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Demon In My Room
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Charlie Nickles Offline
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07-22-2023, 05:14 AM

There was a demon in my room.

Vile, angry, and destitute: this Luciferian vermin paced back and forth at the foot of my bed, terrifying me to my core. What did he want? What was he after? These were the questions that plagued me without answer, endlessly. All through the night the demon paced back and forth, never could I sleep a wink.

Because I know what my demons do in the darkness.

I hoped the demon would slither back into the dark recesses of my mind once the morning finally broke and the first light of day poked through the blinds, but alas I was never a fortunate man. Even as the sun rose the demon stood firm, undaunted by the supposed dawn of a new day. There was no such thing as far as this demon was concerned.

I knew Tyler and Emily had awoken once I heard the pitter-patter of their footsteps running through the halls. I opened my bedroom door to go see them, but when the demon tried to follow I knew I had to shut that door. I didn’t want to bring any harm to my cherished children, but I knew I couldn’t control this demon forever.

But I could try.

I sighed softly as I stared into the sunken eyes of this fleshbound fiend, whose appearance was most morose and depressing. His skin was lathered with lacerations, nearly half of his teeth were missing from his sickly looking gums, and one of his ears appeared to have been cut off with a jagged blade some ages ago. This monstrous creature could not hide its litany of battle scars from the world, no matter how hard it tried. I knew that only made the demon more dangerous, and more angry at the world.

There is no beauty in evil: just picked bones and bad blood. Beauty is only skin-deep, but evil? Evil runs through the veins, evil is built in the marrow. Even the most beautiful skin can be ruptured and ruined when the bones start splitting and the blood starts pumping. Not all souls are blessed with the gift of beauty, but there is evil inside all of us, just waiting to be spilled. This I know all too well.

The demon stared back at me through glassy eyes, and like a mirror to the soul, I saw nothing but contempt inside his heart. Contempt for his enemies, contempt for his failures, contempt for his withering legacy. But more than all else, this blackened heart held contempt for me.

The demon matched my every move as I stood in front of the bedroom mirror, mocking me with vicious cruelty.


I heard my son’s voice call out from behind my locked door.

Tyler: “Daddy….are you almost done yet? Me and sister are getting reaaalllly hungry….

I wanted to soothe my son’s concerns, but the demon’s tongue moved faster. I stared scornfully into the mirror as the demon in my room called back.


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