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Thursday Night Anarchy 09/14/23
Author Message
Jett Sterling Offline
XWF Management
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XWF FanBase:

(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

09-14-2023, 08:02 PM

09 - 14 - 2023

[Image: BbV3NBt.png]




- vs -
Standard Match

Molly Barnes
- vs -
Kim "Chae" Chaeryoung
Standard Match

- vs -
Maxine and Bobbi London
- vs -
Rey Blood and Asesino Blood
Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match - 2k Tag Team limit

OOC: ANARCHY RULES is 1 RP with a 1K WORD LIMIT unless stated otherwise
Hard deadline for Anarchy will be WEDNESDAY, 09-13-2023 at 11:59pm board time. Good luck!

Fade in to the wheat fields of Wichita, Kansas.

The horizon is dominated by the vast golden expanse, rustling gently as wind turbines spin in the distance. 

In a corner of the frame, young children release a kite that dances joyously in the Kansas breeze. 

Farther down, a family gathers for a picnic, and the rich scent of barbecued ribs fills the air. 

Just as the serene Midwest landscape starts to pull you into its embrace...

[Image: pyro-wwe.gif]


Suddenly, the tranquil countryside is consumed by pandemonium. The tranquility of Wichita transforms into the roaring heartbeat of adrenaline as XWF Anarchy's thunderous pyrotechnics explode from the Intrust Bank Arena, sending echoes through the plains.

Cowboys, farmers, families, and tourists all gather, drawn to the beacon of light and sound. 
Zipping overhead, XWF CamBots capture the exhilaration, zooming past banners that proclaim:





GATOR: Yeehaw, folks! Welcome to Anarchy, coming to you live from the heartland of America: Wichita, Kansas! Tonight, the arena is charged, and the matches? They're sizzling!

TODD: Couldn't have said it better, Gator! Look at that lineup! Kim "Chae" Chaeryoung is making her return to action to face Molly Barnes who is looking to continue the forward momentum she built last week on her quest to earn a rematch for the Anarchy champion!

GATOR: No doubt about it, Todd! Kim "Chae" Chaeryoung's return is generating buzz, but Molly isn't one to back down, especially after her recent victory

TODD: Oh, absolutely, Gator. But what about our main event. LSM and HGH team up against two-thirds of their aggressors last week when they take on the team of Maxine and Bobbi London! That’s a storm waiting to happen!

GATOR: True that, Todd! After what happened last week, LSM and HGH are sure to be looking for a little retribution! Now, let's not overlook the opening contest between Roger and Mastermind. After last week's Triple Threat, where Molly Barnes pinned Roger for the win, Mastermind's gotta be seething. He declared an end to his losing streak, but Roger inadvertently cost him that match. Bad blood is boiling, folks.

TODD: The stakes are high, the crowd is roaring, and the night is young. Folks, grab your snacks, and buckle up! It's time for Anarchy to take over Wichita!

- vs -
Standard Match

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldnt be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

He then smirks as he walks all the way to the ring, with the Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk, walking not far behind.  Followed by Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs and Kris 'The Hammer' Von Bonn

The arena dims as the unmistakable opening beats of "Who Let The Dogs Out" by Baha Men blasts throughout the arena, instantly drawing a roar from the crowd.

As the first verse kicks in, a single spotlight focuses on the entrance ramp. There stands Roger, visibly trying to calm his nerves, remembering those sick and dying children he's dedicating his entrance to. He clenches his fists and closes his eyes for a moment, soaking in the moment.

GATOR: "Here comes Roger! And listen to that tune, Todd! Takes you back, doesn't it?"

TODD: "It sure does, Gator!"

Suddenly, a series of controlled pyrotechnics shoot up on either side of Roger, their sparkling flames lighting up the entrance ramp. Each boom is met with a slight flinch from Roger, but he remains brave, marching down the ramp with every ounce of courage he can muster.

Fans on both sides reach out, hoping for a high-five. Roger obligingly interacts, his playful antics on full display. Midway down the ramp, he pauses, pretending to search for the dogs, drawing laughs and cheers.

As he reaches the ring, he takes a deep breath, preparing himself for the battle ahead.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sound of the bell gets the crowd going. Roger, always one to play to the masses, can't help but show off his unique brand of humor by mimicking the referee's motions, eliciting chuckles from the audience. In contrast, Mastermind, always so serious, zeroes in on Roger, his eyes cold and calculating.

