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Weekend Warfare - April 22nd
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04-23-2023, 10:25 AM

04 - 22 - 2023



- vs -
- vs -
Triple Threat Match
2 RP/2K Words

- vs -
Xtreme Rules Match
2 RP/2K Words

- vs -
- vs -
Elimination Match
2 RP/2K Words

- vs -
Submission Match
2 RP/2K Words

The Brotherhood of Bros
- vs -
Team HSU
Tag Team Match
2 RPs/2K Words - Tag Team Rules

- vs -
Champion's Advantage - Isaiah King picks the stipulation in his first promo!
2 RPs/3k Words

- vs -
Ladder Match
RP Rules to be added

"Points Of Authority" by Linkin Park plays

The fans rise to their feet as the familiar theme of Theo Pryce hit's the airwaves as the XWF Co-Owner and founder of SAGA walks out from behind the curtains. He wastes no time and walks directly straight to the ring. He grabs a mic from the ring announcer and gets right to work.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we have a packed show for you tonight and rather than waste your time I'm going to get right down to business. In two weeks Dolly Waters will be running May Day 2, and at that event will be the War Games Captains Match. A few weeks ago we announced who the 6 Captains would be and now we are going to announce the stipulations for that match.

All 6 Captains will take part in an over the top battle royale but with a catch. As you all know the only way to be eliminated is to go over the top rope and have BOTH feet hit the floor. However this time around there will be people around the ring serving as lumberjacks. 24 lumberjacks in fact. Every member of the roster who has declared their intentions to take part in the War Games Pay Per View will be around the ring serving as the matches lumberjacks. What they do as lumberjacks is completely up to them. They want to help someone avoid elimination they can/ They want to maybe aid someone in getting eliminated they can do that too. If you want to walk out of the Captains match with your choice of a pick you are going to have to EARN it. Good luck to the 6 of you and may the best man or woman win.

Theo hands the mic off to the ring announcer as his theme starts up again and he makes his way to the back.

HHL: Well there you have it folks. Right from the mouth of Theo Pryce himself. The Captains match at May Day just got a whole lot better.

Pip: And a whole lot harder. I like it. Anytime you can add a little chaos to the mix you just have to do it.

HHL:  I couldn't agree with you more Pipe. But before we get there we have tonight's show and this Atlanta crowd is red hot for another edition of Weekend Warfare!

PIP: No doubt there, Heather! What a great day for wrestling!

HHL: …Hmm. You’re unchracteristically chipper, Pip.

PIP: They just changed the announce team on Anarchy, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thoroughly thank XWF management for giving me this job, which I love.

HHL: …Ahhhh, I get it. Brown-noser.

PIP: Look, I can’t got back to my old job, Heather, I burned a lot of bridges when I got this one.

Metalingus by Altra Bridge Plays

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. His hood raised to mask his face, he stares toward the ground…

Suddenly, a beam of white light streams toward his chest. He unzips his sweatshirt, displaying his t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

He turns around, removing off his hooded sweatshirt… Revealing the back of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

HHL: A typical dramatic reveal in Mastermind’s entrance.

PIP: I mean, is he revealing that much? Who else on the roster speaks through t-shirt messages? And we’ve seen him wrestle for ten years, at this point, I think we know the guy.

HHL: You’re sounding a little… critical of a long-time XWF favorite, Pip. I wonder how management would feel about that…

PIP: …What an entrance by Future XWF Hall of Legends resident, Mastermind!

MM then smirks as he walks down the ramp to the ring, with the Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk, walking not far behind.  Followed by Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs and Kris 'The Hammer' Von Bonn.

HHL: It’s important to remember that just a few short months ago, Mastermind came within inches of pulling off a massive upset and snagging the TV Title from Isaiah King in a triple-threat match. This chaotic environment is where the Kiwi mental-game specialist shines.

Lords of Iron By Antti Martikainen plays

Michael McBride comes out from behind the black curtain with confidence, walking down to the ring without a care in the world.

HHL: Micheal McBride! Number 39 on the XWF’s Top 50 of All-Time list! You’ve got to figure he’s a favorite to take this one.

PIP: Important to remember though, Heather, that list was made a long time ago. And McBride, while still an impressive athlete, hasn’t been a regular feature on XWF programming in quite a few years! You’ve got to stay in frequent practice if you want to compete at an elite level and the XWF is as elite as it gets.

HHL: Great point, Pip.

PIP: Don’t patronize me, Halliwell.

McBride slides in and goes to his corner, grinning at the thought of enjoying life as it comes.

Escape from New York Theme by Endseeker

The arena goes dark!

HHL: Wait! What’s that in the sky! It’s the Tango signal!

A blue spotlight points to the entrance!

And from behind the curtain comes the Blue Tango!  He looks out to the crowd then takes a slow jog down the ramp. 

HHL: The Blue Tango, XWF’s resident superhero! He hasn’t had the easiest road in the XWF… And he still has the monkey on his back that is never defeating his arch nemesis in Peter Vaughn in singles competition…

PIP: I sincerely doubt that Vaughn considers Tango his arch rival. More a nuisance wearing a Halloween costume…

HHL: Still! Tango was the captain of the Winning Team at the 2022 WarGames! He actually beat the team captained by his opponent tonight, Mastermind! Which featured Peter Vaughn. And with his recent partnership with the Atomic Bat, Tango has looked outright dominant recently! Will that success carry over to his match tonight?

Tango slides under the bottom rope and visits each middle turnbuckle around the ring before resting in his corner.

The official for this match, Armand Jaunecarte, steps to the center of the ring, between the three men…

Jaunecarte blows his whistle!

And the timekeeper rings the bell!

- vs -
- vs -
Triple-Threat Match

The moment the bell rings, Mastermind slides under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

HHL: Ah! We saw this last time Mastermind fought in a triple-threat match! Waiting outside the ring, biding his time for just the right moment to str-... Wait, he’s pulling up the apron!

Indeed, MM pulls up the apron and starts lobbing steel-folding chairs and trashcan lids and kendo sticks into the ring.

PIP: Mastermind, clearly not happy with the strategy that *nearly* won him the TV Title, is going from passive player to active player in this triple-threat environment!

Armand Jaunecarte leans over the top rope, yelling down at MM, lifting a yellow card! The crowd pops as Mastermind sneers angrily.

PIP: Outrageous! This is a Triple-Threat! That means no disqualifications!

HHL: Well, a yellow card isn’t a disqualification, Pip! It’s just a warning! Armand is officiating this match and he’s not gonna tolerate any tomfoolery!

As MM argues with the official from outside the ring, Tango and McBride look on amused… When sliding into the ring behind them, it’s Von Bonn and Childs!

HHL: Mastermind’s henchmen taking advantage of this chaos by ambushing MM’s opponents!

Von Bonn and Childs both launch themselves at Tango and McBride!

…Who sidestep the attacks!

McBride grabs Von Bonn by the scruff of his neck and launches him up and over the top rope, over Armand and at the feet of the Kiwi!

Armand looks down shocked, peering backwards to see where that came from… Just in time to duck Tango tossing Melanie ‘Crayzee’ Childs over the top rope as well.

Mastermind looks down shocked as his two henchmen lay defeated… He looks over at Anthony the Jerk, who sheepishly shrugs.

Armand reaches into his pocket and retrieves… A RED CARD!

…No, two…


Armand points at The Jerk, The Hammer and Crayzee and tells them all to hit the showers.

PIP: Wow! Major backfire for Mastermind in the early going of this match!

Humbled, Von Bonn and Crayzee limp to the back, while The Jerk argues that he wasn’t even doing anything!!! Mastermind peers back at the ramp as his calvary is forced to abandon him…

He spins back toward the ring…


Tango grabs Mastermind by the back of the head and tosses him under the ropes, where McBride is waiting with one of the steel folding chairs that MM tossed in…

HHL: Haha! The Kiwi has been hoisted by his own petard!

Mastermind scrambles to his feet an-

WHAM! KERACK! The New Zealander gets pancaked across the skull with the chair! MM covers his face and with the last of his ring awareness rolls under the bottom rope!

PIP: Team Mastermind is rolling off agaaaaaaaaaaain.

…Tango rolls back under the ropes, facing his opponent… Though, a little hesitant with a chair in McBride’s hands…

PIP: Oooooh, McBride has a weapon and Tango is unarmed! Massive advantage for McBride here…

McBride looks down at the chair… Smiles… And tosses it outside the ring.

HHL: Ah, McBride looking forward to an even fight here between himself and The Blue Tango.

The hero returns the favor and kicks a few weapons under the ropes to the outside of the ring. It looks like this match will entirely be on the merits of these competitors’ wrestling abilities!

PIP: …Boo.

The two lock up center of the ring…

PIP: I’d generally give the advantage to Tango here. As a mixed martial artist he should have no trouble with McBr-

Suddenly, McBride drops a shoulder and fireman carries Tango over his shoulder and onto his back.

PIP: …Never mind.

McBride neatly transitions from a fireman’s carry to a side headlock on Tango… Which he transitions into side headlock takedown, dragging Tango to his back again!

HHL: This is NOT where Tango wants to be…

Tango tries to claw his superhero gloves into’s McBride’s bicep, loosening his opponent’s grip… But McBride hols on tight!

Tango shifts his hips, to regain his footing… Through sheer force of will, he lifts himself off the mat, while McBridge still clings onto his headlock for dear life…

Tango liiiiiiiiiiifts… AND DUMPS McBride on his back with a Superhero Back Suplex!

PIP: What makes a Superhero Back Suplex different from a regular back suplex?

HHL: The fact that a superhero is doing it, Pip!

McBride scrambles to his feet… Just as Tango hits the ropes and catches him with a Lou Thesz Press! A shocked McBride winds up on his back, as Tango starts hammering him with right hand after right hand!

HHL: Guns for Justice!

After six or seven punches, McBride gets the wherewithal to shove Tango off of him! Tango backward-rolls (somewhat clumsily, looking like a six-year old at his second gymnastically), but does manage to roll back onto his feet! McBride, meanwhile, is using the ropes to scramble up the corner…

PIP: Uh oh, not a great spot to be for McBride…

Tango lifts his fist… He turns around, moonwalking toward the corner, where McBride is shaking off cobwebs…

PIP: …Is that a moonwalk?

