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So much for thinking he would have replaced that clock.
It had been some time since I sat across from Dr. Elbrook. Perhaps long overdue, given the amount of work that has gone into ensuring the others were comfortable with their new lives. "So," Dr. Elbrook began, opening up his notebook, pen at the ready, "Tell me about Daniel, Devin and...are we really referring to him as Wide Dio?"
"If you prefer Wade Dio," I replied, "That will also suffice. It is his cover for the time being, anyway."
"Very well," Elbrook accepted, jotting a few notes down. "Fill me in on what has been going on with Daniel, Devin and Wade."
I took a deep breath and went into the nitty-gritty details about each person. Daniel's acceptance of his new reality and attempting to find his place in it, along with accepting who the rest of us are to him. Wide Dio's fixation to eat as it feels comfortable to him, and finally leveling with him about how his habits are unhealthy. The most recent developments with Devin, seemingly knowing more than he leads you to believe, yet somehow keeping a happy-go-lucky outlook on the fact that he was basically willed into existence. As I spoke, Elbrook dictated as much as he could, asking unimportant clarifications to help build a profile for each clone. It was something that Elbrook and I had discussed over the phone, in order to track their own mental progress. Who knew if there would be any additional dangers hidden within the wish I had made.
"...And he finished by asking about the laughter," I finally finished, recounting the morning's conversation.
"The laughter?" Elbrook asked. "Seems oddly vague...yet he made it seem like a specific phenomenon."
"I thought so too," I admitted. "At first, I thought he was simply hearing voices. A side effect of the wish. But I kept thinking back to the days since they came into being...and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the laughter has been there. Quiet and subtle, but still present. And not just laughter either; sometimes it would be an 'ooo' or the sound of distant applause. It would only be noticeable if you were really listening for it. Otherwise it was as was seamlessly blending in with the ambient sounds around us."
Elbrook let out a long "hmmmmm" as he wrote in his notebook. "And are the others experiencing the same phenomena?"
I shook my head. "I haven't thought to ask. I didn't even think it was happening to the others until Devin mentioned the laughter. And since they're a part of me, I am guessing they can also hear this laughter."
"I see," Elbrook concluded, closing his notebook. "I think I may know what this could be. Are you familiar with The Truman Show?"
"You mean the Jim Carrey film? The one where he thinks he is part of a show?"
"The very same," Elbrook confirmed. "The phenomenon you are describing is commonly referred to as 'The Truman Show Effect,' or 'Truman Syndrome.' While there is not an official 'Truman Syndrome' diagnosis, the delusion does exist within hundreds of reported cases. People feeling as though there are people watching them like they are a sideshow attraction. They truly take heart of the Shakespearean quote, 'All the world is a stage.' For them, the world is a stage, or a film set, where some outside presence is watching them for their own entertainment, and everyone in their lives are simply actors playing a role; their co-workers, their friends, even their family. Many go to extreme lengths to escape the delusion."
"Great," I said with exaggerated relief, "We're only delusional."
And that's when I caught it.
The laughter was clear. Not even the ticking noise of the obnoxious clock could drown it out. I couldn't count how many sources of laughter there were, only that it seemed like a small chorus. 
"I assume you just heard something?" Elbrook inquired.
It seemed that my expression gave away that my mind was elsewhere in the moment. "...Yes," I slowly answered. "Only for a brief moment. It sounded like...a group of people laughing."
There it was again, this time a gasp.
I stopped trying to focus on the voices and returned my attention to Elbrook. "...Sorry. This is new for me. Now that I can hear it, I can't help but not hear it."
"That is common with any unknown aural phenomena," Elbrook informed. "The fixation on a noise unknown and new. I imagine you are trying to pinpoint where exactly this noise is coming from, yes?"
"But is this really as simple as being a delusion?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation on track.
Elbrook shrugged. "Certainly," he stated matter-of-factly. "Truman Syndrome is one such delusion that could have manifested from the wish." My expression soured. Noticing this, Elbrook's own face softened, saying "This is not necessarily bad or unhealthy for you, Dionysus. It could very easily be a byproduct of what happened in Cairo. You were unaware of any other risks when the deal was struck, and if this is the worst that is to come, then I would say keeping your sanity is a fair price to pay for the occasional extra sound effect."
I stared back at him, still frustrated but understanding of his response. Since he was unable to hear these voices, at least to my knowledge, he would only have second-hand experience with what I am going through. However, now that I have a better idea of what this is, I couldn't help but feel concerned. "Is there any way this can be reversed or cured?"
"Given that a fixation has formed from listening for these voices," Elbrook began to speak clinically, "My first recommendation would be to learn how to tune it out. Much like tinnitus, the excess noise may still be present, but with conditioning you will no longer need to worry about hearing them. Anything beyond this recommendation would require further investigation. I believe it would be best to schedule our next session two months from now. In the meantime, I would like for you to document any instance you feel the effects of Truman Syndrome. Indicate the date, time and what you hear as best you can." Seeing my concern still on my face, he walked over to the couch I was sitting on. In an act that took me by surprise, he unexpectedly put a consoling hand on my shoulder. "Most importantly, I want you to remember that you are still within your full mental faculties. You have had an once-in-a-lifetime experience that is far beyond what anyone would be able to understand. You are still you. You are still within your own mind. Do not let my speaking of this as a delusion change your own behavior. It is simply something we will work through together. The others will look to you for guidance as they realize this syndrome as well. Show strength."
I absorbed what Elbrook had told me, then slowly nodded. "I can do that, doc," I said weakly, taking in a short breath and wiping the tears forming. "Just...give me a second, okay?"
Elbrook chuckled. "Why the mighty Dionysus showing some vulnerability for a change!"
"Yeah yeah," I fired back, having felt better for speaking with him. I would have continued, but as I started to speak, the door quickly flew open. I stood up quickly, surprised and confused by what I was seeing. Standing in the doorway, dressed in a comfortable-looking sundress and sandals...
...was Elli.
"...Oh. Uhh...I didn't think-" Elli started, but stopped herself realizing the mistake she had made. "I'll just...wait outside..." she awkwardly continued, slowly closing the door.
Elbrook sighed loudly, shaking her head. "Sometimes I wonder where that girl's head is. You would think the number of times to give me a call before barging in on a session of mine...but alas," he said, annoyed by the situation.
"Wait a two know each other?!" I asked incredulously.
"Well sure I do," He replied nonchalantly. "I have a break in my morning sessions and she knows that I often forget to eat a good breakfast, so we usually grab a cup of coffee at least once a week."
"So wait, how does she know you that well?" I followed up. "Is she a patient of yours?"
"Oh no," he said. "She's my niece."
What he said took me completely by surprised...and sure enough, I heard yet another gasp...

