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One more chance at a tv title - PROMO #1
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09-01-2023, 06:27 AM

Yes I know I need to continue with the storyline regarding the newest member of the Misfits but there are also a few other things that I believe I need to mention as well that are also more important like:

Shadow Governments
Donald Trump
My Wife who I haven't spoken much about lately
Vinnie has not been around the XWF much lately (miss you boss)
A new relationship in the MIFD
It takes an hour to fix a construable
The other members of the Misfits
Oh the hell with it, let's just continue on with the newest member of the team like I was supposed to.
And also focus on winning back the Television Title.


Mastermind had just introduced Kris The Hammer Von Bonn, Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs, and Scarlet The Huntress to the newest member of the Misfits, Victor The Judge Mental.  He had already told them that things needed to change and that some of them needed to improve or get rid of certain things from their
so-called 'acts', now Victor The Judge Mental stood before them, and he something he had wanted to get off of his chest:

VICTOR: "It's a pleasure to meet you all.  Things are going to be different around here, and we are going to make sure the Misfits will be noticed, because after all I am going to be the Judge Jury and Executioner of this group.....whether you like it or not your boss here, Mastermind, and your Manager Antony, needed to make sure whatever changes they were about to make they needed the one person to make the changes happen and for not bite them in the buttocks which ultimately I have to be very honest here, all 3 of you have done, and let's be honest so has your leader.    100 losses sir.
You should be ashamed of yourself,"

The look on Mastermind's face was not worth showing, but he had a death stare to kill all death stare.  He had been called out, by not just any member of the stable, but the newest member of the stable, but he did know what this new guy was really saying.  Things needed to change.

VICTOR: "But in saying that you are the leader, you have wrestled more matches than anyone here, and half the XWF, and so be it.  With more matches comes wins and losses.  It's what we do from here to improve things is what the Misfits are going to be well known for.  I wanted to be part of a group to push the limits.  Once again in all honesty, I didn't want you three to stay on, but Mastermind and Antony had their way, so I can work with you three to change things around, and I intend to do so.

"If what you have heard has hurt your feelings, and want to do something about it, then so be it.  I'm here right now.  But what I want is I know that you guys can give me what I want and help me turn the Misfits from a laughing stock stable to one of the most watched stables in the XWF right now.  You need me, and I need you.

"Now Mastermind seems to have gotten lucky again and has been placed in another title match for next Warfare, against Dionysus for the Television Title.  That's a starting point.  But what I wanted to do was go after the one person who has lied the most here in the XWF, and caused you, Kris, to lose the X-treme belt, and that is Mark Flynn.    He is number 1 on my radar, and I will make damn sure he gets his day in my court.  But the focus has to be on Dionysus whether I want to or not.  But before I hand this little session back over to Mastermind, I need to do something."

Victor walked over to the door, and clicked his fingers.    A minute later, two workers brought what looked to be a judge's desk into the room, and sat it down in the corner.  A third worker walked in with a judge's chair and sat it down behind the desk.  Then all 3 workers left.  Victor looked over at Mastermind.

VICTOR: "May I just do something to mark my entrance into the Misfits?  It'll only take a minute,"

This had already felt long enough, and it also felt like a mistake.  But Mastermind thought that this could be a good thing whether he liked it or not.  So he nodded.

"Sure go for it,"

Victor walked over to his desk, and went behind it, and sat down.

VICTOR: "By the power invested in me by state law, I now bring the law of the land not only into the Misfits stable but the entire XWF.  Everyone outside the Misfits, is considered to have broken some kind of law whether they like it or not, and I am here to bring them all into line.  For I am Victor The Judge Mental, and I am the Judge and Jury, and I will bring everyone to JUSTiCE:"

With that Victor brought a gable out from his desk drawer, and brought it down on the table.

[Image: PiRx8G.gif]



It's the middle of the day Friday afternoon, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the camera fades in showing Mastermind still in Baton Rouge after competing on Thursday Night Anarchy.  One would think he would move on quickly, especially after a loss, but he wasn't pinned, luckily enough for him.