Tango spins around to complete his Superhero Superman Punch…


HHL: WOW! What a strike from McBride!

PIP: See, that right there? Is probably why most wrestlers don’t moonwalk before their big move.

McBride drops down to cover, near the corner… Tango is looking like he’s counting stars…




Wait! Suddenly! McBride is yanked under the bottom rope… By none other than… Mastermind!

PIP: The Master of Minds is still in this thing!

As he’s being tugged out of the ring, McBride launches a desperate kick backwards, catching the Master of Minds square under the chin!

Mastermind is driven backwards toward the barricade…

…Right next to the steel folding chair McBride tossed out of the ring earlier.

McBride slides down to the padded concrete outside the ring, looking to eliminate Mastermind from further interference!

McBride strides toward Mastermind…


McBride doubles over agonized… As Mastermind SLAMS THE CHAIR AGAINST MCBRIDE’S SKULL!

McBride is split wide open, flopping on his back outside the ring!

HHL: Wow! Initially, it looked like Mastermind was out of the running early, and all of a sudden, he’s in complete control of this match!

PIP: That’s what’s so dangerous about Mastermind, Heather. He can snatch victory just about any moment of the match…

Indeed, Mastermind tosses away the chair… And climbs up the apron, where Tango still looks rough after that Clothesline from Hell by McBride… Tango tries to work his way up to his feet, but his costume is a little too heavy to gracefully rise…

Mastermind, from the apron… Points to the top rope!

HHL: Mastermind, going to the high-risk district!

Mastermind climbs the first turnbuckle… Then, the second…

…He thinks long and hard about whether this moment calls for a climb to the top turnbuckle.

PIP: Whenever Mastermind climbs the ropes, it is a constant battle in his mind of whether this is a second rope or top rope moment.

…Mastermind nods, and climbs ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP ROPE!

HHL: Wow! Mastermind is laying it all on the line right here!

Mastermind points to the sky… Tango stirs, grabbing the bottom rope and turning himself onto his side like a turtle trapped on its back.

Mastermind prepares to leap…


Mastermind looks down… And who has his ankle, but a bleeding from the face Michael McBride!

PIP: Holy cow! How is McBride conscious after that vicious chair strike, let alone still fighting?

HHL: Bet Mastermind wishes he was on the second rope now.

Indeed, before Mastermind can try and kick away his opponent’s grip, McBride tugs on MM’s ankle… And Mastermind gets CROTCHED on the top turnbuckle!

McBride tries to scamper back in the ring… Just as Tango rolls back on his footing!

McBride dashes after Tango… Who catches him by the neck and tosses him outside the ring!

HHL: Tango might have learned that one after all those times Vaughn tossed Tango out of the ring!

McBride lands HARD on the apron and rolls to the outside…

Just as Tango moonwalks back to the corner aaaaaaaaaand…

WHAM! Moonwalk Superhero Punch to the still crotched-on-the-top-rope Mastermind!

MM falls forward, straight onto his face from the top turnbuckle…

Tango crawls forward hooking the leg…

Armand counts!


McBride heaves himself up on the outside!


He forces himself under the bottom rope!

But the distance is too far to cover!



Tango rolls under the bottom rope and outside the ring just as McBride scrambles forward to break up the pin too late!

HHL: Wow! Yet another win for the quickly-rising Tango! He is rapidly building momentum!

PIP: True! But, with Tango and Bat’s tag-title shot looming against Jason Cashe and Raion Kido of SAGA… will it be enough to pull off the upset of the century?

We see Liam enter Theo Pryce's office, but instead of Theo, we see all of BOB. Thunder Knuckles, Charlie Nickles, Dolly Waters, and Bobby Bourbon all stand awaiting. Bobby is seen leaning on Theo's desk.

Hi, Liam. Sorry, we're not Theo. We are, however, pissed about what went down last week. Now, plenty of us thought on it. Do you see Theo's desk?

Bobby points at it. The beautiful cherry wood, the immaculate platinum inlay, all of it the most magnificent desk ever seen. Liam looks absolutely shocked that he's here having heard what BOB has had to say. Liam swallows, something, gulping away the terror as his Adam's Apple bobs BOBs.

This here is the most beautiful piece of furniture I have ever seen, how about you? I mean, I'm no expert or anything, but damn, when I look at this desk…

Bobby slaps it.

...I wanna know what it looks like after a Bobbybomb.

Liam's eyes go wide. Historically speaking, this is when someone is doomed to get plowed through some piece of furniture when it comes to BOB. Bobby shakes his head 'no'.

Thing is, there's no money in putting you through this table, now is there? However, last week? Well, after the malarkey that went down where some kind of special task force had to make sure the last match was officiated to the tee, cleanly, and fairly, there was a bit of oversight elsewhere, and to make sure that doesn't happen tonight, well, I figured you could use a hand, yeah?

Liam looks up and at the rest of BOB.

We're not the bad guys here. We just want to make sure the Universal Championship match is fair.

“Y-Y-Yeah! Sure! Totally! We all wanna make sure the top prize here gets defended fairly, right?”

Liam innocently holds his hands up, shuffling his feet backwards and accidentally hitting the door in the process.

“So... uh... I take it you have a plan for that, coming to me like this...?”

TK, Charlie, and Dolly all hold back laughter. Bobby smiles confidently at Liam, the member of BOB all realizing that Desmond wasn't a prick, not at all, just a victim of shitty circumstance. Nods 'yes'.

Look, we, uh, have an idea, not a plan. Our idea is to make the match fair. Plans are for people who want to ruin, plans are machinations. Us, well, we just wanna give the people something good to hope for.

It's why we beat ass, this ain't some fucking charity.

I fucked Chariti. With an I. I now have kids to tend to, and damn, a lot of other stresses and shit, and I go out and fight to avoid the internal pain, but nah…

Bobby holds a hand up, giving Charlie pause.

Charlie, we love you bro, and we fight with you.

I have contacted the Divine, and have found my nature to be what I am and who I am, not my namesake.

Everybody stops and looks at Dolly absolutely agog. Liam turns back to Bobby a half a second past Bobby looks back at him.

She's the baddest bitch in the XWF, has been forever.

“I know!”

So, yeah.

Bobby approaches Liam and extends his hand.

I'm sorry I insulted you. I was angry, and shit got fucked. I'm still going to stomp Raion Kido, because I am disappointed he can't come to grips and wants to tell me it was an honor to settle the score when…

Bobby snorts.

When I would never accept such a bullshit victory. As such, yes, we have come to you to tell you, directly, not request, we will be overseeing the Universal Championship Match, in the name of the integrity of the Universal Championship.

Charlie, Bobby, TK, and Dolly all put their hands in together. Liam watches in bafflement.

BOB: We are the Knights of the XWF.

Liam blinks at the sight unfolding before him. He looks at Bobby, then the hands in the circle between the members of BOB. He looks at TK, then back at the hands. He looks at Charlie, then the hands. Dolly, and the hands, and he’s inspired. Slowly, Liam brings a hand forward to join with the rest of them as he musters a smile on his face.

“K-Knights of the XWF...!”

The rest of BOB move their hands from Liam.

Sorry, man.

Closed group.

You do your job. We'll do ours.

BOB all give a shout in unison and raise their hands. TK sticks a fist out for Liam.


Liam hangs his head in shame, but soon lights up as he sees TK offering him a fist anyway. He fistbumps TK, before giving a big nod at BOB and running off to make everything necessary for this.


Liam turns back.


Bobby puts a fist up. Liam slowly comes back towards BOB, and bumps fists with Bobby. Charlie gives Liam a fistbump, which Liam returns more smoothly than the last. When Dolly goes for it, Liam knows the deal, he returns the gesture.

“So, um... uh, am I, uh, done?”

BOB all laugh in unison.

Nah, bro!

Yeah, you got an entire Warfare to book after this and Mayday!

MayDay 2.

Pardon our accents.

Can you get us a nacho cheese fountain in our locker room? You guys keep giving airtime to the SAGA Mascot thing, I just want some nachos when I watch it and find out who the last mascot standing is!

BOB all laugh as Liam walks out into the hall, not just relieved but put at ease knowing the Brotherhood of Bros wanted Warfare to be great. As he does walk into the hall, he turns back and looks at the entrance to Theo's office, still open, then muses to himself.

“They broke into Theo's office just to meet me?”

'Sex' by The Grave Smashers plays


That Uncomfortable "Sex" theme.


[Image: onkgw3.gif]

Gravy rave dances onto the stage in a flamboyant gothic metal robe with huge peacocking spikes protruding from they're back

With a confident swagger brought to you by BarnCoin, Gravy heads down the ramp, flipping off fans, grabbing her man junk while altogether being a terrible person. For some reason, a decent percentage of the crowd seems to be in support of this heinous creature. Gravy rolls into the ring and postures for the crowd showing them just how fucking cool they are now!

Gravy leans into her corner, chewing gum and blowing excessive bubbles with a sinister grin. They just can't wait for this bloodbath to begin!

'Free & Easy (Down The Road I Go)' by Dierks Bentley plays

As the rhythm of "Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)" can be heard, Vagabond saunters out on stage with "Mean" Jolene at his side.  Vagabond wraps his arm around her shoulders which she casually shrugs off, feigning disinterest in the whole shebang.  Nonetheless, Jolene follows Vagabond.  As the latter poses on the turnbuckle, Jolene stands in the ring and claps halfheartedly.  Once he's done singing along with his fans in attendance, Vagabond slips off the turnbuckle and swoops in for a kiss from his blushing (or angry) bride, who simply offers a reddened cheek.  That all taken care of, Jolene exits the ring to find a corner in which to sulk while she examines her fingernails, and Vagabond leans against a turnbuckle, awaiting what's to come next.