GATOR: "Roger's quirky antics may have won over the crowd, but Mastermind isn't amused!"

TODD: "You've got to wonder if Roger's playful nature might cost him today."

Without a second thought, Roger, likely in another attempt to get a laugh, charges towards Mastermind. But, the latter's experience shines through as he sidesteps and shoves Roger past, sending him bouncing off the ropes. On the return, Mastermind, true to his strengths, tries to manipulate Roger's motion but gets hit with a surprising 'diagonal forward and a bit to the left' maneuver from Roger. It’s clearly the kind of unpredictable move Roger would pull.

GATOR: "Roger's got some surprising agility! And I think that move was... diagonally left?"

TODD: "I'm as baffled as you are, Gator! But it's working!"

Roger's joyful antics continue as he quickly gets to his feet, performs a little jig, and pretends to solve a Rubik’s Cube, drawing laughter from the audience. Mastermind, however, uses this to his advantage. Spotting an opportunity, he launches himself at Roger snatching him up with a German Suplex.

GATOR: "Oh! Mastermind's brought him back to reality!"

Roger is momentarily dazed, but not out. As Mastermind stalks him, preparing to apply the devastating 'Mind Sleeper', Roger, with his unpredictable nature, surprisingly skids, yes, skids away from Mastermind, evading the hold and sliding under the ropes, much to the amusement of the fans.

TODD: "That's some slippery maneuvering, Gator!"

GATOR: "You mean skidding, Todd!"

Outside, Roger takes a moment to gather himself, perhaps rethinking his strategy, or maybe trying to remember if he wore his favorite socks. Who can truly get into the mind of Roger?

Inside the ring, Mastermind's patience is wearing thin. The moment Roger reenters, Mastermind aims for his 'Mind Controller' finishing move, looking to end things swiftly. But Roger, ever the unpredictable one, wriggles free, confusing Mastermind and momentarily disorienting him.

GATOR: "What's he got planned now?"

To everyone's shock, Roger launches into an 'up' move (which seems to be a simple jump) followed by a schoolboy roll-up attempt.



But Mastermind forcefully kicks out.

TODD: "That... almost worked?"

Mastermind, irritated and done playing games, rushes in with an Enziguri. As Roger stumbles backward, disoriented, Mastermind nails him with an RKO-Stunner and quickly locks in the 'Mind Controller' Boston Crab, center of the ring.

GATOR: "He’s got it locked in! Roger's in trouble!"

Roger, caught off guard, struggles and writhes as he tries to pull himself towards the ropes.

GATOR: "Roger's showing some real heart, crawling his way to the ropes!"

Desperation visible on his face, Roger inches closer to the ropes, his fingers stretching out, searching for salvation. Mastermind, with a determined grip, tightens the hold, trying to make Roger tap. The crowd rallies behind Roger, their cheers loud and encouraging.

TODD: "The crowd's behind him! He’s almost there!"

With one final push, Roger manages to grab the bottom rope. The referee starts his count, demanding Mastermind release the hold.

ONE!... TWO!... THREE!... FOUR!...

Just before the count reaches five, Mastermind releases the hold, avoiding disqualification. But the damage is done. Roger is visibly hurt, clutching his back and grimacing in pain.

GATOR: "That was too close for Roger! He's got to regroup quickly!"

Seizing his opportunity, Mastermind, with a smirk of confidence, begins stomping on Roger, ensuring he can't get up. But in an unexpected move, Roger rolls out of the ring, narrowly evading a potentially match-ending blow.

Mastermind, not one to be made a fool of, quickly follows Roger, who has rolled under the ring. The referee starts counting.

ONE!... TWO!... THREE!...

TODD: "What's Roger up to now?"

Mastermind, clearly annoyed, crouches and peers under the ring apron, trying to locate his slippery opponent.

FOUR!... FIVE!... SIX!...

But just as he does, Roger, showing off his sneaky tactics, crawls out from the other side and rolls back into the ring, with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.


GATOR: "Roger's really playing some mind games of his own now!"

As the referee’s count nears ten, Mastermind, realizing he's been outplayed, rushes back to the ring and slides in just in the nick of time.

