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Anarchy 05/11
Author Message
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05-14-2023, 10:26 PM

05 - 11 - 2023

[Image: BbV3NBt.png]



- vs -
1 1.5k Collab Per Team
6-Man Tag
Match will take place in a ring constructed of bamboo and vines

- vs -
Deforestation Debate!
In her promo, Sarah Lacklan must be for deforestation
In his promo, Jason Cashe must be against deforestation
Whoever wins the debate will have either activists or lumberjacks on their side in the fight. (Note: Winning the debate does not mean you have won the match)
The match will take place in a recently demolished area of the Amazon Rainforest

- vs -
Sidney Grey may choose the match stip in her promo.

- vs -
King of the Jungle Match
Special Guest Enforcer: A Literal Gorilla
Competitors will start on the floor of the Amazon Rainforest
The Anarchy Title will be suspended high above in the treetops
Whoever manages to scale the trees, vines and massive flora, avoiding the wildlife and grab the title will be declared the winner

OOC: ANARCHY RULES is 1 RP with a 1K WORD LIMIT unless stated otherwise
Hard deadline for Anarchy will be WEDNESDAY, 05-10-2023 at 11:59pm board time. Good luck!

NO PYRO! Fire safety only in the jungle!

Here are some signs held by apes and random Anarchy fans who managed to find EDWARD'S territory.





Chelsea, Molly and Aphriya enter the area together, confused as their themes are all played at once by apes on bongos.

THUGS have a similar reaction when it's their turn to enter and they only enter to hollers of screaming tree monkeys.

- vs -
6-Man Tag



The match kicks off with Molly and John Black exchanging locks and holds in the center of the ring before John Black manages to gain the upper hand with his strength and tags in Tommy for a double suplex which leaves Molly reeling, an attempted tag to Chelsea from Barnes is stopped by Wish who works Molly's leg and lays down the boots on her before Molly manages to trip Wish and gets the hot tag on Adler who rushes in and knocks Wish down with a big running boot then knocking John Black and Estrada off the apron with a pair of forearms.

Adler lays in on Wish with a flurry of blows and tags in LeClair for a double superkick and Chelsea pins Wish in the center of the ring but its broken up by Estrada at 2, Estrada strikes Chelsea with a few strikes and a brawl ensues with all team members and Adler and Barnes manage to clear the pool, knocking Black and Estrada out of the ring and guarding the ropes as LeClair gets to the top rope and hits CANCELLED! For the 3!


- vs -
Deforestation Debate!
In her promo, Sarah Lacklan must be for deforestation
In his promo, Jason Cashe must be against deforestation
Whoever wins the debate will have either activists or lumberjacks on their side in the fight. (Note: Winning the debate does not mean you have won the match)
The match will take place in a recently demolished area of the Amazon Rainforest

Sarah Lacklan rocks up wearing clothes made of endangered animals along with a group of lumberjacks to Jason Cashe who smokes a blunt letting out a single tear like that native american from that one commercial before he is beaten by Lacklan and the lumberjacks.


- vs -
Sidney Grey may choose the match stip in her promo.

As the show returns, there is a bar placed at ringside with rows of shot glasses filled to the brim and Tig O’Bitties dressed as a bartender. 
GATOR: When I came to Anarchy, I knew I’d see a lot of weird stuff, but now I’m just completely confused!
TODD: There’s no need to be!  This is a ‘Last Call Match’ and it’s the brainchild of our XWF King!
GATOR: Now it’s all starting to make sense.
Gator rolls his eyes as the fans all boo when “Suffocate” by Cold plays and The King of the XWF strides down to the ring.
GATOR: I don’t know what this is even supposed to be…a drinking match against Ruby, but everyone knows that Ruby is retired!  Sid just needs to let this thing go!  We all saw how badly things turned out between her and Gina.
TODD: Gator, this is about one thing…being the Face of the Brand!  Ruby was it and Sid laid claim to it!  This is a passing of the torch!
Sid pauses by ringside, snatching one of the shot glasses and downing the liquor in a single gulp then tosses the empty up the ramp, watching it shatter on the floor.  Sid snatches a microphone and rolls into the ring as the fans boo loudly.  Sid walks around to let them get it out of their system.  As they start to die down, she addresses the masses.
SIDNEY GREY: First things first…I’m not an idiot!  I know that Ruby isn’t going to be here tonight…I beat her so badly that the way I hear it, every time she sees anything remotely resembling a square, she pisses her pants! 
GATOR: That’s not true!
TODD: It’s probably true!
SIDNEY GREY:  Tonight is about my return to Anarchy…and getting back my championship…along with the title of Face of Anarchy!  Ruby was it…but I ended her career, and now it’s made official!  So…please, start the count and let’s get this over with!
The referee starts to make the count, to officially disqualify Ruby, but instead “Dark Horse Always Wins” begins to play and the fans erupt.
Inside the ring, Sid can be seen smiling as the legend makes his way down, taking care to sidestep the broken glass.
GATOR: Sid did this on purpose!  Running down Ruby at every turn and picking drafting him to her team!  I think he’s had enough and now things are going to come to a head!
Centurion pauses at the bar, and Tig offers him a drink.  He looks around as the fans roar, then he takes it, then carefully makes his way into the ring, careful not to spill it.  Finally the two ‘teammates’ come face to face finally.
CENTURION: For weeks Ruby and I have had to listen to you crow about retiring her and then you blaming her for losing your titles…and now this?!  I don’t know what you think you’re going to accomplish here tonight, but I do know this.  You, drafting me to your team for War Games isn’t a ‘master stroke’ it’s just going to lead to one…for you! 
SIDNEY GREY: Is that wh-
Before she can answer, Centurion tosses the drink in her face, sending her reeling. Infuriated, Sidney wipes the alcohol from her eyes and prepares to retaliate, when "Legend" by the Score hits the PA system.