- vs -
Xtreme Rules Match

The Xtreme Rules Match featuring RoboGravy and Vagabond is about to begin.  The fans show their excitement as the cameras pan over them before suddenly heading to the backstage area where it would appear the action is already underway.  Vagabond and Rufus Wrekker are double-teaming RoboGravy with chair shots to the dome, but the damn thing's managing to just absorb the punishment and stay standing.

Vagabond: "What is this thing made of?!  Go down, dammit!"

The chair in Vagabond's hand is all bent to shit, so he throws it away and dives at RoboGravy's legs hoping for a takedown.  We can hear the fans at ringside start to laugh as RoboGravy takes slow, deliberate steps, Vagabond on his chest with his arms wrapped around one of RoboGravy's legs and being dragged along.  Wrekker throws his chair aside before delivering the biggest punch he can right upside RoboGravy's head and nearly breaking his hand in doing so, yet RoboGravy seems totally unfazed!

RoboGravy: "Warning: you are in direct violation of sportsmanlike behavior.  Warning: appropriate counter measures booting up."

Vagabond: "Initiate shutdown protocol!"

Vagabond releases RoboGravy's leg and rolls away before It can stomp down on his hand.

Vagabond: "Abort!  Abort!"

Wrekker: "You talking to me, or this Terminator-wannabe?"

Vagabond: "Both!"

Wrekker helps Vagabond to his feet using his good hand.  Looking around for weaponry they realize there's nothing readily available.  So off they go, hightailing it away as RoboGravy pursues.  Our cameramen try to keep up with them as they head toward the parking lot.

HHL: "Looks like the fighting couldn't wait a moment longer, Pip!"

Pip: "Great!  The sooner it begins, the sooner it'll end."

Having reached the parking area allocated to the XWF personnel, Vagabond and Wrekker continue to lure RoboGravy towards them.  As RoboGravy steps out from a line of cars he is suddenly struck at high speed by a big, white Cadillac that appears out of abso-fucking-lute nowhere, and RoboGravy goes soaring through the air, colliding with the cement wall at the opposite end of the lot and dropping with a heavy, metallic thud.

HHL: "Holy shit!"

The fans echo Heather's statement with a chant.

"Ho-ly Shit!  Ho-ly Shit!"

RoboGravy lies motionless on the ground.  Vagabond and Wrekker run over to make sure It's down for good, but just as they get near It, RoboGravy springs back to life.  More Holy Shits from the audience at ringside.  The bewildered expressions on Vagabond and Wrekker's faces suggest they're doing more than just THINKING it.

Pip: "Okay, so if running into that thing with a fucking car isn't gonna stop RoboGravy, how the hell does Vagabond expect to win this?!"

HHL: "Who was that?!  They sped off before we could get a plate!"

Vagabond has decided to put some space between him and RoboGravy as he and Wrekker have now emerged from backstage, continuing their jog to ringside.  Weapons have already been put out for their use.  Wrekker grabs a sledgehammer as Vagabond positions a plate glass table acrossed two steel folding chairs. 

RoboGravy has now caught back up with them.  A failed attempt at a gut check by Wrekker gives Gravy possession of the sledgehammer.  With one swift motion, they snap the wooden handle clean in half over their knee and use the weighted end to whack Wrekker upside the head!  He's out cold!  RoboGravy turns their attention to Vagabond who's standing in the middle of the ring near the table he set up, urging RoboGravy to bring It's metal ass inside.  RoboGravy obliges.  Vagabond smashes a red brick off Gravy's face, which he had hidden behind his back. 

Pip: Suck brick!!!

The brick crumbles, but RoboGravy stands tall.  Vagabond, unable to grab anything else, throws the hardest punch he can.  Surprisingly it causes RoboGravy to stagger.  The fans cheer in excitement as Vagabond throws another punch, and then another, further staggering RoboGravy until they're on the ropes.  His hand looks all swollen already!  RoboGravy bounces off the ropes and collides with one final blow from Vagabond that looks like it just... might... knock... him... dow- NO!  RoboGravy remains standing!  Kick to the abdomen and Vagabond keels over.  Graves Consequences by RoboGravy through the glass table!  Vagabond, getting all cut up in the broken glass, remains relatively motionless as RoboGravy plants a boot on his chest and the ref starts his count...



........ 3!!!

Winner - Michael Graves/RoboGravy

HHL: Vagabond and Wrekker did everything to put down RoboGravy but he was just too much for them this time around.

'Burning Bright(Field on Fire)' by Nine Inch Nails plays

The arena flashes white as spotlights from around the venue converge at the entrance room as "You Know My Name" begins playing bombastically. As the lyrics start, Ned Kaye stands at the point where the spotlights merge to thunderous applause. He lifts his fist up in the air, awaiting the crowd to do the same before rushing down to the ring, serenaded by blue hues that light up the ramp following his steps. The lights above the stadium darken in their blue color as Ned gets closer to the ring, little bits of ember adorning the X-Tron and ramp, orange breaking up the blue. He leaps over the ropes into the ring before looking down, breathing the moment in, and pointing out at the crowd, ready to fight just with their energy alone. Jumping a bit from the adrenaline, he makes his way to his corner as he prepares for the bell.

'Leaving Dionysus' plays

The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Leaving Dionysus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the stage, illuminating a velvet red curtain. At the moment the guitars begin to play, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm. He clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

"Legend" by the Score plays

"Legend" hits the P.A. system and the lights dim, save for a lone, golden spotlight centered on the stage. A thin layer of fog floats across the stage, and Jay Omega struts out to the top of the ramp. Omega stands on the stage for a moment with his arms spread and a cocky smirk on his face, then casually makes his way down the ramp, crossing back and forth to slap hands with fans. At ringside Jay hops up onto the apron, then vaults over the ropes before crossing the ring and climbing up to the second turnbuckle. Omega poses for the crowd amidst a flickering strobe effect from thousands of cameraphone flashbulbs, then backflips off the turnbuckle and casually leans back into the corner to await the bell.

- vs -
- vs -
Elimination Match

All three wrestlers move towards the center of the ring, leaving their corners behind. They look back and forth from one man to the other, all looking ready to get this one started.

HHL: This one is all about strategy early on. Who do you want to get rid of first, in order to better your chances?

PIP: I always suggest teaming up here, two-on-one right off the bat. Hell, I would've made a deal with one of these guys already back in the locker room!

Kaye turns towards Dionysus, stepping towards him. But Omega reacts instantly, giving a cocky yell as he jumps towards Kaye, catching him with a right hand! As Kaye stumbles back, Omega turns, but Dionysus is right there, clobbering Omega with a spinning back fist that sends Omega into the ropes. Before Dionysus can capitalize, though, Kaye is back, flying into him with a dropkick! Dionysus goes down, rolling towards the apron.

As Kaye pulls himself back up, Omega, recovered, charges into him with a rolling wheel kick!! Kaye tumbles to the mat, stunned, with Omega getting up to showboat for a second. Dionysus takes full advantage, grabbing Omega's arms from behind and taking him over with a tiger suplex! Omega struggles, on his back, as the ref drops for the count!


And Kaye comes flying back in, dropping a knee right onto Dionysus to break it up!

HHL: So far, there's been zero teamwork, as each man is just looking to work for themselves.

PIP: It makes for some great action, but I still think it's a bad strategy. Eliminate the strongest, then take out the weakest, it's obvious!

Omega works back to his feet, pleased for the save, but Kaye doesn't give him a chance to get steady. He immediately rushes him , clotheslining Omega over the top rope!! Omega crashes to the outside, even as Kaye turns back to where Dionysus is getting up. He rushes in, going for the Notorious Knee, but Dionysus shifts himself just out of the line of fire!

As Kaye turns, Dionysus catches him with a powerful uppercut, sending him into the ropes. As Kaye staggers back, Dionysus immediately latches on, twisting Kaye around and delivering the On Your Shield STO backbreaker!!! Kaye is flat on his back, stunned, as Dionysus quickly makes the cover, grabbing at the legs.



And Kaye kicks out in time!

PIP: I'll grant Dionysus this, he knows he needs to get rid of someone quickly. He's really trying to keep someone's shoulders on the mat!

HHL: It's all a matter of how much energy he'll have to spend doing it, and if it'll cost him later in the contest.

Dionysus gets back to his feet, dragging Kaye with him. He looks out at where Omega is recovering, then smiles, before pulling Kaye towards the ropes, tossing him over in Omega's direction!! Omega, seeing it, dives to the side, but he didn't need to worry, as Kaye hung onto the ropes, managing to skin the cat!

Unaware of his opponent's save, Dionysus has turned away, taking a few seconds to breathe. Kaye gets on the apron, quickly kicking Omega away from him, and then uses the ropes to spring himself back into the ring towards Dionysus, flying in and catching him with The Disciplinary Action!!! The crowd pops huge for the move, even as Kaye quickly gets over and makes his own pin, trying to hold Dionysus down.



No, Dionysus is able to kick out in time, saving himself!

HHL: One of the biggest differences in an Elimination match is that you can't count on a save when you're being pinned.

PIP: Yep, Omega probably could have gotten back in there in time to break it up, but why hurry? Let one of them do the work for you!

HHL: I think he's just biding his time for the right opportunity.

PIP: Exactly! And that opportunity is when it becomes one on one!

With Dionysus looking slightly dazed, Kaye braces himself for the next move. He waits for Dionysus to start to get to his feet, then runs to the ropes, starting the handspring into the Coffin Nails maneuver! But as soon as Kaye hits the ropes, Omega reaches through, grabbing his hands and pulling them out from under him, causing Kaye to crash to the mat head-first!! The crowd groans at that one, as Kaye rolls in agony to the side.

In the meantime, Omega hops easily up onto the apron and flings himself over the ropes, doing a flip towards Dionysus. The wrestler tries to meet him with a clothesline, but Omega goes underneath it and stops on a dime, turning around and scoring the Bring The Thunder kick!!! Dionysus topples to the mat, knocked senseless, as Omega quickly rushes to make the cover, folding Dionysus back to hang onto him...



No! Dionysus kicks out of it once again, keeping himself from being eliminated!

HHL: We're seeing some big moves here, but so far, nothing's been able to keep anyone down for 3!

