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Bulk Goes Hollywood
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10-01-2023, 12:59 PM

Bulk Logan: The Silent Hero Behind The Screenwriters’ Triumph

By Steve Sayors, XWF Backstage Whisperer
In an industry where high-profile battles and courtroom dramas often make headlines, a quiet backstage negotiation that led to the resolution of the infamous Writer's Guild Strike has remained largely unnoticed, until now. Behind this curtain of silence, stands a hero, a warrior of the ring, the mighty Bulk Logan, whose intervention brought back the magic to Hollywood, turning pages once more.

The strike had left the silver city in a silver freeze, for the pens that breathed life into tales lay silent. It was a cold war that saw no end, a script with no climax. But as it turns out, the hero emerged from an arena we least expected: the wrestling ring.

Bulk Logan, known for his raucous roars and powerhouse punches in the ring, swapped his wrestling belt for a negotiator's cloak in a move that remained largely unpublicized. The Bulkster, according to an inside source close to the man himself, was moved by the plight of Hollywood’s soul - the writers, and decided to step in to end the deadlock that threatened to suck the life out of tinsel town.

The XWF backstage interviewer, Steve Sayors, got wind of this silent crusade from a source deeply trusted by Logan who spoke under the strict condition of anonymity. They shared: “Bulk didn’t want a single spotlight diverted from the issue at hand. For him, it was all about giving back to the community that narrates stories, the essence of not just Hollywood, but humanity.”

Logan, donning his flamboyant wrestling garb, stormed into the heart of Hollywood's struggle, the negotiation chambers. The atmosphere vibrated with the thunder of his entry, much like the roaring echo that follows him in the ring. Amidst studio executives and the writer's guild representatives, he stood, an immovable giant ready to lay the smackdown on the dispute that had paralyzed the industry.

It didn't take long for words to be tossed aside for a more direct approach. With studio execs on one side and the writer's guild on the other, the table seemed less like a negotiation ground and more like a wrestling ring, much to Logan's expertise.

Logan's patience snapped when the verbal ping pong showed no sign of reaching a resolution. He sprung into action, locking the lead studio exec in a playful, yet firm headlock. The execs' faces turned various shades of red and pink as Logan tightened his grip, his biceps flexed in a manner that demanded justice for the writers.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more absurd, Logan twirled around, locking a writer’s rep in a headlock with his other arm. His face was stern but his eyes twinkled with a mischievous glint, a stark contrast to the stupefied faces around the room.

And thus, amidst a blend of fear, laughter, and sheer disbelief, the impossible happened. A headlock-powered negotiation began to unfold. As the headlocks loosened, so did the stiff stances on both sides. Where words had failed before, Logan's antics bulldozed a path for dialogue.

With every flex and release of Logan's mighty arms, terms were laid down, conditions were met, and before anyone knew it, pens were scribbling down a fresh agreement that promised to revive the storytelling spirit of Hollywood. It was sheer muscle diplomacy at play.

As the agreement settled in the negotiation chambers, Logan, the unsung hero, made a triumphant exit amidst a room echoing with laughter and newfound camaraderie. He might've left the Hollywood scene, but not without a plug. Brandishing a flyer for his upcoming Television title match, he announced, "If you think this was something, just wait till you see me take on Dionysus for the Television title this Weekend Warfare, dudes!"  With that challenging glint in his eye, promised an electrifying showdown.

On the subject of Bulk's parting words, my source had this to say: "After watching him single-handedly defeat Hollywood's biggest issue, who wouldn't want to see him defeat Dionysus for the Television title?" As Bulk Logan dives back into the wrestling world, the anticipation is at an all-time high. With Hollywood's deadlock a thing of the past, all eyes now turn to the ring. Logan's day of headlocks in Hollywood might be over, but another story of grit and muscle awaits at Weekend Warfare. Don't miss it!

