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09-25-2023, 02:13 PM

As the show returns from a commercial break, the live band plays a lively tune while the camera sweeps over the enthusiastic audience. The scene transitions to Jimmy Kimmel at his desk, looking into the camera with a bright smile.

“Welcome back to Jimmy Kimmel Live, folks! We've got a remarkable guest with us tonight. He's a legend in the world of professional wrestling. He’s recently made a bombastic return to the XWF at the event Relentless, after a long 14-year hiatus. Despite facing the trials and tribulations that come with such a daring comeback, especially at his seasoned age, he’s shown that the spirit of Bulkamania is indeed immortal. Let's bring him out. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the unyielding, the indomitable, the ever-entertaining, Bulk Logan!"

The audience erupts into cheers as Bulk Logan makes his entrance, maneuvering his wheelchair towards the stage with a charismatic smile on his face. He is wheeled onto the stage by a crew member, a spotlight following him, as he waves to the audience. The crowd chants, “BULKSTER! BULKSTER!” while he positions himself beside Jimmy's desk.

“Bulk, it's truly an honor to have you here. The crowd absolutely adores you! So, Relentless. It was relentless indeed. Your return to wrestling after nearly 14 years, and despite some post-match back surgery, here you are, in high spirits and all. Tell us, what prompted this astounding comeback?”

“Well, brother, you know the call of the ring is a powerful one, dude. And the Bulkster still has a lot to give to the world of wrestling. I saw some folks out there, Dolly Waters and Judge Mental, spreading their cowardice and delusion, and I thought it was about time someone taught them a lesson in courage and reality. And who better than the Bulkster to do it, brother?”

“Absolutely, and you did teach them a lesson indeed! Not just them, but you gave an amazing performance that electrified the XWF universe. However, the match did take a toll on your back, landing you in surgery. How are you coping with that, especially with a TV title opportunity on the horizon in just a couple of weeks?”

“Well, Jimmy, every battle leaves a scar, brother. But the spirit of Bulkamania runs wild, and it’s stronger than any steel, dude! This wheelchair can't stop the roaring thunder that's brewing inside. When it comes to that TV title, believe me, the Bulkster is gearing up for a storm, brother, and nothing, not even the fragility of the human body can stop it, dude!”

“The power of Bulkamania indeed! The fans are undoubtedly ecstatic about your return and the upcoming TV title opportunity. The buzz is that this may lead to a reignited career for you in the XWF. Can the audience dare to hope for more of Bulk Logan in the ring?”

“Jimmy, as long as the Bulkamaniac's are behind me, who knows what heights we’ll soar to, dude? The upcoming title opportunity is a testament to what happens when courage faces fear head-on. And I tell ya, Jimmy, with the love and support of all the Bulkamaniac's out there, we’ll turn that ring into a haven of truth and valor once more, brother!”

Jimmy's face transitions into a more serious expression.

“Bulk, I have to touch on something a bit more serious, though. Years ago, a recording surfaced that painted you in, well, not the best light. Your comments about women were disparaging to say the least. It led to a blacklisting in the industry that lasted until your recent return. How do you reflect on that incident now, and what would you say to the audience and all the young Bulkamaniac's out there?”

Bulk Logan’s smile fades, replaced by a more solemn expression. He clears his throat, showing a hint of discomfort but maintaining eye contact with Jimmy.

“Well, brother, that incident… it was a dark cloud over the Bulkster’s legacy, dude. It’s something I deeply regret. I let down my fans, and I tarnished the sport I love so dearly. But people grow, people learn from their mistakes, and that’s what Bulkamania is all about— rising from the ashes, stronger and wiser.”

The words were there, but the practiced tone could hint at the rehearsed nature of his response. 

"It's important to acknowledge the past and learn from it indeed. Now with you back in the ring, and with a chance to redefine your legacy, how do you plan to ensure the spirit of respect andequality transcends through your actions?"

“Jimmy, the Bulkster believes in the power of redemption, brother. I am back not just to reclaim glory but to spread the message of courage, respect, and fair play in and out of the ring. The fans, the locker room, they’ll see the change, and they’ll feel the positive vibe that comes with this new dawn of Bulkamania, dude!”

“That’s a promising outlook, Bulk. It’s a journey and the audience here and at home, I believe, are eager to see the path you carve moving forward. Now, shifting gears a bit, tell us about your training regimen leading up to this TV title opportunity, especially after your surgery?”

Bulk Logan's eyes sparkle with a gleam of excitement as he begins describing his so-called rigorous training regimen despite his recent surgery.

"Oh, brother, let me tell ya, the training never stops in the world of Bulkamania, dude! Despite this little setback," he gestures towards his back, "the largest pythons in the world are still pumpin’ iron every single day, brother. When the morning sun hits, the Bulkster's already on his 500th curl, dude! You see, these pythons,” he flexes his arms, eliciting cheers from the audience, “they're more than ready to constrict and snatch that TV title, dude!”

The crowd roars with laughter and cheers as Bulk Logan delivers his tall tales with the charisma and gusto only he can muster.