PIP: These are three of the best athletes in the XWF, Heather. What, you expected this to be easy?

Omega pops back to his feet, looking around at where Kaye is pulling himself up in the corner. Seeing an opportunity, Omega rushes in, scoring a jumping knee lift in the corner, then following it up with the rest of the Lockdown, bulldogging Kaye hard to the mat! Omega pulls himself up, making his way back over to the corner they just came out of. He climbs up, pointing out at the fans for a moment with a pleased look on his face, before turning back in and leaping off with a Macho Elbow...

That misses!! Kaye rolled to the side just in time, getting to his feet, which causes Omega to hit nothing but mat! Omaga, holding his arm, struggles back up, turning around... only to get hit simultaneously from both sides, as Dionysus hits the Deified hammer while Kaye comes flying in with the Notorious Knee!!! Omega collapses in a heap on the mat, as both Kaye and Dionysus stare at each other, a bit shocked. Neither of them had planned that, but it happened in perfect sync. Kaye shrugs his shoulders, and Dionysus nods, before BOTH drop to cover up Omega, keeping him down.





HHL: And now we're down to two!

PIP: I TOLD you teamwork was the way to go!

HHL: Even if they didn't mean for it to happen, Pip?

PIP: Hey, the result's exactly the same, as the odds for both of them just increased dramatically!

Kaye gets to his feet, looking down at Omega as the referee works to get him out of the ring. Dionysus, though, hops right over Omega, striking away at Kaye with the Brut Force boxing combination, staggering him! The last strike sends Kaye down to one knee, stunned, and Dionysus takes immediately advantage, rushing in and getting a shining wizard!! With Kaye down, Dionysus goes to the ropes, finishing the Wine Mixer combination with a Lionsault! He makes the cover, hanging on for precious seconds until the referee finally returns from helping Omega out of the ring...



NO! Kaye shoves a shoulder off the mat, keeping himself alive in this one!

HHL: Near fall for Dionysus there, as he almost stole this one away!

PIP: I get that the ref had to clear Omega for his own safety, but that really worked against Dionysus there!

Despite what happened, Dionysus isn't giving the referee any grief. He's working on avoiding the conflicts that might cost him success, after all. He already is behind Kaye, trying to work him into position for the Quinque Punctum submission hold!! But Kaye manages to pull free, doing a roll before getting to his feet. As Dionysus gets back up, coming at him, Kaye twists out of his strike and grabs Dionysus by the head, quickly twisting the two men over and up the ropes before Kaye lands the Trooper's Tribute!! Dionysus is down, but Kaye doesn't go for the pin, taking a moment to recover.

He finally gets back up, positioning himself as he watches Dionysus struggle to recover. Dionysus makes his way over to the ropes, pulling himself up, trying to clear his head from the impact he just took. But he's now in prime position, as Kaye runs past him, doing another handspring and this time managing to land the Coffin's Nail!!! Kaye turns around and manages to roll Dionysus over, staying on top of him for the tired cover as the ref makes the count.



THRE-NO!! Dionysus gets the shoulder up in time! Kaye rolls to the side, definitely feeling the burn of this one, as the crowd cheers for the action they're getting to see here.

HHL: We always promise you the best when you come to watch Weekend Warfare!

PIP: And we always deliver!

HHL: Well, there was that one time...

PIP: ALWAYS, Heather!!

With Dionysus struggling to recover, Kaye looks ready to end it. He grabs hold of Dionysus and drags him to the corner, giving the signal for the Ego Crusher!! As the crowd gets on their feet, Kaye makes the climb, pulling Dionysus up with him. He gets him into position, going for the leap to take Dionysus off the top.... and Dionysus hangs on!! Kaye crashes down on his own, hitting the mat hard as he rolls to the right and ends up on his back, laid out!

Dionysus pops off the corner, dropping back to the mat, as he can't capitalize from up there. Instead, he comes over to where Kaye is still down, grabbing at his head and working to apply the Quinque Punctum!! He gets it locked in, tightening the hold, as the referee darts forward, checking to see if Kaye is going to tap out!!! Kaye fights against it, trying to find a way out, but Dionysus has it locked in perfectly! Kaye then desperately shoves his weight to the side, twisting them, as Dionysus keeps the hold applied!

PIP: I think he's going to tap, Heather!!

HHL: Wait, Pip!! Look at his leg!!

PIP: Oh, damn, does the ref see it?

Kaye has managed to get one foot through the ropes on the right, desperately trying to keep it there as he's almost ready to pass out. The referee finally spots it, yelling for the break and pulling at Dionysus, who immediately releases the hold. He jumps to his feet, raising his arms in triumph, but the referee straightens him out, saying that Kaye caused the break! Dionysus looks upset this time, frustrated, talking about the rules of this match, but the referee stays adamant on the result.

Frustrated, Dionysus turns back to where Kaye is still laying on the mat. He limps over to him, pulling Kaye upwards and setting him in position for the Grapevine!! He rears back, letting loose... and Kaye just barely avoids it, only taking a slight graze from the strike!! Dionysus, thrown off-balance, twists around... and Kaye desperately springs off the ropes, hitting the Meat Grinder!!! The crowd roars, even as Kaye gets back up, somehow finding the energy to drag the dazed Dionysus back to the corner. He starts to bring Dionysus up again, as it feels like everyone is holding their breath around ringside.

PIP: He's going for the Ego Crusher again!

HHL: It failed last time, can he land it this time?

The two men are on top of the turnbuckle now, with Kaye trying to keep Dionysus in position. But Dionysus is fighting back, striking away at Kaye, looking to dislodge him from the top. He finally shoves Kaye off, sending him backwards to the mat. But Kaye hits the mat and immediately rolls, getting back to his feet. As Dionysus straightens up on the turnbuckle, Kaye rushes to the ropes right next to him, springboarding himself up and landing right next to the startled wrestler!!

Before Dionysus can do anything, Kaye leaps up, snapping Dionysus downwards with the EGO CRUSHER!!!! The move lands perfectly, with Kaye hanging on to the submission/pinning combination as the referee slides in, checking Dionysus' shoulders. He starts to count...





HHL: A big victory here for Ned Kaye, as he pulled out all the stops there at the end!

PIP: If he had lost his balance even for a single second, that one could have turned out disastrously!

HHL: Sometimes the gamble proves to be worth the risk, Pip!

Kaye is still on his knees, looking spent, as the crowd is cheering around him. He works his way up, acknowledging them, as we cut away.

'Eleanor Rigby (Strings Only)' by the Beatles plays

Comes out in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact with his opponent. When the bell rings, he shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face.

'Rise Against' by Savior plays

The strong beat of Art of Blade begins to reverberate throughout the arena as the fans begin to get on their feet and cheer for who's about to come out. Before long, the sight of the King in Rags, Finn Kühn, comes out to a strong ovation. He looks out amidst the area, his kingdom for tonight as he smiles.

His pace as he comes down to the ring is slow, even and measured. As the commentators discuss amidst themselves about recent events and the upcoming match, Finn surveys the area one last time as he steps into the ring.

As Art of Blade reaches its chorus, Finn thrusts his arms up to the air, posing passionately for the fans as afterwards he settles into a game face, picking a corner and getting ready for what is to come.

- vs -
Submission Match


With the match beginning, Mark Flynn and Finn Kuhn exchange glances across from each other. Both men’s faces seem to be clouded, trying to focus on the match at hand, but there’s a glint of something sinister in Flynn’s eyes as the two circle around the ring. The two seem to be exchanging some words, but the camera can’t quite pick it up.

HHL: Well Pip, Flynn is one of the best technical specialists in the XWF - no, make that potentially the entire wrestling industry as a whole - and Finn knows how to mesh his style to go against anyone. If I were a betting woman -

Pip: I’m the betting person around here, Heather, but I’ll let you go on.

HHL: …Anyways, I’m willing to bet that this is going to be nothing short of a technical masterclass here by both men as they square off here!

The two sides meet in the center of the ring - AND! THEY! LOCK! UP! COLLAR-AND-ELBOW TIE-UP! Test of strength and technique on display as both men are struggling to try and get the upper hand, pressing their foreheads against each other while jockeying for control!

Flynn manages to isolate the arm, getting a sharp wrist lock in. He manages to really wrench and put some torque on the arm, and Finn winces from it. He wisely looks to go to the ropes to try and force a rope break, but as soon as he reaches the corner, Flynn gets a HARD knife-edge chop to the chest and forces Finn right back to the center of the ring! The fans wince as Flynn delivers another knife-edge chop, and already the King in Rags’ chest is starting to become a shade of pink.

But Finn manages to take back control as Flynn goes for a third chop! Now it’s his turn to slap on a wrist lock, putting more pressure himself on the back of the elbow, as he proceeds to drive his own elbow into it. Flynn gets forced down onto a knee, but Finn grabs him and forces him back on his feet as he manages to lock in a tight hammerlock!

HHL: Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, if there’s any flavor of offense these two are going to be known for in this match, it’s with them targeting the arms. Finn Kuhn has one of the best armbars going today with the Savagery of Angels, and I don’t think I even need to bring up the amount of bodies Flynn has managed to break before him with the classic Fujiwara Armbar.

Pip: Yeah, just ask Thunder Knuckles from last Warfare. Finn’s out of his league here - it’s not going to take long for Flynn to remain in the driver’s seat for this.

Flynn looks to throw a back elbow to Finn to try and dig his way out of the hammerlock that’s applying all the more pressure on him, and that gets Finn back to applying a normal wrist lock again. Flynn tries to throw another forearm to Finn, but that has Finn wrenching and moving the arm around again to cut it off! Flynn winces and grabs his shoulder, allowing Finn to keep moving - Dragon Screw Arm Whip! Flynn gets grounded as Finn continues to hold onto the arm!

Flynn quickly manages to adjust himself around, getting to a seated position as he tries to combat the hold. His arm tries to reach up and around to look at Finn, and Finn wisely sits back to avoid Flynn’s grasp. Flynn realizes he needs to try something new here, and curls his free hand into a fist before bashing it right down on Finn’s foot! Finn sits forward, grunting from the impact, which allows Mark Flynn to counter with a Snapmare! Finn gets sent forward to the ground as Flynn now applies a Side Headlock on him!

