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Here's to you HGH (again)
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10-14-2023, 05:48 PM

Just after the match between Mastermind, and HGH, on Thursday Night Anarchy, the cameras go back stage to see Misfit Manager Antony the Jerk lingering need the Medical Room. Inside the room is a seriously injured HGH after his vicious beat down before the match with Mastermind, by the Misfits, and then Mastermind taking his time to release HGH from his vicious Mind Controller finishing move.

Antony spots the camera, and puts up a finger, as if to say wait a minute. He has a t-shirt placed on his shoulder. He knocks on the door, and the door opens, and Antony whispers to someone. He looks at the camera, and shows it the t-shirt.

[Image: 5355986724%20Front.jpg]

It's a different color to the rest of the t-shirts that Mastermind usually hands out. The fans can be heard cheering from backstage. Antony takes the jersey and walks into the room. The camera watches him walk up to HGH who seems to be being monitored by the Medical Staff.

Antony places the t-shirt down neatly on HGH's travel bag, and then slowly quietly walks out of the room and shuts the door behind him. He looks at the camera.

"You all may be wondering why Mastermind himself is not here to hand the t-shirt out like he usually does? You may be wondering why Mastermind himself is not here to check on the condition of HGH?"

"Well here's the honest answer. He does not care about HGH. He fought him and won, for a second straight match in a row now, he's beaten HGH. His sights are now firmly set on his upcoming Anarchy Title match with Edward. He's on his way back to his jet where I will be joining him, and together with the Misfits we will be going into a secluded training session."

"We need to deal with the big threat. Edward. He is beatable. Mastermind knows he is. He wants his Anarchy title back. He wants to beat Edward. He is on a 3 match winning streak, which some of you naysayers out there will be saying that's most unlike him."

"That means HGH is no longer a concern for Mastermind. He is looking forward. He isn't looking back.
So until next time."

Antony walks away, and the camera fades out.

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