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The Reign of Thunder
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10-27-2023, 02:51 PM

TK and Jimmy find themselves trapped inside a crude wooden cage that appears to have been hastily made. The cage is situated in a clearing just outside the heart of the dense Amazon jungle. The ground beneath them is damp but not muddy. The cage itself is made of logs and vines, held together by a combination of primitive craftsmanship and natural materials. The bars are uneven, and there are gaps in the construction, allowing glimpses of the leader's hut in the distance. Around the cage, the two large indigenous warriors stand guard, their bodies adorned with feathers and bone ornaments. They are dressed in animal skins and smell of shit.

Look at these primitive fucks. I bet they've never seen a rassling match once in their fucking lives.

They've probably never seen a television before, Thunder Knuckles.

TK appears taken aback by this news, clearly assuming that everyone should be well aware of what television is in 2023. TK shakes his head, convinced that Bulk Logan isn't fulfilling his obligations.

What boring goddamn lives.

Each warrior holds a crude but menacing spear, and their watchful eyes are locked on the captives. The sounds of the jungle fill the air, with the distant calls of exotic birds, the rustling of unseen creatures in the woods meters away, not to mention the rhythmic beating of drums that the villagers are playing. TK and Jimmy are left to think about their fate inside the wooden cage.

Alright, are you fucking ready, or what?

For what?

TK displays a hint of irritation in response to Jimmy's incompetence.

I told you I have a damn plan.

TK, I get that we need to escape, but this plan of yours could get us killed. These warriors are armed, and we're unarmed.

No shit.

We don't even know the layout of this village, and they've got drums playing, which means they're paying attention.

Quit being a bitch, Jimmy, but if we don't do something, we might not make it out of here at all. We need to create a fucking distraction, or something, and catch them off guard. We can figure out our next move once we're out of the cage.

Jimmy hesitates for a moment, weighing the options.

Alright, TK, but let's make sure it's a well-thought-out plan. What's your idea?

TK leans in closer to Jimmy, outlining his plan in a hushed tone.

We need to create a fucking commotion, something that draws their attention away from the goddamn cage.

You said that already.

TK looks annoyed by Jimmy's comment.

You see those damn vines over there? If we can loosen them, we might be able to create the distraction we fucking need by making it look like we're trying to escape.

We are trying to escape.

That could buy us the time we need to do to get out of this bullshit cage.

Jimmy nods, understanding the plan.

Okay, that could work, but what about the spears? How do we deal with those?

We'll have to be quick. Once the distraction is in full effect, we make a goddamn run for it, away from the cage and those idiot fucking warriors. It'll be a risky run, they might shoot at you with arrows, or some shit, but it's our best shot.

Jimmy takes a deep breath, preparing himself for what's to come.

Alright, TK, let's do it. But remember, we need to time this perfectly, or it could be our last move.

Just wait for me just inside of the jungle, over there. Do you fucking see it?

TK points toward the designated spot where he wants Jimmy to wait. With their plan in place, TK and Jimmy await the right moment to put it into action, all while the rhythmic beating of the village drums serves as a constant reminder of the danger that surrounds them. As the plan goes off without a hitch, Jimmy begins to loosen the vines near the cage, making it seem like they're attempting to escape. The indigenous warriors, alerted by the commotion, turn their attention toward the cage. The distant village drums continue to beat, but their focus shifts to the captives. TK seizes the moment, knowing that he must act quickly. With a look of pure hatred in his eyes, he kicks at the cage door, again, and again. He begins pushing it, it opens when he places all his strength into it. He burst out of the cage, ready for whatever may come. Jimmy sprints away from the scene, his heart pounding with the fear and the happiness of freedom. Jimmy's head is filled with a singular purpose: to escape the immediate danger and return to the jungle where he plans to wait for TK to come find him. TK finds himself surrounded by a group of Indigenous Warriors. Their faces are painted with weird patterns. They aren't intimidated, they're mostly curious and guarded. No one has ever broken out of their cage before. TK cracks his neck and clenches his fists, ready for the impending battle.

You fucks are standing between me and one of the best goddamn paydays of my life.

