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Misty Waters Offline

XWF FanBase:

(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

04-23-2023, 06:33 PM

…The Commune

These friends of yours sure are working hard.

Patel Gagendeep, the trusted assistant of Dolly Waters notices as the duo stares down on the commune grounds from the balcony of Dolly’s old bedroom.

Two years ago these friends of mine helped coordinate the greatest professional wrestling spectacle on earth…

The Denzel Porter Invitational?

Dolly bends her neck toward Gag, strangling him with the silent blinking of her eyes. Gag is startled by this familiar, annoyed look of his employer,

...uh, oh! he stammers The Cannabis Cup?

MAYDAY, GAG! Dolly shoves a cup into Gag’s bosom, Here, have some tea. Open up yer’ mind.

Dolly drifts away back into her old room, where we find what appears to be components of a seance ritual laid out on the floor.

...what you just said goes to show there's still work to be done.

Any asshole with some time on their hands can put on a wrestling event… but very few can change the course of history, like a new moon shifting the tides of the ocean… that’s exactly what we accomplished two years ago.

Gag takes a nice swig of the tea as Dolly continues to ramble while she takes a cross-legged seat on the floor.

And that’s exactly what we’re gonna’ do again, with a little help from Divine Timing.

In the background, Gag collapses from the intoxicants of the tea.

Dolly closes her eyes, and gently lays her fingertips just along the bridge of her nose as she begins chanting…

Ade due Damballa!

…from the Voodoo Book For Dummies

Ade due Damballa!

Ade due Damballa!

Ade due Damballa!

Her eyes burst open, expecting to see something, someone, standing before her, but only finding…


Divinedammit! This whole thing was a bust–


Ducking to the ground, Dolly covers her ears as an ungodly screech tears its way into existence.

A flare of white and orange follows, burning a literal hole in existence right in the middle of the summoning circle!

It worked!

Dolly's face lights up with a wicked sense of pride!

The smell of ash and brimstone wafts from the dimensional rip, riding on waves of unrelenting heat. But Dolly doesn't shy away. This was what she was waiting for! This was her ticket to–


Something flies out of the hellmouth, landing just a few feet in front of her.

A head. One of a mythical Lion beast she tried to conjure. One that has recently been separated from the rest of its form.

One she thought might bring her…


Standing in her bedroom, a mangy mutt of a man runs ash-stained fingers through 'His' hair. The soot seems to fall away, warded off by dusty blonde hair as if it were spun of the same fibers as the fleece of the Nemean Lion.

An idea not without merit…

Another time, dear friend.

Dolly begins crying tears of joy. This is who she wanted! This is one way to help make MAYDAY II a success! This is a surefire guarantee to help her sell a metric fuck ton of her third eye chakra tea!

Who do you want?! You fucking name em buddy!”

There’s a moment of trembling doubt overcoming the Gypsy Queen it ain’t me… right?

The man reaches into his pocket and palms a cigarette into his mouth.

Do you have a light?

Without hesitation, Dolly offers him a candle from the summoning circle. A long hard breath on the end of the paper follows, and it catches alight. An oversized flame illuminates 'His' face in fire before settling down to a gentle glow.


'The lion,' 'He' thinks. But 'the lion' will have to wait.

Who ya got?

The doorknob to Dolly’s old room turns, the hinges fold,

Hey Dolly? Are you here? Was going to see how the card- - is- - coming- -

In walks Corey Smith.

He shifts his attention from Dolly, and immediately locks eyes with his old friend, - -...along.

A wicked glow overcomes her features, The card? she asks Corey, Why, I’m just putting on the final touches now.

ALIAS interrupts, looking down at the head of the beast, still at Dolly's feet. You're going to want to douse that in holy water and sage, and then bury it with some elephant shit and a strand of a virgin's hair, A.S.A.P.

GAG! she startles her assistant awake. His eyes bulge at the sight of ALIAS and Corey Smith. Dolly kicks the head of the Lion beast like a soccer ball toward him, I hope you wrote them instructions down. I ain’t payin’ you to sleep!

As Gag hurries out the door with the head, Corey looks at ALIAS with a cooked eyebrow. Elephant shit?

'He' simply puffs away on his cigarette and shrugs. For the LOLs. The other stuff is legit though.

So… y’all wanna- she starts repeatedly touching the tips of her index fingers together - ya know…?

Both ALIAS and Corey look at Dolly with the opposite eyebrow bent, it?

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