Hollywood Reporter: "Bulk Logan’s Headlock Diplomacy: The Ringmaster’s Silent Maneuver Ends Hollywood Strike"

Entertainment Weekly: "Headlock to Headlines: How Wrestling Champ Bulk Logan Suplexed the Writers’ Guild Strike"

Vanity Fair: "The Bulkster’s Hollywood Smackdown: Behind the Scenes of Logan’s Ring-style Negotiation That Broke The Screenwriters’ Standoff"

Deadline: "From Body Slams to Busting Deadlocks: Bulk Logan Pins Down a Resolution for Hollywood Writers"

TMZ: "Bulk Logan Tackles Tinseltown: The Wrestling Giant's Headlock on Hollywood Ends Writers' Strike"

The New York Times: "Wrestling With Words: How Bulk Logan Suplexed Hollywood’s Stalemate to a Standing Ovation"

Backstage at the XWF television studios. Makeup artists are attentively working on prepping the bulky figure of Bulk Logan for his next wrestling promo recording. Suddenly, the door swings open, and in steps Gary, the money man, a slight smile playing on his lips.

Bulk Logan: (Smirking) "Gary, man, leaking that story to the press was pure genius, brother. Who knew Hollywood loved a good headlock?" 

Gary: "Bulk, it wasn’t me who leaked the story. It was Larry."

Bulk’s face contorts as he hears the name, annoyance and disdain replacing the prior amusement.

Bulk Logan: "Larry? That slimeball!? Ugh. What’s he up to now?"

Gary carefully chooses his next words as he approaches the wrestling giant, attempting to break the next piece of news gently.

Gary: "Well, Larry's still concerned about your image, and he has arranged a Make-A-Wish appearance for you." 

Bulk Logan's face falls. He exhales, his expression soured.

Gary continued: "He's pushing to get as much positive PR out there as possible, ride the wave you're on after the Hollywood stint. Larry believes that aligning you with heartwarming causes like Make-A-Wish will paint you in a more favorable light, showing a softer side amidst all the tough guy wrestling antics. It's all about molding the image of Bulk Logan into a hero both inside and outside the ring. With the buzz from the Writers' Guild story still warm, he thinks it's the perfect time to showcase your compassionate side. And let’s be honest, he's right! It could really work in our favor with the fans and the media."

Bulk Logan: "Yeah.... But dying kids, Gary? They... they reek of... death. It’s depressing, dude."

Gary, though startled by the bluntness, quickly gathers his composure while the makeup artists dart around, ensuring every aspect of Bulk Logan is camera ready.

Gary: (Whispering) "Bulk, you can't say stuff like that out loud. It's a noble cause. Plus, it’ll solidify your image as a hero."

Bulk Logan rolls his eyes, then sighs, resigning to the reality of the PR circus.

Bulk Logan: "Fine. But I’m doing this begrudgingly, and not for Larry or the PR nonsense. I’ll do it for the stinking dead kids, brother!"

Gary interjects: "They're not dead y-"

"But I'll tell ya this right now, brother, I'm gonna have a word with Larry afterwards. If I’m giving up my time and going through the trauma of smelling death, I ought to be compensated in some way, dude. Hmmm, Maybe I'll have Larry talk to Theo? All of the positive PR this is going to generate has to be worth something, especially in the XWF. That place has always been a black spot on the industry, dude!"

Gary nods, appreciating Bulk Logan’s reluctant agreement. 


The scene opens in a dimly lit gym. Heavyweights clang loudly in the background. Suddenly, a spotlight shines down, revealing Bulk Logan, his massive physique glistening with sweat, his headband snugly in place. As the camera zooms in, Logan rips off his sleeveless shirt, revealing a physique chiseled from Jello. His mustache twitches, a clear sign of the fury burning in his eyes. 

With a deep breath, he begins.