“500 curls! That’s incredible, Bulk. Your dedication is certainly unmatched. But tell us, how are you adapting your iconic weight training to accommodate your recovery?”

“Well, Jimmy, adaptability is the name of the game, brother. The Bulkster's always been about overcoming the odds, dude. I’ve been working with the finest trainers, and they've got me on the fast track to recovery, dude! The XWF universe is about to witness a new chapter in the legend of Bulk Logan, and it’s gonna be wild, unexpected, and relentlessly broadcast all over TV, brother!”

The crowd erupts into a frenzy of cheers and applause. 

“Wow, that’s something the fans will certainly look forward to! It’s clear that nothing can dampen the spirit of Bulkamania. And with the Television Championship on the line, the stakes are as high as ever. Bulk, we're all excited to see what you're going to bring to the ring!”

“Oh, it's gonna be a spectacle like no other, Jimmy. The ring is gonna tremble under the force of justice and heroism, and the cowardly foes will feel the wrath of the Bulkamaniacs running wild on them, brother!”

"Bulk, before we wrap up, do you have any parting words for the fans watching at home?"

"Oh, let me tell ya something, brother! This is the Bulkster coming at ya live and in living color, wheeling in from the hallowed halls of Bulkamania! Dionysus, you fancy yourself a god, prancing around with your goblet of gimmicks, but let me break it down for you, brother. When you step into the ring with the Bulkster, you're stepping into the ring with the Immortal, the greatest champion that ever walked the face of this Earth, brother!"

"I’m rolling in with the wrath of the heavens behind me, Dionysus! The gods above have seen the might, the power, the grandeur of BULKAMANIA, and they’ve found you wanting, brother! They’ve witnessed the unfathomable force that courses through these 24-inch pythons, brother, and they’ve begged, BEGGED, for Bulkamania to run wild all over TV! They know when the Bulkster's on the scene, the world will bask in the one undeniable truth – that BULKAMANIA rules over everything!"

"You, Dionysus, may be a competent competitor, brother, but you aren't half the man Bulk is, and you haven't walked an inch in the Bulksters shows, brother! I’ve faced the titans of the mat, felt the spine shattering impact, and came out unbroken, unbeaten, and unstoppable. Sure, I just had the doctors tune up the chassis after delivering the earth-shaking Leg Drop of Gloom on Dolly Waters, but come bell time, I'll be ready to bring the thunder and the glory down upon you! You’re no match for the Bulkster, and the world will see you for the fraud you are when I leap into the air like the majestic eagle before the Bulkster and your entire reality comes crashing down to a Gloomy finish, dude!"

"This wheelchair?"

Bulk pops a wheelie and spins around. 

"Just a temporary throne from which I rule the entire wrestling relm, dude! A chariot that’ll carry me to victory, but when the bell rings, the Bulkster's gonna stand tall, brother! Look you in the eyes, dude! And proceed to kick your ass all over the ring!"

"Bulk Logan is here to tell you a tale that will give you shivers down your spine, unlike the haunted dreams of Dionysus that seem to play in the corners of his fragile mind. Brother, when the Bulkster walks into the 'Devil’s Playground', he doesn't see a dangerous ground, he sees a home away from home, a place where champions are forged in the fires of courage, and cowards are exposed in the flames of fear! Just like Dolly Waters and Victor 'the Judge', dude!"

"Dionysus, you're just like a dreary rain cloud hanging over a sunny day of Bulkamania, brother. You paint the sky with visions of fear, reflecting the uncertainties that ripple through your mind. Dionysus, you tangled your psyche in a web of doubt, yet here you stand, still Television champion, but Bulkamania is the storm that’s gonna wash it all away, brother!"

"In your eyes, the world may be a dreary nightmare, a series of unfortunate events where reality and fantasy intertwine to grip at the edges of your sanity. But to the Bulkster, this world is a stage, and when he steps into that ring, it’s showtime, dude! It’s where the thunder of Bulkamania clashes with the whimper of despair, and sends shockwaves through the very core of this reality, my man!"

The Bulkster's more than just a man, dude, he's a force of nature, a tidal wave of strength and determination that crashes through the barriers of fear and doubt! Dionysus, you spin some tall tales, brother, but in the end, it’s the ring where destinies are decided, and that’s where the Bulkster reigns supreme!"

You see, Dionysus, while you're entangled in your own fables, Bulkster is focused on the mission at hand. He doesn't need a chariot to carry him to the battlefield— Bulk's arms tremble as he pushes out of his chair and stands on uneasy footing —I storm in on a tsunami of power, brother, one where each wave is an echo of the cheers of the Bulkamaniacs who fuel the power that courses in my veins, dude!"

"Now, heading into Relentless, you claimed to embrace the wrath of heavens, to stand on the hallowed grounds of brutality, to face the specters that haunt your mind— But let me tell you something, brother, it’s one thing to dance with the demons in the shadows, but it's a whole other ball game to face the immortal Bulkster under the heat from the spotlights, where every slam resonates with the cheers of the 20,000 screaming Bulkamaniac's in attendance, and every leg drop seals the fate of any pretender to the throne!"