But Roger is waiting. Using Mastermind's momentary confusion to his advantage, he delivers a series of quick jabs and kicks, knocking the wind out of his adversary.

TODD: "Looks like Roger's unpredictable nature is his biggest weapon tonight!"

In a bizarre twist, as if straight from a movie scene, Roger pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket.

GATOR: "Wait a minute! What’s Roger doing?"

It's clear that this isn’t another playful jest. There’s intent in his eyes.

TODD: "Is he... is he going to use a riddle?"

Roger, with a smirk, reads aloud: "What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?" Mastermind looks momentarily confused, clearly not expecting a riddle during their match.

GATOR: "Roger’s really going all out with his unpredictability! Trying to confuse the Mastermind with riddles!"

TODD: "But is it enough to throw Mastermind off his game?"

Mastermind’s face contorts as he thinks, then his face brightens with realization. "The letter 'M'!", he shouts triumphantly. But just as he does, Roger moves in.

However, Mastermind is one step ahead. With a swift motion, he lands a crushing BIG BOOT to Roger's head, sending him sprawling to the mat.

GATOR: "Ouch! Roger's riddle tactic backfired!"

With Roger down, Mastermind doesn't waste a second. He drags Roger to the center and applies his signature 'Mind Master' Boston Crab. Roger, already disoriented from the BIG BOOT and now in agonizing pain, tries to resist, but it’s clear he’s caught.

TODD: "The 'Mind Master' is locked in tight! Roger’s in big trouble!"

The audience's cheers urging Roger to fight back become a crescendo. Roger musters every ounce of his strength, trying to claw his way to the ropes once again, but Mastermind's grip is relentless. His face etched in agony, after a tense and heart-wrenching few moments, Roger finally taps out.

GATOR: "And that's it! Mastermind has done it!"

TODD: "Roger gave it everything he had, even using riddles to throw off his opponent. But in the end, Mastermind's experience and ruthlessness shone through."

GATOR: "It was a valiant effort, and the crowd sure loved every minute of it. But tonight, Mastermind proved why he's called Mastermind. His strategy, focus, and experience were just too much for Roger."

The referee raises Mastermind's hand in victory, while Roger, nursing his back, gets to his feet, still receiving cheers from the crowd for his spirited effort and unique antics.


The scene transitions backstage where North Korean War Criminal is deep in conversation with EDWARD.

In the corner, Literal Gorilla is chewing on a banana, (as he is wont to do on nights when he’s not booked).

“Comrade EDWARD!” The War Criminal begins, pointing a finger in the air. “It is true you embody strength!”


“Ah!” NK waves his finger in the air! “But, true strength lies in no ONE! But in the strength of all!”

…EDWARD squints suspiciously, like maybe he’s being tricked?
NK strokes his chin, thoughtfully.

“I understand this is quite a riddle for one not exposed to such ideology… Perhaps, the work of Marx might help!”


NK shakes head. “Marx, Comrade Edward! One of the few quasi-literate thinkers of the West! A truly collective mind! His power was so immense that the sheer weight of his words caused trembling. So mighty, that weaker nations demanded the banning of his written thoughts out of fear!"


NK chuckles, a hint of irony evident in his voice. "...Well, to speak plainly, he wasn't a warrior in the traditional sense. He met his end as a drunk, unnoticed by many. But, EDWARD, it's his THOUGHTS! The mere reflections of his mind that still send shivers down the spine of those in power. Those musings are still feared to this very day!"


NK nods, delightedly, feeling that they’re nearing a breakthrough. “AHA! And to this end, may I present to you, Marx’s greatest weapon!”


“Exactly so! Behold!” NK reaches behind his back, revealing…

A thirty-page pamphlet!

EDWARD squints at the lil’ book.


“Not leaves, Comrade Edward! The written word! I present to you, The Communist Manifesto!” NK proudly hands over the pages into EDWARD’s hands.

EDWARD stares blankly at the book.


“Exactly so!” NK insists, spinning dramatically away from Comrade Edward… “With his mere written thoughts, Marx shook Western culture, and the individualist pursuits, enabling the social elite to profit off the backs of the noble laboring class, to BE CAST ASIDE!”