"Let me tell ya somethin', brother! When I heard you running your mouth, Dio, talkin' about going to hell and back, and calling yourself Bilbo Baggins? I had to chuckle, dude! Because there's only one true giant in this industry, and you're lookin' at him! Bulk Logan, a man who also went to Hell and back, brother, except I conquered two foes in the land of fire and brimstone while Bulkamania ran wild carving a path right to YOU, and that Television title, dude!"

"Now, you've got all these personalities, man, all these faces, and somehow they all stand to be the lumberjacks in our match, dude. Now, the Bulkster isn't going to waste time questioning the logistics of it all, man. No! The Bulkster's gonna do what the Bulkster always does, brother, and that's ride that screaming wave of Bulkamania straight to glory, brother! But I will say this, dude— for a guy with all that personality, you haven't a lick of charisma, brother! And the whole Television-watching world? I wonder how they can sit through even a second of your bland, charisma-less reign, dude! They deserve a real champ, someone who can ignite the fire, get their blood pumpin' and leave em screamin', dude!"

"The Bulkster is supposed to fear a Lumberjack match? With your little clones or whatever running around the ring?" (Laughs uproariously) "That's a good one, dude! You think you can stack the deck against the Bulkster? You must be dreaming, dude! You can't Bulk the Bulk, because at the end of the day, it's gonna be you, me, and that TV title. And let me tell you something, jack, when the dust settles, and the smoke clears, I'm walking away with that championship, and there ain't a damn thing you, or your many faces, can do about it, brother!"

"Oh, it’s going to be a scene right out of a horror flick, brother! But the monster in this tale isn’t Bulk Logan, it’s that TV title slipping further from your grasp with every heart-pounding second that ticks away. You're like that scared teenager in a haunted house, trembling and sweating, brother! Every tick of that clock is like the eerie creak of the floorboards under your feet, echoing the doom that's creeping up behind you."

"That’s right, Dio, every beat of the clock is a step closer to your demise, a step closer to the crumbling of your so-called reign! Your title’s days are numbered, and unlike your multiple personalities, those numbers don’t go on forever, dude! Time’s winding down, and as it does, the ghosts of your past failures start to haunt the shadows, whispering the name...Bulk Logan...over and over, till it’s a deafening roar in that empty noggin of yours."

"And you know what that roar signifies, brother? It signifies the end of your era, the fall of the House of Dio, and the dawn of Bulkamania running wild on TV each and every (bi)week, dude! That title will find a new home, a better home, around the waist of the Bulkster, where it will shine brighter than the brightest star in the galaxy, outshining your dim and dismal days as the champ."

"Now, I can imagine what's going through that little brain of yours, Dio. You're probably picturing your face on cereal boxes, your name in lights, holding that TV title high as the crowd cheers. But let me paint a real picture for you, brother. It’s gonna be Bulk Logan's face plastered all over TV screens, on posters, on cereal boxes, it's gonna be Bulkamania runnin' wild all over the world while you scurry back to the dark, forgotten hole you crawled out of, dude!"

"And as the lights dim on your dreams, they’ll illuminate the face of the new TV Champion – a face the world can love, a face the world can cheer for! Not a face hiding behind a thousand other faces, dude! So what’s gonna happen, Dio, is a cinematic masterpiece, with the hero Bulk Logan, conquering the villainous, dastardly, deceitful Dionysus, rescuing the TV title from the clutches of obscurity, and restoring hope to the Television-watching masses!"

"Your time is a tragic comedy, Dio, but the Bulkster's reign? That's gonna be an epic tale of heroism, of triumph, brother! The saga of Bulkamania will be legendary, talked about for generations, while your tale... well, it'll be forgotten before the credits even roll on Warfare, dude! By that time, the only memory that will remain of you and your reign as champ will be the memory of Bulk Logan standing tall, the true and deserving champion, as the world rejoices in unison, rid at last of the ratings genocide that was Dionysus's reign, dude!"

