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This promo will bore you to tears (rp1)
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11-03-2023, 04:55 PM

[We open up to see T, who is alone with his older sister Samantha at a local fair in the afternoon in Texas. As they were going to walk around to get some deep fried oreos, Samantha see’s Jonee and their six year old child walking down to see the both of them. T was shocked to see his ex lover with their daughter who he’s never seen in a long time since she was born. Then we see T kinda being off center from this odd reunion as he steps to head to the nearest washroom, about an hour past we see all four of them sitting in a local dinner in the fair having some ice cream.]

Samantha: Oh it’s been awhile we have spoken to one another Jonee! How have you and Lil Tiffany are?

Jonee: Oh we have been alright, just tryin to adjust in this heat! Tiffany is having fun here in Austin, and I am glad that you were able to help us move here. I think Tommy had given me your number in the past, I think..

[Then we see T looking at Jonne and Tiffany, who looked more like her mother as he stared into his Vanilla Ice Cream. Then Samantha decides to take T out from the dinner to speak privately to him.]

Samantha: Tommy, what is the matter with you? Why aren’t you talking to Jonee and Tiffany?

T: Look, I am just shocked that is all.. I didn’t expect to see her and our child again… i’m not going to apologize for not being social.

Samantha: Well, can you at least acknowledge  her? You know she could have been your wife many years ago.

T: Wife?... Did you ever see me try to marry any one in my life? I am as a dysfunctional piece of shit that our father ever was in relationships.

[Samantha then slap him in the face for bringing up their missing/possibly dead father whom they had never seen in over 35 years. T held his cheek and wanted to shed a tear, but he decided to hold it in as they went back into the table where Tiffany was playing with Jonee. T then had a different demeanor on his face as he speaks to them.]

T: Jonee, it’s been well.. You know…

Jonee: I know, Tommy, I know. It’s been a minute since we had spoken or thought of one another. I am not going to lie, it was odd without you being around me.

T: I know it is… well I am not sure what to say. But how has your child been doing?

Jonee: Well she’s starting 1st grade, and she’s really been doing well with her studies.

[Then he looked at Tiffany.]

T: Ah so Tiffany, I see you are smart as bookworm.

Tiffany: Eh.. not really, I just like to..umm.. Read books! I just mostly like to draw…

T: Ah cool, well I hope one day your mother will let me see your drawings one day.

[Then Tiffany looks at motherJones, and pleas for him to see her drawings, which she “reluctantly” agrees too. Then after the fair time had past, and it was getting to dusk, we see Samantha and Tiffany playing with one another, getting their face painted, while Jonee and T watch them have fun. Then T tries to look at her, but he couldn’t do it, as she too couldn’t look at him, due to how much they differed apart. Slowly, they finally look at one another to speak what was on their minds.]

Jonee: Look Tommy, let me be honest with you… I miss you, and what we had. Why did you leave me and Tiffany behind?

[T then looked on with some kinda shame in his eyes.]

T: Truth be told, I was scared… I was scared I would fail as a man. I know its my duty to be the man to protect, but I couldn’t do that since I wasn’t man enough. I had to do it to make sure I don’t fuck up anything for you and her, and I know by now you are already accounted for.

Jonee: What do you mean by that? You didn’t even try to be there for her… yes, I might have told the doctors back then to not let you in when I had Tiffany, BUT i wanted you to be around when she was growing up.

T: Wait a minute, you had them not let me see her birth.. And you expected me to be around like that? Hell I don’t even know her name or her birth certificate… somethin anit addin up–

[In the midst of their heated convo, Smanahta and Tiffany came towards them with some prizes that they collected at the booths. About some time later, they went to the parking lot of the fair, and Jonee and Tiffany waved their goodbyes, the end up going to their own homes while T and Samantha were driving to her home.]

Samantha: How was the reunion with Jonee? I bet it was spectacular!

T: I guess it was…

Samantha: I thought it would have been a great idea to rekindle you both. That’s why I had come down to see us earlier in the fair today.

T: Oh i see… i mean… that’s great and all but…

[Samantha stops at a red light and looked at T with anticipation on her face. ]

Samantha: But what Tommy? You need to think about her and your child… you are getting to old for this whole being on the road doing the rapper shit. Dad wouldn’t like it that you hung around a black and hispanic guy at all.

T: What does that supposed to mean? Let me guess, you are warped up into his racist rhetoric… Why am I not shocked that he chose you to be a card member of the Klan when you were in high school!

