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"Sidney Grey Is Over Party"
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04-26-2023, 08:57 PM

Chelsea LeClair finds herself in a huge party. There are patrons all over the place having a good time under a banner that says “SIDNEY GREY IS OVER PARTY!” Chelsea has a microphone, basically playing the role of interviewer for this part of the segment.

“Hello and welcome to the SIDNEY GREY IS OVER PARTY… where we are ALL celebrating the FALL OF SIDNEY! You ain’t no Prescott… BITCH! I am now about to talk to some HAPPY fans that are SO EXCITED that her reign is over!”

“YES!!! IT’S OVER!” screams a random fan wearing a shirt that has an “X” over Sidney Grey’s face. “XWF is a YOUNG LADY’S game! And speaking of young lady… how about you and I get into bed and…”

“I’m married you twit…” Chelsea says, causing the fan to leave. “But don’t worry, Sidney. You’re not the only one on the Anarchy Embarrassment List. GINA, HI! For your PITIFUL performance last Anarchy when I pinned you, you’re on it too! BUT, the one that I want to talk about mostly is Molly Barnes. And I even have her RIGHT HERE…”

A lady wearing a shirt says “NOT MOLLY BARNES” walks in with a bottle of Whiskey in her hands, clearly a parody of the wrestler herself.

“So like… WHAT HAPPENED? You faced the Atomic Bat two weeks ago and she kicked your ass! In fact, you even TAPPED OUT!”

“Don’t remind me…” fake Molly Barnes says through fake tears as she downs some whiskey. “That was supposed to be MY MATCH! XTREME RULES! HOW CAN I LOSE? WHY DID I LOSE?”

“Did you ever consider that maybe you underestimated the Atomic Bat?”

Fake Molly lets out a hiccup.

“No… because I’m too good for that. I have… hic… a reputation ya know? I’m one of the best there is! I live off of my reputation and don’t even bother to do anything different because the tried and true formula is the way to go. I’m non-descript, I ain’t standing out anymore and quite frankly, I shouldn’t even be in this match to determine the number one contender for the Anarchy Championship! Just to me a favor though… when you kick my ass… pleasure make sure I am stoooooopid drunk so I don’t feel a thing, kay?”

Chelsea’s eyes widen with surprise before “Not Molly Barnes” makes her exit.

“Molly, I’m sorry. But really, you DID take our eye off the ball two weeks ago at Anarchy. ‘You fought the law and you LOST! Sorry, but I’m not interested in your political speeches and all of that. Maybe if you weren’t babbling on about how change happens at the voting booth or whatever, maybe things would’ve been different for you. You’re at a clear disadvantage because you’ve already LOST to the Atomic Bat… and you’re about to lose to me too…

Suddenly, a guy in a Batman costume interrupts Chelsea.

“Hey baby! You want some of… THE BATMAN? You should be my sidekick because you steal my heart and you’re a ROBIN WOOD if you know what I mean?”

“What the FUCK does ‘I’m married” mean to you people?”

Chelsea low blows THE BATMAN and he is dragged away as her mother shows up, much to her surprise.

“Nice party, hon…”

“Mom… I didn’t invite you…”

“Sidney Grey is Over Party… kind of like the Atomic Bat’s winless streak am I right?”

“Are you DRUNK?”

“A little… but at least I’m not on drugs like you used to be all the time… we’re having our talk soon right?”

Chelsea gets angry as her mother leaves. This definitely wasn’t a planned part of the show as she’s left a little embarrassed by her mother bringing up a personal demon.

“Right… so I had my own drug battles… but you know what… screw it! I can improv this. You see ATOMIC BAT, I don’t know who you are or anything BUT, the real heroes are the ones that battle their own demons and overcome them! Yeah, you may go out there and fight crime and all, but that’s not something that teaches you how to overcome the personal battles. See, the comic book heroes? They’re portrayed as nearly perfect… indestructible… they don’t relate to the common man because the Marvels of the world are selling lies.

The real heroes? They’re people like me… people that have come up from the gutter to make something of themselves. I was THIS close to being a tragic Hollywood story, but I got myself out of the hole and began to inspire other people just like me to be able to do the same thing. And you? You just want to live in a fantasy world where everything is all perfect and you want to save the world when really… you’re little more than a ripoff if Superman and Batman had a damn love child. I’m not someone like Sidney Grey who is in this for herself, see. I’m someone that’s in it for the greater good that knows what the ‘common person’ is all about. No seriously…. I mean that…

The camera pans to reveal a “Chelsea LeClair Cheerleader Squad” in the background with a group of people wearing a “Chelsea Inspired Me To Do Better” t-shirt nearby.

“I bring joy to a world that greatly needs it in my own damn way! You don’t have to like it or acknowledge it, Atomic Bat, but I’m not a villain that you can just kick around and act like I’m just another person on the roster. I plan on being a different breed than our current Anarchy Champion. I’m basically set to do for this brand what Myra Rivers does for the Madness brand. I’m the one wrestler that can bring this brand a gilding light that vanquishes the darkness of the current champion and ESPECIALLY the bullshit of Sidney Grey! This week? A bat is losing her wings!”

Chelsea winks as she heads back to the party…
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