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TITLE - X-treme Champion

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(cheered; very rarely plays dirty but isn't lame either; many likable qualities)

08-18-2023, 10:40 PM

It was a nice day for a therapy session.

There was something just in the corner of my mind that, for some reason, I just couldn't shake. Maybe Elbrook would have some answers for me. Maybe he'd even have a new clock in his office.

But for now, it would just be me, killing time before the session out at Bde Maka Ska. My appointment wasn't for another hour, but that didn't stop me from driving up to Minneapolis early. Besides, it was a nice morning; crisp air, not too busy, just the other early morning joggers and dog walkers doing their usual round around the lake. I found a break in the foliage just off the path and walked over toward it, finding a little grove where I took a seat. Sitting cross-legged, I took in the sight of the park around me; sure, it was an urban lake, but there was still some natural beauty about it, especially in these morning hours. There was a stillness in the water, broken up occasionally by either a stray leaf or a fish skimming the surface of the water.

It was nice and peaceful here...and soon I dozed off.




"Well that's not very safe, is it?"

My eyes immediately snapped open and I scrambled to my feet, disoriented by how quickly I stood up. When everything settled, I could see Devin standing next to me, not looking at me but at the lake too. I quickly caught my breath, saying, "You know you could just tap me on the shoulder."

Devin chose not to look at me. "That's true. But then that wouldn't be as fun, right?" I could see a smile crawl across his face. "Besides, its not like you're in any danger out here, off the beaten path."

I brushed off the blades of grass and small leaves that stuck to my clothes. "Yeah well...what are you even doing out here anyway?"

"Well I was sleeping out in the car. It was a little warm in the house and the weather was just right for a quick nap," Devin said matter-of-factly. "I thought you saw me and decided to drag me along. So now I've just been watching you, making sure you're okay."

I shook my head in disbelief. Out of The Many Faces, I have interacted with Devin the least, though he seemed perfectly adjusted to his new life here. So why all the weirdness all of a sudden? "I've been meaning to ask you how you've been-"

"But it always seems like I'm okay, right?" Devin interrupted, finishing my own thought for me.

"...Well, now that you say that, yes," I tried continuing on. "Daniel is still trying to cope with his new existence, and it seems like Wide Dio has some of his own issues he's working through. But you seem fine. Like everything you have gone through was just...expected and normal."

Devin let out a sigh, but it seemed like it was forced. As if it were a direction from a script; it seemed rehearsed, not natural. "Seems to me like you have a problem with just how well I'm taking this whole situation." There was an uncomfortably long pause as we both looked at the lake. Then Devin took a few steps forward, bending over to pick up a small rock. "Its alright, D. I know that all of this must be confusing for you too. After all, we're still a part of you in some way, right?" He gestured his free hand toward the lake. "This is what life used to be before the wish happened. Everything made sense. Up was up, down was down, left and right were...well, you get the idea. And this," He paused, tossing the stone into the air toward the lake, "Is what life looks like now." The stone splashed into the still water, causing a ripple to dance across the surface. "Everything that you know is currently out of order, and even the most unexpected and unexplained phenomena are beginning to manifest around, around us."

There was a way that Devin was speaking to me that was simultaneously calm...and eerie. Like he had practiced this all before. "What do you mean by 'us?'" I asked.

No reply.

Only a chuckle.

I took a step forward and grabbed his shoulder, wheeling Devin around to face me. "Devin, what the hell do you mean by 'us?'" I asked a second time.

Devin slowly looked at my arm, then down to my hand on his shoulder. He brought up his own hand to pat mine in comfort. "Relax, D. I'm talking about the four of us. You, me, Daniel, Wide Dio. It isn't like anyone else knows about us; what we see, hear...feel. Only the four of us know what it is like to have this experience. It isn't like there are more of us, right?"

At this point, I really couldn't tell if my counterpart was right. "Maybe...maybe I'm just getting into my own head a bit," I admitted, wanting to steer the conversation away from this point. "Regardless of all that, you know that my offer stands just the same as the other two. If you really aren't dealing with this existence in a good way, say something. I want to be able to help you, but if you keep things from us, what good are we to you?"

He smiled, saying, "Well that is the question, isn't it?" He chuckled again, this time his laughter sounding more...grim. "I am fine, D. I will continue to be my happy-go-lucky self, as everyone expects me to be. Maybe our little chat confirmed some suspicions you've had about this arrangement...or maybe you're still confused by what is really happening around you. Regardless, I am always on your side. Just like Wide Dio. Just like Daniel. We're the ones you can trust, D. Don't forget that."

