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10-26-2023, 09:06 AM


In the demonic realm of Hell, EDWARD defied all odds and defeated the Demon King, Asmodeus. With victory in hand, a portal appeared, beckoning him home. 

But, to his horror, home was nowhere in sight.

Instead, he found himself in a dystopian side-quest, where a raging green mutant overpowered and left him unconscious.

When EDWARD awakened, he was greeted not by familiar faces, but by a curious individual named Sargent Kabukiman NYPD, accusing him of being a renegade. Desperate to clarify his identity and intentions, EDWARD revealed his mission to reclaim the powerful "SHINY" from Thunder Knuckles.

This revelation intrigued Kabukiman and, unexpectedly, united him with the once hostile Toxic Avenger. The two shared the tragic story of Tromaville's fall under Thunder Knuckles' and Corey Smith's tyranny. Amid the revelations, a unified plan emerged: EDWARD, with his unwavering spirit and strength, would join forces with the Toxic Crusaders to reclaim Tromaville and restore its former glory.

Thunder Knuckles reigned supreme in his warehouse lair, surrounded by the obedient and fearful Radioactive Neanderthal Renegades. 

However, the true puppet master, Corey Smith, makes an unexpected visit, reprimanding Thunder Knuckles for wasting the potential of their powerful renegades on trivial tasks. Humiliated, Thunder Knuckles plots a swift retaliation against Corey.

Elsewhere, in the toxic wasteland, Edward, the Toxic Avenger, and Kabukiman receive intel about Thunder Knuckles' upcoming plot. 

Banding together, they strategize a plan to infiltrate Thunder Knuckles' hub, with Edward volunteering to be the sacrificial distraction. 

From his concealed observation point, EDWARD watched in disgust at the Radioactive Neanderthal Renegades' deplorable behavior. Their absence of honor and careless squandering of power ignited a deep anger within him, propelling him into battle.

His initial assault was a force to be reckoned with, taking down Neanderthals with unmatched strength. 

However, as they swarmed in greater numbers, the tide began to turn against him. 

Even with his unmatched might and battle skills, EDWARD couldn't withstand the ceaseless onslaught of Neanderthals.

The loud commotion outside the warehouse was unmistakable, even over the hum of machinery and murmured conversations inside. 

Thunder Knuckles had been immersed in plotting the next phase of his nefarious plan to eliminate Corey Smith and dominate Tromaville.

His clenched fists shook in anger as he stormed towards the entrance of his lair. 

"What in the blazing hells is going on out there?!" He bellowed at a group of Renegades who were standing guard. Before they could muster a response, he sent them outside with a dismissive wave. "All of you, go! Handle whatever fucking idiot thought it wise to cause trouble in MY territory!"

Only two of the trusted Renegades remained inside, their gazes darting nervously to the entrance every few seconds. 

TK growled, pacing the warehouse's cold, concrete floor. "Incompetent fools," he muttered. "Every single one of them."

As if the situation couldn't get any worse, the door to the main chamber swung open with an assertive bang, revealing the smug face of Corey Smith.

"TKAAAAY," Corey drawled with a smirk, his eyes scanning the nearly empty warehouse. "Having a bit of a personnel problem, are we?"

Thunder Knuckles sneered, his grip tightening on the armrest of his throne like chair. "What do you want, Corey?"

Corey leisurely circled TK, picking at imagined lint on his own immaculate suit. "Oh, just checking in on my favorite failure. From the looks of it, you've allowed some sort of chaotic mess to brew right under your nose. Again."

TK's face reddened with fury. "This is a minor disturbance. The Renegades will have it sorted out."

"But that's just the thing, Knuckles," Corey taunted. "You've given the people of Tromaville a chance to breathe. To hope. You should've had your goons on them constantly. Instead, you've let them rally. Gather strength."

Thunder Knuckles' temples pulsed with anger. He hated being undermined, ESPECIALLY by the likes of Corey Smith. 

Corey continued, his voice dripping with disdain. "You're sloppy, TK. Perhaps I would be better off putting one of them in charge?" Corey pointed to the two Renegade's standing guard at the door. 

Something inside Thunder Knuckles snapped. In a flash, he reached for a baseball bat leaning against his chair, a relic from his rougher days. Without a second's hesitation, he lunged at Corey, swinging the bat with all his might. "FUCK YOU!"

Corey staggered back, barely dodging the full force of TK's wild swing. The bat clattered against a metal shelf, sending echoes throughout the warehouse.