"Now, I can hear the desperation in your voice, Dio. You're clutching onto that title like a lifebuoy in the stormy seas, but I’m the storm that’s coming to sink your ship, brother! You claim to have gone through hell and back? Oh, you’ve got no idea what hell is, dude, but you’re about to when you step into that ring with me. Your nightmares have come to life, and they’re wearing red and yellow, dude!"

"And oh, those lumberjacks, your many faces, even if they defy logic and show, dude, none of ‘em are going to save you from the hurricane that is Bulk Logan. It’s a cataclysm, brother, a force of nature that’s going to sweep through that ring and tear down everything in its path! And when that whirlwind’s done with ya, there won’t be enough left for your many faces to puzzle back together, dude."

"So, bring your whole crew, dude. Bring every last shred of your ego, because when I get my hands on you at Weekend Warfare, I'm going to show you, brother, just how overconfident I'm not, and just how outmatched you truly are. The Television Title needs a real champion, one with charisma, passion, and raw power – and I'm bringing all three, dude! This isn't just another match on the card, it’s a scheduled massacre just waiting to happen!"

"Forget fire and brimstone, brother! Welcome to the apocalypse! Your little fairy tale’s coming to an end, and the hero of this story isn’t a ‘champion’ who hides behind his mental illness, dude, it’s the one and only Bulk Logan, the icon, the legend, and the hero to sick kids and Hollywood writers alike!"

"Speaking of, dude, maybe now that the Bulkster got them back to work; you could hire one of those writers to jazz up your material a little?"

"Food for thought, Dio, dude, but in the meantime, remember this: You and you many faces can play all the mind games you want, brother, but you're gonna learn the hard way, that Bulk Logan is in a league of his own. And at Weekend Warfare? You're gonna find out what it feels like to get hit by the Bulkamania express, dude! So what are you gonna do, Dio, when Bulkamania and all the Television-watching maniacs come running wild on YOU!?”

With a final flex, Bulk Logan's message is loud and clear. The championship is his for the taking, and there's nothing Dio can do to stop the incoming storm. 

Returning from break, KOKH Fox 25 Evening News!

The anchorman, JOHN, and anchorwoman, EMMA, sit poised and ready to dive into the next story.

JOHN: "Welcome back to KOKH FOX 25 News at 9. Now onto a heartwarming story from the world of sports entertainment. Wrestling superstar, Bulk Logan, took time off his rigorous training schedule today to pay a visit to the brave young fighters at Saint Jude's Children's Hospital, a visit coordinated by the Make-A-Wish Foundation."

The screen splits to show John and Emma on the left, with video footage on the right of Bulk Logan, adorned in his wrestling gear, visiting with the children at the hospital.

EMMA: "That's right, John. Despite the fierce persona we see in the ring, it was a tender moment showcasing the softer side of the towering giant as he spent time with the kids, signing autographs and sharing smiles. It’s a sharp contrast to the fierce rivalry brewing between him and the XWF Television Champion, Dionysus, as they gear up for a titanic clash this weekend at the Paycom Center."

The video shows a child laughing as Bulk Logan flexes his muscles, making funny faces to amuse the young patients.

JOHN: "A sweet reprieve indeed, Emma. And speaking of the upcoming match, anticipation is building as Logan challenges for the TV title in what is touted as a must-see face-off. The wrestling community is abuzz, and this gesture by Logan just adds to the admiration from his fans."

The video shows Bulk Logan handing out action figures of himself to the thrilled children.

EMMA: "Absolutely, John. But, an interesting observation during Logan's visit was him covering his nose and mouth at intervals. While initially, it might have raised concerns, it was later clarified that Logan was just exercising extra precaution to protect the immunocompromised children, a thoughtful gesture from the wrestling icon."

The screen transitions back to full view of John and Emma.

JOHN: "Thoughtful indeed. And as the days narrow down to the much anticipated match, the wrestling world will surely be watching both inside and outside the ring."

EMMA: "They certainly will, John. And we here are wishing the best of luck to both competitors. May the best man win!"

John nods in agreement as the scene transitions to the next segment of the evening news.
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