"I'll try not to," I replied, making a mental note to bring up this conversation immediately with Elbrook when I would go to meet him next. "Listen, I-"

Devin started walking past me, saying, "If you're trying to apologize, don't. It isn't like you did anything, right? All you did was listen to me ramble about something random and inconsequential. I was just playing a joke...sans the humor, I guess. But let me leave you with some food for thought. Hell, maybe you'll want to tell Elbrook all about it." I wanted to say something, like how he knew I was meeting with Elbrook, but I let it slide, knowing that there was some link between us to our own thoughts. So I remained silent as he continued. "We're a part of each other, the four of us. I can feel hungry when Wide Dio feels hungry. Daniel can feel every hit you take in the ring. When Wide Dio laughs, Daniel can't help but chuckle. We have an idea of what the others are going through, even when we're not in the same place. Its almost like we're watching over each other. But what if we aren't the only ones who know? What if someone...or also watching us? And if that is the case..."
Devin looked back, an empty look in his eyes that set my nerves on edge. He coldly uttered...
"...Then where does the laughter come from?"
I was stunned into silence. Devin gave me a shrug and a polite wave as he wandered away. Another moment passed before I realized I just let Devin walk off without knowing where he had gone. I jogged out of the grove, looking around the footpath after I cleared the foliage, but Devin was nowhere in sight. The same could be said when I returned to my car. It didn't make any sense. It felt real. I could actually touch Devin. Did he just up and vanish? Wander off somewhere to kill time knowing I have an appointment I still need to make?
...And what exactly was that he said at the end?
Elbrook was going to make his money for sure today.

Sometimes, the path of a champion requires taking a detour. Something unexpected or beyond your control requires your attention elsewhere. To veer off the rails in order to rediscover how to climb back on, and continue on your journey.

I find no shame in having lost the Television Championship previously. And in fact, it was something I chose to welcome with open arms. For if there is no competition in this division, then what kind of division are we choosing to have? One that relies on an overbearing champion to make its mark, even if said champion is unable to compete with their betters? My intention is never to leave a division worse off than when I started becoming its champion, but to build and reshape as necessary in order to bring the best out of everyone.

Sometimes, you need to create your own competition to prove your dominance.

Which is why me defeating Angelica Vaughn is the accomplishment that it is. Having previously lost the title to her, I needed to refocus and find myself again. That way, on the second meeting, I knew what I would be getting myself into. And lo, the title did return to my hands. As bad as I feel for having caused some damage to Ms. Vaughn, I will refute any claims that she was a bad champion, or not worthy of the title. Each scenario requires its challenger to step up to the plate and face their greatest challenge to date.

Which is where you come in, Latina Submission Machine.

I can believe a two-time Anarchy Champion is capable of bringing a fight worthy of champion material. That reputation alone is likely why we are standing across from each other at Warfare. You, on the cusp of a return, creating strategic alliances to once again claim Anarchy as your own. Myself, a rising star in Warfare, nearly having earned an opportunity toward the Universal Title. It is a match that makes perfect sense on paper. That being said, I cannot help but shake the feeling that perhaps it may be too soon. While your reputation does precede you, It has been at least six months since we last saw you in the ring...showing the world just how long fifteen seconds can feel. Perhaps this return is meant to be a way to prove something to yourself. That you "still have what it takes to win." That you are more than just a fast knock-out that kept you back for so long.

Everyone knows they are one bad match away from having a long-standing losing streak, so I won't hold that loss against you too much. After all, that was months ago. You have had time to plan and prepare for your return, freshening up your skill set and finding able-bodied allies to rally behind you. The determination is admirable, I must admit. But that still leaves much to be desired in terms of your in-ring ability. If you are intending to make me an easy warm up match to shake off the ring rust, then be prepared to be greatly disappointed.

For ring rust is just an excuse for not preparing properly.

Besides, you are entering my domain. The domain of the Television Champion. And with it the unique opportunity to create my own stipulation. Perhaps I create a scenario where you must obtain a pinfall or submission but also be hand-cuffed.  ...No, too boring. Ah, maybe it should be a 100-count out match where our respective out-of-ring times are saved over, so once you hit 100 seconds outside of the ring, you automatically lose. ...But then that would annoy the referees. You see the conundrum; when you have an infinite number of choices, it can be tricky to determine what the best course of action is.

That is, I did have that conundrum.

Then I saw your compatriots.

So now the solution is crystal clear. It must be a match that is going to give you a real test of your abilities since your time away. It must be a match that will keep your fan club out of the picture. And it must also be a match that has my own personal touch added to it. But does such a match even exist?

...Well, it does now.

LSM, if you are comfortable with me abbreviating your name, I intend to offer this stipulation to you:

A champion must be able to hold their own against their opponent. So our match will take place inside of a steel cage.
A champion must be able to fight until the bitter end. So our match will be determined by pinfall, knockout, or departing the cage.
Most importantly, a champion must be able to compete under any condition, as abnormal as it may be. That is why, from the floor to the ringmat itself, the cage will be submerged in wine. Periodically throughout the match, wine will not only flood the mat, but run down the cage walls as well, creating a slick and slippery environment.

Add to these conditions some decorative grapevines throughout the structure, and we'll have ourselves XWF's first ever "Flooded Vineyard" Cage Match.

"But Dionysus!" I hear many people ask, "What about having the people choose?!" Well if there were more time, I would certainly do so. But perhaps there may still be a way for others to get involved. Keep an eye out, would you kindly?

LSM, these are my terms. If you are intending to prove you are the most technically proficient wrestler in this business, you will need to get through me to do so. But know this; you are not getting just any XWF rookie. You are getting one of the hottest rookies the company has seen this year.

And you will know just what kind of champion I am.

[Image: Many-Faces.png]
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