Thunder Knuckles, panting heavily, glared at Corey with wild, frenzied eyes. "Do you have any idea how sick I am of you, Corey?" He spat. "Every single day, it's 'TK this', 'TK that'. Always criticizing, always belittling, always thinking you're better than me."

Corey, though taken aback, quickly regained his composure. He straightened his suit jacket, looking down his nose at TK. "Maybe because I am better." He shot back. "At least I have a clear vision and the brains to execute it. You? You're nothing more than a brute with delusions of grandeur."

TK's voice trembled with fury. "That's where you're wrong, Corey. I've got plans. Big plans. Dreams that extend far beyond this dump of a town. And every time I'm close to achieving them, there you are, standing in my way, looking down on me."

Corey smirked. "Well, maybe if your plans weren't so laughably amateurish, I wouldn't have to step in."

Ignoring the jab, TK continued, "Tonight, Corey, it ends. I brought you here for a reason. To get rid of the biggest obstacle in my path: YOU! Once you're out of the picture, the Renegades will follow my lead, and together, we'll create a money making empire the likes of which this world has never seen."

Corey chuckled, the sound dripping with mockery. "You? Lead? Please. The only thing you're good at leading is a parade of blunders. The Renegades need a tactician, not a temperamental thug."

Thunder Knuckles tightened his grip on the bat, his intentions clear.

"You always were a talker, Corey..." TK said darkly. "But talk won't save you tonight."

Corey met TK's gaze unflinching. "You think killing me will solve your problems, TK? You're even more foolish than I thought. Go ahead, take your shot. But know this: even in death, my legacy will haunt you." 

Thunder Knuckles, with his blood boiling and rage evident, abruptly dropped the baseball bat. His hand quickly darted to the holster hidden beneath his coat, retrieving a sleek, silver pistol. The cold steel gleamed in the dim lighting of the warehouse.

Corey's eyes widened ever so slightly, but his posture remained defiant, chin raised. Every ounce of his being radiated a calm confidence, almost as if he was daring TK to pull the trigger.

Thunder Knuckles' voice, when it finally broke the silence, was low and deadly, dripping with venom. "For every time you belittled me, for every plan of mine you ridiculed, for every dream you crushed..." TK sneered, his finger slowly squeezing the trigger. "This is my motherfucking RIGHTFUL rise to the TOP!"

A deafening bang echoed through the warehouse, followed by a chilling silence. 

Corey's body crumpled to the ground, a dark pool forming around his head. His lifeless eyes stared blankly ahead.

Thunder Knuckles stood there, gun still smoking, taking in the weight of his actions. The puppet master, the brain behind the operations, was gone, and TK was now unchallenged in his dominance.

A grim smile spread across his face. Tromaville was his for the taking, and nothing would stand in his way now.

As Thunder Knuckles reveled in his newfound sense of victory, a crashing sound at the warehouse entrance jolted him back to reality. Bursting through the double doors, with the weight of Tromaville's fate resting firmly on their shoulders: The Toxic Avenger and Sargent Kabukiman NYPD! 

Without breaking their stride, they swiftly took down the two Renegades on guard duty.

"Toxie!" Kabukiman called out, pointing toward TK, who was still holding the smoking gun. "He's ours!"

Thunder Knuckles, momentarily caught off guard, quickly regained his composure. Without hesitation, he opened fire, the rapid bursts aimed straight at Kabukiman. A few bullets found their mark, and Kabukiman crumpled to the ground.

"Toxie, look out!" Kabukiman coughed, clutching his wounds, but his warning was unnecessary. The bullets that rained on the Toxic Avenger merely ricocheted off his hardened, radioactive skin, producing metallic pings as they bounced harmlessly away.

The Toxic Avenger's face contorted with rage, his muscles bulging and veins popping. With determined steps, he began advancing toward TK, who continued to unload his weapon in desperation. But every bullet, every attempt, was futile against Toxie's impenetrable exterior.

TK's face paled, realizing the futility of his actions. 

Just as it seemed that Toxie would finally reach him and exact vengeance, a massive Radioactive Neanderthal sprang forth, landing a powerful backhand that sent Toxie hurling across the room. 

The Neanderthal, with a primitive and ferocious look in his glowing radioactive eyes, turned his attention back to Thunder Knuckles, awaiting his next command.

TK, taking a moment to catch his breath, pointed at the fallen Toxic Avenger. "KILL THEM!" He commanded with a sneer. 

