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It's No One Else's Business but Mine
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05-24-2023, 02:08 PM

I have to ask the question, what does what I do with myself and my stable The Misfits, got to do with anyone else in the XWF?  Those who want to interfere stick their noses in where it doesn't concern them, and then blindly start rumors that they know will take off like wildfire, and let others carry on, and make it seem more real than what it is supposed to be.  Nothing is going on.

Let's take for example Kris The Hammer Von Bonn, winning the X-treme Championship.  I say, good on him, for forward thinking.  Was I a little bit jealous that I didn't think of it earlier, well of course I am.  Other than the TV Title, and the Anarchy title, the X-treme Title is what I have had the most history with.  I had won it 3 times.  The last time was far too long ago for me.  4 years ago.  Pre covid.  How the world has changed.

Everyone who is everyone tried to pin him but couldn't, and then along comes Mark Flynn, who uses a legal reference to win the title.  Instead of waiting for a proper match like the twit he is, he goes and finds a curve ball.  That's forward-thinking for you.  But that's just it.  Forward.

Now I thought with Kris losing, he would be devastated which is why Antony and I picked him up.  But he hasn't been heard from in ages, and so after I put out a challenge to Ned, opponents of mine, seemed to think something untoward happened.  That I kidnapped him for being jealous of him winning the X-Treme title.  I say to that....."

I sit there laughing.  Then Kris walks into the room.

"I'm right here boss, you wanted to see me?"

"Just giving people proof that you haven't been kidnapped and that you are okay,"

" Of course I'm okay,"

I look back at the camera. 

"See, the proof is there.  Now find something else to stick your noses into,"


The camera fades in onboard Mastermind's private jet as it is heading from New Zealand to the States for Mastermind's next match. The camera finds him doing sit-ups in the middle of the aisle. He does three more before stopping, and sitting next to a chair.

[yellow]"You know the funny thing about dreams is, is that they are free. We are all free to dream of whatever comes our way. It keeps us from being down in the dumps, it keeps us from being negative for too long, and it keeps us on a better course than what we shouldn't be doing if we weren't dreaming." [i]

Mastermind stands up and stretches.

[i]"When I first checked the Anarchy card when it first came out, imagine my surprise when I was to come up against yet another newbie to Thursday Nights, and Anarchy, Aphriya Adler. From what I know of her, she's had 6 wins and 2 losses. She has what it takes to be very competitive in this match. And I was hoping, no I take that back, I was dreaming, and I knew it would be a good dream, that I could beat her, and I will."

Mastermind turns back to face the camera and sits down in a chair.

[i}"Now imagine my surprise when rechecking the card, I get my 1 on 1 match changed to another stupid Triple Threat match, and not only that, of all people, Centurion, is added to the match. Centurion. I'd rather face him on Warfare or at a Pay Per View because then I know I would have more of a chance for the dribble that comes out of his mouth.

"No that does not mean I have given up on my dream of winning this match, far from it. I can deal with Centurion. He's not going to take me down. I am going to give this match 100 percent Centurion. I have to listen to my dreams, I have to listen to my heartbeat, and the sounds that come with it. Because it will drive me, the beats, to not only beat you but beat Adler. We all know this match will become a one-on-one match when Adler is no longer having any say in anything.

"So come on Centurion, spout your lies, but in the end, it will all be for naught because you are going to lose, you have a tiny chance, but that tiny chance will close, and I'll take the opportunity to take the win. And then you will know that I have gotten one up on you, and then life will become a storm, and the storm will become thunder and lightning, and that will be because of me. i won, and placed you on a never-ending cycle of wishing that you had won, because your dreams are about to be snuffed out, just like Adlers," [/i]

Mastermind starts smirking, before looking out of the window, and standing up, and heading to the back of the plane to fetch a drink of water. The camera fades out.

Overall - 60 Wins 102 Losses 8 Technicals 2 Draws 1 No Contest
Comeback Record - 10 Wins 24 Losses 1 Draw
7th Year Record 2023 - 5 Wins 16 Losses
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5th Year Record 2020 - 7 Wins 12 Losses 1 No Contest
4th Year Record 2019 - 12 Wins 1 Draw 21 Losses
3rd Year Record 2018 - 6 Wins 2 Losses
2nd Year Record 2015 - 1 Wins 9 Losses 2 Technical
1st Year Record 2014 - 24 Wins 34 Losses 6 Technicals

February 2020 Star of The Month
November 2014 Star Of The Month

Former XWF Thursday Night Anarchy Champion - 2022 - 1 Successful Defence
Former Three Time X-Treme Champion
Former Television Champion - 129 Days (Just the 4th TV Champion to break 100 days, and now 4th on the all time list)
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Lost in the 1st Round of the Woodstock Open - Wrestlestock 2019
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