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04-24-2023, 04:53 AM

[Image: Hwa5ovF.gif]

Sidney Grey was a frantic mess as she exited the office of Atticus Gold, Warfare General Manager.  The now former Universal Lady King staggered back towards the locker room, in an obvious state of concern and depression.  Steve Sayors, approached, walking along side her and hoping to get a few words from the former champion.
Steve Sayors: Ms. Grey, could I ask why you were attempting to speak with Mr. Gold?  We understand that you were lobbying to have your Universal Championship match changed from a stipulation you picked two weeks ago.
Sid snapped at Steve, her eyes angry and bloodshot with tears.
Sid attempted to calm herself.
Sidney Grey:  It was a mistake…Gina sent in the wrong submission and she was coming here to fix it tonight…but…now she’s missing!  I went to the police and they won’t help, I tried calling her girlfriend and she won’t answer, and Atticus wouldn't even hear me out!  Does anyone even care that my friend has gone missing?!
Steve Sayors: Honestly, it seems like you’re more concerned about your friend right now, but I have to ask...are you going to pursue another run at the Universal Championship?  
Sid held up her hand.
Sidney Grey: I don’t care about that right now...let Raion enjoy it...if he can!  I was attacked at March Madness and lost my Anarchy Title by some ‘mysterious’ masked person with a baseball bat and now that same person has cost me the Universal Title after kidnapping Gina…and I know exactly who it is!
Sid burst into the locker room, intent on slamming the door in Steve's face, but the sight that greeted her froze her in her tracks.

Sidney Grey: GINA!!!

Gina Van Zyl was lying crumpled on the floor, barely conscious.  Sid rushed to her side, frantically checking to see if she was okay.  The woman was sluggish to respond, but seemed relatively uninjured.

Sidney Grey:  SAYORS, GO GET HELP!!

Steve stumbled off to find security and the training staff.  Sid held Gina in her arms, her eyes narrowed in anger.

Sidney Grey: RUBY, I know that you're responsible for this! You've cost me TWO titles and now THIS!  I'm going to settle this once and for all!  

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