the big man to the ropes.  Ricky steps back, charges forward and sends Enigma over the top rope and to the floor.

Enigma pounds the mat in frustration and goes to get back into the ring but Marisol stops him.  The four reluctantly backpedal up the ramp leaving Ricky to be the hero and saving Summer Page from a vicious beatdown.

JC:  Ricky Rodriguez saves the day for Summer Page!

DR:  The entire dynamic of this thing has changed dramatically!

JC:  Marisol Vilaro has taken everything from Summer Page!

DR:  I can’t see how this war is finished either!

The ringside scene fades and the camera opens backstage to the locker room to find Kieran King slipping a t-shirt on and stuffing a still-wet towel into a duffel bag. Fully dressed, and with a noticeable dampness still in his hair, it's clear he's had a shower following his loss to Sean Parker earlier in the show.

Just as King snatches up the duffel bag and heads towards the door, it opens before him and Brody Goodman unceremoniously busts in.

Brody Goodman:  Kieran, can I get a word following what is now a second loss in a row on a big stage for y–

King shoves Goodman aside. And he isn't gentle about it.

Leaving Goodman in the locker room, King cuts through the door and gets to work finding the nearest exit so he can get the hell out of there, regardless if the show is still going.

He walks past nameless XWF and O2 personnel, ignoring any attempts to make eye contact. One voice, however, is enough to catch his attention.

???: Kieran-San…

King twirls to see a small, aged Japanese man approaching him on a cane that didn't quite seem necessary for the man to walk yet he used it nonetheless. A bowler hat sat atop his head and as he stopped about an arm's length from where King stood.

King clearly showed he recognised the man, and perhaps in more depth than just noting he had appeared accompanying XWF newcomer Shujin Yama to the ring at XWF Sound and Fury. This was Sensei Abe Lincoln, who had recently made an overture towards King at the Velvet Rabbit back in New York.

King: I'm not really in the mood, sensei.

The sensei tutted at King.

Sensei Abe Lincoln: Ah but that is entire point, no? Shujin Yama would still very much like to speak to you. Shujin Yama have big plans for you. Big plans he think will get you in 'mood', heh heh.

King's eyes squinted.

King: I'm not having sex with him.

Lincoln: Oh goodness no. He is thinking of other type of partnership. If you are interested, mmhmm.

Pausing, King thinks on the offer for a moment. And then for a second moment, be rethinks it all again before making a decision.

King: Take me to your boy.

Lincoln: You will not regret this.

King: I better not.

The camera fades back to ringside as they begin to set off, seemingly in pursuit of the sensei's client, Shujin Yama.

JC:  I have no idea who Shujin Yama is but Sensei Lincoln has piqued Kieran King’s interest!

DR:  Shujin Yama is a famous sumo.

JC:  Kevin Mears is here!

The lyrics of “World Is Spinning” by DMAD begins playing in the arena before the “Original Ace” Kevin Mears heads out onto the stage to mostly boos from the crowd. Dressed in a pair of black jeans and an open red and black shirt, he looks around at the British crowd before sliding his red hard shaped sunglasses down his nose and snapping his fingers till he’s handed a microphone. He makes a cutting motion with his hand to have his music cut off before he begins to speak on the stage.

Kevin: I flew halfway around the world when I wasn’t even booked to be on this show, and this is the kind of response I get? See, this is what I’ve been talking about for months. This company hasn’t taken me seriously since I got here. I have the list of opponents to prove it too. I’m only here for the money. The last guy I faced one on one got all hyped up because one guy thought our match was the best in Madness history. That’s like winning the family beauty pageant if you ask me.

He rolls his eyes as the boos continue.

Kevin:  It certainly wasn’t the best match I’ve ever had, not in the slightest. It won’t be on any of my highlight reels that I have any say in, that’s for damn sure. The fact is it occurred to me the other day that what I need to make Madness something I’m invested in more…. Is by bringing a little something to it that I have in the other promotion that has me on their roster. I call myself the Original Ace, no one has proven me wrong yet. But even you people know there’s more than one Ace in a deck, right? That’s why yours truly is going to be putting together a little group of my own filled with world class talent such as myself, it’s called the Aces. And that’s why I’m here tonight…looking to see who in Madness deserves to share that nickname with me. I can’t be the only one who thinks their career has been put on the backburner by this company. I can’t be the only one who has been put in one random ass match after another.

He starts pacing back and forth on the stage as he speaks now.