Pip: Look at that! Perfectly legal! Flynn is keeping himself cool, calm and collected and just broke down Finn’s entire offensive just like that! Now he’s practically smothering him underneath there!

HHL: The ring IQ of Mark Flynn is absolutely immense, I’ll grant you that much. Still, Finn’s own ring IQ is nothing to scoff at. With how this match has gone so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns into something of a chess match in the middle of the ring.

Pip: Heather… please don’t make me sit through another Chess Wrestling match…

HHL: It was a metaphor, you- ugh. Never mind…

Finn tries to maneuver and wriggle himself out of there, but it’s no good. Flynn snakes an arm beneath Finn’s neck, keeping him pinned down for the time being as his other hand goes to grab the arm. He manages to slide it around Finn’s back, now applying a Hammerlock of his own and combining it with the headlock. Finn can’t quite reach up to grab Flynn as he presses Finn’s other side against the mat. Now, with a methodical pace, Flynn adjusts himself so that he’s slowly beginning to stand with him releasing the headlock, but uses his boot to pin the arm in the Hammerlock down to the mat! Finn realizes what’s about to happen as-!


Finn is trying to handle the pain, but it’s a tall mountain to climb as he grits his teeth! The crazed look in Flynn’s eyes only glimmers more and more as his last stomp is more of a punt to Finn’s head! Finn’s eyes turn glassy for a moment as Flynn drops back down to return to the side headlock!

HHL: Vicious assault from Flynn here in the early stages. So much damage and pressure being applied just in the lock-up here, though. It’s like these guys are glued to each other!

Finn manages to get his bearings back, holding onto the injured arm as he tries to use his legs to get his footing under him. He manages to get onto both knees as Flynn tries to apply more pressure to the headlock, but Finn uses his good arm to throw a back elbow into Flynn’s sternum, halting that assault for the time being. The two sides are beginning to get up, and Finn manages to grab Flynn by the waist before hoisting him into the air - BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX! Flynn hits the mat hard as the fans pop!

But he’s still got the side headlock applied, and with both sides on the mat again! Finn still has a hold of the waist, however, and begins to try and get up again! It’s an effort that’s taking a lot more out of him than the last time. Flynn’s weight is a lot to try and handle when fighting from below - AND WHAT’S NOT HELPING IS THE REPEATED ELBOWS TO FINN’S SKULL!

Finn gets forced back down to one knee as the fans cheer him on to keep going. Flynn is able to halt Finn’s spark for the moment as he tightens the headlock - ONLY FOR FINN TO POP BACK TO HIS FEET! ANOTHER BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX, THIS TIME DROPPING FLYNN ON THE BACK OF HIS NECK AS HE RELEASES!

Pip: Did you see that fall, Heather?! Do you think Mark Flynn is alright?! No one should have to go through having their body targeted like that!

HHL: I wish you kept this kind of energy up when it came to all the people Mark Flynn has cheated against and attacked from behind…

The two sides seem to be a bit winded here. They still have yet to properly separate from each other ever since the opening grapple sequence, and now it’s Finn’s turn back in control again. He manages to get Flynn back to a seated position, holding his waist lock in tight. It’s trying to take the air out of Flynn, keeping him winded and unable to keep up. Flynn begins huffing and puffing for air, and tries to once again go for a Snapmare-!

The arm is caught by Finn, however! He manages to reapply his hammerlock from before, and releases the waist lock to drive his knee into Flynn’s back! He adjusts the hammerlock so that the knee is also driving into the arm, really trying to create multiple avenues of pain on Mark Flynn!

Flynn grunts, moving about like a wounded dog as he tries to make it to the ropes. Finn continues to put the pressure on, but Flynn is using his feet to shuffle across the ring! He looks like he’s about to get to the ropes-! He manages to hook his foot across the bottom rope! The referee looks to force a break, but Finn responds by standing Flynn up while maintaining the hammerlock! He’s looking for another back suplex, this time with the arm still hooked - Flynn jerks his head back for a headbutt! A sickening crack echoes around as Finn’s head juts back!

That creates a degree of separation between the two, and Flynn immediately begins to twist around so that he hooks onto Finn’s arm, and- FUJIWARA ARMBAR! IT QUICKLY GETS APPLIED AS FINN SCREAMS IN PAIN! THE REF ASKS IF HE WANTS TO GIVE UP, BUT FINN MANAGES TO BRING HIMSELF ACROSS TO THE NEARBY ROPES AND GRABS THEM!

BUT FLYNN DOESN’T TAKE THAT FOR AN ANSWER! He grabs Finn by the arm, and with a sadistically crazed look in his eye, drags him right back to the center of the ring! Finn tries his best to scratch and claw to get to the bottom rope, and the ref looks disturbed as he sees the look in Mark Flynn’s eyes!

Finn’s reaching out, but it’s no use with Flynn’s weight on top of him! But his willpower has him refusing to quit! What’s going to happen as he reaches ou-


HHL: What the Hell-?!

Pip: I don’t think that was good…

Finn’s face immediately turns a shade of scarlet as the pressure on his arm and shoulder becomes too much! He furiously taps out as Mark Flynn has to get pried off of his arm!


"Ode To Joy" by Adya plays

The stadium spotlights rush up toward the ceiling as a Joel Schumacher Batman movie's worth of laser lighting starts going off throughout the stadium.

HHL: Well this is a fun little surprise from The Brotherhood of Bros.

Pip: Seems a little overdone to me H.

HHL: The best things in life are Pip.

Out from the back comes Bobby Bourbon and Dolly Waters. The two appear under the XTron as the cheers rain down from the crowd. Bobby and Dolly march to the beat of Ode To Joy, with the crowd roaring. The duo make their way down to the ring. Bobby ascends the steps and climbs over the top rope while Dolly rolls under the bottom rope. The partners stand in the middle of the ring for a few more seconds soaking in the cheers.

"Everything Is Awesome" by Tegan and Sara plays

Angie is her jumpy, happy self, interacting with fans and such, while Sarah remains her typically stoic. Angie is ever tying to get Sarah to join her in the energetic glee, but Sarah's too Elsa for Angie's Anna

Signature Moves:  -Tobvs Kicks: To a seating opponent, Angie snaps a kick into the opponent's chest as the crowd cries "OBVS!" Sarah then snaps a kick into the opponent's back as the crowd cries "TOTES!" This repeats a few times before the crowd does a building "OOOoooooooooooOOOO!" and both Angie and Sarah kick at the same time to a loud "TOBVS!"

The Brotherhood of Bros
- vs -
Team HSU
Tag Team Match

The bell rings to start the match and Angela starts for her team while Dolly starts first for hers.

They make their way to the center of the ring where they have a staring competition before Dolly slaps Angela and this makes Angela made.  She tries to throw a few punches at Dolly but Dolly blocks them before she hits Angela in her stomach with her knees, which makes Angela bend over, and Dolly places her in a DDT and executes the move.

PIP: "What a start from Dolly, getting in Angela's head early,"

HEATHER: "We will see how long she can keep this up,"

Dolly gets to her feet, and pulls Angela to hers, and she whips Angela into the ropes and Angela rebounds off of them and Dolly hits her with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK.  Once again down goes Angela.

Dolly makes her way over to Angela, and pulls her to feet by her hair, and drags her over to where Bobby is waiting.  She tags Bobby in and in comes Bobby, and together they put her in a DOUBLE SUPLEX, and Angela looks in all sorts of trouble, as Dolly leaves the ring, while Bobby is staring down at her and laughing.

Sarah Lacklan is itching to get in and help her team mate but the ref is having none of it.  Bobby pulls Angela to her feet, and pushes her into the corner where Dolly is and chokes her down with his boot.    Angela looks in all sorts of trouble.

PIP:  "Have Sarah and Angela finally met their match?  Is this going to be one too sided match?  Stay tune to find out, but I think Bobby and Dolly have what it takes to keep Sarah out of the match,"

HEATHER: "It will just take one small mistake for Sarah to get into the match, and the tide will turn,"

Bobby helps Angela to her feet, and executes a VERTICAL SUPLEX.  Bobby gets up first and stands on Angela's hair and foot rakes it.  Angela yells out in pain, and Sarah once again tries to get into the ring, but the referee once again stops her.

Bobby helps Angela to her feet, and shoves her back into the corner.  Just on reflex alone, Angela throws her elbow backwards to catch Dolly out, and hit's her in face, and she is forced to stumble down onto the floor, putting her hand over her nose.

Angela tries to fight back against Bobby, but Bobby just lets her hit him with feeble attempts until he EYE RAKES her.

Bobby grabs Angela and BIG BOY TOSSES her to the other side of the ring, where the huge momentum of hitting the canvas is hard and Angela finds herself landing in the other corner.  She struggles to stand up using the corner ropes.  Bobby heads straight towards her, slowly and methodical.

He looks out into the crowd and demonstrates that he is about to use his PHRENOLOGY CLAW a.k.a KONA CLUTCH on Angela, and if he does, it's going to be all over rather quickly.  He bends down and brings his hand down, when all of a sudden Angela is pulled from the ring under the ropes by Sarah.  She had no choice.

Bobby is livid and the referee starts the 10 count.


Sarah pulls Angela back to her corner to get away from Bobby.    Bobby is yelling at her to put Angela back into the ring as she is the legal person.


Bobby walks towards Sarah's corner, but she still has Angela on the outside, trying to shake her awake.


Bobby continues to yell at Sarah, trying to keep Sarah's attention on him as he knows Dolly is stalking her from the other side of the ring. 


Dolly tries to catch Sarah out, and she thinks she has.


Suddenly Dolly rushes at Sarah, but Sarah knows shes there and Sarah hits Dolly with a HIGH KICK.


