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08-18-2023, 08:15 PM




I was playing some sort of card game with Scarlet The Huntress, (I don't know which one it was because I kept forgetting the game, I know, Crayzee right?).  Anyway I was playing cards with Scarlet when our 'Manager' Antony the Jerk, came right up behind me, and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Ms Childs, it has been decided that you are in line for the next match, so congratulations and good luck.  Start training and I will go over plans for the upcoming next two weeks,"

He walked away.  I looked at Scarlet, who was looking back at me, smiling, and then I turned back to our manager.

"Wait what?"

"Next Warfare, Ms Childs, you have a match.  The boss and I want you to have your very own match.  Mr Von Bonn, has had his chances.  It's your chance now!"

"What about Scarlett?"

"She will get her chance soon, Ms Childs.  It's your chance now.  Or do you not want to have one?"

"No, no, sir, I'll take it,"

Mr The Jerk walked off seeming happy with himself.  I turned back to see Scarlet still smiling, and aI placed a card down on the table, and then snapped it with my hand.


Scarlet rolled her eyes

"It's not Snap it's Euker,"

"Oh right. I better go train."

"Do you want a training partner?"


I head to the training center but not before I get my mind in the game, by singing a song that has popped into my head in the last few days Mama Cass's dream a little dream of mine.

I play it with a Walkman on as I am warming up and start singing my own version:

'Stars signing bright above you,
Night breezes seem to whisper 'I love you.'
Birds singing to me in the sycamore tree
I dream a little dream of myself

'Say Nighty night and I kiss myself
I hold myself tight, and tell myself
I'll miss myself

'While I am alone, and blue as can be
I dream a little dream of myself.

'Stars fading but I linger on
I still crave my own kiss
I'm longing to linger until dawn

'So I can say this:

'Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be
I dream a little dream of myself.

'Stars fading but I linger on
I still crave my own kiss
I'm longing to linger until dawn

'So I can say this:

'Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you
But in your dreams, whatever they are
I dream a little dream of myself.'

I am now ready for my training.


A camera is turned on in the communication room, as the feed goes live to the XWF Universe.  No one is there.  Suddenly Melanie 'Crazyee' Childs comes skipping into view and she skips up to the camera, takes a few steps back, and grabs what looks like a red marker from her pocket.  She draws a line between the camera and halfway back into the room.  Then she steps ahead of it.  Shakes her head, and jumps back over the line, and looks down and nods.

"So it seems I'm competing on the next Warfare in a singles match against a newbie of all things. Not just a newbie but a female newbie. Her name Alice Knight. Welcome Alice. I hope you stay as long as you can. I hope you can stay past our match, because I will tell you now. I am going to win it."

Melanie starts laughing and then stops.

"I'm sure you don't know enough about you yet, as I don't know anything about you.
Let me tell you something. I've seen a photo of you, and I think you are beautiful. I swing both ways if you are interested."

Melanie winks, and smiles.

"Let me tell you about some of the other women here in the XWF. My favourite one, is my heroine, Miss Vita Valenteen. I will do anything to get into a ring with her. Yet she won't let me be her partner, so that's a shame.

"Then there's that bitch Sarah Lacklan, and her wife. I forget her name.

"Then there's Angela Vaughn who just lost the Television Title. I liked her but she was so up herself a bit like Sarah.

"Then there's Dolly Waters, who I believe is second on my bucket list, but she refuses to believe that I'm even here in the XWF, and won't have anything to do with me. But I'll change that when I beat you next week at Warfare.

"You see Alice, if you cross the line, I will haunt you throughout your stay in the XWF, just ask some of the other girls I have mentioned. I can defeat you, and I will. I hope to see you soon. Oh by the way. I'm Melanie Childs. They call me Crayzee. Because I am. Spot you later."

Melanie turns her head to look at the camera one last time, blows a kiss, and then waves and skips off camera. The feed cuts out.

[Image: misfits.png]

'How crazy can someone be?
When crazy is just
Another form of emotion.'


[Image: Melanie-Chisholm-melanie-chisholm-22381727-1024-768.jpg]



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