GATOR: Now Jay Omega is here? He's not even on the Anarchy roster!

Omega steps out from behind the curtain carrying a microphone and stops at the head of the ramp.

JAY OMEGA: Whoa now, hold on a second, folks. Sid, Centurion, I know you two have beef, and much as I'd love to kick back and watch you two go at it, it pains me to say I'm gonna need both of you in top form come War Games. Don't get me wrong; I could lay you both out, hit the Tokyo Dome with just Vagabond at my side, and still have even odds of picking up the Dubya. But I'd much rather all of us hit the ring on the same page, with a 500% chance of winning. After that, y'all can beat the holy Hell out of each other for all I care. But I ain't keen on watching my team implode before we even get to Tokyo, so what's it gonna be? Can you two play nice long enough for us to win this thing? Or do I have to come down there and smack some sense into both of ya?

Sid and Centurion turn back to one another…with what seems to be an uneasy peace between them…


Sid and Centurion have the same idea, slinging punches at one another, toppling through the ropes and down to the floor.  Jay runs down to break it up, and before long it’s an out of control brawl.  Tables are upended and barricades are leveled before Security is forced to come down and pull everyone apart.  Only Jay seems willing to listen to reason.

GATOR:  I don’t know what is going to happen between these two next Anarchy, but I have a really good picture of how War Games is going to go down!  There is no way in hell that team can co-exist !  What was Sid thinking picking Centurion?

TODD: The King is a master strategist!  She knew Centurion would be gunning for her!  Keep your friends close…and your enemies even closer!  If there IS a wildcard that Sid didn’t account for…it’s the man she stole the Captain’s seat from…Vagabond!  Where is he and where does he stand in all of this?

GATOR:  We will just have to wait and see! 

- vs -
King of the Jungle Match
Special Guest Enforcer: A Literal Gorilla
Competitors will start on the floor of the Amazon Rainforest
The Anarchy Title will be suspended high above in the treetops
Whoever manages to scale the trees, vines and massive flora, avoiding the wildlife and grab the title will be declared the winner

As the camera pans to the announcers' table, Gator and Todd can be seen sitting in their seats, eagerly awaiting the start of the main event.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you've all been waiting for, the main event of the evening - the King of the Jungle match!"

"That's right, Gator. We've seen some amazing matches tonight, but nothing compares to what we're about to witness. Two competitors, HGH and Edward, will face off in a battle for the Anarchy title, suspended high above in the treetops."

"And let's not forget our special guest enforcer for the night - a literal gorilla! This is shaping up to be one wild ride."

Todd chuckles nervously, "This match is the first of its kind, and honestly, I have no idea what we're in store for!"

"I don't think anyone can predict what's going to happen in this match, Todd. Literally anything can happen in the jungle. Now let's get to it, shall we?"

The camera shifts right to Bama T in his finest baby blue glitter suit and Sassafras under his arm! With his trademark booming voice, Bama T electrifies the crowd with his new signature catchphrase: "LEEEET'S GET READY TO RUUUUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE, BABY!!!" The crowd goes wild as the camera pans out to capture the lush, dense jungle environment that serves as the backdrop for this epic match.

As the camera takes in the sights and sounds of the jungle, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary wrestling match. The King of the Jungle match is a spectacle unlike any other, and the stakes are high as HGH and Edward prepare to battle it out for the coveted Anarchy Title.

The competitors are already in the jungle, with HGH looking confident and cocky as always, and Edward growling and pounding his chest like a caveman. The gorilla enforcer looks on from the ring (yes, there’s a ring in the jungle), eyeing both wrestlers intently.