The things I do to ensure a high-quality, high-entertainment value match.

Drafting up the Flooded Vineyard Cage Match is perhaps one of the most enjoyable moments I have had in wrestling. It is rare to have the opportunity to create an entirely customized match, even if it is only for one occurrence. It is done solely at the benefit of the fans who wish to see my reign continue, and by the grace of fate and my own skill, I have managed to secure this title twice.

And yet, it seems our dear opposition in the Latina Submission Machine has her own reservations about the decisions I have made. And on unfound rumors, on top of that.

I see you have taken issue with the fact that I, a champion of the people, gave the option of which wine to pair with our match. Surely, a man named after the greek god of wine, revelry, theater and madness would want to have a match that exemplifies the name, no? But it goes beyond just having a direct link to me. No, this is truly a challenge for the both of us, with every detail carefully considered. You see, I know you have tu familia backing you, and what test of your skill would require your background dancers to join us? So the cage was considered. But if it were just a cage match, that would have been dull. A submission from the self-proclaimed submission machine would have played only to your strengths. Thus, I eliminated that as a win condition. The people are there to see a cage; surely either of us tapping out in the middle would not excite them. As for the wine, the reasoning is quite simple. The sticky and slippery nature of wine will not permit either of us to rely too heavily on our ability to make the other submit, so relying on our other skills will be necessary to achieve a victory.

And yes, I do mean us.

...What, do you think I chose wine because somehow I can maneuver easily through the stuff?

There truly isn't anything deeper for the reasoning of having wine included in the match aside from the fact that I am a wine maker. Yes, maker of wine, not drinker of wine. But then again, if I were as one-dimensional as you are, I can understand why you would think my perceived drunken oaf persona fits me to a T. But I am no practitioner of the drunken fighter style. I am simply Dionysus; Lord of the Vine, Master of Revels, and your two-time Television Champion. Even amongst my brothers I am a one-of-a-kind individual. Since you seem keen to want to talk about authenticity, then let me be the next (for no doubt I am not the first) to say that your authenticity begins and ends with your name.


Exactly as it reads on the tin. You are a woman of latin descent. You have a vast knowledge of varying submission holds. And you have the programming of a robot, including the passion and emotion subroutines to give the illusion of either. Simple enough to understand, and does not deviate from that directive. It makes you easy to understand, as I have reviewed your tapes in preparation for our upcoming encounter. As for myself, Dionysus...well, I have a complexity that can only be matched by a rare vintage. Full bodied, with many notes hidden inside my potential, and with an award-winning finish that simply must be experienced. Much like that vintage, I too improve over time.

Perhaps these are not the words you are willing to hear, but then again between the two of us, you have only just returned while I have just been getting started. Just how did that break treat you, hmm? A nice, cozy time away from the action, resting up and licking wounds? It isn't something I hold personally against you. After all, I have needed to take leave to recover when needed. To not do so would be foolish. But what is even more foolish would be to point out a weakness that I have managed to work through to the point of competency. Sure, it hurts. Sure, it will never be back at one-hundred percent. That is a struggle I fight every day, but it gets easier every time. After all, ninety percent is still a passing grade, with no sign of failure yet.

All of this can plainly be seen in each match I have taken part in up until this point. It is why I rely on my own knowledge, not the second-hand information of others, to dictate how I act. I'm sure this will come as a shock, but being able to accept my weaknesses and accept losses as a result of said weaknesses is quite a different creature from feeling good about said losses. My objective here is to show with my actions why I am the better performer at the end of the night, and for my stock to rise, I must also build upon my opponent and how I will overcome them. It would be so simply to dissect you piece by piece and find every last nit-picky weakness imaginable...but in the event of a loss, where does that get me? Proclaiming worthlessness, then failing to overcome that worthlessness, only puts me further under. I never need worry about being humbled, for if I win, then I have overcome a great obstacle. Should I lose, then the competition was as good as I indicated it would be. It puts the pressure on you, as my opponent, to deliver a challenge worthy of the praise I give, rather than having to meet your scrutiny head on.

Don't forget; you are the challenger here, not me.

I know what to expect when you step in the ring.

But will you expect me?

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