…EDWARD walks off holding the book, as NK’s monologue gathers steam.


WHAP! Gorilla’s banana flies out of his hand… He peers angrily at EDWARD, who just smacked him in the face with Marx’s masterwork.

EDWARD scratches head, disappointedly peering at the ‘leaves’.


WHAM! Gorilla dives onto EDWARD! The two tussle and jockey for control in a grapple, the two massive forces slamming into lockers and destroying the room with their chaotic energy.

NK pinches the bridge of his nose.

“This knowledge transfer proves more difficult than I originally anticipated…”

Molly Barnes
- vs -
Kim "Chae" Chaeryoung
Standard Match

GATOR: "Up next, Molly Barnes versus Kim Chaeyoung, and alright, here comes Molly Barnes right now!"

The beats of the Kaiser Chiefs' tune blast from the speakers, and the fans are vibing with it. The screen flashes Molly's name in big, graffiti-style letters. Molly steps out from the back, looking tough in her simple wrestling gear.

TODD: "There's our girl from Salford! She's as real as it gets."

Walking down the ramp, Molly high-fives some fans. She's all about keeping things simple, just like her life back home.

GATOR: "Molly's here to prove you don't need all the flash to make an impact."

Once in the ring, Molly gets the crowd hyped up by lifting her arms. Her music dies down, and she waits in her corner, ready for the next challenger.

"Venom" by Little Simz hits the speakers as the stadium goes dark and pink and white spotlights scan through the crowd. A white smoke covers the stage area as the crowd begins their chant.


"Life sucks and I never tried suicide
Mind's fucked even more than I realize
Time's up, keep it moving when she arrives
If you ever heard what I heard in my mind
Never try, you would cry, that's a lie, you would die
I don't wanna ever come down from my high
I'm in the best seats, from time, been the next breed
If you comin', come at me directly"


"Don't need no one to defend me
Soul's in a place even I can't get to, don't fuck with the deadly
Moon waves and open seas, quick coastin' overseas
Fuck those who don't believe
They would never wanna admit I'm the best here
From the mere fact that I've got ovaries
It's a woman's world, so to speak
Pussy, you sour
Never givin' credit where it's due 'cause you don't like pussy in power"

The crowd cheers are almost deafening now, mostly driven by hard-core female empowerists and the creepers who just want to see the beautiful Chae peak her head through the curtain. As Little Simz approaches her chorus, everyone is on the edge of their seats.



TODD: "Uh... Where's she at?"

GATOR: "I dunno, Todd. Something's up."

The camera shows Molly looking around, a bit confused, probably thinking, "What's going on?" She just shrugs and rolls with it.

TODD: "Did she forget her match or something?"

GATOR: "Who knows, man? This is wild!"

The camera quickly cuts to the scene backstage. Kim Chaeryoung is being attacked by none other than Mini Morbid, riding on her shoulders and whacking her on the head with a scorching hot foot-long burrito.

TODD: "What in the world?! Is that Mini Morbid?! And what's with the burrito?!"

The force of Mini Morbid's relentless burrito bashing and Kim's frantic attempts to shake him off propels them both onto the stage. The audience gasps in shock as Kim and Mini Morbid topple and crash right through a table set up at the side.

GATOR: "Oh no! They've gone through the table! That's a spicy crash landing if I ever saw one!"

There's a split second of stunned silence before Mini Morbid, miraculously, bursts out from the table debris, triumphantly brandishing his weapon of choice: the burrito. The crowd roars with amusement.

TODD: "Only Mini Morbid could turn a foot-long burrito into a weapon of mass destruction! And he looks pretty pleased with himself too!"

The referee, after surveying the chaos, waves his hands and signals to the timekeeper, who rings the bell.

GATOR: "I think the ref's calling it. No Contest! What a bizarre turn of events!"

TODD: "I feel for Molly. She was all set for a legit match, and then...this. She's got a number one contendership match coming up at Relentless. Let's hope things go a bit more... traditionally?"

GATOR: "With the way things are going, Todd, you never know! But let's hope for her sake, and ours, things are a bit more straightforward at Relentless."


Backstage, the camera pans into view, capturing Bama T, dressed in a vibrant southern suit, his tiny chihuahua Sassafras in one arm. The little dog has a matching bowtie. Bama T's big personality fills the frame.

