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MADNESS: September 11, 2023
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09-11-2023, 07:31 PM

[Image: iwfYdjZ.png]

Madness opens to a wide exterior shot of New York City.  Pyro explodes in the distance looking like bombs as they near MSG.  Closer and closer the pyro bombs come before we cut inside the world’s most famous arena as pyro explodes from every corner.

JC:  Welcome everyone!  To New York City!  Welcome to the mecca of professional wrestling!  We are LIVE and SOLD OUT from Madison Square Garden and Damon Riggs, this!  Is!  Madness!

DR:  Jacuinde, we have reached the final stop on the road to Relentless!  We’ve left the friendly confines of the Manhattan Center and it’s onward and upward from this point on!

JC:  Relentless begins in just 11 days and we DO know that there’s three matches that are yet to be announced for Relentless and those three matches WILL be announced right here tonight on Madness!

DR:  No one does pay per view quite like the XWF and with Madness finally getting our due respect, expect Madness to show up and show out at Relentless!

The bell rings three times to grab the attention of everyone.

JC:  Damon Riggs!  We’re not wasting any time at all as our first match of the night is on deck right now!

RA:  The following contest is a no holds barred match set for ONE FALL!

RA:  Introducing first!  Standing 6 feet 6 weighing 300 pounds!  GRRRIMGORRR IIIIIRONHIIIIIIDE!

As Grimgor's song begins to hit the PA system, DA ONCE AND FUTURE GIT appears on the stage, screaming "GRIMGOR IZ DA BEST!" . He marches down to the apron and climbs to the ring without paying any heed to the fans, and once he's in the center, he raises up his fist and lets out a savage scream: "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!"

JC:  Grimgor Ironhide!  The big brute that is yet to get off the starting blocks here in the XWF!

DR:  He had opportunity two weeks ago but once he was tagged in, he wouldn’t tag back out!

RA:  His opponent!

RA:  From Salem, Massachusetts!  Weighing 245 pounds!  DRAKE!  HEMINNNNGWAAAAY!

The lights go out. "Exciter" by Judas Priest plays from the loud speaker. Steam rises from the stage. Out walks Drake Hemingway. The spotlight shines on him as though he is an angel being given to us from the heavens, his aura tells a different story. He walks down to the ring. Drake walks up the steel steps, walks across the apron. He walks to the center of the ring as the lights come back on. He stands there stoically waiting for the match to start.

JC:  If looks could kill!

DR:  Drake Hemingway is staring a hole through Grimgor Ironhide!

JC:  Two weeks ago on Madness, it was Drake Hemingway that laid out Ironhide and allowed Chris Mosh and Lexi Gold to pick up the tag team victory!

No Holds Barred Match
Grimgor Ironhide
- vs -
Drake Hemingway

The match begins just before the bell as Drake Hemingway attacks the unsuspecting Grimgor Ironhide.  Drake controls the beginning as he beats and bangs in Grimgor.  They spill to the outside of the ring and weapons are introduced.  Drake grabs a chair and is ready to punish Grimgor but Ironhide sends a huge boot to his face.

With the tide turned for the time being, Grimgor starts to beat on Drake Hemingway repeatedly.  Drake retreats back to the ring but Ironhide continues his assault and gains a couple near falls in the process.

Drake turns the tide on a running corner miscue from Grimgor.  After a few slams and near falls, Hemingway introduces tables to the ring.  Drake tries to whip Grimgor into a table set up in a corner but Grimgor reverses.  The table doesn’t break but Drake is leaned against it.  Grimgor dives in with a spear but Drake moves out of the way at the last moment and Grimgor crashes through the table head first.  After a hangman’s neck breaker and a Mark of the Beast, Drake Hemingway covers and hooks the leg for three.

WINNER:  Drake Heningway by pinfall in 12:36

JC:  Hemingway is victorious here on Madness!

DR:  It was a hell of a match but I don’t think Hemingway is done just yet!

Hemingway sets up a couple of chairs that are seat to seat.  Drake then delivers another Mark of the Beast on Grimgor Ironhide completely destroying both chairs.

JC:  Drake Hemingway came to Madness tonight with a point to make!

DR:  And damn did he make it!

JC:  Madness returns after this!

...Previously Recorded…

“Spoiled” Summer Page is sitting on a bench looking out at the lake in Central Park in Manhattan, New York. Enigma walks up to the bench Summer is sitting at..

Enigma:  I figured you would be here. I didn’t even need to look on the find my friend app.

Enigma takes a seat next to her.

Enigma:  You pay me very well to be your security guard and heater. In that time I like to think we have become friends. So when you uncharacteristically wake up early and go off on your own I can’t help but worry.

Summer smiles.

“Spoiled” Summer Page: I can always count on you, big guy.

Enigma:  Do you want to talk about why we are here right now?

“Spoiled” Summer Page:  We are on the brink of another Monday Night Madness and I can’t help but feel we haven’t come close to unraveling the mystery of who attacked me several weeks ago.

Enigma looks at Summer without saying anything.

“Spoiled” Summer Page:  What?

Enigma:  You know.

“Spoiled” Summer Page:  I do, I do. Part of me just doesn’t want to accept that possibility considering everything.

Enigma:  It is an unfortunate part of life to have to face the truth that we don’t necessarily want to be true.

“Spoiled” Summer Page:  For the record I don’t like having to face such things. I usually have people handle the unsavory truths of life but it appears like I’ll have to handle this myself.

Enigma:  We’ll handle it together.

Fade to ringside.

JC:  Summer Page!  It appears she knows who is behind it all!

DR:  She has zero proof!

JC:  I think it’s plainly obvious, Damon!

DR:  I get that but Jacuinde, all Summer has is circumstantial.  If you remember correctly, all footage from the attack back in May is missing!

JC:  Maybe we’ll find out more tonight!  Stay with us!

JC:  Back here on Madness with all three teams in the ring and Damon, this one shouldn’t be for the faint of heart.

DR:  TLC matches are typically brutal and whomever wins this match will go through hell in order to do it!

Before the match, the fans pop as the new tag team champions, Eren Hunt and Gabriel Landry are seen backstage watching on a monitor.

JC:  The tag champions are watching this one intently!

DR:  Whomever wins gets a tag team title shot at some point in the near future.  They’re young and a bit on the green side, but they’re no doubt up to the challenge.

TLC Match
2 Broke Chicks
- vs -
- vs -
Bing Bong Twinzz
-Winners Receive Tag Team Title Shot-

BGTL & BBT begin the match by eliminating 2BC from the proceedings early on as the two teams team up to do it.  The two teams celebrate their success but only for a moment before Bing Bong Twinzz turn their ire toward BGTL.  The fight ensues for several minutes with BBT keeping the upper hand and even manages a near fall until 2BC break up the pin with a pair of splashes from the top rope with chairs beneath them.