The bell rings, and the match is underway. HGH and Edward start circling each other, trying to size each other up. HGH starts with some trash-talking, taunting Edward with his arrogant personality. Edward responds with a grunt, clearly not impressed with HGH's antics.

TODD: HGH is really going to have to be careful here, Gator. Edward may not be the smartest guy in the world, but he's tough as nails and he's got a mean streak a mile wide.

GATOR: That's right, Todd. Edward may not have the technical skill that HGH does, but he's definitely got the brawn.

HGH charges forward, attempting a clothesline, but Edward easily dodges it and responds with a stiff punch to HGH's gut. HGH retaliates with an eye rake, much to the disapproval of the crowd.

GATOR: Oh, come on, HGH! That's not a legal move!

TODD: I think HGH is just doing whatever it takes to win, Gator.

GATOR: Well, duh!

Edward charges forward, tackling HGH to the ground. The two wrestlers start rolling around on the forest floor, punching and kicking each other. The gorilla enforcer looks on, seemingly amused by the spectacle.

GATOR: This is just pure chaos, Todd! There's no telling who's going to come out on top in a brawl like this.

TODD: Edward has spent his entire life training his body to be the alpha male, but right now the only alpha on Anarchy is HGH.

With a fierce determination, HGH seizes the opportunity to take control of the match. He delivers a bone-crunching spinebuster that sends Edward crashing to the ground, causing him to groan in agony. As Edward rolls over, he reveals a jagged stone that was hidden beneath his back. HGH quickly pounces on him, mounting him and raining down a flurry of rapid-fire punches to his head, ensuring that he has enough time to make his way towards the towering trees that will lead him to the coveted Anarchy Title. With a focused gaze, he scans the dense jungle foliage, searching for any possible footholds that will allow him to ascend towards victory.

GATOR: HGH is on the move, Todd! He's heading towards the trees!

TODD: But don't count Edward out yet, Gator. He's a scrappy fighter, and he's not going to give up easily.

Edward starts making his way towards HGH, growling and snarling as he approaches. HGH looks back, clearly worried about the caveman warrior chasing him.

GATOR: It looks like Edward is closing in on HGH! This could be bad news for our cocky champion.

TODD: HGH needs to move fast if he hopes to win this match, Gator.

HGH starts climbing up a nearby vine, trying to get to the top of the tree where the Anarchy Title is suspended. Edward follows close behind, grabbing onto the same vine and pulling himself up.

GATOR: This is a race to the top, Todd! Who's going to get

Edward's caveman instincts had taken over, and he was now driven by his primal desire to win. He scaled the vines with incredible speed and agility, his muscular arms bulging with every pull. HGH had no choice but to watch in disbelief as Edward left him in the dust, quickly disappearing into the treetops. The audience was at the edge of their seats, cheering and gasping as Edward ascended higher and higher towards the Anarchy Title.

As Edward climbed, his eyes were fixed on the prize above him. His body was fueled by raw determination, and he didn't even seem to notice the jungle's dangerous creatures lurking around him. Monkeys chattered in the trees, snakes slithered along the vines, and even a jaguar watched from a distance, but Edward didn't flinch. He was a caveman warrior, and he knew how to survive in the wild.

The crowd watched in awe as Edward continued his ascent, his progress towards the Anarchy Title almost seeming effortless. HGH could only watch helplessly as Edward got closer and closer to the championship belt. With each passing moment, it became clear that the match was Edward's to lose. The fans were on their feet, shouting and screaming, as Edward reached out to grasp the Anarchy Title. It looked like he was about to win!

But just as Edward was about to claim victory, HGH sprang back into action. With one swift move, he managed to pull himself up the vines and onto the same branch as Edward. The two competitors were now face to face, both reaching for the Anarchy Title. HGH saw his opportunity and took it, hitting Edward with a vicious forearm to the face that left both wrestlers reeling.

They both stumbled back, barely holding onto the branch as they tried to regain their balance. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, waiting to see who would make the final move. It was anyone's game at this point.

A large bird swoops down, attempting to attack HGH. He ducks just in time, narrowly avoiding the attack.

GATOR: "Looks like the wildlife is getting involved in this match!"

TODD: "They're in the Amazon rainforest, Gator. This is where the wild things are!"

As HGH and Edward continue to brawl at the top of the trees, it seems like neither competitor has the upper hand. Edward's savage brawling style is proving to be a challenge for HGH, but the young wrestler is not one to go down easily. Suddenly, HGH reaches into his tights and pulls out a small object. The audience gasps as he throws a fireball directly into Edward's face.

GATOR: "Oh my god, did you see that? HGH just threw a fireball in Edward's face! That's dirty, even for a King of the Jungle match."