The colossal Neanderthal launched himself at the fallen Toxie. However, an unexpected force intercepted him mid-air and sent the brute crashing to the ground, sliding a considerable distance from the impact.

Thunder Knuckles, already overwhelmed by the evening's events, stared at this new arrival in disbelief. 

The man positioned himself protectively between TK and the recovering Toxie.

Confusion and frustration were evident in TK's voice. "Who the fuck are you?!" He demanded, as his grip on his gun tightened.

Before EDWARD could respond, the realization hits TK. "You!" Thunder Knuckles hissed, eyes narrowing as he sized up EDWARD. "Were you the one causing the ruckus outside?"

EDWARD, standing tall and defiant, met TK's gaze without flinching. "YES! ME EDWARD! YOU? YOU BAD!"

TK raised an eyebrow, a twisted smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Impressive that someone like you managed to handle so many of my mutants, but let's see how you do against bullets!"

Without waiting for a response, Thunder Knuckles unleashed a volley of bullets in EDWARD's direction. EDWARD, showcasing an agility that defied his size, dodged the bullets with astonishing speed, using the debris scattered around the warehouse as cover.

Toxie, taking advantage of the momentary distraction, rose to his feet and launched himself at the Neanderthal. The two giants clashed so hard, it made the very ground beneath them to quake.

EDWARD, spotting an opening, lunged at Thunder Knuckles. 

TK, underestimating EDWARD's brute strength, found himself overpowered as they grappled. 

With a fierce roar, EDWARD managed to disarm TK and sent him sprawling into a vat of toxic waste.


But the Radioactive Neanderthal, noticing its master in distress, decided to intervene. Shoving Toxie aside with a thunderous push, the behemoth lunged at EDWARD.

EDWARD, ever the warrior, readied himself. The two titans collided with such force that a shockwave blasted throughout the warehouse, shattering remaining glass and shaking loose light fixtures.

The battle was long and intense, with EDWARD and the massive Radioactive Renegade trading powerful blows. Ultimately, with one final, powerful dropkick, EDWARD sent the massive Neanderthal crashing into a pillar, causing it to crumble and bury the beast beneath the debris. 

Panting heavily, EDWARD let out a triumphant roar, believing victory to be theirs.

However, as the dust settled, the weight of the situation hit him. 

He rushed over to where Toxie lay, his body impaled by sharp shards of metal. Not far from him, Sargent Kabukiman NYPD lay lifeless, a pool of crimson forming around him from the gunshot wounds. 

"NO! NO! THIS CAN'T BE!" EDWARD cried, tears streaming down his face. "TOXIE... KABU-MAN..."

EDWARD, overwhelmed with grief, dropped to his knees. "FRIENDS GONE... WHY?!" 

Corey, whose appearance was inexplicably pristine, gently gripped EDWARD's shoulder, drawing his attention. "EDWARD, it's never easy to face loss, especially when it's those close to you."

EDWARD looked up, his eyes filled with tears. "WHY YOU STILL HERE? YOU... YOU GONE TOO."

Corey smiled faintly, a mysterious glint in his eyes. "I was, but there are forces at play here that you simply cannot comprehend."

EDWARD frowned in confusion, struggling to understand. "WHAT YOU MEAN?"

Corey, sensing EDWARD's confusion, continued. "Tromaville isn't reality. Your world, the one you hail from, it is real, and it has its own troubles."

EDWARD, still reeling from the shock of the recent events, tried to steady himself. "MY WORLD?"

"Yes, Thunder Knuckles, not this version you just fought, but the one from your own realm, has been a thorn in my side. He was in Hell. He was supposed to remain there. His time on Earth had come to a close."

EDWARD's eyes widened in realization. "HELL?!"

Corey's form began to shift, features stretching and mutating. As his transformation accelerated, EDWARD was no longer staring at Corey but a horned demon with piercing red eyes, clad in dark robes.

"Yes," the demon, Asmodeus, replied with a raspy voice. "But he caused much chaos and destruction as he made his escape. As a result, TK has become the most wanted soul in Hell."

EDWARD, his shock giving way to anger, clenched his fists. "THIS ANOTHER TEST?!"

Asmodeus smirked. "Indeed, it was a test. And you, EDWARD, have proven yourself worthy."

Asmodeus conjured a dark orb. "With this power, you can ensure Thunder Knuckles' defeat and send him back to me to face the eternal punishment owed to him."