Angela has recovered just enough, and she stumbles onto the ring apron where Bobby is waiting and Bobby grabs her by the hair, and pulls her into the ring.  Suddenly Angela drops to her knees and then pops up again and hits Bobby with her head catching him under her chin.    Bobby lets her go, and Angela runs to the other side of the ring, rebounds off of it, and comes running back and hits Bobby with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE and down goes Bobby.

Sarah jumps up on the ring apron and throws out her hand, and Angela dives and tags her in.

The crowd goes wild.

HEATHER: "And there's the mistake that Sarah needs to get into this match and end it.

Sarah jumps into the ring, and grabs Bobby, and executes a BODY SLAM.  She executes a second one, as Bobby tries to stop her but can't, Sarah is on a roll now.

She grabs Bobby and sends him into the corner, and hits him with several KNEE STRIKES.

She moves away as Bobby drops to his knees and moves slowly out of the corner.  Sarah spots her chance and hits Bobby with THE MARK OF CAIN a.k.a A Shining Wizard Knee Strike.

Outside the ring Angela is dealing to Dolly who is trying to get back to her corner, but can't as Angela is on top of her throwing lefts and rights.

PIP: "Dolly and Bobby were in charge early on but Sarah and Angela have taken over and are now on the verge of winning this match,"

Meanwhile back in the ring, Sarah walks back to the ropes and waits for Bobby to stir.  He has no idea where Sarah is.    They had a chance to win the match without Sarah being in, but lost it, and all it took was for a couple of seconds to get Angela out.

Bobby starts stirring, and gets to his knees, Sarah slowly walks up behind him, and she waits for the right time and now is that time....

Or so she thinks....

Out of no where Bobby comes rocketing up from his knees, his forehead hitting Sarah's chin causing her to stumble back and into the ropes. She stumbles forward into the waiting arms of Bobby who plants her with his patented..


Bobby falls forward on top of Sarah for the cover.




WINNER: Bobby Bourbon and Dolly Waters

HHL: What an incredible win here by Bobby Bourbon and Dolly Waters. I thought the cohesive unit of ex tag team Champions Sarah Lacklan and Angie Vaughn would be tooo much for the new team of Bobby and Dolly but the latter were able to pull off stunning victory.

Pip: Maybe you were stunned but I wasn't. I saw this coming from a mile away.

HHL: Sure you did Pip. Sure you did. Well folks join us after this commercial break for a TV title match between Champion Isaiah King and challenger Noah Jackson.

'King's Affirmation' by Iniko plays

The stadium falls into silent as a spotlight flashes onto the top of the stage, revealing the silhouette of Isaiah King, head bowed and wearing what looks like a leather jacket open at the front. As the base hits the speakers, he raises his head and takes a big breath. He slowly raises his fist into the air and his adoring fans scream in support. His mouth curls into a smile as he starts walking down towards the ring.

Introducing YOUR "Heir Apparent", Isaiah KIIIIIIIIINNNGGG!

He walks up to a fan wearing his merch, pressing his forehead up to his before continuing his way to the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope, he raises both hands to his side like a cross, palms open and challenging his opponent.

'Sick Carnt' by Lil Sick plays

The crowd pop as Noah Jackson strolls lazily from the back and basks in the glow of sick cunt energy washing over him. He slowly puts his right foot forward and glides down the ramp on his heelies, rhythmically raising and lowering pointed fingers to the sky as the crowd chants.


Until he reaches the apron where he gracefully rolls under the bottom rope and goes straight to the corner continuing his motions and then chants until his music is rudely cut off.

- vs -


And we're off Noah stays near his corner, his foot on the bottom turnbuckle as the Television Champ approaches and stops in the center of the ring, glaring at Noah and throwing out a palm and egging Jackson to come forward the crowd grow in anticipation; Jackson takes a foot off the ropes and the crowd grow in excitement until Jackson slowly places his foot back down as the crowd turn to boos.

Jackson raises his foot off! And the crowd begin to get hype!

But then he places his foot back down and the crowd turn worse.

PIP: Ingenious mind games from Jackson here.

HHL: Ingenious? Really?

King grows weary of the "mind games" and Jackson goes under the ropes and retreats onto the apron and steps down giving King the middle fingers as he hops to the outside as the crowd begin to throw garbage at Jackson; Noah nimbly catches a beer and drinking the remnants as he paces around the ring picking fights with the fans. Inside the ring King watches the display with a mix of frustration and intrigue; as Jackson gets into a heated argument with a fan at ringside, Isaiah lunges for his prey sprinting out of the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and nailing a perfect slingblade which sends Noah to the ground which gets a huge pop from the crowd.

King grabs Noah by the mullet and hoists him up but Noah spews beer in a mist which gets him some breathing room and rocks King with a throat chop before grabbing hold of his wrist and whipping him into the steel steps! King takes a nasty spill over the steps but rolls to one knee as he wipes beer from his face, catching his breath, Noah takes the advantage running up and leaping off the steel steps and reels his fist back in the air!

HHL: Noah looking for his KING HIT this early!!?

But King is on top of things as he hears Noah coming and spins up and around landing a brutal discus elbow into Noah's jaw mid-air! Jackson sails through the air like a jet that has its wing clipped and lands on the other side of the barricade taking out a few fans. The crowd go wild!

PIP: Hot damn! These two have gone 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds here!

King rolls his shoulder as he goes to the barricade only for Jackson to pop up throwing a chair at King who is pushed back; Jackson clicks his jaw muttering to himself as he pushes past fans to gain distance away from Isaiah like he's wading water.


Noah screams as he runs away.

PIP: Smart tactical retreat from Noah here.

As Noah cowers and runs past the fans King, being smart, simply heads to the other end of the barricade and jumps up leaping off where Noah approaches with a big elbow but Noah counters taking another chair from the smashing it into King! The TV champ drops to the ground in a heap as Noah laughs manically and grabs Isaiah and begins to heft him over the barricade.

HHL: Wait... This is a submission match, correct?

PIP: Last I checked, yeah.

HHL: So why is there no count-out or no DQ?

PIP: Heather, its a submission match, it keeps going until one guy submits or either can no longer compete.

Noah throws King over the barricade who rolls by the apron.

PIP: Ooop, best hope Isaiah King doesn't get bitten by the ring snakes!

HHL: Ring snakes? ... No, not going to that, submission matches have count out and DQ! They're meant to be in-ring showcases of locks and holds! This makes no sense! Is the referee dumb? ... Oh.

Heather's realization kicks in when she looks at Richard Wang counting hundreds of Australian dollars in one hand and his phone with a currency exchange calculator in the other.

PIP: That Dick Wang, such a multi-tasker.

Wang seems happy as he places the money in his pocket and ushers Jackson and King back into the ring as he begins to count both men out.

Kings gets a hand up on the apron, his right arm dangling and bruising from the chair shot as Jackson slides behind King and bashes his head against the apron before throwing King into the ring. Isaiah's calm and collected demeanour slowly begin to slip away as Noah slides in after Noah and King wildly throws a fist back which catches Jackson who gets rocked and falls into the corner dazed.

King slaps the mat and goes after Jackson with a running falling left that lands hard into Jackson's mush who doubles over kicking his legs. King keeps on top of Noah grabbing the back of Jackson's neck and throwing him into the center of the mat before washing Jackson's face with his boot to flip him; Noah winces and throws a tantrum as King drops a knee onto Noah's back and gets a tight hold around Noah's arm and begins to wrench back on it.

HHL: Jeez, finally!

Jackson squeals in pain as King pulls his full weight back on Noah's arm, ripping it out of the socket! King roars as Noah screams, Wang getting low to see Jackson's hand wavering above the mat. But Jackson steels his gut and his hand forms a fist punching the canvas as he uses every bit of strength he has to rip his arm loose and gets out of the hold!

Jackson clutches his arm and falls back, kicking the back of King's leg out and immediately rushes in for a head wrench. Noah on his front, the hold in tight as King is on his back struggling in the hold.

But not for long as King whips his legs around and manages to rotate to his front, still in the hold, King forces Noah up to his feet and gets a waist lock around Jackson and performs a takedown with a body slam, manoeuvring around Jackson's prone form and latching in a rear naked choke.

Jackson's arm reaches for the ropes which may as well be in a different state before he throws punches back into King's head, clipping himself as desperation sets in. King looses the hold and Jackson throws King over his shoulders before locking in...


Jackson's Kimura Armlock is wrapped in around King's damaged arm and King looks in trouble.

PIP: Some rare mat wrestling from Jackson here, maybe Ned is rubbing off on him a bit and he actually trained for this match.

Isaiah roars in agony as Jackson takes delight in getting the upper hand, screaming at King to tap out but the champ refuses.

King pushes himself forward trying to get to the ropes but to no avail.

Isaiah's hand hovers above the canvas!

The crowd go wild!

And it looks like King is about to tap!

Noah leans further back to add more pain!



The crowd go berzerk!


As the crowd reach their peak, a trade of cheers for both competitors breaks out!

Jackson gasps for breath but refuses to let loose of his hold!

King is sweating bullets, a vein about to burst from his temple as his arm is on the verge of breaking!!!

Richard Wang leans in looking at both men!

King gives out a final, warrior's cry!

Jackson gives a dying rasp!





The crowd go quiet for a moment as the referee looks over both men.

Noah Jackson, out cold, unmoving laying on top of an unconscious Isaiah King!

The ref has no other choice!

He calls for the final bell!!!




The crowd break out in a mix of boos and cheers as the confusion fades away. King's music hitting as both men lay still as corpses in the ring.

PIP: Not always the way you want things to end, but there is one silver lining... I smell a hell of a rematch!

"You Know My Name" fills the arena as Ned Kaye walks down the ramp for the second time in the night, raising a fist as the crowd serenades him in applause. As they cheer Ned’s name, he heads over to one of the corners of the ring, grabbing a mic from the ringside crew, tapping on it slightly to make sure it's connected to the PA system.




HHL: Looks like he’s got a few words to share with us following his match tonight!

Pip: Yeah, that’ll put butts in the seats.

Kaye drinks in the moment for a bit, letting the adrenaline push him through the pain following the match as he gives a bit of a smile, waiting for the audience to simmer down.

