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PlaceMarker I Fought the Law
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MollyBarnes Offline
Salford Supernova

XWF FanBase:

(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

04-12-2023, 09:30 PM

Molly Barnes exited the newspaper shop, holding today’s copy of The Guardian and a packet of salt & vinegar crisps, both of which she was about to enjoy on a bench at the local park. The Salford Supernova could afford a bit of a treat like this every now and then, after her win over Gina Van Zyl had made it three in a row. Not that all her problems had been solved, but the win bonuses had taken care of the last two months of rent for her apartment and her nan’s room at the nursing home. Of course, she knew all of that could come crashing down instantly if she lost her momentum, but that was a worry for another day.

As she made her way to the park, she saw some commotion near the field where the town’s kids usually played football. Police officers were driving off what appeared to be a group of homeless people just minding their own business. Molly stopped to take in the scene, her heart breaking as she saw these people, and what little possessions they had, being rounded up as if they were a band of criminals, when they were simply minding their own business. The policeman in charge shouted his orders about.

“Get them out of here! Can’t have you lot smelling the place up. Next time I catch you here, you'll get the hose!”

Molly: "Oi!"

Molly was appalled by his words. Policemen were supposed to be protectors of the people. This bloke clearly did not understand that and was abusing his power and position. She walked over to him.

Molly: "Alrite? What’s this then?"

“Move along, lass. Nothing to see here.”

Molly: "Really? You coppers harassing these people is what I’m seeing. Can’t you leave them alone?"

“They know they’re not allowed to be here. Now as I said, move along, or do you want to join them?”

Molly: "Not allowed? They’re human beings like any other, mate. What gives you the right to…"

The policeman had enough. Being called ‘copper’ and ‘mate’ by a local girl weren’t on his agenda for the day. He pointed at the stripes on his sleeve.

“These give me the right. Now…”

Molly: "This is disgusting. Leave these people be, for fuck sake!"

The policeman reached for the belt on his hip as Molly pointed a finger at him.

“Little girl, you’d better watch your tone. This threatening language will get you in trouble.”

Molly: "You coppers are all the same, innit? Politicians in blue, just trying to stomp on the poor to raise yourself up. Fucking sick of this! We ought to give you lot a proper thr-"

But before Molly could finish her sentence, she felt electric shock after electric shock course through her body as the policeman tasered her, and she lost consciousness.

Molly woke up in the district’s drunk tank. It wasn’t the first time she’d woken up here, but it WAS the first time that she hadn’t actually been drinking when she did. She immediately remembered what had happened and got up, banging on the bars of the cell.

Molly: "Oi! Lemme out! You don’t have the right to keep me here!"

A nearby copper walked over to the cell door and put his hands on his hips.

“Threatening a constable? You’re lucky we didn’t put you in the box. If it were up to me we’d keep you locked away for the rest of the week.”

Molly: "You can’t do that, mate, I’ve got a flight to Canada to catch on Wednesday, innit?"

“Not my problem, is it?”

Molly: "I can’t be bothered with this. Please let me out."

The policeman rolled his eyes and rattled his keys before unlocking the door for Molly. She stepped out rather sheepishly, before patting her pockets.

Molly: "Oi! Where’s me belongings? I had a newspaper and a packet of crisps on me, innit? Where’s me crisps? They were proper fancy KETTLE Chips! Someone stole them."

The policeman shrugged before grinning.

“…call the coppers.”

Muttering obscenities under her breath, Molly made herself scarce before she got into more trouble than she already was in. It was getting late, and Molly decided to call it a day and go home. Today’d been a wash. No workout, no prep, not even a relaxing newspaper read in the park. She had a leftover sausage, cheese and bean melt she could pop in the microwave at home, if nothing else.

Molly: "What a world we live in, innit? You get punished for trying to do the right thing, while rich fat bastards try their best making this country go down the pan. And now I’ve got to face off against The Atomic Bat, who’s trying to dish out her own brand of justice. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what Batty’s trying to do, but in my experience true change doesn’t come from people in masks beating up crooks in back alleys at night. True change comes from the voting booth, and no matter how many crimes you stop, unless you overturn the system that facilitates the criminals in the Houses of Parliament, you’re fighting a losing battle.
On Anarchy, I do not intend to lose our fight, Batty. We’ll see how true you hold to your colours and ideals when faced with real hardship. All me life, people have told me I’ve little to offer, but I will prove them wrong. When the people in power have failed to protect those in need, REAL need, then maybe some anarchy is exactly what we need. Bat, I think your intentions are good. But time will tell if you can instigate true change, or if you’ll be as useful as a cat flap in an elephant house. I’m not unsympathetic to your fight or cause, but I have me own I need to take care of. And me own bills to pay. Some of them are long overdue. See you on Thursday, innit?"
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