2BC takes control of things for a little while as they eliminate one half of each opposing team.  They’re the ones that introduce ladders to the proceedings as they team up to keep down their opponents including a near fall on the Bing Bong Twinzz.

The tide turns in BGTL’s favor as they break up the near fall and introduce tables and fresh chairs to the mix.  The duo runs like a well oiled machine as they continue to keep their opponents down.  Nearly winning it a few times, BGTL is on the brink of victory when the Bing Bong Twinzz break up the sure three count.

The (probably) kissing brothers are taken out of it momentarily by 2 Broke Chicks as the duo uses chairs to eliminate them.  With 2BC on the upswing, they place BGTL on a pair of tables.  Before they can use them though, the Bing Bong Twinzz leap from a pair of ladders and onto BGTL down through the tables.

2BC measures up with an attempted con-chair-to on one of the Bing Bong Twinzz, but the shot is ducked.  The impact stuns the 2 Broke Chicks long enough for each of the Bing Bong Twinzz to roll up each of the chicks.  One kicks out, one doesn’t but the result is the same.

WINNERS:  Bing Bong Twinzz in 11:21

JC:  And the Bing Bong Twinzz steal it here out of nowhere!

DR:  Sometimes, Jacuinde, they who laugh last laugh best!

JC:  The former tag team champions are now first in line for a shot at Eren Hunt and Gabriel Landry!  Madness returns after this!

The cameras once again catch up with Kevin Mears as he’s heading into Madison Square Garden. The only difference between this time and the last show is that he’s already in the building and looking for his locker room with his bag over with his rolling bag moving along behind him.

Kevin: Well here we go again. You guys must have an AirTag on me or something. I assume you want to talk about tonight, right?

That gets a nod from the camera.

Kevin:  Tonight, I face Chris Mosh. And for those who haven’t kept up with him, let me just tell you that there is no bigger joke walking in the other promotion I work for than him. We’re talking about a man who walked out on his tag partner during a match. We’re talking about a man who hired a woman who was hired to lose to him so he could get one title defense to his name before he lost it against real competition on the second defense.

The idea of it all causes a wide grin on Kevin’s face as he walks.

Kevin:  He did hold another title there a few years ago, and lost it on the first defense just 14 days after he won it. Just for the record, I went on to hold that title longer than any singles champion in the history of the company…the record holds to this day. So to be honest with you, there is absolutely nothing about Chris Mosh that worries me tonight. Now I know he’s the fan favorite here, he’s gonna be the one who gets cheered…despite ALL of that I just told you, which is 100% fact. And that’s fine with me. I don’t really care if people like me, as long as the checks keep clearing. I’ve come to realize that nothing has really changed for me in XWF despite all the promises I was made. I’m still just here to fill out the card. But like I said, hey…the fat checks keep clearing so here I am.

He shrugged his shoulders as he began looking at doors till he found the one he was given.

Kevin:  I should probably mention Sean Parker since he keeps bringing me up and trying to get some shine off me somehow. He made a very telling statement on the last show amongst all the bullshit and drivel he was rambling on about. He made the statement that the reason he got to be in the main event of his first show in XWF and put into the tournament is because of all the things he’s done in other companies ulp until now. So with that one statement, he proved what I said about him. That he’s entitled.

He opens the door and heads inside as the camera follows.

Kevin:  See, I’ve been under the impression all these years that what you do elsewhere doesn’t make a difference in a new place when you show up. I certainly didn’t come into XWF over a year ago talking about everything I had accomplished, because I knew this was a new environment and I didn’t come in expecting anything. Well that’s where ol’ Sean and I differ. And apparently where he and Thad agree. He got put into all these opportunities because of shit he did in other companies, per his own words. That is the textbook definition of entitled, and I kinda lost interest in the rest of what he had to say. I don’t even know why the guy keeps bringing me up. He’s in the main event slot because of everything he did in other companies, he’s in a tournament to crown a new champion. Why bother with me? I’m just out here filling out the card against “big opportunities” like Carmen Santana and now Chris Mosh of all people. But that’s cool. It’s good to know I’m renting all that real estate in his mind.

He parks the rolling back just inside the door before stopping and turning back to the camera.

Kevin:  I always like to say I’m the Original Ace, and Mosh is definitely in the deck full of jokers. Chris, He said on Twitter or X or whatever that he respects me. You should respect your betters, might be the smartest thing you ever said. But tonight, you’ll find out that I’m still the Ace and nothing beats that. Least of all a dipshit like you. Just do me one favor. Let’s get this over with early, there’s a club I plan to go visit as soon as we’re done. Like last time, I don’t plan to stick around after I’m done. The fact I’m facing people like you and that babe from 2 weeks ago tells me how seriously this company takes me. Which is fine, because that’s how seriously I take it. I’m still the Original Ace, and I always play with house money. See you later tonight, Moshpit.

As soon as he finishes, that’s when the locker room door closes and is heard locking from the inside as we fade back to ringside.

JC:  The ever confident Kevin Mears!  He’ll be in action tonight against Chris Mosh!

DR:  And in the battle royal as well!

JC:  Woah wait!  Damon, we gotta go backstage!

The cameras quickly cut backstage where medics and EMT’s are frantically tending to a someone laying in a pool of blood.

JC:  Madness fans… I can’t make out who that is but, they’re in some serious trouble here tonight!

DR:  Yeah I mean… that’s a lot of blood.  And…

Damon cuts himself off as the victim is rolled over face up.

JC:  That’s Jacki O’Lantern!

DR:  She is in a real bad way!

JC:  She was due up to defend the X-Division title against Hayley Fien, the woman that debuted two weeks ago!

DR:  Fien attacked her last show and Jacuinde, you gotta believe she’s behind this attack as well!

JC:  Fans, we’ll take a break, but when we come back, perhaps we’ll find out just what condition Jacki is in and what that means for tonights X-Division championship match!

JC:  Back here on Madness and while we don’t know Jacki’s condition, we can tell you with certainty that she has been transported to a local hospital.

DR:  You hate to see that and while I might be the type of guy that’d excoriate her and what she stands for… you never want to see someone leave in an ambulance.

RA:  Ladies and gentlemen please welcome… HAYLEYYYY FIIIIIIENNN!

Never Dawn (instrumental) by Lacuna Coil kicks in as the fans boo at her. Out comes Hayley Fien as she’s looking down. She looks back up as soon as the heavy guitar part kicks and walks to the ring. Ignoring the fans boos, she blows past them. As the guys are trying to cat call her, she stops and mockingly blows kisses at them and says that she’s not in their league. Hayley rolls into the ring and stands in the middle of it. She eyes the crowd still booing at her.

