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04-26-2023, 10:33 AM


The scene swirls into focus upon someone sitting in front of the GoPro camera but the person cannot be recognized due to their back being toward the viewers and being wrapped up in a large parka style coat.  It is a white parka with some brown and gray colored fir poking out from the hooded section of the coat.

“I think it was a very bad idea for losing that match on the last Anarchy show.  Not only was it disappointing receiving only my second loss in the Extreme Wrestling Federation, but I think I caught the sniffles.”

The voice that emanates from the other side of the parka, is somewhat familiar.  But it is a little hoarse with sniffing before and after speaking.

“I thought I had done what I could do to send Miss Lacklan to send her out in the frigid cold of the Canadian wilderness.  Unfortunately I did not.  I fought my butt off to accomplish the victory a couple of weeks ago, but Sarah was able to overcome my abilities just enough to get the victory.  I commend her on her accomplishment.  Congratulations on the big win Miss Lacklan, I hope it carries you through to great things and we will meet again.  That outcome will be quite a bit different than the outcome of this previous matchup.”

As she is speaking, sniffling, and coughing, she turns, it is none other than Aphriya Adler, the Bad Apple Bottom Gene.  She is bundled up in the Parka, her nose a shade of red, her eyes seem a bit dreary.  She still wears a smile as she wipes her nose with a tissue.

“Now that I have lost a second time in this company, the consequences of this loss outweighs the previous loss by a lot.  You see ladies and gentlemen out there, my fans, my supporters, I got a little sick.  Don’t worry though, I shall be a hundred percent come this next Anarchy.  I have to be because there is a huge opportunity for me.  My first ever big time Main Event match.  A fight that will be headlining the show.  It will be and it is going to be my time to shine.  With all of that, I get a chance to avenge my first ever loss.  Harmon Grayson Hays.  You are the one that handed me my first ever loss here.  I commend you on that.  You were able to defeat me that night and become the number one Contender for the coveted Anarchy Championship.  A piece of shiny gold that I wish to possess someday, someday soon.”

She lets a couple of soft coughs, covering her mouth as she does.  Her hand not holding the tissue reaches somewhere below the GoPro and brings up a mug with steam emanating from the top of.  She takes a quick sip before placing it back down.

“Mister Hays, you woke me up to a fact that I am not the dominant one that all the hype was saying I was.  I didn’t believe was I was invincible but I do believe that all the ones that have shown me love and support believed that hype.  I disappointed them that night, but I am not going to allow that disappointment to bring me down.  Nor will I allow the disappointment from last Anarchy bring doubt into my mind.  Harmon, you are a great athlete.  Heck you have been and are currently the Anarchy Champion.  Somewhere I am striving to be someday in the future. Our last meeting brought a slight derailment to my pathway to that, but like I said before, one loss will not stop me.  A little bit of doubt won’t sway me in accomplishing my goals.  And losing to Lacklan will not surround me in doubt and questioning myself at every turn.”

She coughs again and wipes her red nose again.

“Come this Thursday Night, Harmon you will get to realize what type of an athlete and championship material I am.  I am hungrier than ever…”


“...Hungrier than I was even a month or so ago when we met.  I am sure you have heard all of this before.  Things about vowing revenge on you for this, that, or the other.  I know that you have simply laughed them all off.  I get it.  I understand from your arrogant point of view.  But I promise you, that Thursday night April twenty seventh, the Aphriya Adler you were able to overcome a little over a month ago will not be the one that you face on this future night.  No little attack of the sniffles will slow me down.  Diminish my abilities.  Will not wear down my work ethic.  My drive and determination to not only push forward on my path that I have planned for myself in this company.  And these sniffles will not stop me from being fully prepared to overtake you.”

She again coughs a little.  She takes another sip of her steamy liquid.

“Now our little bit of time here is almost over, but I don’t want to stop this and send it out before I say this one thing.  You are the champion that every single person of Anarchy, but how legitimate will your championship reign be when someone you have defeated not too long ago is able to overcome the challenge you laid down before them this time around?  Good luck following the rules in this match.  You won’t be getting an easy disqualification victory over me good sir.  I wish you all the luck in the world for Thursday Night Mister Hays.  I look forward to seeing how you are going to be able to adapt to these strict rules.  My work ethic and focus will be what accomplishes victory this time around.  See y’all there.”

She concludes her video with a soft wink and a sickly blown kiss just as the scene swirls to black.

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