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Thanks for submitting your team! Here's what to expect from here...

Now that you've posted your LFL Team's profile here, we'll review it and move it to the official LFL roster forum. When that happens, you'll have your user account opened up to some expanded sections on our forums with more options.

If you have any questions, or would like to check on your status, you are welcome to send a message to Vinnie Lane.

Welcome to the LFL!

Houston Outlaws
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05-20-2023, 08:26 AM

[Image: Kmgcgaa]
Houston Outlaws

[Image: Klg7gt0]
The Hideout

Team Information

Team Owner: Mac Bane

Head Coach: Kevin Mears

Team Captain(s): Kimberly Pain and The Lady Melissa

Mascot: Outlaw

Brief Bio: When team owner Mac Bane and his wife Amber Bane were looking at additional investments, this opportunity came up. It was just too good to pass on. Mac has always loved American football and this very quickly turned into a passion for him.

Best way to contact you: (I.E. Discord, Twitter, E-mail, etc.)
@bane_mac or through the team twitter.

Team Strategy:


Attitude: Balanced
Focus: Balanced
Tempo: Very fast
Passing: Blanced
Pass To: Balanced
Primary Receiver: TBD
Running Focus: Balanced 
Running Backs: Mixed
Backfield: Bellcow
Tight Ends: Mixed


Attitude: Aggressive
Focus: Balanced
Primary Coverage: Man
Defensive Line: Mixed
Linebackers: Mixed
Player Radio: The Lady Melissa
Match CBs to WRs: Yes

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