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Good Boi
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Dionysus Offline
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06-04-2023, 10:34 AM

Dionysus walked up to Mark Flynn, saying, "Excuse me, I was told I could find a good boi here?"

Before Mark could even say anything in response, DIONYSUS ROLLED UP FLYNN!


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Mark Flynn (06-04-2023)
Mark Flynn Offline
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06-04-2023, 10:44 AM

WHAM! With authority, Flynn shoves a shoulder off the ground!

"HA!" Flynn kips-up to his feet, standing over Dionysus! "Bet you WISH you'd..."


Flynn scratches his head.

"No, uh... I bet that you thought you'd mastered your... wish of... pinning... me."


"Goddammit." Flynn goes over to the coatrack in the corner and puts on his jacket.

"Stay right there! DON'T MOVE!"




It's awful quiet in the XWF X-Treme hallway.

...How does this hallway even work?

Is Flynn always here? Or does he only get attacked when he's in this hallway?

If that were the case, why would he ever come here?

If he closed this hallway off, could he stay champion forever, outside of matches?

...I guess not, because people also pin outside of this hallway. They just most frequently walk up to Flynn in this hallway, say something, then pin him.

...Where IS this pla-

STOMP! Flynn kicks the door in!

"HA! Bet you wish you had an aspirint!"


WHAM! Flynn conks Dionysus over the skull with a wrench!

Dion falls on his back unconcious!

"HAHAHAHA!" Flynn cackles delightedly.





...Flynn scratches his head.

"...Wait. Was I supposed to hit him *before* I said the line?"


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Prince Adeyemi (06-04-2023), Prof. Bobby Bourbon (06-04-2023)
Prof. Bobby Bourbon Offline
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06-04-2023, 11:26 PM

Bobby saunters in and looks at Dionysus.

Do you mind! That man is the Xtreme Champ, show some respect!
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Peter Principle (06-05-2023)

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