Never Dawn fades out as the ring announcer hands her a microphone.  Hayley has hella heat tonight as Jacki is a beloved member of the Madness roster.  It takes several awkward moments for her to get ready to speak as the crowd continues to deliver their hatred.

Finally, the crowd settles down and Hayley Fien is set to speak.

Hero.  Pop.

JC:  Hold everything!

DR:  Here comes the man, the myth, the legend!

JC:  Madness General Manager Thaddeus Duke set to join us here tonight on Madness!

DR:  No doubt, he has a ruling to issue regarding what happened backstage!

Thaddeus Duke makes his way toward the ring a bit slower than normal and not looking particularly happy.  Not once does he take his eyes from Hayley Fien as he ignores the fans trying to grab him while he ascends the steps and through the ropes.  My Name Is Human cuts out as Thad and Hayley stand face to face.

Are you proud of yourself? Thad asks her.  Hayley doesn’t verbally respond.  Hayley, there are very few things that irritate me more in this business than people being handed something they never earned.

Easy pop as Thad starts to pace.

Jacki O’Lantern, one of our biggest draws, will be on the shelf for quite some time and I ought to let her keep the damn title.

Hayley speaks into her mic but nothing comes out.  Her attempt causes Thad to stop pacing and dart his head toward her.

Did you think this was gonna be a conversation?  Did you think this was gonna be some public debate?

XWF Universe:  WE WANT JACKI!  clap clap clapclapclap

According to the rules and regulations that some kid made up 24 years ago when he started this company, if the champion is unable to defend in a scheduled title match then he or she forfeits said championship to their challenger.

Hayley throws her arms up in victory as a ringside attendant hands her the X-Division championship as the crowd boos.

Hayley, I hope you plan to defend that thing often, because when Madness returns in four weeks, I promise you will be defending that title and I’ll remind you that I’ll make you defend that title whenever I damn well please!

Thad spikes the mic and exits the ring in haste while Haylet celebrates her title “victory.”

JC:  I can not believe Thaddeus allowed her to keep the championship!

DR:  His hands were quite obviously tied, Jacuinde!  He had no choice but to award Hayley Fien the X-Division championship!

JC:  Be that as it may, he’s the General Manager!  I think the ownership group would have supported his decision NOT to give her that belt!

DR:  I think he has other plans.

JC:  While the GM deliberates his plans, we’ll take a break.

A raucous cheer erupts from a group gathered backstage as the camera opens to the makings of a party going on. A near-naked woman is tipped right-way up as she finishes off a keg stand, and another prepares for her own turn. To the side, egging them on, is 'Real' XWF World Heavyweight Champion, Kieran King.

Brody Goodman steps into the scene with a microphone ready.

Goodman: Kieran, Kieran…

He tries to get King's attention over the cacophony. A tap on the shoulder eventually does the trick but alerts King a bit too much, and the supposed champion turns around with a fist clenched and an arm half cocked. Seeing Goodman there, however, King instantly relaxes and throws an arm over Goodman's shoulders.

King: Brod-ster! Have you come to join the party?

Goodman: Uh… what's the occasion?

King: My guy, didn't you hear? This week I hit 5,000 days as XWF World Heavyweight Champion. The party has been going ever since. We're talking drinks, we're talking titties, we're talking candy, we're talking more drinks, and more titties, and more drinks, and more titties, and do you know what happens when drinks are mixed with titties that many times?

Goodman: Umm…

King half turns around.

King: Show 'em girls!

Goodman's face blushes.

King: This is going to continue all night, Brod-ster. Know why?

Goodman: Umm… you have your 'unification' match with Myra Rivers in tonight's main event.

King: That's right! And you see how easy this shit is for me, bro? I come out, talk a little bit of that ish, then bingo-bango I'm the main event as the new Madness makes its debut in the most important arena in all of America! You think people came to see the personification of paint-drying, Myra? Nuh uh. YA BOY is the star of the show here.

Behind where King and Goldman stand, the latest scantily clad keg stand finishes up, and a couple of large men help her down.

King: You want a hit of this, dawg?

King offers Goodman a turn.

Goodman: No, I'm working.

King plucks the mic from Goodman's hands.

King: You leave the work to me.

He looks back at the big fellas.

King: Get him up, boys!

Without much chance to protest, Brody Goodman is tipped upside-down and moved in to start a keg stand of his own. King focuses on the camera in front.

King: I swear on all the fake gods you ninnies at home might worship, the party CONTINUES tonight. We're here in New York City, right? After I clean Myra's clock and get named UNDISPUTED World Champ, we're gonna take this party on down to the Velvet Rabbit. And you know what? NYC's laws are gonna lock us out before we finish, but we're gonna keep going anyway at the afterparty. And then we're gonna take this show on the road. 'Cause I'm not just the New York champ, nor am I the United States champ: I'm the WORLD champ. So we're not gonna stop with Madison Square Garden. This party will sell out Yankee Stadium; we'll sell out the Tokyo Dome; we'll sell out every damn major venue in the WORLD! Wembley? Check. The MCG? Check. Estadia Azteca? Check. Narendra Modi? Check. Camp Nou, Stade de France, Maracanã, we're going to hit them all! Because I'm the guy you can bank on. I'm the guy who's gonna walk into Hades itself in the main event of night one of Relentless and make it my bitch. If any of you think that Myra Rivers can go through the hell that she'll need to there, you're goddamn dreaming. Five car wrecks, two stabbings, four gun shots, two burnings, drugged without my consent, crawled through glass, locked up with the key thrown away… that's my fucking life! I've BEEN to hell. And I'm still standing! Myra… time for you to get put back into your place. 'Cause it ain't the former MILF of Madness that's going to Relentless. It's the one true ChILF. Champ I'd Like to Fuck. Let's fucking go!"

Just as King finishes his rant, Goodman is placed down on his feet again. Everyone actually seems kind of seems impressed with him. He takes a couple of wobbly steps, until…


The production team decides that's a good place to cut the scene.

JC:  Seems Brody Goodman is having the time of his life at the fake champions party!

DR:  5,000 days ain’t nothin to sneeze at Jacuinde!

JC:  He’s not the world champion, Damon… He’s not a world champion at all!

DR:  The belt he holds tells a different story!

JC:  You can buy ‘em online for like a Benji.

DR:  Don’t try to sound hip.

JC:  Speaking of hips, don’t break one, Damon.  Fans, speaking of breaks, we’ll do that right now.  And when we come back, we’re back to the action here on Madness.

Madness return from commercial break with the cameras focused on the ring announcer at center ring.

RA:  The following contest is set for one fall!

