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10-06-2023, 10:31 PM

"This way, gents."

It was a fun experience bringing The Many Faces into Paycom Center. While it was a day before the show, I wanted to at least go over who to report to, where to change, and maybe go over how exactly this match was going to go. I wasn't going to rely on my knowledge carrying over to them through the wish, but maybe it would be easier explained that way. Daniel, Devin and Wide Dio seemed excited to be there, though we did have a slight incident where we had to pull Wide Dio away from the craft services table. His diet was going well, though he did have a hard time fighting his cravings. I think he might have skipped a cheat day, and seeing an entire sandwich platter almost set him off. Thankfully Devin and Daniel were able to pull him away. I would've helped, but my hands were full with a large box for the lads.

Once Wide Dio had calmed down, we were escorted by a stadium attendant to the locker room. It was a decent size room, with enough space for everyone to not feel clustered around a particular space. The nameplates on top of each locker space were removed for the show, so everyone could just choose a spot and use it if needed. "Doesn't really matter if you're here as extra talent or on a contract; people need to change somewhere," I explained, setting down the box on a chair next to me.

"Yeah, about that," Daniel interrupted. "I know we just signed these recently, but I still don't really know where we stand in terms of the talent pool."

"Good question," I continued. "Let me explain; Theo and I have talked about bringing you guys in as part of an entourage of mine. We'll be referred to as The Many Faces, since we all look alike. Now, to everyone watching at home, we're just a bunch of competitors who look vaguely similar to each other. I'm hoping to keep it that way, if at all possible."

"And what is our role in this entourage?" Devin asked.

"For now, you guys work segments with me backstage, come out to ringside occasionally to cheer me on, stuff like that. For the time being, you won't need to work any matches-"

"Aside from this Lumberjack match, right?" Daniel inquired.

"Right, aside from this match. Some producer or another might talk to us about how that will go, but in brief, your goal in the match is to make sure both myself and the opponent aren't spending a lot of time outside the ring. Your job is to force us back into the ring, following along with the match guidelines of course." I saw Wide Dio raise his hand and I shook my head. "You know you don't need to do that; its just us in here."

"I know," he replied.

"So...why did you do it?"

"...Force of habit?"

I sighed. "What is it, Wide Dio?"

"Well, we're on your side, right? So wouldn't that mean we try and beat him up more than you?"

The thought did occur to me that this question would be brought up. I felt like honesty would be the best answer here. "I can't control what you guys end up deciding to do as lumberjacks. I would ask, though, that you don't treat me any different from my opponent, Bulk Logan. If I am trying to sneak away, you do what you can to get me back in the ring." I then let out a soft chuckle. "Though if you wanted to shove Bulk Logan around a bit harder..." I shrugged as I said it. "Like I said, don't treat us different, but do what you can if it looks like things will get out of hand. You are all a part of me; I trust your judgment in this."

"I think we understand the assignment, Dionysus," Devin said. "We're there to keep order and ensure the match has a finish without anyone walking away. While we shouldn't treat you different said Bulk, right? While we shouldn't treat you different from Bulk, we can be slightly more forceful with him if needed."

I nodded in approval. "That's exactly what I wanted to hear. I'm sure I'll get some flack for bringing in my own lumberjacks, but hopefully they'll see you guys giving me as much of the business as Bulk to drive home the point that you're looking out for the same interests I have."

"So I guess that just leaves one question," Daniel chimed in. "What exactly are we changing into for this match?"

I clapped my hands together, saying, "I'm glad you asked." I patted the box on the chair, and began to open it up. "I talked to Theo about getting you guys some ring gear for the match. Admittedly it was a bit last minute, so for this match at the very least, it won't be a full costume. But I have assurances that they are working on a few designs for you guys. For now, though..." I reached into the box and pulled out a black polo with an XWF logo stitched into the chest. "They had a few extra shirts lying around. You guys can wear these for the match. Bring a pair of black pants to match." I tossed a polo to each of them, then pulled out a smaller box. "I also secretly requested these to be made for you guys." I opened the box, revealing a pair of wrestling boots. They all looked the same; black with white laces and seams. There was also a stitching of each of their names on the boots: Daniel was stitched on his right boot, Devin on his left boot, and Wide Dio had Wide on one side and Dio on the other.

Their eyes went wide when they saw the boots; I think I even caught Devin's lip trembling as he looked at his pair. "You didn't have to do all this, man."

"I know. But I wanted to. They'll be used just for this match, though. If your ring gear doesn't arrive by the next show, however, you can still wear them for matches and whatnot. Bring it in, guys." I held my arms wide as Daniel and Wide Dio slid their arms around my shoulders, and I with theirs. Devin took the spot across from me, and the four of us formed a huddle circle. There were a few times we had been together where we felt a bond between each other, and I had a feeling this was another memory we were going to remember for the rest of our lives. "I'm glad you're all here with me. I'm glad we're going to be able to travel together. We're brothers. We're family. I wanted to give you guys a chance at a livelihood with as little concern as possible. But if you don't want this, I completely understand. I won't think of you any less. But I do need to know now."