Bama T: "Well, well, baby! We're here with the big man himself, EDWARD! The Anarchy Champion! And boy, oh boy, we've got us a big showdown coming up at Relentless. Ain't that right, Sassafras?"

Sassafras yips in response.
EDWARD, looming over Bama T, looks curiously at Sassafras before turning his attention back to the matter at hand.


Bama T: "Oh, I hear ya loud and clear, big man. But what about these rumblings from HGH? He's been chirping quite a bit saying he was robbed of that shiny title of yours."

EDWARD grunts, recalling the past.


Bama T nods, trying to keep pace with EDWARD's intensity. Sassafras yips again, perhaps in agreement.

Bama T: "Well, there you have it, folks! The champ has spoken, baby! He's ready for Sidney Grey and ain't afraid of no HGH! Right, Sassafras?"


The segment ends with EDWARD thumping his chest, a primal sign of strength and readiness. Sassafras gives another spirited yip as the camera fades.

- vs -
Maxine and Bobbi London
- vs -
Rey and Asesino Blood
Tornado Tag Team Match - 2k Tag Team limit

TODD: Well, folks, we’ve had quite a show tonight, and it’s all been building toward tonight’s main event! Anarchy’s tag-team division is suddenly filled to the brim here, and they’re about to get the chance to demonstrate why Thursday nights are the XWF’s prime spot for multi-man mayhem, huh, Mister Gator?

GATOR: …Ugh, these tag-teams… Back in my day, you wrestled tag-matches by yourself! We called them singles matches and we were GRATEFUL TO HAVE THEM!

TODD: …Mister Gator, tag matches are just a different kind of wrestling than singl-

GATOR: Oh, so I do all the work and my partner who doesn’t enter the match gets a free win on my back?


TODD: Anyway…

”Gang Unit” by Lil Loaded plays

Bursting out from behind the black curtain, in a red lowrider! The backseat is filled to the BRIM with pit bulls. It’s 402 Blood Street.

GATOR: That’s… that’s too many pit bulls!

Rey & Assessino Blood are dressed to the nines in their trademark red shoes, shorts, shirts and bandannas.

The arena is lit up in red!

GATOR: Ooooh, bold strategy by the Bloods, coming to the ring dressed in red and lighting up the arena in red! Like the deadly chameleon… How can the opponent wrestle what they can’t see!

TODD: …I don’t think the lighting is going to be red all match, Mister Gator.

The Bloods slide into the ring, posing for the crowd.

TODD: 402 Blood Street called out the entire XWF last week… In fact, quick cut to their promo:

Quote:We want a fight with any tag team back there who’s man enough to step up. Doesn’t matter when or where, we’ll be ready.

TODD: Short and sweet!

Two members of the ring crew rapidly press buttons and press levers, trying to get the lights to flip back from red.

TODD: Hmm, little bit of technical difficulties here…

Finally, after a few moments, they manage to flip the lights back to normal…

"The Sickest C*nt" by Enkay1er plays

“The Sickest C*nt” by Enkay1er begins to play as the lights turn up all through the arena. Bobbi emerges through the crowd, microphone in hand as she sings along with the words to her rather obnoxious and crude theme song, Maxine flanking her on the side, looking fucking ripped. She prompts the fans to sing along with her, to the delight of the young fans and shock and embarrassment of the older people and parents, who attempt to cover their children’s ears.

TODD: It wasn’t too long ago that Sidney Grey was the subject of a five-on-one beatdown at the hands of The End! The XWF Universe had to speculate whether even the Lady King of the XWF could take on FIVE of the toughest members of the Anarchy roster! But, last Anarchy, Grey shocked the world by not only striking back against The End, costing them the win in the main event, but by bringing back the DOMINANT Bobbi London and Maxine!

The ring crew, the same ones that seemed to struggle with the lights, flip switches up and down…

Bobbi hits the apex of her intro song, the crowd is on their feet.


…Bobbi irritatedly smacks the mic, furious! This is her big return, how can they fuck this up?

TODD: The XWF technical team seems to be having a little difficulty with everyone’s needs tonights…

The ring crew rapidly flips switches, turning dials… As if in a panic!

Bobbi stomps rolls over the barricade, Maxine in tow, *up* the ramp, toward the struggling techies!

