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10-15-2023, 12:33 PM


Edward finds himself imprisoned in a strange land called Tromaville. 

He's initially accused of being a "Radioactive Neanderthal Renegade" by Sargent Kabukiman NYPD, a peculiar figure dressed in Japanese Kabuki attire. 

Edward desperately denies any wrongdoings and explains that he arrived through a portal, and he needs to find his way home to defeat someone named Thunder Knuckle and retrieve the "biggest shiny"–A token of much significance in Edward's world. 

The mention of Thunder Knuckle surprises Sargent Kabukiman, who is familiar with him but by a slightly different name, Thunder Knuckles. 

This Thunder Knuckles is known in Tromaville as a fearsome adversary.

Edward explains his history of fighting for shiny objects in his world, which represent honor and strength. He passionately talks about a prized "shiny" that Thunder Knuckle took and explains the importance of retrieving it for the good of his tribe.

Kabukiman and Toxie share their story, revealing that Thunder Knuckles had once been an ally, but later betrayed them to a corporate villain named Corey Smith. Smith, with Thunder Knuckles' help, has turned Tromaville into a toxic wasteland.

Seeing mutual goals, Edward proposes an alliance, suggesting they combine their strengths to defeat their common enemy. 

Both Kabukiman and The Toxic Avenger agree, welcoming Edward as an honorary member of their group, "the Toxic Crusaders". 

Together, they resolve to reclaim Tromaville and bring justice to those who wronged them.

In the dimly lit, grungy backroom of an old warehouse in Tromaville, the notorious Thunder Knuckles sat with an air of arrogance. The desk in front of him was a chaotic mess, covered with stacks of stolen cash, scattered weapons, and other items of ill intent. 

[Image: Untitled-3.jpg]

Around him, the Radioactive Neanderthal Renegades scrambled, trying to keep up with his unpredictable and often cruel demands. 

A brawny renegade was on his knees, shining Thunder Knuckles' shoes, while another fumbled trying to refill his whiskey glass without spilling. A third was desperately attempting to count the money, receiving a slap on the back of his head every time he made a mistake.

"Move faster you fucking jerk-offs!" 

Suddenly, the door swung open with a bang. 

The room fell silent, save for the soft creaking of the overhead fan. 

All heads turned to see Corey Smith, the actual power behind Thunder Knuckles, stride in. Corey was different, a sharp dresser with a calculated calm that contrasted starkly with Thunder Knuckles’ volatile demeanor.

Thunder Knuckles immediately straightened up, almost knocking over his whiskey. The cigar was promptly extinguished, and he stood up, attempting to wipe the Cheeto crumbs off his suit. 

This ferocious leader, who was just moments ago barking orders, had transformed into a subservient underling.

"Corey!!!" he greeted, voice shaking slightly. "What brings you here?"

Corey smirked, taking a moment to survey the room. 

The renegades remained motionless, their eyes fixated on the floor, fearful of catching his attention. 

With a voice dripping in cold authority, he responded, "Just checking in on my investments."

Corey stepped closer, the dim light overhead cast a shadow across his face, but his eyes seemed to pierce through the darkness with their own inner light. 

They fixated on Thunder Knuckles with an intensity that made the man tremble.

"TK..." Corey began, his tone cold and deliberate, "Do you really think I invested all this time and resources into creating a gang of Radioactive Neanderthal Renegades just so they could shine your shoes and pour you whiskey?"

Thunder Knuckles swallowed hard, his throat suddenly feeling very dry. "I thought they could use some discipline, Mr. Smith."

Corey's laughter echoed in the room, both cold and humorless. "Discipline? Is that what you call this? Wasting the potential of our most valuable assets on frivolous tasks? These are not mere henchmen, TK. They are a force, one that should be utilized strategically, not wasted on your whims."

One Neanderthal, crouched near Thunder Knuckles' feet, dared to look up, a fleeting smirk crossing his face as he saw the once dominant TK so demoralized.

Feeling the gaze, Thunder Knuckles locked eyes with the Neanderthal. 

Without a word, he delivered a swift kick to the renegade's face, sending him sprawling backwards. 


TK landed a few more blows to the Neanderthal's side. The Radioactive Renegade curled into a protective ball, choosing not to retaliate but to endure the fury until it was spent.

Corey's sharp voice cut through the tension like a knife. "Enough."

Thunder Knuckles froze mid-motion, his fist raised, ready for another blow. He slowly turned his head towards Corey, defiance and fear playing across his face.

Corey walked closer, stopping inches from Thunder Knuckles, and with a swift motion, snatched the stubbed cigar from TK's hand and tossed it aside.

"What did you hope to achieve here?" Corey asked, his tone dripping thick with condescension. "A display of power? Or merely satisfying your petty ego?"

Thunder Knuckles tried to find words, but they escaped him. His bravado had evaporated, replaced by an overwhelming sense of vulnerability. He could feel the weight of Corey's gaze, and the suppressed snickers from the Radioactive Renegades didn't help.

