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Into the Mad Scientist's Lab
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10-21-2023, 01:07 AM

Bobby, being on vacation, is not in his office. It’s dark, nothing to see besides the creepy puppet of Bobby Bourbon, laying haplessly against the back of his desk chair. It’s a fine red leather chair. The puppet, with it’s dead cold eyes, lies eerily in the glow of the light of Bobby’s laptop. Suddenly, the light briefly flashes red against the puppet, if only for a nanosecond, but the change is noticeable immediately. The puppet sits up, rubs its eyes, blinking, and hops down from the chair.

He walks over to the door leading out and opens it. The rest of the dojo is still and silent, save Duncan Donuts, serving all night long. Nobody there notices as the puppet approaches Mini Morbid along with a few other Minis Legends of the XWF. They’re all dressed like hot dogs. The Bobby puppet nods and puts on a hot dog costume.

Alright, I always wanted to do this! It’s Halloween, so we’re going through the mad scientist’s lab!

Hey XWF, the real me is off in Barbados on vacation, and he's just watching the grass grow! No, that’s not a euphemism, there’s a horticultural expo down here, and real me is surrounded by the most swell sod and finest fescues imaginable. Anyway, I’m going on a tour of my secret laboratory!

What horrors have I done? I don’t know, I’m just a hapless puppet!

The puppet shrugs. It leads Mini Morbid and the other Minis down a hall and to an elevator. The puppet climbs on Mini Morbid’s shoulders and places it’s weird puppet eye to a retinal scanner. The elevator opens. It speaks, like it’s straight out of science fiction.

Welcome, Mr. Bourbon.

The puppet hops off of Mini Morbid’s shoulders and they lead the Minis into the elevator. The puppet reaches up to press an elevator floor button, but it’s articulation isn’t that sophisticated!


Uh oh. Pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to do that!

The Minis all groan, having to stop at each and every floor on the way down now. The elevator stops.

Animal Testing.

The Minis all look on in horror, what was Bobby doing to the animals? The doors slide open, and we see a Literal Gorilla sitting at a desk with a computer monitor on it, taking his LSAT. Beside him is 40 Squirrels in a trench coat and in a people shape also taking the test.

Well, I do always know how to lower the bar!

The Minis groan again. The doors slide shut, and the elevator descends. Slowly. It stops, and the elevator again enunciates what to expect.


The Minis stop, stunned. The doors side open, and we see a morgue. An empty autopsy table sits in a spotless brightly lit room. Closed doors to refrigerated storage lockers are seen on either side, along with a stack of folders neatly arranged atop a shelf. The elevator door slides shut.

Guys, I don’t know why I have a morgue. I know on one of these floors the real me is growing bushes that sprout hot dogs, and they’re not vegan. The plants are carnivorous, they eat bugs. So they’re kind of bug hot dogs, but still!

The Minis all look and nod in approval. Bugs or hot dogs, they’re hungry. The elevator stops again.

Tissue Reanimation Research.

The Minis look puzzled as the door opens. Inside, the stillness and quiet of the room is belied by the sound of a lone hamster ball rolling on the floor.

Oh, cute, I have a pet, guys!

The ball rolls toward the elevator, but the Minis look on in terror at what’s inside. Some thing that used to be a rat, or a guinea pig, or maybe parts of both, churns in agony within, moving the ball towards them. An ooze seeps from it’s ears. Instinctively, Mini Morbid kicks the hamster ball. It collides with the wall on the far end of the room, shattering, and the thing inside lands with a thud on a console. As it does, an alarm sounds.

Containment Zone Unsecured.


The horrific rodent monster stands up, and darts for the elevator, which narrowly closes before it can get inside.

Guys, what the hell have I been doing?

The Minis all look well terrified as the elevator descends further.

Waste Disposal.

The door slides open as we see a passageway and a few dumpsters. The Minis all hold their noses from the stench.

Huh, you’d think this would be higher up.

The buzzing of flies encircle the trash buildup that either Bobby or one of his underlings had simply neglected since he’d been on vacation. Suddenly, the garbage shambles a bit. One of the Minis gasps, and the garbage shambles even more. From the garbage we see what looks like another rodent monstrosity, until it’s all too evident what it is.

A reanimated squirrel.

Holy shit, what the fuck have I been doing to the squirrels?

The frankensquirrel chitters for a moment, and another emerges from the garbage. Then another. Then another. In no time at all, well over a dozen zombiefied reanimated soulless squirrels are staring down the Minis in the elevator. They stop and stare. The doors slowly close.

Why didn’t, um, why didn’t they chase us?

The elevator descends and stops, and as it does, it says one thing.

Containment Zone.

The doors slide open, and within is absolute wreckage. The lights flicker, the room has been ransacked by something. The lights flicker again, and a desk is hurled into the elevator car by something big, and unknown. The Minis shriek in terror as an unholy, gurgling roar overtakes them. The lights in the elevator go dark as whatever was lurking in the Containment Zone charges in.

[Image: gDnntnQ.png]
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