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04-12-2023, 03:22 PM


As the scene swirls into focus, it falls upon a skyline of baby blue meeting a crystal blue of waves.  The sounds of gulls can be heard all around yet there was none to be seen.

“Knock.  Knock.”

The sweet and soft voice of the blonde bombshell, Aphriya Adler is heard a moment or two before she jumps into frame.  She kneels then lays down on her stomach facing the GoPro camera.

“Hello out there world, yours truly, Da Bad Apple Bottom Gene here to chit chat with y’all as time approaches for my next little square off in Extreme Wrestling Federation.  But of course I gotta recap what happened the last Anarchy.”

As she lays in front of the camera, her blonde hair falls naturally around her face.  She is wearing a straw sun hat.  What could be seen of her bathing suit, it was a one piece, pink, she also adorned herself in cutoff jean shorts.

“So I was stepping up into a fight known as a Canadian Flag match.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into until that night.  My match was coming up, I found a Canadian Flag in the back so I decided to take a picture of myself with the flag in front of me.  Little did I know that would end up being the way victory was tossed my way.  They named the victory as a sexy flag retrieval.  Later on, I heard my opponent was stuck somewhere and couldn’t make it for some reason.  I am sorry my friend, maybe we can try it again.”

She tucks her knuckles up under her chin as her eyes search the scene around and behind the camera.  The sound of waves washing over land could be heard off in the distance.

“Now, upcoming this time around on Anarchy, I am in another little test that I have yet to hear about.  Something called an Out in the Cold match.  I find this quite interesting.  When I first saw the booking come through, my first thought was that I’d be fighting out in the frigid cold of the Canadian wilderness.  Then the description came through shortly afterward.”

She lets out a soft chuckle.

“So I have to beat up and incapacitate my foe badly enough to toss them out in the Yukon wilderness and lock the door behind them.  Geeze y’all.  Am I being portrayed as this brutal, monstrous and blood hungry fiend that I have to be in all these strange and violent style matchups?  One positive thing about these things is my fans and supporters are eating it all up.  Loving it and cheering me on.”

She smiles as she swipes a couple strands of loose blonde hair from her face.

“So I am taking on a Miss Sarah Lacklan.  What can I say about this lovely lady?  She is quite a stunning looking young woman.  Has quite the history in this industry.  So many accomplishments.  I don’t have time to list them let alone quickly go over them and how slightly envious I am of them.  But there is some things I would like to say about you Miss Lacklan.”

She turns slightly, something caught her attention for a moment before she returned her attention to the GoPro camera resting in front of her.

“Should I refer to you as your given name?  Nah.  I think I will stick to your performance name.  Where has your family money taken you throughout this world?  It must’ve been so nice growing up with such a life.  Not ever wanting or needing of anything.  I have always wondered what that might have been like.  Also, I have felt a bit sorry for people like you Sarah.  Not understanding how the world works outside your own little world.  Then when you venture out, trying to explore the world, you are hit with a forty ton eighteen wheeler.  Realizing that there aren’t servants everywhere to only serve you.  Only to answer to each and every one of your demands.  Aristocracy.  What a shame?”

She says the last syllable softly before continuing.

“I have to admit though, you trained in this business at a young age with your professional wrestling father.  I am curious though, what did he achieve in this business?  From what I have read, he was basically a preacher who traveled around and beat up supposed sinners while spouting off his interpretation of the word of god.  Is that how it was?  Was he one of those people that read words then twisted them to make them fit his own beliefs?  I don’t want to say cult leader, but from the way you present yourself, it does seem to be a slight lean toward that end of idiosyncrasy.  I can’t sit here and say that is wrong.  I also am not going to sit here and say it is right either.”

She brings her hands down from underneath her chin to the ground below her.

“Sarah, I think this will be a shock to your system.  I honestly don’t know how long you’ve been away.  Wait…  Let me look it up real quick…  When was your last battle?”

She reaches over to her right and grabs her phone.

“Well crap.  I am horribly wrong.  I heard something about returning and Anarchy concerning your name, it is just something you said about restoring something on Anarchy.  My apologies for misreading that.  You have been away from Anarchy for a bit though.  You’ve been battling and competing on the other programs of the Extreme Wrestling Federation.  Your Return to Anarchy will be a sad one for you.  A cold one.  I will unleash the beast within me to make sure I remain on my track to that shiny gold belt.  I hope you are prepared Sarah.  See you Thursday Night.  Love all of my fans.”

She concludes the promotional statement like always, a wink and a blown kiss just as the scene swirls to black.

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