Ned: “You know, after March Madness, I had people coming up to me, asking me about how I was handling such a huge setback. And I’ve got to admit… Standing here before you all here in Atlanta, Georgia…”

He runs a hand through his hair before pointing his index finger at his chest.

Ned: “I sure as hell don’t feel set back!”

A cheer erupts as Ned paces around the ring, his gaze beginning to focus on the camera, but only after appreciating the fans cheering him on.

Ned: "Everyone is so hung up on what I haven't done that they do a whole lot of forgetting everything I have! I unified the Television Title! I climbed my way back from a losing streak to get in that position and then when I hit a speedbump, I picked myself up and made it to the semi-finals of March Madness! And while our Universal Champion sees fit to raise her spirits by drowning cheap ones, I went to rehab as soon as I could and I got this."

Kaye pulls his 30-day chip from his pocket, clearly still not used to owning his accomplishments so closely, but feeling vindicated by the arena's support.

Ned: “I faced a fresh Sid Grey on a night where every path made itself clear to her and while she had to fall to a masked man or beat her other opponents cleanly, she desperately needed to cheat to beat me! That tells me exactly what I need to know! That my journey for the Universal Title is closer than it ever has been before and if you think that captaining War Games is going to make me lose sight of that goal, then you’re naive or wishful. I’m rooting for Kido tonight because there’s nothing I’d love more than sharing the Main Event of Relentless with him! But even if that comes to pass, before I can allow myself to fully commit to pursuing the Universal Championship, there are some scores that need to be settled. Sidney Grey, Chris Pa-”

The King’s Affirmation rudely interrupts Ned.





Spotlights focus onto the top of the ramp just as the Television Champion Isaiah King walks out through the curtain.

Pip: Oh, what’s this joker doing out here?

HHL: He doesn’t look happy.

Pip: Aren’t you sharp Heather? He just got the living lights beat out of him by Noah Jackson, of course he ain’t happy.

Isaiah walks into the light and raises up his Television title into the light, the white light bouncing off it’s gold surface and shimmering mesmarizingly.

HHL: That draw against Jackson’s kept Isaiah the champion by just a hair!

Pip: After that showing against Jackson, and the cheating tomfoolery against Dolly - he really doesn’t deserve to carry that belt around.

HHL: He beat Dolly, and a draws a draw Pip. Let’s hear what he’s gotta say.

As his song fades away, Isaiah raises a mic to his lips while lowering the title back onto his shoulder. He seems clearly worn and tired.

”You talk a big talk Ned. Just like everyone else in this damned company, you talk a big talk - The Universal Championship? Aight.

But while you keep your eyes looking hopefully ahead…

Don’t forget to look back.

I’m all for moving on, but you can’t move on when that niggling weight of defeat grips at you - you know that feeling as much as I do.

We share a dedication to shed light on the shadows of our careers

To find redemption from the sins of our lives.

To conquer the unconquered.

Sidney Grey, Chris Page… Yeah, sure - you should definitely pick fights with those top of the industry, big named fighters.

You have to earn the privilege of calling shots - demanding fights, Ned.

And as much as I wanted to deal with you immediately. To reclaim victory from a horrific defeat.

I couldn't do it all year because I hadn’t earned it…

Until now.

I have this bit of gold - the same belt you took from me.

I’ve taken it back and now I will slay you too.

I’ll make sure you never make it to Sidney Grey.

I will conquer you.”

Isaiah raises his belt to the light once more as his theme hits the speakers again and he turns his back to Ned Kaye.

”Oh, and just in case you were going to look past me and underestimate me…”

Two leather-jacketed individuals leap out from the crowd and slide into the ring behind Ned before he can turn around. One is a much larger man, hulking over Ned, while the other much smaller, possibly female. They walk up to him and place a hand on each of his shoulders - but not doing anything more.


Pip: That cheating sonnuva’

”I would hate to hurt you before our match, but just know this fight WILL happen, even if you don’t want it to.”

The two slide back out of the ring and follow Isaiah up the ramp, leaving Ned alone in the ring. After a bit of uncertainty, Ned tosses the mic aside and begins to head backstage as well.

HHL: The rivalry that began with the unification of the Supercontinental and Television Titles seems to be more alive than Ned expected, Pip!"

Pip: I think the only thing Ned expected there was getting his ass surgically removed and handed to him.

HHL: Regardless, we're going to have to keep an eye on this! The gauntlet has been thrown! We'll just have to see if the King can finally conquer Kaye. We'll be right back after these messages, folks!

Funeral For Queen Mary from A Clockwork Orange plays

The fans in attendance all get on their feet the Brotherhood of Bros all walk out in unison. There are dozens of ladders on the stage flanking them. Bobby Bourbon is wearing a referee’s shirt. They make their way into the ring and around it, ready to officiate. As their music dies down, we see interspersed in the crowd, Mastermind, HGH, and Vagabond.

HHL: Plenty of XWF stars are interested in tonight’s main event, Pip!

PIP: Absolutely, many of them here to make sure BOB doesn’t screw over anyone!

We see Ned Kaye, Jason Cashe, and Thaddeus Duke all watching a monitor together from the back. Sarah Lacklan and Angie Vaughn are seen watching at some other monitor. Peter Vaughn is seen standing in the nosebleeds, watching from on high. Michael Graves and Cadryn Tiberius are eating popcorn beside him. The Bing Bong Twins are seated beside The Blue Tango, the Themis Sisters, and Tommy Wish in a private box, they’re enjoying all the chicken wings that come with such amenities.

HHL: This main event is massive, Pip, absolutely huge.

PIP: Yeah, on paper it is.

Sidney Grey's music plays

“Suffocate” by Cold begins to play as the lights dim all through the arena. Fog rolls through the entranceway as a bright light shines from behind it. A shadowy figure is projected through the fog, the sexy figure grinding to the beat of the music. Sidney Grey emerges and surveys the crowd as they boo her loudly. She smirks as she flips off the crowd and moves in time to the beat, going into yet another seductive grind, which ends in a tremendous eruption of pyrotechnics as she runs her hands all along her body, tosses her hair back, and heads to the ring with a laugh. Sid walks slowly down to the ring as she arrogantly taunts the crowd, blowing kisses to some and threatening to slap others all the while with a condescending smile on her face. Sid slides underneath the bottom rope and goes to the far corner of the ring as she stands on the turnbuckle and continues to taunt the crowd, while smiling sadistically as she waits for the match to begin.

Sidney hands the Universal Championship belt to Bobby, who looks up as the official XWF Ladder Match Hook of Holding Stuff lowers, a staple for all XWF Ladder matches. It is garnished with the signatures of stars from the past who have won ladder matches. You see quite a few names you recognize on it. Bobby places the Universal Championship on the hook, then gives it a tug, and the title raises to the sky. Sidney looks furious, stomping her foot on the ground over her having to defend in a ladder match.

HHL: Grey was convinced this would never be a ladder match, Pip!

PIP: Well nobody was expecting BOB to be involved in the match!

'Soldier Dream' by ROOT Five plays

The arena lights turn gold as the intro of “Soldier Dream” by ROOT FIVE hits the PA.

TK: “And now, standing tall at 6'0" and weighing in at 227 lbs., from Osaka, Japan, “The Lion”... RAIOOOOOOOOOOON… KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Raion Kido appears on stage, letting out a lion’s roar.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Mezasu kiboo no iro wa
Kedakai hodo utsukushii…”

Raion spreads his arms and breaks into a bird run towards the ring, slapping the fans’ hands along the way. He slides into the ring on his belly and springs into his feet.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Tsubasa wa ten wo kakeru
Erabareta moushigo no you niiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Facing the camera, Raion throws a one-two punch forward, his final pose as the music dies down.

- vs -
Ladder Match

Bobby calls for the bell and we are underway. Kido points up at the title while glaring at Sidney Grey. Sid looks right back at Kido, unflinching, and kicks him right in the groin to get underway. Bobby recoils, looks at Sid, then at Kido. Bobby checks with TK at ringside to see if that’s legal. Dolly nods, saying it is, there’s no DQs in a ladder match. Bobby looks back at Sid and gives a half-hearted thumbs up, but Grey has left the ring and reached under the ring, pulling out a ladder to climb to get the championship while Raion Kido cradles his groin. Sid back in the ring with the ladder, and she’s setting it up! She gets it up, and begins to climb, but Kido is back to his feet, and shaking the ladder! Sid hops down from the shaky ladder. Kido points at her, and screams in righteous fury. Sid kicks Kido in the nuts again, sending him to the mat. All the members of BOB recoil. We cut to see SAGA in the back, all going “ooooh” to the sight of a second completely legal trip to dick kick city. We cut to see Cadryn Tiberius and Michael Graves looking on in discomfort. The only ones who don’t look too unhappy are Team HSU. Bobby turns and tries to reason with Sid, he can’t disqualify her, but, c’mon. Sid rolls her eyes and goes to climb the ladder again. She gets fairly high up, but again, Raion Kido has gotten to his feet, and he’s shaking the ladder!

HHL: Kido displaying testicular fortitude tonight!

PIP: I think that woman turned him into an innie!

Sid plops back down to the mat again, and Kido is nearly frothing at the mouth, pointing at Sid, signalling that he’s going to do his thing and tear the roof off the building. Sid kicks Kido right in the dick a whole third time! NO! Kido catches Sid’s foot! Sid with an Enziguri, but Kido ducks! Sid lands on her foot again, back to Kido, and she goes for a reverse enziguri! Kido catches the other foot, and hooks both legs as Sid's back hits the mat! Kido sets in a Texas Cloverleaf submission! Sid looks devastated by the hold, and Bobby again looks baffled, conferring with TK ringside! There’s no submissions in a ladder match! Bobby tells Kido there’s no submissions, but Kido keeps the hold in place. Grey hooks Kido’s leg, and rolls through, countering into a leg bar submission! Kido rolls through and into a single leg crab! Sidney rolls the hold into a Tequila Sunrise! Eventually, they roll into the ladder and knock it sideways leaning against the ropes! Kido transitions into a headhold, and he slowly gets to his feet along with Sid! Sid pushes Kido off, and Kido hits the ropes, rebounding back towards Kido, hitting a back body drop! Kido crashes into the sides of the ladder! The ladder gets absolutely wrecked by Kido’s falling body, and Sidney smiles with delight.