Bobbi starts screaming at them, what the HELL are they do-

WHAM! One of the ring crew backflip PELE KICKS Bobbi in the face!

Before Maxine can even get a grasp of what’s happening, WHAM! Big boot to the face!

Both lay low, licking their wounds from this ambush, as their attackers rip off the XWF Tech staff clothes…


TODD: Wow! We’ve seen a lot of post-match attacks from The End… This might be their first pre-match attack!

GATOR: I for one, would like tag matches more if they had more surprise costume changes.

LSM starts stomping Bobbi straight down the ramp, as HGH mounts and pummels Maxine with blows to the skull!

The official tries to yell at the two teams on the ramp to come to the ring and join 402 Bloo-

…Nope, 402 Blood Street didn’t come here to watch other people fight, they came here to fight! They’re rolling under the ropes and toward the action on the ramp!

The official, exasperated by the immediate chaos, shrugs and points to the timekeeper!

The bell rings!

- vs -
Maxine and Bobbi London
- vs -
402 Blood Street
Rey and Asesino Blood

Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match - 2k Tag Team limit

LSM’s tactic of stomping a mudhole into Bobbi’s skull, dribbling her down toward the ring like a soccer ball…

Runs her directly into the chest of Rey Blood, the larger of 402 Blood Street.

GATOR: oooh, Rey is twice LSM’s size!

Bobbi scampers behind Blood… As LSM and Blood stare each other down.

LSM eyes Blood suspiciously… Before extending a hand and a smile.

TODD: LSM, possibly noting the Bloods both have hispanic names and thinking they’ll be friendly to a fellow luchador!

GATOR: Odds aren’t in favor, apparently Blood Street exists on the mean streets of… *checks notes*... Nebraska?

Rey peers angrily at her hand, clearly not about to align himself with L-

WHAM! In a flash, the XWF’s Luchadora Numero Uno snaps her wrist and catches Blood with a surprise uppercut under the chin…



Rey Blood just tilts his neck like it’s time to go to work.

Blood goes for a grapple…

…But LSM ducks under his grip, running towards the ring and under the bottom rope (stomping Bobbi on the back once for good measure)

Meanwhile on the ramp, HGH is still ontop of Maxine, delivering punch after punch, sapping her ener-

WHAM! Assesino hits a running dropkick straight to HGH’s throat! He rolls backwards, ass over teakettle…

Maxine, looking like she’s been mugged… looks up at Assessino, trying to struggle back to her feet…

TODD: Possible temporary alliance between Blood Street and the Lady King’s forces…

Before Maxine can test that chance, Assessino leaps to the railing…

AND delivers a showtime kick off the railing, straight to Maxine’s face!

GATOR: Hahah… you’re always wrong, Todd!


Meanwhile, back in the ring, LSM hits the ropes… The deceptively quick Rey is in hot pursuit, rolling under the ropes right behind her…

LSM comes in with a head full of steam… Rey extends an arm, looking to dispassionately DECAPITATE LSM!

But LSM ducks! She leaps off the opposite ropes… Looking to asai moonsault Rey Blood!

Buy Rey catches her out of the air, like a star centerfielder plucking down a popfly!

TODD: Oh my! LSM had all the control in the world a moment ago… Now, she’s in No Man’s Land!

Rey circles the ring, with LSM held upside down in his arms…


Rey leans down to cover!



TH-NO! LSM weasels a shoulder off the ground!

Meanwhile, on the ramp, Assessino has Maxine by the scruff of the neck and is walking her toward the ring, looking to continue this beatdown in the ring…

But, by the steps, Assessino gets Pearl-Harbored from behind with a running forearm by HGH!

GATOR: A calculated attack by HGH! The End is fantastic at hitting people from behind!

TODD: …I dunno if they’d appreciate that compliment.

Assessino drops Maxine to the padded concrete as HGH drives him into the apron, kicking him with two or three blows straight to the face!

Inside the ring, Rey scoops LSM off the mat! LSM, with what little breath she still has after that solarplexus-crushing slam, whistles…

HGH’s ears perk outside the ring… He stomps Assessino once more, leaving him low outside before rolling inside the ring…

Rey has worked LSM back to his feet, wrapping his mitt around LSM’s throat.. He goes to lif-

CHOP BLOCK! The massive Rey Blood is brought low, to one knee, after Blood delivers a sharp shoulder straight to his calf!