The opening lyrics of "The World is Spinning" by DMAD begins to play as a strobe lighting effect begins at the entrance. When the song hits its normal tempo with DMAD rapping, that's when Kevin appears in the entrance. Wearing a leather jacket with heart-shaped red glasses and a cane twirling in his hand, he looks behind him before he's joined by Summer Page. She takes his hand before they head towards the ring. Kevin opens the ropes for her, enjoying the view as she bends over to step inside before joining her.

RA: Hailing from Atlantic City, New Jersey and weighing in at 175 lbs...and accompanied by Summer Page....this is KEVIN MEARS!!

He heads to the corner followed by Summer. They share a kiss before she steps out to ringside in his corner.

JC:  Double duty tonight for Kevin Mears!

DR:  If he’s as good as he thinks he is, it shouldn’t be a problem!

JC:  Doesn’t exactly seem fair.

DR:  I know a guy that won a brutal tag team title match then entered a battle royal right after it and walked out with the Universal title as well.

JC:  Your son in law?

RA:  And his opponent!

RA:  From Las Vegas, Nevada weighing 210 pounds.  The VVV III PPPP CHRIS MOSSSSH!

JC:  Chris Mosh!  Already the number one contender to the United States title, but Damon, it begs the question:  If Jacki was forced to forfeit the X-Division title to Hayley Fien, then why was Chris Mosh not the U.S. champion the moment Lexi Gold relinquished the championship?

DR:  You’re still on that?

JC:  Do you have some insight or not, Damon?

DR:  Quite obviously, the difference is that the X-Division title match was already scheduled and the U.S. title match wasn’t.  There’s a battle royal in a little bit and the winner of that match will face Chris Mosh at Relentless for the vacant championship.

JC:  …

DR:  That’s what I thought.

Kevin Mears
- vs -
Chris Mosh

The match begins with some chain reversals from both men in the early going with neither gaining a clear advantage.  A few minutes in, Mears does gain the clear advantage when Mosh gets a little cocky and lets his guard down and Mears capitalizes.

After a couple of big flashy moves, Mears grabs a near fall before slowing down the pace some.  Wise tactics for an intelligent competitor.  Mears maintains control, even getting so far into his repertoire to hit See My Knee for a very near fall.

Confident that victory is within reach, Mears taunts Chris Mosh.  Mosh then narrowly avoids the Head Games attempt from Mears which creates separation for Mosh.  The two trade back and forth for the ensuing couple of minutes before Mosh gets the upper hand.  He tries to end it quickly several times, but to no avail.

Digging into his own bag of tricks, Mosh successfully hits the super kick for a count of 2.99999999999999999999.  Going for his Mosh plex, Mears kicks his leg out as he’s going over the top.  That shifts his weight and Mosh loses his grip.  Mears lands on his ass but pops up quickly and hits a stunned Mosh with Head Games seemingly out of nowhere for the three count.

WINNER:  Kevin Mears by pinfall in 11:14

JC:  Kevin Mears with the shocking victory!

DR:  To you, maybe!  To those of us that pay attention to things outside these walls, it’s not a shock to anyone!  And that’s not taking anything away from Chris Mosh.  Mosh is a valiant competitor, but Kevin Mears is starting to hit a new level of late and I don’t think Mosh was ready for this version of Kevin Mears.

JC:  Nevertheless, Chris Mosh will go on to Relentless to cash in his number one contendership on the U.S. title and in just a little bit, we’ll find out just who will face him!

DR:  Relentless is the single biggest show of the year and I imagine that whoever wins the battle royal tonight, will be looking forward to that monster payday.

JC:  Stay with us on Madness!

In a stark contrast to last Madness, this time when the camera finds the man who calls himself THE MONSTER MACHINE, he’s alone in an empty locker room rather than lurking like a shadow behind Summer Page. Tonight, there are no colorless contacts transforming his dark eyes. Sure, the red war paint is there and so is the black soot smeared beneath his eyes – it does nothing to hide the fact that they’re still red and raw from the bear mace he took in the face at The Entity’s event in Barcelona less than a week ago. He’s already in his usual ring gear: black trunks, black kneepads with that steampunk squid logo on them, black boots with a million-and-one buckles, black leather gauntlets. He stares forward for a moment, almost as though he’s collecting his thoughts before he begins to speak, his voice hoarse but eerily calm.

ENIGMA: “The worst thing you can be in this business – worse than being an egotist who threatens to take his ball and go home after a single loss – is to be a hypocrite. I do my best, so hope you'll forgive the intentional irony when I say actions speak louder when you're staring directly into the abyss. I want you to look into my eyes. I want you to see the truth here before you: a man who broke the spirit of one of the so-called best in the business. Do we call that another feather in my cap? Do we call that another prophetic moment where my predictions concerning the event were right on the money? Do we add another hashmark on the wall and continue counting the accumulated seconds in this ongoing undefeated streak of mine?”

His chuckle is scornful at best.

ENIGMA: “History repeats. This is a thing they like to recite, just to remind you that free will is an illusion. Ah, but actions speak louder than words. Everyone knows this.  It's true, maybe the truest in this business of ours. You can recite every stat you want about the other competitors in this match, all this 'tale of the tape' nonsense the armchair analysts love so much. You can tell me that I am untested, that the last time I was in a match of this magnitude was over a decade ago. It wouldn’t matter.

All the numbers in their pretty columns, all the weighed-out pros and cons, all the knowledge of the universe won’t spare any of you the reckoning that is coming. My capacity for mercy has been exhausted. My desire to punish, to RAZE and RAVAGE is overwhelming.”

Those massive shoulders twitch in a pseudo-shrug.

ENIGMA: “The things that happened in IIW have left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, one that can only be erased by further DOMINANCE.”

There's a flicker of something in his expression for a moment. Is that malice? Hunger?

ENIGMA: “Tonight, I will make my indelible mark on this company. I will stop at nothing to become that next contender for the United States Championship. Tonight, thirteen souls will experience the abyss firsthand. To hell with all the would-be Kings and Queens in this tiny kingdom. My LEGACY is bigger than that and the more of these stars I rip from the sky, the more space there is for the darkness, for MY DOMINION to expand.”

Leaning forward, he stares intently into the camera, unblinking.

ENIGMA: “Look into my eyes. Witness the truth that will be your ultimate undoing.


His voice grows raspier, a low growl.

ENIGMA: “Do you see now?


ENIGMA snarls and lunges towards the camera. There’s a scream and the image tilts, the camera obviously dropped by whomever was filming before the feed cuts out to static.

JC:  Look out Madness!

DR:  With a man as hungry as Enigma seems to be, I’d hate to be those participants in tonight's battle royal!

JC:  That match is NEXT on Madness.