He knows that to reach the leader, he has to go through these warriors first. With a swift move, one of the warriors leaps at TK with a spear, but he manages to dodge the attack just in time. In response, TK grabs his spear, spins, now has control of the spear himself and jams it into his side. The warrior falls lifelessly to the ground. The other warriors waste no time and close in on TK. They launch a coordinated attack, throwing punches and kicks at him from all directions. TK's deceptive skill set comes into play as he evades their blows with agility and counters with his own strikes. He executes a Super Kick, taking down one warrior, and follows it with a well-timed Spear to another. Despite their old-school hard training, the indigenous warriors struggle to keep up with TK's unpredictable moves. TK's superior strength and modern-day training is evident. He knows he has to reach the leader, and nothing will stand in his way. With each warrior he defeats, he inches closer to his goal. His energy and resilience seem never-ending. The warriors fight bravely, but it is clear that TK is hell-bent on making it to their leader. He dodges spears and shields, unleashing his Bastardly power while taking down his opponents. Finally, after a grueling battle, TK stands over the fallen indigenous warriors as they lay in heaps. The leader, observing this display of strength, finally steps forward, acknowledging TK's prowess. With rain falling and mud being made beneath their feet, the air is filled with tension as TK and the Leader of the Indigenous Peoples' tribe stare into each other's eyes with cruel intent. TK, known for his tricky skill set, is determined to prove his abilities. The Leader of the Indigenous Peoples, the FIERCEST WARRIOR, stands his ground with unwavering resolution.

I’m gonna bust that ass, son!

TK lunges forward, attempting to grab the leader's shoulders and execute a Scoop Slam. But the leader swiftly sidesteps, avoiding TK's grasp. In a quick countermove, he delivers a powerful punch to TK's jaw. Stumbling backward, TK regains his footing and attempts to lock the leader into an Armbar. The leader resists, his muscles bulging as he fights to break free. With a commanding heave, the leader lifts TK off the ground and slams him into the cold mud.


TK groans but manages to rise to his feet. The two opponents lock eyes again, and they engage in a Test of Strength. Muscles strain as they vie for dominance, neither willing to give an inch. With a sudden burst of energy, TK executes an Alabama Slam, lifting the leader into the air before driving him forcefully into the ground. But the leader is a relentless man, and with a devastating kick, he sends TK sprawling to the ground.

We ain't done yet, Bitch Fist!

The battle rages on, unrelenting in its pace. Each move met with a countermove. TK unleashes a Super Kick, aiming for the leader's head, but the leader dodges it with a well-timed tackle. They crash to the ground, wrestling in the mud. TK tries to hold the leader's head in the mud to suffocate the man. The leader turns his head and tries to bite TK's fingers, attempting to weaken his grip. TK responds with punches to the leader's side, forcing him to release his jaws. The battle is back and forth with strikes and grapples. The fight moves forward and TK has the upper hand, TK executes a Running Knee, charging toward the leader with all his might. But the leader, displaying extraordinary agility, ducks under the attack, and TK collides with the tree behind him. TK falls to the ground, and the leader takes advantage of the opportunity, delivering a powerful stomp to TK's chest. TK gasps for air, his strength waning. The leader, showing no mercy, attempts to bite TK's nose, but he narrowly evades the attack by rolling away from the savage. With a final burst of strength, the leader picks TK up and throws him like a small child, sending TK sliding into the mud. He lands with a splat, appearing defeated and bruised. But just when it seems the leader has claimed victory, TK summons the last of his energy. With a blood-curdling roar.


TK picks himself up from the ground, rushes his opponent, and kicks the leader square in the nuts. The powerful kick courses pain through his body like an electrical wave, sending him falling into the mud. A smirk forms on TK's face because he's been waiting for this exact moment.

It's over, Shit-bird.

As the leader lies on his back, TK grabs his right foot, hooks it into his armpit, and falls backward. As the bottom of the leader's foot hits the ground the shock sends shivers through his nervous system all the way into the brain, rendering him incapacitated. TK has seized the opportunity, like he always does, and now stands victorious. The tribe stands stunned as their leader has been beaten in one-on-one combat.

Well, come on you pieces of shit! Who’s next?

Only one of the warriors walks forward, stopping in front of his leader. He kneels down to check if the leader is still breathing. He is but faintly. The warrior turns to the others and gives a speech in their tongue. Once the warrior is done talking he turns to TK and takes a knee. As he does the rest of the villagers follow suit.

What the fuck is this now?

Jimmy, who had left the jungle once he saw his hero win the battle, stealthily creeps up behind TK.

They must thin-

Jimmy's sudden appearance startles TK, and he swiftly retaliates by throwing a Spinning Elbow, connecting with Jimmy's jaw. Jimmy crumples to the ground, dazed and mumbling the words.

I think you’re their new leader.

Looking down at, and on, Jimmy, he responds.

I don’t want to be their leader! I want to go to Savage and defend my Universal Championship!


Slowly, Jimmy manages to lift himself back onto his feet.

Now that you’re their leader. Maybe, just maybe, they can tell us how to get out of here.

At that moment, it was as though a light bulb had illuminated above TK's head, signifying the birth of a brilliant idea.

Oh, shit!


I just had an idea!

Well, Spill the beans already.

Now that I’m their leader. I’ll just make them tell us how to get out of here!

Jimmy sighs, aware that he'll never receive the recognition he's due.

I literally just said that.

No, you said they might, I’m saying that I’m going to make them!

Turning to face the people he now leads, with the rain still pouring down, TK starts to make his plea.

