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05-10-2023, 09:39 PM

The April 27th edition on Anarchy was done and dusted, yet Molly was still in the building. Not only that, she was sat on her knees, hunched over a toilet bowl, with her hand down the drain.

Don’t worry, she was wearing gloves. She’d managed to get a little gig fixing some clogged or broken toilets, and doing some other plumbing. Molly had become pretty good at this DIY stuff over the years. After all, why pay someone to do something you can do yourself? So she’d been promised a bit of Canadian Mickey Mouse money if she’d fix up the Arena Maurice-Richard’s… ‘amenities’.

Molly: "Come on then, you piece of shite!"

…not to be taken literally, thankfully.

Molly: "Did somebody crap out a sack o’ grout??"

Molly was interrupted when she heard the door to the toilets open up. She looked up from the bowl and got back on her feet. Aphriya Adler and Chelsea LeClair had just arrived, at her request. Aphriya seemed more curious than judgmental, wondering about why they’d been asked to come to the literal bowels of the Arena. Chelsea, who lived inside her own reality show and was constantly accompanied by camera’s, had eyes that screamed ‘WHAT THE FUCK’ when she saw Molly and her red-flushed face from being haunched over the toilet bowl.

Molly: "Alrite, gals? Cheers and that for meeting up with me in here, I just get paid when the job’s done, not by the hour, so the sooner we could do this the better. Oi, Chels, about earlier tonight, no hard feelings, yeah?"

Molly held out her hand, making Chelsea recoil, before realizing she was still wearing a long latex glove up to her elbow that was dripping with the contents of the water closet.

Molly: "Oh. Sorry ‘bout that."

She snapped it off and threw it in the general direction of the nearest bin, but missed. Molly shrugged.

Molly: "Always loved a bit o’ plumbing. Feels good to fix things, innit? Especially if it doesn’t cost you anything. Even better if you get paid for it. I do tiling as well, and that… If you’re ever in need of it. Don’t do boilers, though."

Chelsea: “Molly, what the hell are you babbling about?”

Molly: "Right, I’ll get to the point. We’re supposed to go into the bloody Amazon Forest as a team in two weeks, and I want us to be on the same page and what have ya. See the thing is, Aphriya, you look like a sound lass, and I’m sure you’re tired of losing like I am. But rather than stand ‘ere scrikin’, we should bloody well do something about it. And Chels, I feel like we got off on the wrong foot, but I don’t care how snide you’ve been actin’, how ‘bout a fresh start for the lot of us, eh?"

Aphriya was a bit confused as to why they were all meeting in the bathroom of the arena.  She wasn’t quite feeling well considering she just lost for a second time in a row.  Something she hated doing in her career.  Her and Chelsea entered the bathroom together to see a sight to behold.  Aphriya, not being judgmental, simply smiled as she listened to Molly explain why she was in there and all of that.  Miss Adler did not shake the extended gloved hand nor the non gloved hand of Molly.

“Yes Molly, I am not exactly happy to be standing here with a second loss in a row under my belt when my goals and aspirations reach much higher.”

Aphriya smiles and nods as she speaks.

“The truth is, I am a little confused by this booking.  I didn’t expect to be in a six person style match up.  No offense to either one of you ladies, but I just met you both today.  As competitive as you sound Molly, and Chelsea you seem like the type of lady that doesn’t like to be trifled with, inside or outside of the ring.”

Aphriya moves into the stall.

“I will help you out with these toilets.  But I am a little confused.  Are you not making enough money working as a wrestler?  I understand the whole Do It Yourself attitude.  I am all for it.  But we so should have met up somewhere else.  This is a bit odd and honestly a little disgusting for us all to meet here.  Shouldn’t we have met somewhere more integral to our match coming up?  Speaking of which.  Could you y’all explain to me how they decided to put us all together against the team of T.H.U.G.S?  I don’t care that we are against them.  I am just a little confused?  Dang it gals, I should probably have gone home and worked out or did some research.”

She seems to be thinking of something or many things as she grabs a set of gloves for herself to wear while helping out Molly with the plumbing issues.

“I am sorry for being so weird but I am not used to this.  I am not used to meeting up with people in a toilet.  Not used to being thrown in a six person match up.  Usually I am given the heads up or I get to discuss match strategy and stuff like that in a proper setting like a gym.  A parking lot even.  Most typically an actual wrestling ring.  May I have that plunger over there?”

Aphriya asked as she steps out of the stall and heads over to the other.

“I have to admit though ladies.  I am looking forward to us competing against those guys in this Anarchy.  And I am excited for us to team together.  We are all individually awesome in the ring, well I have some issues to work out but we should be a formidable trio.  What do you think, Chelsea?”

Aphriya begins to start working on the toilet in the stall next to Molly.  Awaiting some kind of response from Chelsea.

“Holy Geeze.  Really Molly?”

The blonde fighter gasps out as she sees the toilet she has volunteered to fix or clean or whatever.

“I think I’m done looking at Sidney Grey in her purest form…”

Chelsea steps away from the toilet not wanting to throw up at this point.

“Look Molly, that parody? I meant nothing hurtful by it. I mean, your loss to Atomic Bat was something that as a competitor I had to pick at. And yeah… um… Aphriya, I TOTALLY think we can get along… I mean… you can even pass notes about HGH considering that I’m the #1 contender to the Anarchy title and you just faced the guy. But… enough about that… we have to team together. So be it! Keep me away from that Tommy guy… I hear he likes feet and it’s just… well….”

Chelsea pauses as she looks at the toilet.

“I can’t even say ‘gross’ when you consider this bizarre team building exercise. But hey, you knocked out Tommy Wish recently Molly, so I would say that despite what happened between us going into that triple threat, that should be a key advantage for us.”

Both of her teammates look at her, somewhat perplexed.

“Oh come on! SOMEONE had to have done the research on them! Just because I’m blonde doesn’t mean I’m stupid… I’m not… and if those boys on the other side think that, or if they think that we can’t get along, then they have another thing coming for them. You two can trust me considering that I’m so much tougher in that ring than I look and that I don’t take a damn thing lying down. Tommy may have been the Anarchy Champion at one point, but the way I see it? If Molly can beat him, then I definitely can too!”

Molly then gestures toward the toilet that Chelsea wanted to get away from.

“I guess I better flush out the Sidney Grey in the toilet then…”

Molly and Aphriya both have a laugh at this.

“And hey, that might as well be the T.H.U.G.S too after we’re done with them, right?”

Chelsea lets out a reluctant sigh as she begins to work on her toilet. She’s clearly shown not having a good time with this as the scene ends.
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