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Strongest Warrior My Ass
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05-09-2023, 10:50 AM

The scene opens to a dimly lit room, a chair placed in the center of the room.  HGH walks into the room and takes a seat, the Anarchy championship draped across his shoulder. He looks up at the camera .

”One by one they step up and one by one they will fall. I’ve said it many times, it doesn’t matter who gets put in my path. They will always be just another victim. Which brings me to my next opponent, EDWARD!" HGH chuckles."The man that thinks he’s the strongest warrior. When in all reality he’s nothing at all. You see, where have you been Eddy? What have you been doing? While I’m out here every single Anarchy busting my ass. Why? I’M THE GOD DAMNED ANARCHY CHAMPION THAT’S WHY!”

”So you made a fool of me last Anarchy, well played. However, what you did was just solidify your place as the next victim on my list. Make no mistake Eddy boy, when I’m finished with you, you won’t be a warrior of any kind. No, Edward, after Thursday, you won’t ever be the same. I will embarrass you, and at your own game. You see, management likes to throw me out of my element and throw my opponents an advantage, and surprise, surprise you were handed the advantage too.

HGH reaches for a bottle of water, takes a drink before continuing.

”A King of the Jungle Match, a match literally in the middle of the jungle where you are quite at home, and to boot there's A Literal Gorilla as the special enforcer. Wow, that is special isn't it, and because of all this Edward seems to think that just because he has the literal home field advantage, he can tap in to his primal instincts to win this match? You can keep thinking that all you want, because I too can tap into a primal state Edward. The difference is, when I do.. you won't survive. So, here we are, my second defense of MY title and yet again the deck is stacked against me. That's fine, because Edward, you're going to need all the help you can get my friend, even then you won't have what it takes to beat me."

"I have some questions for you Edward. How can you be the strongest warrior? When you can't even beat me. How are you the strongest warrior, when you aren't even the strongest in your family? Remember Junior? He beat me, that's in the record books, but you, you never beat me. In fact, you were so full of yourself that you subbed in for Junior in a triple threat match because you thought you were stronger. Do you remember how that went for you?" HGH pauses for just a couple of seconds."I do. You lost! Now, I wonder? Just who won that match? Oh, wait, I know. I DID! So you think for a god damned second that you even stand a chance against me. Sure, you want what you call SHINY? You will have to pry it from my COLD DEAD HANDS! I will give you some type of credit Eddy boy, you are a former champion, key word, FORMER and that is exactly how you will remain. I've scratched and clawed my way to the top and I will be damned if I'm going to lose to an inferior half wit such as you."

"Now, I will say that this is no ordinary match, hell, it's not even wrestling. All I have to do is fend off animals, a half wit and scale the trees to the canopy to grab MY title to win. Edward you may be many things, you may have done many things, one thing remains clear, you will never put your grimy hands on MY title ever again so long as I am champion. You can try, dear Edward, you can try, but you will be like all the others. You will fall, and I'm sure in some way you'll still believe that you are the 'strongest' and Eddy boy that's fine. Know this, come Thursday, what you may think will be a walk in the park for you. It will be a fight, it will be a spectacle that I am sure, but it will ultimately be your worst nightmare. After I embarrass you at your own game, you without a shadow of doubt will no longer be the strongest anything. Your pride, that thing that keeps you going, GONE! I wonder, what happens to a warrior when he no longer has his pride, or he becomes useless? Most tribal people would see you as a failure and cast you out. I mean what would Edwina think? How about Junior? Holy shit! I just had an epiphany. Why not have Junior sub in for you this time, maybe he could actually win."

HGH stops to collect himself.

"Edward, two of us enter the jungle, but I will be the only one walking out of that jungle as KING and STILL the ANARCHY CHAMPION! Shit! Someone else is using that 'king' shtick. Fuck it, I beat her to so why the hell not. All that matters Edward is that I will remain the champion come hell or high water and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. Sure you might test me, you may even take me to my limit, but no matter what Edward you just wont get the job done."

HGH stops for a moment then he begins to hum the tune The Lion Sleeps Tonight. He looks back at the camera and he slowly speaks his own lyrics.

"In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Edward's career dies. In the jungle, the quiet jungle, you only hear his cries. Near the village, the peaceful village, Edward runs and he hides. Near the village, the peaceful village, Edward knows he's in a bind."

"Show me what's beyond my eyes."

HGH laughs

The scene fades to black.
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