Bastards and Bastardettes, friends, and foes, gather around, today I stand before you as the embodiment of a leader, ready to deliver the word of the Bastardly Father and about the ultimate prize that every asshole should aspire to claim, the Universal Championship. In our business, we villains are often misunderstood. We are demonized and written off as the antagoers in the history books of XWF.

Jimmy can't resist correcting TK.


TK continues with a glare that could pierce through Jimmy's soul.

Shut the fuck up, Jimmy. I'm giving a passionate speech here. But, my fellow fuck-faces, let me tell you that being the Universal Champion is the only thing that truly matters, and here's why. First of all, the Universal Championship is a symbol of BOB supremacy. It represents our domination and control over all who dare to stand in our goddamn way. To become the Universal Champion is to declare to the world that we are the baddest, the most cunning, the most ruthless, heh, the most RELENTLESS. It is proof of our power and just how large our sphere of influence truly is.

Shaking his head, convinced of the truth in every word he speaks, TK proceeds.

Being the Universal Champion grants us the respect and fear that we so rightfully deserve. It ensures that everyone, from heroes to fellow villains, recognizes our authority and our superiority. With this championship around my waist, we command attention and demand the cheers and boos of the masses. It's a feeling like no other, and it's something I, and the rest of BOB, all strive for.

TK clenches his fist, calling upon the Bastardly Father to help guide him.

But there's more to it than just the fucking recognition. The Universal Championship opens doors to opportunities that no one else can get. It's the golden ticket of dreams, Edward cashed in his, but I rule this universe with dominance and aggression. With this championship, we have the platform to spread our violence far and wide. We can create chaos, confusion, and disorder on an unrivaled scale.

With the knowledge that the Bastardly Father is with him in spirit, a smirk forms once again on TK's face.

Let's not forget the fucking wealth that comes with being the Universal Champion. My success in finance is unmatched, and with it, it ensures that BOB continues our Bastardly journey. To the members of BOB, we didn't just seek this championship for personal gain. Fuck no, we took it to make our mark on the world. It is our ticket to leaving a legacy of BOB for generations to come. We will be remembered as a stable that has held the top prize XWF has to offer a stunning three times and counting! But, make no mistake, I must euthanize-

Jimmy interjects, once again correcting TK.


TK distributes a sharp slap across Jimmy's face, leaving a red welt that quickly begins to swell.

I said shut the fuck up! Where was I? Oh, yeah, with great power, comes great opportunities. Being the Universal Champion is not just about taking what we want. No, It is about using our newfound supremacy to bring our vision of anarchy to life. It is about ensuring that the world bows down to our will, not the other way around.

TK is well aware that the entire roster is scrutinizing his every move, and he extends a challenge to them.

I challenge each and every one of you in the locker room to set your sights on the Universal Championship, it’s the goddamn pinnacle of our business. The path will be filled with betrayals and treachery, but remember, these are the very tools of our fucking trade. Embrace your inner asshole, rise above the dumb-ass heroes, and try to claim the Universal Championship from me. I set the standard, and many of you don't meet it.

TK's demeanor becomes more serious, but his newly trademarked arrogant smile remains on his face.

I have brought forth an era of tyranny that will echo throughout XWF's history. The Universal Championship is not just a title; it is a symbol of BOB's power, our authority, and BOB's legacy. My fucking legacy!

Rubbing his hands together, TK turns his attention to the people who have helped him get to this height.

So, BOB, let’s not be content with being just antagoers in the history books. Let us rise to the occasion, keep the Universal Championship safe in our hands, and leave our violent mark on this company! The time of BOB has arrived again, and together, we’ll bend this place over and butt fuck the entire Universe! Oh, and If Edward thinks he's going to be able to walk out of Eastern State Penitentiary taking BOB's legacy, then he's in for the fight of his life. I will walk out the Universal Anarchy Champion. October 28th isn't just my first official defense of the Universal Championship, no, it is the day my Hall of Legends story begins with the defeat of Edward. This one’s for you BOB D.

With a thumbs up and a wink, TK continues.

BOBs people of the Rainforest!

Raising his head skyward, looking directly into the clouds, TK stretches his arms wide and shouts out with conviction.

Take me back to civilization! Where I will conquer Edward, a whole brand in Anarchy, become the leader of another inferior tribe, and dominate XWF!

As TK brings his gaze back down to BOB's new tribe in the Rainforest, the rain comes to an end. The sound of drums echoes through the rainforest, pulsating in rhythm with nature's heartbeat. The warriors within the tribe commence a synchronized beat by striking their spears against their shields, harmonizing with the drums. Their voices rise in a spirited chant and grunts, expressing their devotion in their native tongue. It's evident to all that this display is in honor of their new leader, Thunder Knuckles, now hailed as their supreme ruler, the sovereign of all.

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