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Breeze of Opportunity
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09-01-2023, 06:42 PM

It was a nice, quiet morning in the coffee house.

There I was, at a table sitting across from Elli.

She is smiling.

I am happy.

"Careful, these are hot now," I heard another familiar voice say.

Elbrook took a seat between us, handing each of us our order. He casually took a sip from his cup without even giving it a second thought. Elli had too, happily humming while she drank.

And then there is me, watching the two of them closely, trying to see the family resemblance. That really did come out of left field during my last session. The woman I had been seeing on and off again was related to my therapist. Was this just a coincidence? Or was there something else working behind the scenes to have this fortuitous circumstance take place? Elbrook had told me that I had a condition called Truman Syndrome, and if there were ever a moment where I felt like I was in my own show, this was it.

"Hey D, everything okay?" I heard Elli say, waving a hand in front of my face. "Hell-oooooooo?" She continued, teasing me.

I playfully batted her hand out of the way. "I'm fine," I replied jokingly. "I'm just...taking it in, is all."

"What, that your therapist is my uncle?" Elli asked. "Its not that big of a deal; he probably could have told me if he wanted to."

"Now Elli," Elbrook chimed in. "You know that I have a strict doctor-patient confidentiality policy. I cannot go around telling everyone who my patients are."

"Yeah, but its me!" Elli pouted, stirring her drink in her hand.

"So," I interjected. "How are you two related? I don't really see a family resemblance between the two of you."

Elbrook nodded. "That is true. Elli? Would you prefer to tell him, or should I?"

"I've got it Unc," Elli said happily. Elbrook rolled his eyes; I guess he didn't like the use of the phrase "Unc" to refer to himself. "Uncle Jonas is only really my uncle by marriage. My parents split up when I was a kid. Nothing bad or mean about it; they just grew out of least that's what they told me when I was younger. Turns out my dad had come out as gay and mom was very supportive of him. The split was mutual; they both wanted different things and they became better friends, much better than when they were married."

"A few years passed," Elbrook said, picking up the conversation, "And my brother had told me about a nice man he had met at work that he was 'curious' about. About a week or so later he brings her father home and was happy to have him meet me. Even though it had only been a few days, I could tell that they were on their way to loving each other."

"They were officially married five years ago," Elli explained, "And when that happened, he became my uncle."

"I didn't know he had a daughter. We had first met at the wedding, you see. And since then she visits me at least once a week to bring me coffee and talk about her cleaning business."

It took me a minute to process everything. As my coffee started to get cold, I could see how they happily shared about her parents' divorce, her father meeting someone new, and Elbrook's excitement of his brother finding happiness. It was very different from my home life. Dad left when I was ten, my uncle was arrested a few years later, and it took mom several years for her to trust anyone again. I started to well up. "Sorry," I said, wiping my eyes. "Hearing that story...brought up some bad memories."

"Ah, right," Elbrook replied sheepishly. "I had forgotten what you have shared with me about your past. I apologize if we have upset you."

"Oh, not at all!" I quickly dismissed the apology. "Its just...hearing that story makes me think of my own parents. If things could have been different."

"Well naturally circumstances can always change if-" Elbrook stopped himself. "Wait...I apologize; we are outside of our session time. I am not here to analyze your life; I am here to enjoy coffee with my niece and her friend, who happens to also be my patient."

I nodded. "Then lets just leave it at that for now." I started taking a drink from my cup of coffee. Even cooled off, it tasted fine. It would have been better warmer, but such is life.

"So..." Elbrook asked, pausing to carefully choose his words. "...Forgive me for being forward...but you two are..."

Elli and I looked at each other from across the table. I'm guessing he was thinking of us as a couple, but there was no indication of that in any of our interactions up until this point. She smirked, shaking her head, and I returned the smile in kind. I looked back at Elbrook. "Nothing so serious as that. We're friends."

"For now, anyway," Elli added, patting Elbrook's hand in the process. "You looked so nervous asking that question!"

"I was only making sure, is all," Elbrook said defensively. "This situation is not what I would consider normal, after all."

"Agreed there," I commented.

Elbrook checked his watch. "Oh goodness, I should be getting back for my next appointment. Dionysus, you know how to reach me for your next appointment." I nodded back as he turned to Elli, taking her hand into his and giving it a quick peck. "My dear, thank you again for the company. Same time next week?"

"Of course, Unc," she answered with a wink.

Elbrook sighed. "You know I hate it when you say that."

"Well that's why I say it," she teased, giggling as she said so.

Elbrook smiled, letting out a laugh of his own. "I will see you soon," he finished, walking up to the counter with his half-finished coffee and asking for a to-go cup.

As we watched him leave, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. It felt weird having someone who knew so many of my vulnerabilities hanging around me. But there was something that had caught my ear right before Elbrook had left...I turned to face Elli again. "What do you mean 'for now?'" I asked.

Elli looked down into her cup. "I don't know. I thought it would get him to stop asking, I guess," she said in what sounded like an obvious lie.

"Now hang on," I pushed. "I think there's a better reason than that. Are you...wanting more out of our friendship?"

She laughed, looking back at me. "I like what we have now, y'know? I know how your work keeps you really busy and I wouldn't want to get in the way of that. Besides, I have my own thing here to keep me busy too. Its just nice having you as a friend, free of judgments and knowing you're not just my friend as a way to get...well, 'more' from me."

"You've had friends like that before?"

