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Self-Actualization I: Dokkaebi | The Korean Goblin
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05-24-2023, 08:16 PM

Episode I: 도깨비 Dokkaebi
The Korean Goblin.

[Image: AraS.gif]

Her skin was soft and flawless, with the lightest tinge of pink from… Is that High School Musical in the background? The lightest tinge of pink from an emotional pre-teen’s straight-to-tv movie. She’s was dressed in a matching set of Calvin Kleins, her hands and legs finding comfort under a blanket on her lap.

Who is she?

As Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were belting their break-up song to one another, our main character shifted slightly, bringing her knees up to her face.

Ever so often, her eyes glanced away from the screen to her lit-up phone, resting on a glass coffee table before her. On it’s screen were the simple words.

Debut. Anarchy 05/25 vs. Molly Barnes.

Inhaling deeply, she kicked off the blanket from her lap.

My, oh, my.

Her shins were covered in deep blue and black bruises, her knuckles raw and bloodied. Her elbows revealed scrapes and a sick grin began to tug at her lips.

A few more details.

A pair of knuckle dusters were laid out on the table.

A bamboo rod to condition shins under it.

A unique, grotesque, wooden mask.

Just as you were taking in her peculiar appearance and room, a hand is thrown dramatically in the air and her voice echoes through the room.

”Who am I, you ask? I’m not sure I quite know myself. I guess its time to find out.”

Her voice was loud, straight from the diaphragm. It exuded over-dramatics, a flair, a mischief.

Talchum is 17th of Korea’s list of intangible cultural heritage assets. It’s integral to Korean culture and is a form of pseudo-religious-mythological storytelling that involves dancing, masks and ritualistic music. It is traditionally used to highlight the plight of the poor, mock the wealthy and the religiously apostate. It is a tool of the poor to strike at their enemies.

A mask of a demon, a goblin. It was red with black lines. Think Darth Maul but more asian.

Behind the mask lay a pair of beautiful, piercing hazel eyes.

”A goblin finds it’s way to the land of misfits, eight legged creepy crawlies, and a litany of indistinguishable non-playables. The land was really a little relegated village, on the outskirts a far more impressive, far more historical city. A city that had recently found security and strength in merger with a sister.

The little forgotten village though, continued to grow, bit by bit into it’s own. It had some impressive people it called home, a queen, a man from times past with inhuman strength and retired legends.

Yet it was a place that lacked… Conflict.

It was a place of comfort and had been founded on that principle, though it’s name would say otherwise.

The village was comfortable precisely because it housed… Losers.

Losers who would triapse to the big bad city and find the chaos and conflict there too much to handle. They’d run back to the boonies and find solace.

Losers who would rather continue in comfort than flip the village on it’s head.

Yet it is conflict that breeds strength.

And if this village is ever to prosper truly, than it’s about time we started a fire. About time we started a war even. One that is savage and bloody.

And so when the little goblin found it’s way into the village, her mind began to tick. Like the little mischief-maker that she is, she began to think how best to bring some change.

And than it clicked.


She’d start from the bottom and help EVERY little loser see what they truly are. She’s light the place on fire with the blood of every until she found her way to the queen.

Her plan would mean this village finally died out for good, or that like a Phoenix it would be reborn from its ashes into something incredible. Something incredible enough to be a city of its own.”

The mask drops from the face, revealing our main character once more.

”Hello there! I’m Kim Chaeryoung, you can call me Chae though - please don’t call me Kim you uneducated whores.

I’m new here! And oooh I’m excited to be here.

Some of you might know me as our recently dethroned Television Champion, Isaiah King.

As much as I love him, this foray into Anarchy is MY way of discovering MYSELF.

To find out what kind of fighter I am.

So I’ll try it all - and each week, will try something new.

This week, Dokkaebi - The Goblin.

Who knows what next week will hold?

Molly - perhaps you should give that a shot too? Because looking at you hun, I can’t really tell what you are. Truly an NPC if I’ve ever seen one. A people’s girl, the village born and bred. But so what?

Would there be a difference if you were the barmaid or a fighter? Would it matter if you were bleeding out on the mat or the one cleaning the blood after? I don’t think so, because either ways nobody would remember your name.

Why are you on Anarchy sweetheart? To pass some time or to actually become someone?

Look at the top Molly - EVERYONE knows Edwards name, and The Queen Sidneys.

Hell, you could make a case for Mastermind having a following.

But you - I’m PRETTY sure the Irish pub down the road has a barlass named Molly Barnes.

You see on Friday, while I’m celebrating a win - the world will finally know my name - Kim Chaeryoung.

While you’re recovering from a beat down - they still won’t know yours.

Love you, but you really need a makeover.

Maybe a mask?”

The camera pans out to reveal a dozen different masks hanging on the wall behind her, with an empty hook on the bottom right presumably for the goblin one in her hand.

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