We all looked around the huddle at one another. They seemed deep in thought, probably wondering if they were all thinking about this choice. The contracts had already been signed, but if any of them wanted to back out I'm sure there was something I could do. After a few seconds, I could feel Wide Dio shrug. "Well, I got nothin' better to do."

"Yeah," said Daniel. "We're with you, Dionysus."

I looked across at Devin, his eyes vacant but his smile telling a different story. He simply nodded.

I let out a small chuckle. "I guess that makes us official. We are The Many Faces. Lets make XWF ours, gents."

There was a brief moment after that where, for just a second, I thought I could hear...applause. Like we had just received approval...

A fun piece of information you should know about me is that I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a history degree. While my primary focus was on the ancient Greeks, in case that was not obvious to others, I also spent much of my time studying the methods in which history is recorded.

And it truly is a wonder how fickle of a thing time can be.

Numerous documented events in history can, to this day, still be debated over as we discover new pieces of information about our own past. Dates can be miscalculated, locations can be misinterpreted, and even full accounts could entirely be based on nothing more than verbal history and rumor. It is why, when we review the past, we must look carefully, with a critical eye, to determine the truth from the lies. For we only have one shared human history, and who knows how accurate that will be. The history books of XWF will tell you that, as of current history, I will have held this title for eighty-seven days, with no signs of slowing down. I have brought my creativity to bear, and my skill has been proven time and time again. The ability of a mere mortal at my level is well established, in a historical context.

And yet, Bulk still seems to think I am a god, or some creature out of legend.

Sadly for him, he will not be making god bleed, for I am not a god, nor would I want to be one. All I wish to do is bring the best competition imaginable to Warfare, and by extension XWF as a whole. That means everyone, including people like Bulk, needs to work toward reaching this level of competition. However, if the god comparison is going to be made by my opponent, then I will concede to you on one point: I am certainly not half the man you are.

I am twice the man you are.

Double the work ethic.

Double the drive.

Anything you have claimed to do to prepare for this match, I have done twicefold. Moreso, in fact, but the analogy doesn't quite work right otherwise.

See, this is why making such comparisons in a feigned bravado end up making you look incredibly foolish. It establishes the gulf between us as competitors. Lets face it; the difference between you and I is quite the simple one. I do not need to pretend to garner sympathy in order for others to rally behind my banner. I do not need to put on an act in order to look better on the outside. I simply exist as I am, the authentic Dionysus experience.

Meanwhile, you, Bulk Logan, are a caricature of a competitor; a condensed formula of cheap catchphrases tucked deep within a man desperate to reclaim the glory you lost for yourself. Is that why you took that interview? To work on the Bulkamania character? If so, perhaps a few critiques will help you make more of an impact. At one point, you referred to me as quote, "a dreary raincloud" and you were "the storm that's gonna wash it all away." You understand that this would also mean you are a raincloud, yes? Now, this probably tied in more with your claims of being a "force of nature," but I should remind you that I have competed on top of a bed of wine (or liquid for those of you playing the home game), battled through the air, and escaped the depths of hell. To me, being a force of nature is simply part of my existence. Saying it and being it are two different things. Much like you speaking as a champion when you have yet to claim this title from me.

Nor will you.

You may think this is presumptuous of me to make such a bold claim right before a title defense. I disagree. The reason? I know a fraud when I see one. You may not be aware of this, Bulk, but there have been times where I needed to step away due to a persisting shoulder injury that I received outside of the ring. This information is not exactly a secret, though I also do not go around announcing every injury I may or may not have. The amount of time it took to rehabilitate this shoulder to where it is today took many painful hours. I remember each and every hurt that shot through my nerves, and how I nearly quit trying to recover due to how insufferable it became. But I soldiered through it. I needed to. My livelihood was on the lone if I gave up.

But you? You paraded around in a wheelchair, faking a back injury on national television, in an ill-advised attempt to garner more attention. It is a clever tactic; a victory would mean I could not succeed against a wrestler with a broken back, a loss could be excused by the back injury. All a ruse in order to set up the inevitable line of excuses you will throw once you have been pinned. But given just how clever this plan was, I will do you a service: No matter how the lumberjacks watch what happens in this match, I will ensure your falsehoods are made true. Much like Bane to Batman, I will break the Bulk. Then, you will have all the time in the world to watch as you rehabilitate the injury you lied about before.

History will remember Warfare as the day that Dionysus proves that Bulk Logan has a breaking more discs than a skeet shooter at the Olympics.

Watch your six.

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