GATOR: See? The End are nigh-unstoppable when you’re facing away from them! It’s all the other times they get beaten up!

Rey Blood rubs his possibly-injured knee, trying to work his way up… But LSM drives a boot straight into his stomach! LSM and HGH both wrap Rey in a front facelock!

Double DDT! Blood’s face is driven straight onto the mat!

LSM and HGH both shove the massive Blood onto his back… LSM hooks a leg as HGH circles the pin, ready to stop interference!

The official drops to count!



TH-NO! LSM flies a good three feet in the air from the force of Rey’s kickout!

HGH turns around shocked as LSM flies into the ropes, as he sprints over to tag Blood with facekick after facekick!

…As he does, Assessino rolls under the bottom rope… HGH, remembering just a few minutes ago that he got a dropkick for his trouble for letting his focus drift from Assessino, immediately springs over to bring the fight to the smaller Blood.

But, Blood ducks under HGH’s grapple and launches a dropkick, kicking HGH in the back towards the corner! HGH spins around…

In time for Assessino to follow him in, wrapping him in a front-facelock, spinning around…


HGH gets launched under the bottom rope outside the ring! Rey works his way to his feet, to high-five Assessino for that offensive burst!

Meanwhile, LSM staggers up to her feet…

And finds her self staring down a 2-on-1…

LSM immediately runs to make a strategic retreat between the ropes!

BUT, the Bloods surround her! Grappling her toward the center of the ring…

TODD: LSM stomping here, trying to break out of the Bloods’ control…

GATOR: …Is that why she’s stomping?

Indeed, as LSM jockeys to try and fight out of the Bloods grip… she’s stomping a lot.

She grits her teeth, launching one final stomp before she’s lifted in the air!

Wait! Under the ring, peeking their heads out…

John Black and Tommy Wish!

The THUGS of The End!

GATOR: Seems like they almost missed their cue.

Rey shoves LSM against the ropes, looking for The Golden Bullet as Assessino climbs the top rope!

…But, as Assessino climbs, Wish slips around the ring, climbs to the apron…

And shoves Assessino toward the announce team! He cannonballs, splayed across padded concrete!

…Rey spins around furious! He dives after Wish, still on the apron…

But Black catches him with a running shoulder block, driving him backwards… As Black and Wish spring forward, double clotheslining Rey over the top rope!

GATOR: Ah! Turns out The End has another trick up their sleeve besides pre-match ambushes and post-match ambushes… During-Match ambushses!

The official yells at Black and Wish to clear out… (mostly with his words and not disqualifications since tornado-tag = anything goes!)... Black and Wish move toward the rop-

REY BLOOD grabs one by each leg and drags both Thugs under the bottom rope! Looking to take the offense to them!

…LSM gets back to her feet, seeing both THUGS taking shots from Rey Blood…

For a moment, she thinks about getting involved…

Then she shakes her head thinking better of it. She instead snaps at HGH, who slowly climbs to his feet… Pointing to Bobbi London!

HGH grabs Bobbi by the scruff of the neck and tosses her under the bottom rope! Bobbi still looks like she’s in rough shape from that earlier assault…

LSM whips London onto her front!

And grabs her ankle! MACHINA LOCK!

London’s face is overcome with pain!

Hearing a scream… Rey Blood spins around, trying to roll back under the ropes, to break up the submission…

…But the THUGS grab Blood by the legs, holding him back!

Blood crawls forward… somehow overpowering both THUGS!

But not before London taps out!


Usually, LSM would hold a submission well after the bell…

But, with Blood almost out of the THUGs’ grip, she knows when it’s time to hightail, and hightail she does!

LSM and HGH both spring up the ramp, over the busted, injured bodies of Maxine and London, who were beaten by ambush tactics…

The THUGs make a break for it over the railing…

…AS 402 Blood Street leaps into action to follow them! They may have lost the match, but they’re clearly not done with the THUGS!

Regardless, LSM and HGH raise each other’s arms at the top of the ramp as their music blares, standing triumphant in the main event!

This show isn't possible without your help writing matches AND segments!


Mark Flynn
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