[Samantha then pulls to the side of the road, then she stopped the car. Then she looked at T with a look of disdain, as she beat up on him. T couldn’t do much to defend himself from her attacks, so he unbuckled his seat belt and opened the car door. As he steps out the door, she screams for him to get back in the car, but he refuses.]




[T then smashes the door closed on her pickup truck, and she drives away with speed as T was left to fend for himself on the road. About half a mile down, he finds solace in a local walmart where he sat at the side of the entrance way. People kept mistaking him for a beggar so they randomly threw some spare change at him. After some time passed, he called an uber to take him from the spot to the AirBnB he and the thugs rented for the week. It was going to 10pm and T entered the house where Reggie was out for the night, leaving JB only one there sitting in the living room where he ends up heading to to talk to him.]

JB:  T what’s up man?

T: A lot of shit bro… it’s my sister man. She left me on the road to fend for myself.

JB: What happened?

T: She invited me to a fair, and my old girl Jonee and her child Tiffany came along and all hell broke loose from there.

JB: Ah shit man… I know it shook you to see her and your child together once again.

T: It was, but now… I kinda don’t ever want to see them again for as long as I live. Jonee held me back to see Tiffany’s birth… Samantha goin on her racist shit… man, my life sucks down here, which is why I will never want to deal with her again for as long as we are touring here.

[JB then hands T some cold beers from the fridge, and he opens it and the toast towards one another as they drank the night away in the living room as the scene fades off.]

[Image: kingdom-hearts2-the-world-that-never-was.gif]

“You could say compared to the three of us, i’m the blackhart of the group, a black sheep if you will to put things into perspective. I never was the best wrestler, nor talker, but I had something of a heart within my own time in this business. But sometimes, even outside of it, I know I am not exactly the best man in the planet earth, but who truly is? I could be slapped with a label of dead beat father, a non racist bigot in a house full of some and others you can think of when you see me down the streets.

Well, I will say that no matter what you think of me, I might not be anyone’s favorite either in my personal life or in the ring, but that's why I have mine with me to be with me at all times. You see, family might have differences, and all that shit, well look how I turned out. The main thing is, I am not out here tryin to burn the US capital down due to some bullshit with rigged elections running amuck. I am not tryin to pick sides, because my viewpoints wouldn’t matter to an average American who looks just like me.

In the words of Slim Shady, “I could be one of your kids/Eric looks like me/Erica loves my shit”, oh you know where I am coming from with that stance. Where it’s coming from is a point that someone would end up in places they feel like they don’t belong in, and I want to say that sometimes life can be like that for many. I could have backed away from my fair excursion that was under false pretense of a sibling reunion which turned into an awkward affair for me. So at the end of the day, I could be overthinking how life itself can be a cruel twist of fate for someone like me on the lowest level of difficulty.

What I mean is, I remember once ago that I was in line for a shot at the Television championship but never had that moment to hop into the sunshine to walk in it. I wanted to feel good, but I couldn’t get that at all, so I ventured into st elsewhere to find another happy place. That’s why I roamed away from that TV scene itself, too many want that high of the fifteen minutes of fame just for it to burn down with the most quickness of itself. We all can’t be in that fifteen minutes of fame, but yet we want to reach that molten hill itself to achieve it.

I’ve seen that belt come on many people, some made it good, some made the reigns look like something out of a Tommy Wiseau movie where it was poorly acted out, having strange moments, and overall sameness that will be in it’s history bank. Well, I have to put my name out there to fight for the fifteen minutes of “fame” against someone like Bulk Logan who has that honorable distinction.

Plus from what I heard, he gets to lay out the stipulation for his “fame” as the champion. To that I shall say, whatever comes out of his ramblin 'mouth, I am ready for anything that is put in front of me, period. I know I will not be on his radar, but I know that I am laser focused on ending his fifteen minutes of “fame” as the champion, but from what I can gather in the wrestling logic is that someone who obtained the straps has got to remain as the champion, and well he did defeat one of North Korean War Criminal’s secret ally in Y’ALL KNOW WHO not that long ago, I am not going to get my hopes up to truly dethrone this copyright infringement of a closted sex tape and racist man who I shall not bear his name out here.

So Bulky Bulk and the muscle bunch, I want you to make sure you come out ranting about your 12 inch pythons and usher in something that the powers that be can muster out they ass, because I know full well that I will tear that ass up and leave you juicy in your own crimson mask, brother!


But nah for real, I will come out of this thing with something to prove, and you can bet on that jack!”
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