TODD: "Well, Gator, it may not be illegal in this match, but it's certainly not a move we'd like to see. Edward may be down and out for the count."

Edward screams in agony as he stumbles backwards, clutching at his face. Taking advantage of his opponent's disorientation, HGH quickly grabs Edward and lifts him above his head with a press slam. With a loud roar, HGH throws Edward over the treetops and the crowd watches in suspense as he falls towards the ground.

Just when it seems like Edward is about to meet a painful end, he gets caught up in a tangle of vines. The audience cheers as Edward dangles in midair, his wild eyes scanning the jungle floor below. HGH takes a moment to catch his breath and survey the situation. With Edward temporarily incapacitated, HGH makes his move and begins to scale the trees towards the Anarchy Title.

However, just as HGH is about to reach the title, Edward starts to climb back up the vines. The crowd watches in anticipation as the two wrestlers continue to battle it out, this time on the vines. HGH throws punches and kicks at Edward, but the caveman warrior's primal instincts seem to be guiding him. With a fierce roar, Edward charges at HGH. HGH delivers a vicious eye rake to Edward, blinding him momentarily. Seizing the opportunity, HGH stomps Edward in the face, sending him tumbling down the vines. The crowd erupts in cheers and boos as HGH takes a moment to catch his breath before resuming his climb towards the title.

GATOR: "Another cheap shot from HGH? That's just dirty, Todd."

TODD: "It's not be against the rules, Gator, but it certainly isn't honorable. HGH is definitely proving that he will do whatever it takes to win."

GATOR: "Well, it looks like it might be paying off for him. He's just a few feet away from the title now."

TODD: "But don't count Edward out just yet, Gator. He's proven himself to be a tough competitor. I wouldn't be surprised if he makes a comeback."

As HGH reaches the top of the trees, he extends his hand towards the Anarchy Title, his fingertips just barely grazing the belt. Suddenly, Edward emerges from the foliage, climbing up the vines with a determined look in his eyes. HGH tries to swat him away, but Edward refuses to back down.

The two wrestlers engage in a fierce struggle, grabbing onto the vines and using them to pull each other back and forth. HGH manages to land a few punches to Edward's face, but the caveman warrior just keeps coming.

Edward swings back up and grabs HGH by the hair, trying to toss him down.

GATOR: "Edward won't go down without a fight!"

TODD: "HGH needs to break free before Edward pulls him down!"

HGH manages to break free with another eye rake, causing Edward to let go and fall back. HGH continues to climb towards the Anarchy Title, but Edward isn't giving up. He gets back up and starts to climb again, determined to catch HGH.

GATOR: "This is turning into a race to the top, Todd! Who will grab the Anarchy Title first?"

TODD: "How tall are these trees, Gator?!"

As they both get closer to the Anarchy Title, they start to fight with each other. HGH hits Edward with a clubbing blow, causing him to lose his grip and fall. HGH reaches out to grab the title, but it's just out of reach.

GATOR: "HGH is so close, but he can't quite grab the Anarchy Title!"

TODD: "He needs to stretch just a little further!"

Edward, who has now climbed back up, tries to push HGH off the tree. HGH counters with a spinebuster onto a thick limb, but he's now hanging onto the tree with one hand, trying to regain his balance.

GATOR: "This is getting intense, Todd! They're both on the brink of victory and defeat!"

TODD: "Who will make the final move and grab the Anarchy Title?"

HGH laughs at EDWARD before stomping on his hand!


EDWARD tries to keep his grip tight around the limb of the tree but A LITERAL GORILLA doesn't want to see homicide today and steps in, pulling HGH away!

TODD: Our producer and special guest enforcer has just stepped in and saved EDWARD!

HGH pushes ALG screaming absurdities at him and calling out this unfair display, A Literal Gorilla is having none of this however as HGH has made direct eye contact therefore threatening ALG greatly! A Literal Gorilla hikes HGH into a Gorilla Press but HGH flails and manages to drop out of the hold!



HGH hits the branch as EDWARD slams him down and double foot stomps HGH for good measure before leaping up and grabbing the Anarchy Championship!!!



EDWARD celebrates along with the sounds of apes hollering, A Literal Gorilla gives a subtle nod to Edward who reciprocates.

GATOR: Yeah but EDWARD only won with the help of A Literal Gorilla! If Anarchy's producer wasn't there, HGH would still be the champ!

TODD: You're right, Gator, and HGH is well within his rights to demand a rematch at any time!

Anarchy closes out with EDWARD hoisting the Anarchy Title into the air within the tree tops.

[Image: xkJ17Y5.jpg]
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05-15-2023, 10:09 AM

HGH right about one thing.

EDWARD did fall.

Right on top of HGH to win shiny! 

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