"Ugh, if you could call them that," She sighed out. "The minute I didn't show any interest, they ghost me. Then some of their other friends would tell me how awful a person I am, and now I'm out a lot of friends. It just got tiring to try and make more friends, y'know?"

"But then we met at the bar. How do you explain that?"

"Geez, you sound just like Uncle El," Elli replied, smiling. "I guess with seemed pretty low stress, y'know? Either I talked to you and it went somewhere, or you tell me to 'fuck off' and I'm still the same person. Now its your turn in the hot seat, mister," she said, crossing her arms and leaning over the table so her chin rested on her arms. "Are you wanting more out of our friendship?"

I hadn't really given it much thought, so I was not prepared for the answer I was giving. "I guess...I feel the same way. You seem like a fun person who doesn't let what other people tell them affect you. It means I can be honest with you without worrying about hurting feelings. Its a nice quality to have in a friend. I don't want to ruin or lose that while we are where we are in our lives."

Even though she was still smiling, I thought I could see a part of her melt, even slightly, at the kindness I was expressing. "Well when you put it like that, we may as well be dating."

There was an awkward pause between us. Then we both looked at each other, saying "NAAAH!" at the same time.

We laughed together. Myself. Elli. And the voices in the background.

For this one moment, I'd let them have their fun.

Has the second season delivered yet?

I sure hope so.

I will give credit where credit is due; the Latina Submission Machine did give a fantastic performance in my recent title defense, even playing along with the bizarre stipulation I put at her feet, albeit begrudgingly. It was a difficult bout for both of us, and I tip my hat to you. That said, only one could win that day, and I prevailed. I simply did not want her efforts to go by unnoticed. See it as a favor, see it as mockery, see it however you wish; whenever someone puts in an honest effort, it is worth congratulating in my mind.

But the season rolls on, with new opportunities on the horizon...though this time it is with an old face.

I am referring, of The Mastermind.

Your mark on the Television Title speaks for itself. One-hundred twenty-nine days, the fourth to surpass one-hundred days and the fourth longest reign overall. It only makes sense that you would wish to pursue another shot to surpass your record...before someone else does it for you. Someone like me, perhaps. But that is also wishful thinking. I am fighting for a stronger division overall, not just complete supremacy.

But you are looking to ensure your legacy is not tarnished, isn't that correct?

As we take a deeper look, it appears that you have yet to have a positive winning record in every year you have competed here for. Now, this can be explained a number of different ways; injuries, multi-man matches where you didn't technically lose but didn't win either, you play a naturally heel character and typically that means heels will lose more than they win, the list goes on and on. And yet, at some point, the reasons become less and less explainable. You start to ask yourself if this is a trend you want to continue riding on. Or if maybe, the faith you have instilled in yourself is nothing more than falsehood. Perhaps the legacy of The Mastermind is one where the brilliance of the competitor begins and ends at the name. Doubtful, considering your other successes. Perhaps it is a rut you find yourself in, inescapable aside from the few instances where a competitor is able to meet your expectations of them. Do you know what I think, Mastermind? I think you are absolutely the man you give yourself credit for. A killer-in-waiting, not always getting the big wins, but getting the ones where it counts.

And I do well against men like that.

I find it fascinating that you describe yourself as an embodiment of 'The Winds of Change.' Fascinating as you have been a figure within XWF since the early 2010s. Usually when one describes The Winds of Change, it means something new is blowing in. Think of it like a western; a despot has an old rail town at his beck and call, his gang running rampant throughout. Then suddenly, an old-timer notices a change in the breeze, as a newcomer strolls into town, either by foot or on a horse. Through their actions, they either clean up the town or otherwise make it different from what it is. THAT is what the winds of change represent. If anyone is representative of "The Winds of Change" in this bout, it is not the man who has made his presence felt for years. Rather, it is the one who is truly bringing the change, one that has already influenced this town to the point where a confrontation between the two is all that remains.

In other words, I represent The Winds of Change.

Even in a losing streak against many top contenders in the company, I have managed to maintain, if not accelerate, my momentum and interest. My reclamation of the Television Title is a testament to that work. And now you seek to usurp me of that title? I suppose it would be possible, what with The Misfits in your corner.

Which now brings me to the bout where we will fight for this title.

This has taken considerable thought. Like the Latina Submission Machine, you also have a group behind you, much like my Many Faces. I find the notion of needing your backup to do the work you can easily do on your own tedious. Hence, the match must be enclosed. But would a cage or chamber do for such a match? These fit perfectly for a contender of your caliber. You have experience in these matches before. This bout must take place somewhere we are both in unfamiliar territory. A match that will ultimately prove who can truly bring the winds of change to XWF.

...Of course.

The Winds of Change.

If we are to do battle and want to enact the change we bring...then we let the wind decide.

The match is decided. We will fight on the very air current. XWF will have its first ever Typhoon Match. It will begin with the two of us in a ring enclosed in an indoor skydiving tunnel. Once the tunnel has enough of an air current built up, we will be taken up into the current, and continue our bout there, until one of us either causes the other to submit or knock them out. Naturally, given we are competing in the air, we will be unable to pin one another. But do not fret about distance; a bullrope will keep the two of us nice and close.

Those are my terms, the terms of the two-time Television champion. Excitement! Danger! Suspense! These are all the things I bring to season two of my time with this title. You best ready yourself for a match unlike anything you have experienced before. A battle between past and present to determine the future.

The future's in the air.

I can feel it everywhere.

At Warfare, I will be blowing...with the winds of change.

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