Kevin: Last Madness, I got stuck into a tag match with three people who all want to be the US Champion. You know what? Good for them. I don’t think any of them have a shot at being Enigma for the title. I’ve known that dude for a while, none of them have what it takes. Hell, I’ll even put my money where my mouth is. If either of those three defeat Enigma and take the title, I’ll personally give them $25,000 in cash on top of it. With the exchange rate here, that’s what? About 100 million pounds, right?

More boos follow that, but it amuses Kevin.

Kevin: That’s how sure I am of the champion. You pin him or make him quit…yeah right…for that title? You’ll cash in more than just winning the title.

A smirk forms on his face.

Kevin: In the meantime, the search for the Madness chapter of the Aces begins. And by the time I’m done and have put this group together, I’m finally gonna have some fun in this promotion. Everyone else? Not so much. I’ve been the only Ace in a deck full of jokers since I got here, it’s time to put together the winning hand.

His music begins to play again before he tosses the microphone behind him and returns to the backstage area.

JC:  Kevin Mears!  Putting the XWF on notice!

DR:  He keeps doin’ what he’s doin’ I like his chances!

JC:  While the Aces remain pending for now, there’s no jokers in this main event deck as the undefeated world champion Myra Rivers defends that championship against Penelope!

RA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your main event of the evening, for the XWF World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger…

The lights in the building all go out, save for the ones directly around the entryway from the back which swaps to a glowing red. You hear the sounds of a lone female voice which sings acapella.

Ohh Death…Ohh Deeeaaaath…Ohh Death
Won't you spare me over another year.

The red light begins to slowly pulsate to the drop beat as the song continues with the male vocals coming back. A small layer of fog begins to form at the top of the ramp.

Oh what is this that I can't see?
With ice cold hands taking hold of me

The lights all around the arena slowly begin to pulse as well. The song continues, causing one area of the building to turn red after another.

When God is gone, and the Devil takes hold
Who'll have mercy on your soul? Ohh Death

Penelope walks out from behind the curtain, pausing at the top of the aisleway. She looks out at the people in the building to a chorus of boos. She grins beneath the wide brim of her hat in her devilish way as she surveys the crowd.

RA: Making her way to the ring, by way of the Hotel California…being accompanied to the ring by Sahara, she is...Penelope!

Penelope, carrying a dead flower in her hands, plucks the black, withered petals off the flower one at a time as she walks and lets them fall to the floor. This leaves a bizarre trail behind her as she walks down the ramp.

Ohh Death, Ohh Death

She drops the naked step on the floor before at the end of the aisleway. She slides into the ring under the bottom rope. She crawls to the middle of the ring, before sitting back on her haunches.

No wealth, No ruin, No silver, No gold
Nothing satisfies me but your soul
Well I am Death, non can excel
I'll open the door to Heaven or Hell

She looks up, and spits out a cloud of fine black mist before she lets out an ear splitting shriek.

Ohh Death…Ohh Death
My name is Death, and the End is Here…

RA: And her opponent…

“Come to Life” by Alter Bridge plays throughout the O2 Arena and the fans come to their feet. Moments later, the XWF World Heavyweight Champion Myra Rivers comes down to the ring, the belt adorned across her shoulder.

RA:  From Miami, Florida!  She is the Undefeated!  The reigning!  The defending!  HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPION! Of the WORLD!  MMMMMYRAAA RRRRIVERRRRS!

DR:  Take a good long look at Myra Rivers, Jacuinde!

JC:  …why?

DR:  Because it’s the last time you’ll ever see her as World Heavyweight Champion!

JC:  You don’t…

DR:  I know it is, Jacuinde.  Penelope is so far inside Myra’s head now that there’s no escape from what awaits!

[Image: m3VYaL5.png]

XWF World Championship
Myra Rivers ©
- vs -

Once inside the ring stands in the center of the ring and hoists the belt up high in the air for everyone to see before handing it off to the official.

JC:  One of the largest prizes in our sport!

DR:  Hers no longer!

Penelope and Myra eye each other up from across the ring, walking in circles as they move towards each other. The champion looks determined, her eyes showing conviction meanwhile the challenger is deadpan, her eyes just staring a hole straight through Rivers. On the outside of the ring, Sahara leans on the apron, slapping the mat, as the White Widow cheers Penelope on.

Myra fires a shooting glance towards Sahara and this is all the opening Penelope needs

In the center of the wrestling ring, Myra Rivers and Penelope stare each other down. The 20,000-strong London crowd is electrified, and the tension in the air is palpable. As they lock eyes and begin to approach each other, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation.