HHL: And that ladder is no longer capable of use!

PIP: Not to win, but to hurt someone they’re still plenty useful, Heather! I once took out an ex with a broken footstool!

Sidney rolls out of the ring and again reaches beneath it. She pulls out a burlap sack.

HHL: Oh, no, not again.

Sidney looks in the bag and rolls her eyes, cackling. She slides it into the ring and then lets it be to throw a stomp at Kido on top of the crumpled up wrecked ladder. She turns and picks up the bag and opens it, and pours the contents out onto Raion Kido. A massive python lands with a thump on Kido!

PIP: Who keeps putting snakes under the XWF ring? I’m sick of these motherfucking snakes under the motherfucking ring!

Kido doesn’t panic, instead centering himself as a Knight of Saint Athena. Kido takes the snake and coils it around his right arm, and screams with all his might, the powers of the python bolstering him!


Kido landing the Lightning Bolt onto Sidney Grey while a snake was chilling on his arm! Bobby has to check with TK! Snakes are allowed in ladder matches, that’s why there’s a boardgame called Snakes and Ladders! The python jumps off of Kido’s arm, terrified, and scrambles off into the audience. We see Mastermind, HGH, and Vagabond clear the way, knowing the XWF ring snake is alright, it’s just spooked, and they need to take care of it! All three men manage the terrified snake and take it back to where it’s more comfortable! Raion Kido makes his way out of the ring, stopping to sneer at TK. TK looks confused at him, then back at Bobby, wondering what he did. Kido marches up the ramp to fetch another ladder. As he gets there, he collapses two ladders, and hooking one over each shoulder, begins to make his way back to the ring! As he reaches ringside, Sidney Grey takes off with a massive springboard plancha! She crashes onto Raion Kido on the outside! Kido and Grey are left as an absolute wreck on the outside beside two ladders! TK goes to check on Kido, Dolly checks on Grey, both signal to Bobby that they’re not dead! Bobby looks relieved! Bobby shrugs.


TK shakes his head no, looking at Bobby. There’s no countouts in a ladder match! Bobby gives a thumbs up, he’ll allow it! Suddenly, from the back, five hooded figures run out! We cut to the back, and see Ned Kaye, Jason Cashe, and Buster Gloves all brawling with hooded figures! In the stands, Cadryn Tiberius, Peter Vaughn, and Michael Graves are fighting off hooded figures! In the VIP box, the Blue Tango socks a hooded figure as the Bing Bong Twins Bing Bong the bejeezus out of hooded figures as the entire Themis clan, including new sisters debuting in 2025, are all fighting off more hooded figures! Tommy Wish and Goth are fighting off hooded figures! Team HSU are fighting off hooded figures in the back! TK, Dolly, and Charlie all rush to confront the hooded figures! Grey and Kido look wiped out!

HHL: Oh my god, what is happening! This whole brigade of hooded figures attacking Warfare!

PIP: This is all someone’s sick joke.

HHL: Someone needs to restore order here in the arena!

Bobby looks fed up with all these hooded figures! Bobby starts yelling at all of them, and as referee, he bans them from ringside! He can do that! The hooded figures all look frustrated, but, since this is how wrestling works, they must comply! All the hooded figures fighting the XWF stars in the arena all withdraw! Kido and Grey get back to their feet, as the rest of the XWF has driven off all the possible interlopers for this match. It’s down to just them as the fans are going wild. Grey throws a thunderous back chop at Kido, which echoes throughout the arena. Kido with a vicious thigh kick that also cracks the air. Kido grabs Grey and throws a suplex! Grey sprawls out after impacting with the arena floor. Kido stands and fetches one of the ladders, and he props it up on the guardrail and the ring, bridging it! Kido then grabs Grey in a headhold, and brings her to her feet! Kido hooks Grey for another suplex, and he lifts her, ready to put her through the ladder! Grey counters, sliding down the back of Kido, and on the opposite side of the ladder! Grey slams Kido’s head into the ladder on the way down! She then pulls Kido up and lays him on the bridged ladder! Grey rolls into the ring, and shoots off the opposite ropes! She bounds, hits the top rope, and springboards! Kido rolls off the ladder! Grey catches herself and lands on her feet on the ladder, and using the momentum redirects into a moonsault towards Kido! Kido catches Grey! Kido plants Grey with a Fire Thunder Driver! Kido slowly stands, and mounts the bridged ladder, and dives, hitting a shooting star press! The fans are going absolutely wild.

PIP: What a move! Sidney Grey's wrestling career just flashed before her eyes!

HHL: I'm sure she enjoyed every minute of watching it, too!

Kido has gotten the other intact ladder now, and has slid it into the ring. He climbs in, working to get it set up right underneath the championship. On the outside, Grey is struggling to get up, really feeling the pain. She grabs at the bridged ladder, picking it up, and staggers back to the ring. Bobby, seeing her slide it in, turns and makes sure two ladders are permissible. They are! Grey gets up, lifting the ladder into her arms as she tiredly turns towards Kido. But Kido knew she was there all along, as he suddenly turns from the second step of his ladder and leaps towards her...


It lands straight between the ladder, sending Grey flying!! She lands on her back, the ladder on top of her, as Kido painfully turns around and starts back up. He climbs up the rungs, one by one, as Grey struggles to push the ladder off of her. She manages it, showing remarkable tenacity to be starting to get up from a second Lightning Bolt. She crawls towards the standing ladder, reaching out her arm to grab the bottom rung... but it's too late, as Kido is up top, detaching the Universal Championship!! Bobby signals for the bell, as Kido sits down on the ladder, cradling the belt!


HHL: HE DID IT!! Raion Kido is a two-time Universal Champion!!

PIP: He didn't waste the briefcase!

HHL: What a fight from Sidney Grey, though, who never wanted this to be a Ladder match. She still nearly pulled it off!

PIP: How Kido came back from consecutive low blows, I'll never know. It's clear where the ice packs are going tonight!

HHL: It's been an incredible night! We'll see you next week!

The fans are all cheering as Raion Kido's music hits, blaring out of the speakers. Kido is still on top of the ladder, raising up the championship, even as he fights through the pain of the match he just endured. We fade out.

A Big Thank You To:
Jonathan Barrows
Mark Flynn
Liam Desmond
Atticus Gold

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04-23-2023, 11:16 AM

“This was one of the hardest fights in my entire life, and I shall never once forget our Lady King's valor. Especially the damage she caused to my nether regions.

But this was perhaps the greatest victory I could ever have achieved. Twice XWF Champion, and Double Champion - and I shall ensure I carry these two titles in the way they deserve!”

[Image: yfesfA4.jpg]

Signature courtesy of Atara Themis!
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04-23-2023, 02:34 PM

The CEO of O.C.P., a company specializing in the creation of robotic pro wrestlers, stands before a group of reporters, his face beaming with pride as his companies creation stands to the left of him, a little dinged up by the Cadillac hit and run earlier in the night, but otherwise A-OK!

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight was a historic night for O.C.P.! Our newest creation, RoboGravy, just proved to the world that he is indeed the future of professional wrestling. We are thrilled with his performance and we know that this is just the beginning."

The CEO continues to explain that O.C.P. stands for "Organic Circuitry Pro," a nod to the company's use of cutting-edge technology to create lifelike robots with advanced wrestling capabilities.

"We are confident that our models will revolutionize the industry," he says, a wide smile on his face. "RoboGravy is just the first in a long line of robotic wrestlers that will change the face of the sport forever. And we're not just talking about wrestling fans, but anyone who wants to experience the thrill of watching the perfect machine in action."

The CEO then goes on to pitch future models, touting their features and benefits. "Our robots are not only stronger and faster than their human counterparts, but they can also withstand more punishment and heal-up faster," he explains. "They are also programmable, allowing us to customize their personalities and move sets to fit any wrestling style or company."

The press conference ends with the CEO taking questions from the reporters, who seem eager to learn more about the future of robotic pro wrestling. One reporter directs their question to RoboGravy. 

"RoboGravy, is it true that your name is Michael Graves and these people kidnapped and murdered you in order to turn you into this thing you are now?"

RoboGravy's expression remains stoic as he responds. "No, that is not true. My name is RoboGravy, and I was designed and created by the talented engineers at O.C.P. to be the future of professional wrestling. While I may have been modeled after certain individuals, including Michael Graves, my programming and physical construction are entirely my own."

The reporter persists, asking, "If that's true, what happened to Michael Graves? He seemed to disappear right before you made your debut, and why are you called RoboGravy!?!"

But before RoboGravy can answer, the CEO steps in and calls an end to the press conference.

"Thank you all for coming, but I think we're done here," he says, his tone firm. "RoboGravy has performed magnificently tonight, and we have exciting plans for his future. We are not interested in discussing baseless rumors or old news."

With that, the CEO ushers RoboGravy out of the room, leaving the reporters to speculate on the truth behind the robotic wrestler's origins.
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(04-23-2023, 11:16 AM)Raion Kido Said: “This was one of the hardest fights in my entire life, and I shall never once forget our Lady King's valor. Especially the damage she caused to my nether regions.

But this was perhaps the greatest victory I could ever have achieved. Twice XWF Champion, and Double Champion - and I shall ensure I carry these two titles in the way they deserve!”

It's in your top three hardest fights, maybe- but definitely not top two. 

Grats champ.
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Thanks for the great cycle of RPs Rai! I can’t be The Uni King anymore, but I’ll find other ways to still be annoying.

It looks like my segments got left off the show, so maybe I can repurpose them into CDs or get them to play out on Anarchy. I don’t want to throw them out or hold up other people I’m working with.

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04-24-2023, 04:55 AM

Slight amendment; I sent my segments to Madness (the universe is trying to tell me something LOL).  

Congratulations to the new champ again and apologies to the staff for sending my stuff to the wrong show.
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