Winner Faces Chris Mosh @ Relentless
Carmen Santana - vs - Enigma - vs - Drake Hemingway - vs -
Grimgor Ironhide - vs - Gabriel Landry - vs - Eren Hunt - vs -
Marisol Vilaro - vs - Kevin Mears - vs - Summer Page - vs -
Johnny Miami - vs - MC Monkey - vs - Claire Rogers - vs -
Li'l Ca$h App - vs - Cyrus Braddock
-Over The Top Battle Royal-

As the match begins, the three biggest brutes try to clean house as quickly as possible with Mears dumping Claire Rogers from the ring and Cyrus Braddock dumping out Johnny Miami.  Carmen Santana is dumped by Summer Page.  Later, the Bing Bong Twinzz team up to eliminate Gabriel Landry with Eren Hunt eliminating them both immediately after.

Hunt, Mears, Hemingway and Ironhide quadruple team Enigma.  Vilaro and Braddock attempt to aid him but Summer Page, in a slight twist of irony, dumps Marisol Vilaro over the top rope.  With Enigma on the cusp of elimination, Ironhide elbows Drake Hemingway and the two get bounced by Cyrus Braddock right before Enigma tosses him from the ring.

Hunt is then tossed by Mears while Ironhide and Drake are toppled over the top rope by Enigma.  Mears doesn’t hesitate to go after Enigma while Summer Page eliminates herself as she stares up the aisle to Marisol Vilaro.  Wailing away on the last man left, Mears gains the upperhand before clotheslining Enigma over the top rope.  Enigma lands on his knees on the apron and Mears lands a hard knee to his face.

Enigma nearly falls but one hand grabs the middle rope.  Mears rears back for another knee but as he nears Enigma, the big man launches his head through the ropes like a missile into Mears midsection.  Enigma stands upright and grabs Mears in a suplex lifting him up and over the ropes.  Enigma takes both of them to the floor but Mears feet hit first and Enigma is declared the winner.

WINNER:  Enigma in 13:54

JC:  Enigma!

DR:  He just punched his ticket to Relentless!

JC:  He will face Chris Mosh for the vacant United States title as Enigma looks to claim his first ever XWF title while Chris Mosh looks to be the first person on Madness to achieve the grand slam!

DR:  And what about Kevin Mears!?  He stated leading up to this match that he never fared well in battle royals and here he is, fresh of a victory over Mosh coming within an eyelash of winning the battle royal too!

JC:  Maybe you were right Damon, maybe Kevin Mears has morphed into the most dangerous man on Madness!  Stay with us!

Back from commercial break, the cameras are following Summer Page.  She looks like she’s full of emotion and even looks as if she’s arguing with herself.  She turns around to go back the way she came but after a few steps, she turns around again and makes her way up the hall before coming to stop at a door.

JC:  That’s Marisol Vilaro’s private locker room!

Page opens the door by the handle and pushes it slightly ajar.  She then takes a step back and looks like she’s determined not to enter the locker room when she stops again

Summer Page:  No, it’s now or never.

Page turns, and without any more hesitation, enters Vilaro’s private locker room.  Flipping on the light switch, Summer looks around and notices Marisol’s bags.  Hurrying over, she quickly rummages through both bags and roots through them until finally retrieving a pair of USB memory drives.

JC:  What are those!?

DR:  Memory drives!

JC:  Ohhh!!!  Gee, I wonder what she might find on them.

Summer Page:  What have you been up to, Marisol?

Gripping them tightly in her hand, she stands and starts to make her way toward the door.  When she looks up, she dead stops as Cyrus Braddock stands in the doorway looking at her.  Flushed with nervousness, Summer stammers for an explanation.

Summer Page:  I…I…I was just looking for Marisol, but she isn’t here.

Big Cy says nothing.

Summer Page:  J..J…Just tell her I came by?

Summer attempts to pass through the doorway but Cyrus slams his meaty paw down on her shoulder.  Summer looks up at Marisol’s bodyguard.  Cyrus burns a stare through her soul.

Marisol Vilaro:  It’s okay big guy, she was just looking for me.

Cyrus immediately unhands Summer Page and the color slowly returns to her face.

Marisol Vilaro:  Let’s go out back!  It’s a beautiful night!

Summer Page:  I’d love to.

Cy walks beside Vilaro with Summer Page trailing just behind them.  They only make it a few feet until Enigma shows up beside Summer Page.  He looks down at Summer and she up at him as they trail behind Mari and Cy.  Summer nods before placing the USB devices into the safe hands of Enigma as we fade to ringside.

JC:  My heart stopped when Cyrus Braddock was in that doorway!

DR:  I was sure he saw her going through Marisol’s bags!

JC:  He obviously didn’t and that’s a good thing for Summer Page!

DR:  You don’t know what’s on those drives, Jacuinde!  For all you know, they’re powerpoint presentations for Vilaro Fitness!

JC:  If you believe that, Damon, I have oceanfront property in Iowa to sell you.  Fans, we’ll be right back!

DR:  Iowa?  That’s not even the joke!

JC:  Welcome back, Madness fans!  Coming up next, after a month long tournament, it is time finally to find out just who will go on to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Relentless.

DR:  Sean Parker and Penelope have both been red hot to start their Madness tenures but one of them will see their first defeat here tonight!

JC:  There is no shame, no matter what way it goes as both of these competitors are stiff competition for anyone!

RA:  The following contest is the finals of the number one contender tournament!  Introducing first!

The lights in the building all go out, save for the ones directly around the entryway from the back which swaps to a glowing red. You hear the sounds of a lone female voice which sings acapella.

Ohh Death…Ohh Deeeaaaath…Ohh Death
Won't you spare me over another year.

The red light begins to slowly pulsate to the drop beat as the song continues with the male vocals coming back. A small layer of fog begins to form at the top of the ramp.

Oh what is this that I can't see?
With ice cold hands taking hold of me

The lights all around the arena slowly begin to pulse as well. The song continues, causing one area of the building to turn red after another.

When God is gone, and the Devil takes hold
Who'll have mercy on your soul? Ohh Death

Penelope walks out from behind the curtain, pausing at the top of the aisleway. She looks out at the people in the building to a chorus of boos. She grins beneath the wide brim of her hat in her devilish way as she surveys the crowd.

RA:  Making her way to the ring, by way of the Hotel California...she is...Penelope!

Penelope, carrying a dead flower in her hands, plucks the black, withered petals off the flower one at a time as she walks and lets them fall to the floor. This leaves a bizarre trail behind her as she walks down the ramp.

Ohh Death, Ohh Death

She drops the naked step on the floor before at the end of the aisleway. She slides into the ring under the bottom rope. She crawls to the middle of the ring, before sitting back on her haunches.