Defending champion Rivers exudes determination as she circles toward her challenger. Her eyes reveal unwavering conviction. On the outside of the ring, Sahara, a supportive presence, leans on the apron, passionately rallying behind Penelope.

Sahara's presence at ringside does not go unnoticed by the champion. Myra’s focus momentarily wavers as she shoots a piercing glance toward Sahara. This slight lapse in concentration is all Penelope needs, seizing the opportunity to initiate the action.

DR:  Here we go!

JC:  This one’s for all the marbles!

With a burst of energy, she charges forward, closing the gap between herself and the champion in a flash. Myra turns just in time to see Penelope lunging at her with a running hurricanrana. However, as Penelope wraps her legs around Myra’s neck, the champion regains her bearings, adjusting her own trajectory and using Penelope’s momentum to land athletically on her feet. The crowd show their appreciation for her agility and ring awareness.

But Penelope is not one to be discouraged easily. She quickly springs back to her feet, showcasing her resilience. With the Hesitation Dropkick in mind, she targets Myra, who is momentarily off-balance. Myra is caught off guard as Penelope delivers a devastating dropkick to her in the corner, driving Myra's back against the turnbuckles. Myra grimaces upon impact and Penelope seizes this opportunity to gain the upper hand. She transitions smoothly into a Rollthrough German Suplex, displaying her technical prowess. She bridges for the pin, and the referee slides into position to start the count. The crowd's anticipation mounts as the referee's hand hovers just above the mat.

JC:  One…!  Two…!

DR:  Myra kicks at two!

But Myra muscles out of the bridging pin after the count of two. As the two both get back to their feet, Myra and Penelope trade blows. Penelope rams her arm repeatedly into the champion’s jaw with a series of running European Uppercuts but Myra rallies with several roundhouse kicks to the midsection and face of the challenger.

On the outside of the ring, Sahara is a bundle of nerves. She watches the contest with a white-knuckled grip on the apron. As Myra takes down Penelope with a hangman’s neckbreaker, she goes for a cover.  As the referee counts, Sahara looks like she’s ready to jump into the ring to break it up but she restrains herself from getting involved, her inner turmoil evident on her face as she stays on the outside.

JC:  Two annnnd…

DR:  Penelope lives!

Myra launches Penelope into one of the corners, following her in with a corner slingshot splash before executing a Tornado DDT that sends Penelope crashing headfirst into the canvas. The impact leaves the challenger dazed. Penelope, however, refuses to stay down for long. She fights back after Myra goes to pull her up, driving her back down with a well-timed jawbreaker that staggers the champion. Penelope rallies, shrieking as she grabs Myra by the forearm from behind, pulling her around before drilling her with a ripcord knee strike. Penelope keeps hold of Myra’s arm though, not letting go and pulls her back in, cracking her with a beautiful scorpion kick.

DR:  Cover!

JC:  Two annnnd!

DR:  Dammit!

Penelope smells victory on the horizon as she gets back to her feet.  She stands back in waiting as Rivers gets back to her feet.  As Myra stands, Penelope bolts across the ring, springboards off the middle rope, leaps toward Myra Rivers and takes her damn to the mat with a vicious reverse DDT!

JC:  Sudden Death!

DR:  This should do it!

JC:  Hook of the leg!  Twoooooooo and…!

DR:  Son of a bitch!  Come on Penelope!  You got this girl!

After the kickout, Penelope is a little beside herself as she did not pick up the three count.  Sahara meanwhile is basically tearing her skin off at ringside as she constantly fights herself to not get involved in the match.

JC:  My hat is off to Sahara!  Her husband laid down the law earlier tonight and she has yet to get involved in this match up!

DR:  That was not her husband, but the General Manager!

Penelope begins to get back to her feet and much to her chagrin, Myra Rivers is not very far behind.  Penelope is up first but sees Rivers in a prone, vulnerable position as she bolts toward her and crashes her knee into Rivers head!

JC:  Leucotomy!

DR:  Yesssss!  Cover her!

JC:  Twoooooo annnnd!

DR:  Jesus christ!  WHY WON’T SHE STAY DOWN!?

JC:  Because she has the heart of a champion, Damon!  Penelope and Sahara could both learn a thing or two from her!

Despite kicking out, Myra Rivers is just about on dream street.  Penelope gets back to her feet and plays to the Londoners.  Rivers remains on the mat as Penelope stands over her.  She lifts Myra’s arms off the mat and places her knee against her forehead, driving her into the mat with another Leucotomy!