“Now, Dionysus, the man of myth, will be stepping into the ring to defend that TV title against yours truly, but let me tell you something, brother! The legend of the Bulkster is something you've never come across before. You may have been through a saga of sweat and tears, but now you’re facing a titan in this sport. The Bulkster's not just another tale to be told, I'm the epic saga that never ends, dude!" 

"Dionysus, you may have traipsed through the vines of destiny, but now you've come to the orchard of the Bulkster, and let me tell you, brother, these apples hit a lot harder than a sip of Merlot! And they aren’t fermenting anytime soon! Your story, Dionysus, may have had its peaks, with factions and titles, braving the world at large on your way to XWF, but now you’re in the arena with the Bulkster, where reality will prove to be much harsher than the grapes of your past, dude!"

"It’s good to know that you’ve got a history of bouncing back, brother, cause after I’m done with you, you'll need that spirit. But no amount of fancy wine or ancient wishes will save you from the thunderous clash of Bulkamania! And your ‘Many Faces,’ will crumble to the singular force of Bulk Logan as I slam you into the canvas of truth!

"So, Dionysus, brace yourself, dude! Because when the Bulkster steps into Weekend Warfare, it's gonna become the Ground Zero of Bulkamania, where the world will chant the Bulkster's name as it echoes through the halls of destiny, as I stand tall as the one true immortal champion of all of Television, dude!"

"In this theater of war, dude, the Bulkster is the one who steals the show and writes his legend into the annals of glory! So, Dionysus, prepare to face the tempest, for Bulkamania is gonna run wild on you, brother! And when the final bell rings, and all of the little Bulkamaniac's blow the roof off of the Paycom Center, brother, they'll know that the era of the Bulkster was more than just a big moment, brother! It was a movement! From every corner of the globe, fans will talk about how we changed the sport, how we defied the odds, and how we stood tall in the face of adversity. When history looks back, they won’t see a mere wrestler, but a symbol of strength, unity, and determnation. So to all the little Bulkamaniacs out there, never stop believing, never stop fighting, and always know that together, we're unstoppable, brother!"

"To Dionysus, Whatcha gonna do brother, when come the end of the night, you wake up, only to realize, brother, that you're ten pounds lighter because Bulkamania ran wild on YOU!"

“Wow, that was quite the passionate speech, Bulk! I think you've ignited the fire of Bulkamania in everyone tonight. And I am sure everyone is looking forward to your match. But now, it’s time for a short break, folks. Don’t go away; we have more surprises coming up for you right after these messages. Stay tuned to Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Jimmy exchanges a few more words with Bulk, chuckling together as the lights dim for the break.

Later that night...

As the studio lights dim for the final time, the chatter among the crew fills the room.

Bulk, who had been wheeled around throughout the show due to his post-surgery back condition, insists on leaving the studio unassisted. 

As the studio doors swing open, he surprisingly stands up from his wheelchair, effortlessly stretching his back, a stark contradiction to the supposed injury he had talked about. 

He confidently strides towards the limo waiting for him outside– No sign of pain or discomfort visible, not that there's anyone watching.

As Bulk reaches the limo, he swings the door open and slides into the back, where his friend and money man, Gary, is already seated. The smooth leather cradles Bulk's mighty frame as he settles in, a satisfied smile on his face. Gary, who has witnessed Bulk's act, chuckles and shakes his head.

“Bulk, I gotta tell ya, I don't understand why you're telling everyone your back is shot, but that little drama back there had everyone fooled.”

Bulk reclines, crossing his arms behind his head, and flashes a cunning smile towards Gary.

“You see, Gary, it's all about the psychology of the game, brother. When people think you're hurt, they expect less from you. Their guard is down, and that's when the Bulkster can strike the hardest, dude!”

Gary scratches his head, his face covered with worry as he contemplates the possible ramifications. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat before addressing Bulk again.

"Bulk, the stakes are high here. If people find out you’ve been lying about your back, it could tarnish your image further... I’m just not sure it’s the right play."

Bulk's smile doesn’t waver. He leans forward, his eyes meeting Gary’s concerned gaze.

"Gary, you worry too much, brother! The Bulkster has ridden the waves of controversy before, and I’ve always come out on top, jack! The crowd loves a miraculous comeback story. If anyone starts to get wise about my back, I’ll just testify to the healing powers of faith, dude! That's right, the grace of God and always saying my prayers brought the Bulkster back to full throttle!"

Gary can't help but chuckle at Bulk's audacity, though his concern doesn't entirely fade away.

“And the vitamins? Should we add that they played a part in your ‘healing’ too?”

Bulk erupts into a hearty laughter, slapping Gary on the back which causes him to jolt a bit in his seat.

“That’s right, brother! Saying my prayers, taking my vitamins, and the boundless love of the Bulkamaniacs! That’s the holy trinity that brought the Bulkster back from the brink! The fans will eat it up, dude, and the haters... well, they’ll just have to deal with it, jack!”

Bulk leans back, his eyes fixated on the endless road ahead, already brewing with the anticipation of the upcoming return of Bulkamania to the television screens— and hearts of millions.
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