No weath, No ruin, No silver, No gold
Nothing satisfies me but your soul
Well I am Death, non can excel
I'll open the door to Heaven or Hell

She looks up, and spits out a cloud of fine black mist before she lets out an ear splitting shriek.

Ohh Death…Ohh Death
My name is Death, and the End is Here…

Penelope turns and gestures towards the crowd maniacally as the lights come back up to normal. She gets to her feet, slowly removing her hat and shawl, and makes her way to one of the corners as she waits on her opponent.

JC:  And there’s Drake Hemingway, looking on again at a Penelope match from somewhere backstage!

DR:  Is there something going on with those two?

JC:  Nothing romantic, I don’t think.  Definitely something though.

RA:  And her opponent!

RA:  Now residing in Pasadena, California weighing 215 pounds… the King of the Skiiies… SSSEAAANNN PARRRKERRR!

“Ken’s Theme [Metal Cover]” by ToxicxEternity starts to play throughout the arena. As the song plays its slow, building intro, Sean Parker appears on the stage in a hooded waistcoat. He goes down on one knee, his head low as sparks fill the stage area. When the song explodes into life, Sean leaps to his feet, his arms outstretched and his hood falls back behind him. Sean walks confidently to the ring, running as he gets ringside and slides effortlessly under the bottom rope. He takes off his waistcoat, tossing it into the crowd before he climbs up one of the turnbuckles and fist pumps before doing a backflip back down as his music fades out.

JC:  It all comes down to this match right here!  Win this match and go on to main event at Relentless!

DR:  When Thaddeus Duke…

JC:  Your son in law.

DR:  Gahhh, when he took over this show a couple months ago, he demanded that the powers that be in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation start taking Madness as seriously as he was and here we are!  About to send two of our own to headline the biggest event of the year!

JC:  It’s Penelope and Sean Parker!  Only one of them can challenge for the World title, and we’re gonna find out who… RIGHT NOW!

#1 Contender Tournament Finals
- vs -
Sean Parker
-Winner Challenges WHC On
Night One of Relentless-

The match begins respectfully from both competitors as the two start a feeling out process.  Some chain wrestling ensues though which isn’t good for Penelope in the early going.  He’s far more experienced than she is and he smartly uses that to his advantage.

Parker stays on offense for a time as he speeds it up and slows it down, then speeds up and slows down again in order to keep Penelope off balance.  Parker continually forces her to use effort by going for numerous pinfalls.

The King of the Skies is going aerial in the midstages and securing a number of near falls but Penelope refuses to die.  Going to the top again, she counters with a boot from the mat that buys her separation as she looks to gain firm control of the match for the first time.

Using considerable strength that betrays her physical size, she hits Parker with drops, bombs and suplexes that results in several near falls before hitting the Leucotomy which she thought got her a three count but Parker had his foot on the ropes before the hand came down for three.

The confusion lets Parker recover and he regains control.  Penelope quickly deteriorates and nearly loses three separate times.  Parker sets her up and hits her with Masamune Decapitation!  Just as he hits his knees for the cover…

JC:  What’s he doin out here!?

DR:  Kevin Mears!

Mears appears at the entrance way watching the finish of the match.  Parker meanwhile won’t take his eyes off of Mears but he pays for it.  Penelope hits the running variant of Leucotomy just as Sean Parker was turning around.  Penelope scores the pinfall.

WINNER:  and NEW #1 Contender
Penelope by pinfall in 17:32

JC:  A rare smile from the serious Kevin Mears as he costs Sean Parker the match tonight on Madness!

DR:  He didn’t cost Sean Parker anything, Jacuinde!  No one told Parker to stare at Mears!

JC:  You tryna tell me that Mears didn’t know exactly what he was doing?

DR:  What I’m saying is Parker didn’t have to fall for it.

JC:  Penelope has won it by hook or by crook this evening and still to come on Madness, who is the World Heavyweight Champion!?

Thaddeus Duke appears at the entrance way behind Kevin Mears to a huge pop.  The sudden reaction causes Mears to turn around and come almost fact to face with the boss.

I don’t know if you think I haven’t heard all your bitching and complaining that I didn’t fulfill my promise I made to you… right out of the gate, he pauses.  Kevin, I’m a little smarter than that.

If you thought I was giving away Kevin Mears versus Sean Parker on free television… then maybe you’re not quite as smart as you think you are.

You’re both free now.

So on night three of Relentless, have fun dealing with Sean Parker.

Thad exits as quickly as he arrived and both Parker and the crowd are ecstatic at the revelation.  Mears remains a bit stoic.

JC:  Parker and Mears at Relentless!

DR:  Who will defend against Penelope!?

JC:  Keep it here on Madness!

Myra Rivers is in the locker room with her XWF World Heavyweight Championship. She’s intensely focused, exactly what she needs to be. She’s showing no signs of backing down, or wavering or any sort of fear. While she knows the challenge ahead, she knows that she’s absolutely capable of winning on this night. Myra gathers her thoughts for a bit before she begins to express them.

Myra Rivers: This… this is the match that I have to have. You see, when Madness first went into its new era, there was only one goal that I had in mind and that goal was to establish myself as THE face of the new brand. Even though I’ve wrestled for many companies that never thought that I could be the face of any brand, I never stopped believing in that. Yeah, there have been more recent examples like THAT Vegas company… but I want to tell a story of a wrestling company based in London that existed 15 years ago. It starts off with two young women in their twenties…

One from Georgia…

Another from Florida…

They were both VERY different. The girl from Georgia went mainstream literally right off the farm, no Indies experience. The Florida girl grinded in the Indies for five years before going mainstream.

In that company, the powers that be always backed the Georgia girl over the Florida girl. It didn’t matter that the Florida girl had overtaken her as far as the spot on the ladder is concerned. It didn’t matter that for the Florida girl, this was her entire life and she worked hard and busted her ass to break through while the Georgia girl was more than content to sleep her way to the top with 4 different men in 4 different months. When it came to which woman that company wanted as the face of the company, it was always the Georgia girl off the farm who had no passion for this business. That company got what they wanted.

The Florida girl left to a company based in Phoenix, Arizona and became the face of their franchise…

The Georgia girl predictably floundered in the end and the company has been out of business since 2010. I’ve been talking about how a company can sink itself if they bet on the wrong horse and that’s exactly what my first mainstream wrestling company did. They didn’t pass up just any girl from Florida though…

They passed up a future 8 time world champion, two time Hall of Fame member, and 26 time title holder who at the age of 39 is at the peak of her powers.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, that Florida girl was ME! Now, as far as who the face of Madness is and who the franchise player is, that does get decided tonight. Keiran King has been a thorn in my ass thinking that his claim to a 5000 day world title reign is valid when everyone knows the truth. He thinks, despite his recent big match shortcomings, that he should be the face of this brand and to be honest, should Keiran King, god forbid, end up defending this title at We Are Relentless, then history repeats itself and the wrong horse is leading the charge again. Now, the effects won’t be as dramatic as they were with the first mainstream company that I ever wrestled for, but I know in my heart that I’ve been the best thing to happen to this brand.