Asmodeus let out a deep, echoing laugh. "Ah, the pride of man. So predictable, yet so... entertaining. I may see it as foolishness, but I do still very much admire your resolve."


Without a word, Asmodeus waved his hand and a swirling portal appeared. "This portal will take you back to your world. It is genuine, I assure you."

EDWARD eyed the portal warily. "HOW CAN EDWARD TRUST YOU?"

Asmodeus, with a hint of amusement, replied, "Despite my nature, I have no reason to deceive you further. Your defiance of my power is... refreshing. Go, and may your battles be ever in your favor."

As EDWARD prepared to step into the portal, he hesitated and turned to Asmodeus. "ONE LAST THING. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DEFEAT UNDEAD GUARD?"

Asmodeus' lips curled into a sly smirk, but he remained silent, leaving EDWARD to wonder at the depth of his knowledge.

Taking a deep breath, EDWARD stepped into the portal, the swirling vortex consuming him before it vanished, leaving the warehouse silent once more.

The portal's swirl of colors gave way to cold stone walls. 

EDWARD stumbled slightly as he found himself in the confined space of a cell, rusty bars and decaying bricks trapping him. 

Before he could gather his bearings, he heard a low growl coming from the opposite corner.

His eyes adjusted to the dim light, revealing an undead guard, its eyes hollow, its skin mottled, and its uniform now torn and stained. 

Its chilling gaze fixed on EDWARD.

"UH... FRIEND?" EDWARD inquired, taking a step back.

The undead guard lunged, its teeth bared and fingers reaching out to grab him. EDWARD sidestepped, narrowly avoiding the creature's grasp. 

EDWARD had faced many opponents in his time, but this undead monstrosity was unlike any other. Every blow he landed seemed to do little to deter the creature.

In the midst of the struggle, a fleeting memory arose— stories of undead creatures defeated by blows to the head. "HMMM... HEAD BONK!" EDWARD exclaimed, drawing the guard's attention.

With newfound determination, EDWARD swung his mighty fist towards the creature's head. There was a sickening crunch as the undead guard's head snapped back, causing it to stumble and fall lifeless to the ground.

EDWARD stood there, panting heavily, looking at his hand in astonishment. "HEAD BONK WORK! HAHA! EDWARD FIND WEAK SPOT!" He exclaimed, laughing heartily at his discovery.

From within the darkness, Asmodeus re-emerged, his dark form casting an even deeper shadow in the dimly lit penitentiary.

"Well done, EDWARD," Asmodeus remarked with genuine admiration in his voice. "Your instincts and resolve truly are a marvel. The undead guard's weakness was no secret, but to uncover it amidst such dire circumstances speaks volumes to your character."

EDWARD, wary of the demon's presence, kept his stance ready. "WHAT YOU WANT NOW?"

"I merely wanted to congratulate you on completing your quest. And..." Asmodeus said, raising a clawed hand to create another swirling portal. "I thought you might appreciate returning to your companions for a much-needed respite."

EDWARD, remembering his ape friends and North Korean War Criminal, felt a surge of longing. "FRIENDS WAIT FOR ME?"

Asmodeus nodded. "Yes, they await your return. It's been a long and arduous journey for you. Rest, regroup, and gather your strength."

With a hint of uncertainty, EDWARD looked at the portal. "THIS REAL? NOT ANOTHER TRICK? NOT FAKE FRIENDS WHO WILL TRY AND EAT EDWARD?"

Asmodeus smirked. "I assure you, your REAL friends await."

With a deep breath, EDWARD approached the portal but paused just before stepping in. "THANK... YOU," he muttered, still wary but appreciative of the assistance.

As EDWARD stepped through the portal, he was instantly taken by the sounds and scents of the forest. 

The warm glow of a campfire illuminated familiar faces.

North Korean War Criminal and EDWARD's APE FRIENDS, all gathered around, their expressions a mix of concern and relief.

"OOK!" A Literal Gorilla hooted, rushing to embrace the caveman warrior.

North Korean War Criminal approached, offering a nod of respect. "We worried for your safety, comrade."

EDWARD, feeling the weight of his experiences but also the comfort of being among friends, responded with a tired smile. "EDWARD ALWAYS FIND WAY BACK TO FRIENDS."

The group settled around the fire, sharing tales, laughter, and the promise of facing tomorrow's challenges together.

[Image: EDWARDvs-YOU.png]

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