Mastermind can be seen fly fishing at the Burbank Park Lake.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Mastermind spots the camera but continues on fly fishing.

"Recently I have taken up the sport of fly fishing.  Why?  You all might ask?  Well, it relaxes oneself, especially after a few tough days, weeks, or months.  And well I needed some time out before I head to San Francisco, California, to take on the ginger of all gingers for the Television title next week.

"Should I be thankful that the powers that be are giving me another title shot?  One would think so.
  One would blatantly spin it that way, but to me, I was placed in that match because there was no one else to take on the ginger man who is currently on... wait for it...."

A fish came flying back into his hand with the number 20 on it.

"20 days, well done ginger man, but wait you are just on your 2nd title reign, your first title reign lasted for.... wait for it.."

A fish came flying back into his hand with the number 29.

"29 days.  That's very clever Dionasurious.  Oh wait isn't your name Dionysus?
it is.  Oh how fucking sorry I am for thinking that your name is Dionasurious, it just sounds like Dionysus doesn't it?  Yes, it does.

"You've been here for almost 3 whole months, Dionysus and we are yet to meet.  Isn't that a strange twist of coincidence for you?  But I can tell you this?"

Mastermind pointed to the camera to come even closer, which it did, and then he whispered.

"I have been keeping my eye on you, and I recognize what a tough git you are.  You have done well so far to capture two television titles.    You have what it takes to go far.  Very far.
But that if you stick around,"

Mastermind went back to fly finishing, but he continued to talk.

"Here's the thing Dionysus, I've held the Television Title before, and I have the 4th Longest reign.  You may think who the fuck cares about the 4th longest reign and you may be right, it's all about the longest, but to me, my title reign was my pride and joy, and no one, can take that away.
  Not even you.  The number of days that I held with the Television Title.  Wait for it...."

Mastermind snapped his line, and another fish came flying out of the water and he caught it.  it had the number 129 on it.  He showed the camera.

"Read it and weep ginger man,"

Mastermind returns all three fish to the water and stops fishing.  He looks out, and contemplates, before speaking again.

"I'll tell you this Dionysaurius.  I am looking forward to our first-ever meeting.  To have two title reigns is quite something in your early days being in the XWF.  I've held the x-treme title 3 times, and held both the Anarchy and the Television Titles both just once but this is what I want...."

Mastermind looks straight back at the camera very quickly which makes the cameraman jump.

"I WANT THE TELEVISION TITLE FOR A SECOND TIME.  So I'm coming after you and I am going to get it back.  Do you hear me BOI?    You may be on a quaint roll of form, but that's nothing when I meet you one on one in San Fran, and if you have ever been in an earthquake when San Francisco is known to have earthquakes then you bloody well know what it feels like. 

"I've been through a few in Wellington, where I live in New Zealand, and that constantly has Earthquakes.    The last big one was in 2011 in Christchurch where it devastated the city.  It's only just getting back to normal.  12 years on.  But here is what won't be normal for you.    You won't be retaining the Television Title because when I'm through with you, our match will rock and roll, and you won't stop me.

"Your ginger hair won't save you.    Nothing will.    You may come out and say clever stuff, but at the end of the day Dionysauris is, well...  it's basically night.    And your lights will be out, whether you think so or not, and I'll be holding your title up and laughing all the way home.

"So if you feel the need to take a few days off, Mr TV Man, then do so.  Because the quietness won't last for long, and I will make damn sure of that.    Whether you think so or not, I'm already in your damn mind.    I've mastered it, and I will continue to do the same.  I know what you are going to do next.
I know what you are going to say next.  What you don't know is..... is that it's over.    See you very soon. Dionysus."

Mastermind smirks his infamous smirk and grabs his fishing rod, and trods away, as the camera fades out, it can hear Mastermind singing...

"Row, row, your boat, gently down the stream......"

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