I’m the one that has stuck with it through the tough times as reigned as its champion. I’m the one that’s shown the most passion and dedication to this brand in the locker room. Keiran King merely wants to be a leech to gain whatever relevance he can because he knows in his heart, even though his ego is always going to be too big to admit it, that the sport has possibly passed him by. This isn’t to say that he still can’t be successful in this business, but I know well enough to know that HE has to have this. If he doesn’t, then it’ll solidify a truth in his head he would no longer be able to ignore and that truth is the fact that while he’ll still be a player in this business, his days of being “the guy” are most likely done and gone.

But me?

My days of being “the girl” aren’t even close to done just yet. Going back to my mission to firmly establishing myself as the face of this brand. I can’t do that without winning this match and even then? Even when I win this match I still can’t say ‘mission accomplished’ because I’ve got to go to We Are Relentless and I’ve got a match against the tournament winner to win.

I get it… I’m not ‘conventional’...

I’m not on twitter all the time posting bikini and lingerie pics like so many people…

I’m not stirring up social media bullshit like many people do.

I’ve NEVER needed to do that nonsense. It’s NEVER been about the stupid Twitter popularity contest. It’s always been about what happens in that ring for me.

Tonight? That’s GOING to be the case…

And Keiran? I’m going to do to you what I’ve done to many others like you lord knows how many times over the last fifteen and a half years…

I’m going to take that ego of yours and shove it right back up your ass… and MAYBE… when I do… when I retain this championship?

MAYBE you’ll respect what I’ve put into this brand.

Either way?

You’re the final step I need to take before We Are Relentless…

Myra leaves the scene, still maintaining her confidence. She’s hearing some near deafening cheers as the scene fades out.

JC:  Pointed words from Myra Rivers!  She defends against Kieran King in the main event when we come back!

JC:  Madness rolls on folks and Damon, for two months, these two have exchanged words.  For two months they’ve traded barbs and tonight, they’ll settle it in front of a sold out crowd here in the World’s Most Famous Arena!

DR:  Say what you want about either of these competitors, but neither of them would be main eventing in this building if he didn’t think they were both up to the challenge!

JC:  The XWF World title is on the line right now!

RA:  The following contest… is for the XWF World Heavyweight Championship!

Crowd pop.

RA:  Residing in Santa Monica, California weighing 190 pounds… He is the self proclaimed XWF World Heavyweight Champion for more than 5,000 days… KIERAAANNN KINNNNNG!

The first, frenetic strums of Faith No More's "Gentle Art of Making Enemies" rips through the arena as strobes of gold and white cast across the stage and crowd. After several moments, and then a few more for good measure, Kieran King eventually saunters onto the stage, smugly mugging for the audience. In a flash, he sprints towards the ring and glides underneath the bottom rope - practically hovering off the mat. Keeping his momentum going, King darts towards the corner post and leaps towards the top. He crouches, and throws his arms up and back as if to backflip off the top... only to pull out at the last minute. He laughs at the crowd, mocking them as he settles into some pre-fight stretches.

RA:  And his opponent!

RA:  From Miami, Florida!  She is the reigning, defending HEAVYWEIGHT!  CHAMPION!  OF THE WORLLLLD!  MMMMYRAAA RRRRRIVERRRRS!

JC:  Myra Rivers has reigned and defended for nearly nine months!

DR:  That pales in comparison to Kieran King’s 5,000 days!

JC:  It’s not even a real title!

DR:  Maybe, maybe not but he has the chance tonight to legitimize that 5,000 days!

XWF World Heavyweight Championship Unification
Myra Rivers ©
- vs -
Kieran King ©

King and Myra circle each other cautiously. The audience is divided, with fans of both competitors eager to see their favorite wrestler emerge victorious. As the tension builds, King launches himself off the ropes, attempting a hurricanrana from anywhere. But Myra, with her impressive mat skills, counters the move, flipping through it and she catches King from behind, transitioning into a cobra clutch. The crowd erupts in applause at the quick exchange of maneuvers. Myra maintains her grip on King, wrenching his neck and applying pressure. King's face contorts in pain as he struggles to find a way out of the hold. With a surge of determination, he manages to slip out of Rivers' grasp and rolls away, creating some distance between them.

Both wrestlers return to their feet as  King attempts to regain momentum with a buzzsaw kick, aiming for Myra's head. However, Myra ducks just in time, narrowly avoiding the connection. Seizing the opportunity, Myra connects with her own roundhouse kick before grabbing King and nailing him with a pendulum backbreaker and moving seamlessly into a surfboard submission. King, showing his resilience, manages to shift his weight and break free from the surfboard submission after a short time in the hold. As he does so, he quickly rebounds off the ropes, attempting a shotgun dropkick to catch Myra off guard. But Myra, always one step ahead, sidesteps the incoming dropkick, causing King to crash into the turnbuckle. Myra keeps up her momentum applying a series of punishing leg locks and kneebars to target King's limbs. With precision, Myra transitions into a triangle armbar, locking King's arm and neck. As King struggles to break free, his face turns red from the exertion. Myra's determination is evident as she tightens the hold.

King's eyes dart around the ring, desperately seeking an escape route. With sheer willpower, he manages to leverage his strength, lifting Myra into the air and slamming her down, breaking the triangle armbar. King seizes the momentum, taking advantage of Myra's momentary disorientation. He delivers a series of rapid kicks to her chest, driving her backward into the corner turnbuckle. Myra slumps down in the corner, visibly weakened. King takes a moment to catch his breath, then charges toward Myra, his knee primed for action. He delivers a running knee to Myra, who is seated in the corner, causing her to slump further. With Myra reeling, King isn't about to let up. He hoists her onto the top turnbuckle and sets her up for a superplex.
The reigning World Champion, however, is not one to be taken down easily. She fights back, delivering a headbutt that stuns King momentarily. With a surge of determination, Myra manages to reverse King's superplex attempt into a Tornado DDT from the top rope. The crowd gasps at the impressive reversal. With King sprawled on the mat, Myra senses an opportunity to showcase her high-flying skills. She ascends the top rope and, with grace and precision, leaps off, landing on King’s shoulders. Myra wraps her legs around his neck and executes a top rope headscissors that sends King tumbling across the ring. The crowd roars in appreciation.

