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Now I Can Keep Holding On
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05-24-2023, 12:33 PM


After months of complaining to management about his lack of booking on Anarchy, the folks in charge have finally caved to his demands and granted Centurion a match. Granted, it isn't a main event. It isn't even particularly exciting – a triple threat match against a relative rookie and a former champion turned jobber. Still, it's a match, and the pressure is on for Centurion to deliver, or else he might be back on the sidelines as quickly as he returned.

So, it's back to the grindstone for Centurion, who is watching a match featuring Aphiriya Adler. In his left arm, he is lifting a weight, while with his right, he is writing down notes as he watches the contest unfold. Centurion has his notes very distinctly laid out – he has a column Adler, and a column for Mastermind. The column for Mastermind has a ton of notes on it, but Centurion's barely touched the column for Adler. He feverously writes notes, but gets distracted as a hand reaches over his shoulder and stops him from continuing to lift the weight.

Give yourself a break.” The soft, kind voice of Ruby can be heard as she grabs a hold of the weight and sets it down on the ground next to Centurion. “Your arm is going to fall off at this rate.”

Centurion sighs as he puts his pen down and presses the pause button on the remote. He lays back in his seat and looks up at Ruby, who kisses him on the forehead. “I think I've watched every match Aphriya Adler has had in the XWF twice over. I've even watched some of her stuff in Action Wrestling. My brain is...fried.

Ruby lifts both of her hands up and begins to rub the top of Centurion's head, who instantly closes his eyes at the relaxing feel of the pressure. “You've been obsessed the past two days. You didn't put this much work into your match with Matt Knox.

I knowww...” Centurion says in a defeated tone. “Which is why I'm doing this. It's one thing to be embarrassed by Matt Knox. That man is a legend. It doesn't hurt my legacy in the slightest. But if I were to lose this match after all the talking I've done? It would be REAL bad.”

Ruby places two fingers on Centurion's temples and rubs them both. “You're overthinking things again. You're getting too far into your own head, and now you're starting to second guess yourself. Just do what you normally do. Don't worry about perceptions. Let me fix you a drink, and you tell me what you know about Aphiriya Adler. It can be exam!

Yeah, because there's nothing more relaxing than an exam.” Centurion says, sarcastically. Still, Ruby walks away from Centurion and towards a wet bar in the room, which makes Centurion sigh as he starts to discuss his upcoming opponent out loud. “She's tough. She's very clearly lacking in technical skills, but she makes up for it by being difficult to put away. She's prone to mistakes. Can be too aggressive at times. But she's not stupid – certainly has more ring awareness than Mastermind. She's also disgustingly nice. The world hasn't been unkind enough to her.”

Hmm.” Ruby admits a sound as if she is thinking as she pours some scotch out of a decanter and into a highball glass. She puts the glass lid back on the decanter and walks over to Centurion, handing him his drink. “So, you're!

Heh. Not quite.” Centurion chuckles as he takes a sip of his drink. “Your style is a lot different. You want to fly around the ring and do some cool flippies. She would rather just kick someone in the face. But I suppose the personalities are similar.” Centurion takes another sip before setting his glass back down on the table. “I'm not worried about her pinning me. If this match was one on one, I think I'd beat her without much of an issue. The problem is, it's not one on one. The third person in our match is utterly useless, and this Adler person is smart enough and talented enough to know how to win this match without getting me involved at all.

Yes, but you also know that about her.” Ruby says, reassuringly. “It's not like she's walking in with some mysterious plan. She's going to try and make sure you're out of the picture so she can pin Mastermind. Just make sure that doesn't happen.”

Centurion lets out a slight laugh as he stands up from the chair and stretches his back out. He puts his arms over his head and lets out a slight moan as certain joints crack, before he wraps his arms around Ruby and pulls her close to him. “This is why I keep you around. You know how to simplify things for me.

Oh, I don't think that's the only reason you keep me around.” Ruby says, coyly, as her fingers trace up Centurion's chest.

Centurion gets a wry smile as Ruby giggles. “You're right.” Centurion leans down and kisses Ruby before running his fingers through her hair. “You also get me coffee.

Ruby pulls away from Centurion and smacks him on the shoulder as Centurion laughs. “Do you enjoy ruining the mood?” Ruby says in a disappointed voice. “Because let me tell you, you're REALLY good at it.

Hey, you gotta stick with what you're good at.” Centurion smirks as the camera cuts,

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