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04-27-2023, 12:41 AM

A spotlight turns on and HGH steps into the light with the Anarchy championship around his waist.

”Raab, I told you that your sacrifice had been accepted. You were naive enough to think you could stop me. You are no match for me, now, finally I can distance myself from the big green dipshit and his lack of any passion for this business.

”It’s funny, a year ago half of the roster and fans thought the same of me? Look at this cocky rookie. What could he possibly do? Well, the jokes on each and everyone of you. I AM the Anarchy champion, I AM the present and future of this company.

”So? On to my next victim, and who is the unlucky one this time around? Aphriya Adler, oh goody I get to embarrass the Bad Apple whatever the fuck she calls herself one more time. Didn’t you learn anything from the last time we met? What could you possibly think is going to happen? Do you think you are going to avenge that streak ending? Think again, little one. You did however impress me just a tiny bit, but not much. That was then and this is now.”

HGH stops for a moment and takes a breath.

”Now we are slated for a match on this Anarchy, not just any match, a good old fashioned wrestling match. Traditional style rules, no top ropes, no closed fists, hell, no exiting the ring or show boating.”HGH chuckles.”Hell, some would say this match is tailor made for you right? The big vicious former fighter turned wrestler, look how good that did for you. The first REAL opponent you had, oh yeah, that was me. I left you a shell of yourself. To think you still stand a chance in a match against me, well, frankly that is the most ridiculous idea you could have. You had a shot, hell you attempted to call your shot and what happened? That’s right, you were slapped right in the face with your biggest reality check to date. So, what do you think is going to happen this time? I’ll tell you. The result will be the same. I WILL be victorious, it doesn't matter what match we are in, because at the end of the day I’m ALWAYS going to be better than you.”

"Take Lord Raab for instance. He thought he was the little engine that could, he kept a chuggin along, tooting his own horn, but in the end he could never get the job done. Now, I have you Aphriya, the newest little engine that could. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Just one problem, you're not the little engine, you aren't even close. What you are is the next victim on my list. How does that make you feel? Knowing that you went from an obstacle, to a victim. Take this match for example, golly gee, how can we get  Aphriya Adler relevant? Oh, I know, I know, let's give her a match with the new Anarchy champion HGH. Even better, let's give her a chance to redeem herself."

HGH stops and takes a long pause.

"There's that word. REDEMPTION! Aphriya, if redemption is truly what you seek. You're barking up the wrong tree. I'm not going to be a redemption story for you. Hell, you are going to be lucky to survive this match with me. Sure, the deck and rules may be stacked against me and you may think you have this in the bag. Let me be perfectly clear. I AM the Anarchy champion, I AM the standard bearer of this show, I AM the one that ended your streak. Most importantly Aphriya, I'm the one that destroyed your career before it could even bloom. When we met the first time, you had no idea who you were dealing with. You thought that I would be a cake walk, and you found out real quick that you were way in over your head. Now, if you haven't been paying attention, you will find out that you are still out matched, out classed, and you will soon find out that when the light are the brightest, you Aphriya, you cave. You realize that even though you run around saying, I think I can, I think I can. The reality of it all is NO you can't, This may be a second chance for you, a match with the champion. Make no mistake about it. There will be no redemption, there will no happy endings for you. Come Thursday April 27th,2023, from Olympic Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, it will be a very, very sorrowful time in your life Aphriya, you will soon realize that this is the closest that you will ever come to MY championship. Come Thursday, the dreams of the Bad Apple Bottom Gene will come to an end, I don't need to showboat, I don't need to climb turnbuckles, I don't even need to exit the ring until I have finished you off, the no closed fists, now that one will be hard, however manageable. You see with no closed fists, that just means I can slap the ever loving shit out of you until it clicks in your head. I'M OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE! These rules, seem to have been put in place to favor you, and that's fine give you just a smidgen of hope that you can win. However, you know it’s a bit cliche don’t you think? The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. A line used a little too much these days, but that stops and makes you think. If that was his greatest trick, I wonder what does that make me?”

"Aphriya, come Thursday you will try that I am sure, but you will fail. Once again when the lights shine the brightest you will fade away into nothing."

"Show me what's beyond my eyes."

Scene fades.
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