Myra is relentless as she transitions seamlessly into a cross armbreaker, targeting King's arm. King writhes in pain, desperately searching for a way to break free from Myra's clutches. The referee checks on King's condition, asking if he wants to submit, but King refuses, shaking his head vehemently. With a burst of adrenaline, he uses his free arm to inch closer to the ropes. The distance between his outstretched fingers and the bottom rope seems insurmountable. The fans watch with bated breath as King's fingertips brush the rope. With one final lunge, King manages to grasp the bottom rope, forcing Myra to release the hold.

With both competitors showing signs of wear and tear, Myra, determined to secure victory, lifts King onto her shoulders behind her, setting him up for the Rebel Bomb. The crowd watches in anticipation. Myra executes the Gory Special-style slam with precision, driving King’s form into the canvas with incredible force. The impact reverberates through the ring as King lies motionless on the mat. Myra, not content, follows up with the Spirit Breaker corkscrew neckbreaker. With King's body twisted and contorted, Myra goes for the pinfall, and the referee drops to the mat to begin the count.


The crowd holds its collective breath as the referee's hand hovers just above the canvas.


However King somehow has the wherewithal to place his foot on the bottom rope at the very last second which the referee sees just in time. Myra thinks she’s won but sees the referee pointing to King’s foot and thus nullifying the count. Myra, however, remains focused, not letting herself get in her own head. She knows that victory is within her reach, and she's determined to finish what she started. With unwavering resolve, she lifts King once more, preparing to execute the Rebel Bomb once more. But King, refusing to submit, summons a last-ditch burst of energy. With a quick counter, he reverses Myra's attempt into a small package pin.


The crowd watches in stunned silence as King bridges backward, leveraging all his weight onto Myra's shoulders.


But Myra just about manages to escape as the referee’s hand is coming down for the three. As both competitors move back to their feet, they lock eyes and there is a mutual understanding that this match is far from over. Myra charges at King, attempting a roundhouse kick to finish what she started. But King counters with a Pele Kick that catches Myra by surprise. The crowd gasps at the sudden reversal of fortune. King, fueled by the adrenaline surging through his veins, seizes the momentum. He unleashes a flurry of high-impact moves, including a Slingblade and a Monkey Toss, leaving Myra reeling and to the outside of the ring. King then dashes to the ropes, launching himself into a breathtaking suicide dive that sends Myra crashing into the ringside barricade. King springs back into the ring and executes a springboard crossbody, taking Myra down once more. King rolls her back into the ring and rebounds off the ropes, springboarding again as he goes for a Lionsaul. But, just as King is about to leap into the air, Myra, showing her tenacity, springs to her feet. She dashes to the corner and delivers a stunning spinning back elbow, causing King to lose his balance on the middle rope. Myra takes advantage and climbs to the second turnbuckle, hoisting King up. With incredible strength, Myra executes her Rebel Bomb from the second turnbuckle, driving King into the canvas with undeniable force. Myra doesn’t let up and spikes King with the Spirit Breaker for a second time. She floats into a cover and the referee's hand strikes the mat.




WINNER:  and STILL XWF World Champion
Myra Rivers by pinfall in 22:14

JC:  The champion of the world is still champion of the world!

DR:  That was one hell of a match and if she had any doubters left, they’ve left the building!

Myra Rivers celebrates her victory in the center of the ring.

JC:  For nearly nine months, she’s led Madness through its darkest times and has come out the other side!

Suddenly, the lights inside Madison Square Garden begin to go out.

[Image: LVzof96.gif]

JC:  Darkness has fallen on the World Champion!

DR:  This place has fallen deathly quiet!

JC:  Myra Rivers will defend the World title at Relentless against Penelope…

Fire explodes from the aisle way on either side.  One explosion follows the other in quick succession as the flames race to the ring.  Once the flames reach ringside, all four ringposts burst with flames.

A dim light illuminates the World Champion standing in the center of the ring.  A second dim light illuminates the entrance way where the number one contender now stands.  Her odd lighted hat rests on her head contrasts her smokey eye.


A second Penelope appears from the darkness behind Myra Rivers!

JC:  There’s two Penelope’s!

DR:  That’s not Penelope!

The real Penelope begins a slow methodical stroll toward the ring as Myra Rivers looks on, entirely unaware that someone is behind her.


JC:  What!?




Penelope climbs the steps and into the ring, coming face to face with the World Champion.  Myra Rivers takes a step back and bumps into the woman dressed like Penelope that has stood behind her all this time.

Myra turns…

JC:  Black Mist from the mystery woman!

Rivers is blinded by the mist and turns toward Penelope.


The lights in the arena return full force.  A casket rests against the ring apron and the mystery woman is finally revealed.



DR:  The most polarizing woman in the industry!



[Image: YUrwmqH.png]



Penelope and Sahara assault the XWF World Champion Myra Rivers.  Double teaming and taking turns nailing and slamming the blinded defenseless champion.  Soon, running Leucotomy from Penelope takes Myra Rivers down and that’s followed up with the Lament Configuration.

JC:  Sahara and Penelope!  Taking turns on Myra Rivers!

DR:  I think Mr. Duke just turned the heat up around here!

JC:  Sahara, the wife of our general manager is involved in this conspiracy tonight against Myra Rivers and there’s no other way to put it!

Despite being blinded and assaulted two on one, Rivers tries to fight out of the Lament Configuration.  Soon though, as the assault continues, she’s lost what’s left of her fight as Penelope releases the dangerous submission hold.  With Myra Rivers rolling to her back, Sahara scales the turnbuckles.  She leaps off the top sending a double foot stomp into the midsection of the now out cold World Champion.

DR:  She calls that the Venom Drop!

JC:  The White Widow has arrived here in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation!  And tonight, she’s aided Penelope in dismantling her Relentless opponent!

Not quite done yet, the duo roll Myra Rivers into the open casket and slam the lid shut.  Sahara grabs the world title from the mat and hands it to Penelope!

JC:  What a way to end it!  What a way to end Madness!  What a way to go home to Relentless!

DR:  In just 11 days, Myra Rivers defends against Penelope in a Phlegethon Pyre match for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Penelope poses in front of a booing New York City crowd holding Myra Rivers World Championship as Madness fades to black.

[Image: wgqr9W2.png]

1x  XWF Universal Champion || 3x  XWF Xtreme Champion || 1x  XWF Supercontinental Champion (First)
1x  XWF Hart Champion (Last) || 2x  XWF Television Champion || 1x  XWF Tag Team Champion
1x  OCW Savage Champion || 1x IIW Tag Team Champion  || 2x  SOTM (9/20, 7/21)
2021 Male Wrestler of the Year (shared w/ Alias) || XWF Hall of Legends
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