DR:  This time with authority!

JC:  Twooooo and Myra with a foot on the ropes!

DR:  Ugggh!  I might die right here at ringside.

Sahara bitches out the referee, Penelope gets back to her feet to argue her case, but what’s done is done.  The count is over and there was no 3.  Penelope grabs Myra by her hand and hair and pulls her to her feet before taking her down to the mat in an attempt at a crossface.  Myra though, gets a burst of energy and rolls through it before sending a kick right into Penelope’s face!

JC:  The champ still has fight!

DR:  Ahhhh god dammit.

With the separation Myra needed, she now starts to think about ending this match.  She’s come dangerously close to losing on multiple occasions and she knows that one wrong move can end it in the blink of an eye.  With Penelope getting to her feet, Myra rears back and delivers a Vixen kick to her challenger!

DR:  No!  You had it, Penelope!

JC:  Cover!  Twooo and no!  Penelope kicks out!

On the floor, Sahara appears to be in absolute agony as she continue to stop herself from interfering.  Back in the ring, Myra Rivers slowly gets back to her feet and takes a moment to goad Sahara.  The White Widow begins to get up on the apron but once again, stops herself.

Amid the distraction, Penelope rolls her up from behind in a school girl for a quick near fall.  Both women are back to their feet, but Myra was just a little quicker and turns Penelope inside out with a lariat.  Rivers gets back to her feet again and lifts Penelope to hers before hitting her in the gut and delivering a widows peak.

JC:  Rebel Bomb!  This is gonna end it!

DR:  No! No! No!

JC:  Twwwoooooooo and!

DR:  She kicked out!  She kicked out!  Penelope kicked out!

Rivers gets to her feet slowly.  Back and forth these two women have fought.  Rivers sets her up for the Spirit Breaker, but Sahara slides into the ring.

DR:  I gotta go!

JC:  Sit back down here!  DAMON!?

Back in the ring, the official warns Sahara not to do anything.  So far, she hasn’t gotten to her feet as she debates whether to go any further.  Knowing what happens if Sahara does anything, Myra shoves Penelope harmlessly to the mat.  Knowing if Sahara touches her, she’s rid of both of them indefinitely, Myra taunts Sahara.  Sahara goes to get to her feet but Damon Riggs steps through the ropes and pounces on Sahara, pinning her against the mat.

JC:  Family is family!  Damon Riggs!  Stopping Sahara from making a grave mistake!

Penelope slowly gets to her feet, but her leg buckles beneath her and she grabs the referee on her way down.  Amid the officials distraction and checking on Penelope, Damon Riggs jumps to his feet as Sahara slides out of the ring.  Rivers returns her attention to Penelope, but Damon Riggs spins Myra around…



Damon plants Myra Rivers into the mat behind the officials back with his pedigree maneuver he calls Black Out and quickly exits the ring to the floor.


Penelope pushes the referee away and drags herself to cover Myra Rivers.




JC:  NO!


WINNER:  and NEW XWF World Heavyweight Champion
Penelope by pinfall (31:56)

The bell rings and rapid fire pyro explodes all over the O2 Arena, all over London, as Myra River’s reign ends and Penelope’s reign begins.  A smiling Damon Riggs and a celebratory Sahara enter the ring to join the new champion.

JC:  I am completely sick to my stomach!  I can not believe what I’ve just seen!  A vast conspiracy has just unfolded tonight between Damon Riggs, Sahara and the new world champion Penelope!

Myra Rivers was robbed!

A new era begins for Madness with Penelope as its world heavyweight champion!

Ladies and gentlemen!  All of you here in the arena, all of you watching at home… for as long as you live, for as long as you are a fan of this business… you will always Remember… Remember…. The 5th of November!!!

With the trio of co-conspirators in the ring and Penelope holding the World Championship high, the first ever Madness brand exclusive pay per view fades out.

[Image: wgqr9W2.png]

1x  XWF Universal Champion || 3x  XWF Xtreme Champion || 1x  XWF Supercontinental Champion (First)
1x  XWF Hart Champion (Last) || 2x  XWF Television Champion || 1x  XWF Tag Team Champion
1x  OCW Savage Champion || 1x IIW Tag Team Champion  || 2x  SOTM (9/20, 7/21)
2021 Male Wrestler of the Year (shared w/ Alias) || XWF Hall of Legends
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