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04-30-2023, 05:59 PM

[Image: Hwa5ovF.gif]

Following the revelation on Anarchy that Gina Van Zyl, and not Ruby had been responsible for the lost of both her championship titles, Sidney Grey had disappeared from the public spotlight.  It had been shocking to many, but it had been apparently devastating to Sid.  Most thought that she had gotten what she deserved for her treatment of Gina when they first clashed and no one shed a tear for The “Lady” King of the XWF. In fact, Gina and her girlfriend had publicly danced on Sid’s grave over social media, making it clear that they had never been, nor would ever be friends.



For days afterwards, Sid stayed shut in her residence, not responding to calls or even cooperating with the filming of her own show. 

[Image: 8BYv3EL.jpg]

Dani Chow, Sid’s Executive Assistant sat in the confessional, looking anything but pleased to be there.

[Image: 200.gif]

“Has Sidney spoken to you about what happened between her and Gina Van Zyl?” The Producer asked.

Dani shook her head.  “No!  But we all saw what Gina did, even after Sid did so much for her!  Gina is a piece of shit and I hope she gets what she has coming to her on Madness!”

“To be fair, it isn’t like Sid was operating with clean hands.  She did her fair share to Gina as well.”

Dani gave a dismissive waive of her hand.  “It's over and now the only thing that matters is getting Ms. Grey back in the saddle!  She’s a two-time champion in the XWF and she needs to put this all behind and move forward!”  Dani smiled.  “There’s nothing like the spirit of competition to help someone get their edge back, and I have just the thing!”

It had taken a fair amount of convincing, but Dani had managed to get Sid to meet her obligations in the Ladies Football League and the All-Derby Championship. 

Sid had looked unsteady on her skates at first and even a little timid, but once the action started and the hits started coming, Sid threw herself into her work.  In spite of spirited fights over social media with Katie Anderson, the two worked well together as members of the Bronx Baddies, nearly pulling off the win in the waning seconds of the game.

Then it was on to the gridiron, where Dani, along with everyone else had expected fireworks on the field between Sid and Gina.  Strangely enough, Sid seemed to go out of her way to avoid Gina, refusing to even look in her direction.  Sid had played like a woman possessed posting 129 yards off five catches, when she’d barely managed a handful all season long. 

Perhaps this is just what Sid needed to get back in the saddle.

[Image: 8BYv3EL.jpg]

Sid was still soaked with sweat from her two games as she sat down in the confessional for the first time in days.  Before the Producer could even ask, Sid cut them off.  “No questions about Gina.”

“But…the people really want to know about where you two stand.”

Sid ignored them.  “Did you see me out there doing the skating thingy?  I nearly won the game for us, but stupid fat Katie Anderson messed everything up!  There should be a rule about letting pigs skate!"

“That’s really not very nice.  Besides, Katie is anything but fat!”

Sid scoffed.  “She’s everything AND fat…Fat…FAT!”

“Well, it’s good to see that you are getting back to being yourself.  Especially out there in the LFL.”

Sid brightened even more.  “Did you see me catch all the balls?  It was amazing!”  She smiled deviously.  “Hopefully Crystal will cry when I leave the dumb Rampage for The Dimes next season!”

“You’re leaving Detroit?”

“I already got an invitation from my friend, JPD!” Sid chuckled.  “No way I’m staying in that shithole of Detroit!”

“Is that because of Gina?”

Sid’s entire demeanor changed at the mention of Gina’s name.  Sid abruptly stood up, tearing off her lapel mic.

“Sid, you have to at least talk about the situation.”

Sid ignored them, walking off without a word.

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