"You think this show of force makes you look strong?" Corey continued, circling TK like a predator around its prey. "It merely shows how weak and insecure you truly are."

He paused, allowing his words to sink in, before leaning in closer, his voice dropping to a menacing whisper. "Every time you belittle them, every time you waste their potential, you undermine our operation. And more importantly, you undermine me."

Corey straightened up, the intensity in his eyes never wavering. "This is your last warning, TK. Get your act together, or I'll find someone else who can."

He gave a dismissive wave towards the door, signaling the end of the confrontation. 

Thunder Knuckles, still reeling from the verbal lashing, fumbled with his suit jacket and made his way toward the door. He could hear the faint amused whisperings of the Radioactive Neanderthals behind him.

Stepping out into the dimly lit corridor. The echo of the closing door was the only sound as he made his way out of the warehouse.

Once outside, he pulled out his phone, quickly dialing a number he knew all too well. After a few rings, a cautious voice answered, "Yeah?"

"Jimmy!" Thunder Knuckles growled, "We're moving up the timeline."

There was a pause on the other end, a clear sign of hesitation. "TK, we talked about this. The next phase is complex. We can't just rush it."

"That motherfucker disrespected me for the last time!" Thunder Knuckles spat, his voice laced with bitterness. "There was a time when I had to put up with his fucking bullshit and play second fiddle, but that time's over."

Jimmy sighed. "Look, I get it, but—"

"We have everything we need, don't we? The DNA, the tech, the scientists. We can clone our own damn army of Radioactive Neanderthals. With them, we won't need Corey or his money."

Jimmy's voice was strained, searching for reason. "TK, Corey's got connections, power. Going against him now, especially without a fully operational army... it's risky."

"We don't have a choice!" Thunder Knuckles hissed. "Every day he's in the picture, MY position weakens. I'm not waiting another fucking minute!"

Jimmy took a deep breath. "Alright, if we're doing this, we need to be smart. Coordinated. This can't be a half-assed attempt, it needs to be a sure shot."

"You just get things moving on your end!" Thunder Knuckles commanded. "I've been disrespected for the last Goddamned time, and that bastard is going to fucking pay!"

Thunder Knuckles exhaled deeply, gripping the phone tightly as his anger simmered beneath the surface. "Just make sure everything's ready FIRST-THING TOMORROW MORNING, Jimmy, or it'll be you I'm snubbing next!" he yelled with a finality in his voice, ending the call.

The night air around him was cold, but TK's mind was ablaze with thoughts of revenge and power.

Meanwhile, across Tromaville, in a dead forest plagued by toxic sludge, Edward sat by a campfire.

The sharp sound of stone against stone was rhythmic as he sharpened his spears.

Every so often, he'd inspect the tip, ensuring its lethal precision.

The soft crunch of footsteps on decayed leaves announced the arrival of two figures.

The Toxic Avenger, and Kabukiman, approached Edward cautiously.

Edward looked up, his expression unreadable.

Kabukiman stepped forward, his colorful attire seeming almost out of place amidst the bleakness of the toxic forest. "Edward, we've received some intel on Thunder Knuckles' next move. It seems he's planning something big. We need to act fast."

Toxie, his voice deep and gravelly, added, "We've been told that something is going to go down tomorrow morning. We don't know what, but if he succeeds, not only Tromaville but every place on Earth could be in danger."


The three gathered around the fire, its warm glow bouncing off their faces as they debated the next steps.

"The warehouse," Toxie began, "is where Thunder Knuckles and Corey converge. It's their hub. If we strike there, we cripple their operation."

Kabukiman chimed in. "But it's swarming with those Radioactive Neanderthal Renegades. We can't just waltz in. Even if we did manage to take them all out, Thunder Knuckles and Corey would have plenty of time to escape."

Edward's eyes lit up as he gestured to himself. "EDWARD MAKE DISTRACTION. YOU ENTER!"

Considering the suggestion, Kabukiman said, "Your look could be our edge. They'll be baffled, thinking you're one of them."

Toxie nodded. "That split-second of confusion is all we need."

"But it would be a suicide mission." Kabukiman added.

"EDWARD NOT SCARED!" He said, pounding his chest. "EDWARD STRONGEST WARRIOR!"

With EDWARD completely on board, ideas flew, strategies formed, and the group pieced together a plan, tapping into each other's strengths and insights.

As the night wore on, they dissected every potential challenge, leaving no stone unturned. 

The magnitude of their task was clear: Tromaville's future hinged on their success.

As they prepared to rest, Toxie turned to Edward with gratitude in his eyes. "Having you with us makes a difference, Edward. We're up against formidable odds, but with unity, we stand a chance."

Determination marked Edward's face as he responded. "EDWARD READY. EDWARD LEARN ALL ABOUT HOW COLLECTIVE WORK!"

The last embers of the fire flickered out, plunging the toxic woods into darkness. But within that void, a bond of unity and purpose had been forged, readying them for the looming confrontation. 

To... Be... Continued...

[Image: EDWARDvs-YOU.png]

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