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Buying your way to winning matches and a titles isn't hard work, it's a joke.
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Lord Raab Offline
"The Green Disease German Monster"

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Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

04-12-2023, 11:08 AM

For this match especially, Raab had to do something else. Usually always does videos in alleyways, but this wasn't today. Raab found an abandoned garage nobody was using where there was extremely sticky slime, which suited perfectly for Raab. Henry was in the background, while Raab was front and centre and had a bag full of things he'll slowly unveil soon.

"Harmon, you're a fucking joke of being a hardcore wrestler. Every time I've seen you're matches, you speak bullshit about how your hunger is replenished with violence. You don't have a violent bone in your body, and you've never caused anybody to bleed. I go to say you're a man-child. You are a pathetic excuse for being a violent wrestler and leaving people for dead. Don't lie about yourself, Harmon, because you're a harmless puppy."

He took a quick breather, spitting anger out.

"I've participated in many hardcore matches to leave men and women not even returning to this company. You haven't done any of that. Do you know what the worst part of all of this is? You brought your way into this company, much like you brought your way to the title shot, and then you brought your way to winning the XWF title. You wouldn't need to pay someone to help you win if you were as talented and violent as you were. Just a typically rich, snobby-ass prick would fucking do. You have no passion for hardcore wrestling and, most of all, no passion for wrestling. You don't belong in XWF, and you're not a hardcore wrestler either."

Breathing in and out as Henry gave him water, he pulled some money out of the bag.

"This is all you fucking care about, money, and you only wrestle for the money. God only knows what you'd do if you or this company went bankrupt. I'd still be wrestling without being paid because, unlike you, money doesn't mean shit to me. You are only talented in non-hardcore matches, but the PPV match you had with Sidney was a piss-poor effort from you. That's not busting your ass off; it shows you can't do shit by yourself without paying someone off to do your job to prove to everyone how lazy you are as a wrestler."

He drops more money into the sticky slime and rips money up because it's stuck.

"Heck, nobody has seen you make anyone bleed or be violent. In every match I've done, ninety-nine per cent has been in some hardcore match. You're a shit example of what an XWF Anarchy champion is supposed to be. When I became champion, I've always wanted to change this company to have more Anarchy matches because there's a lack of them and trust me, little boy, that would change when I became champion. Each champion we've had here has barely been in hardcore matches, all been regular matches, and up to this point, all of our matches have been regular matches without a form of hardcore in it, so yeah, you can shove off bragging about your wins you brought your way into."

Raab, for the first time, was smiling. He also dropped the title in the sticky slime.

"That title is the filth that you've slithered all over because that's how pathetic and a joke of a champion you are. Oh sure, you've beaten Sidney Grey, but it was under controversial circumstances and knowing you because you're so up your ass, you'll be partying, bragging you won a title because that's what a typical snobby prick would do. When I win the title from you because you don't portray any violence in you, I won't be paying someone to put you in the sticky goop. I will do it with my own hands and feet. All on my own, without anybody assisting or paying me."

He drinks more of the water, but at the same time, tugging on the belt with the sticky slime, he pours water all over the title to make an example. Also, Raab brought a tin of red paint to spray all over the title on top of putting slime over it.

"I'm willing to change the direction of this company that Anarchy brand deserves from fake hardcore wrestlers like yourself. Watch how I wash away the filth your money ass would cover the title over and make you a fucking example of how actual wrestlers beat the fuck out of people, not ones who pay their way to get to the top. Not ones who pretend they have left a pile of blood for dead. I have no problems cracking your fucking head with a steel chair."

Raab loved the smell of slime, paint and money slime at the same time.

"No problems with making people like you wish you would rethink your wrestler career since you don't belong here. I will fucking destroy you with this blood I put on this title and how I washed your disgusting hands from the gold you're attracted to because your pretty face can't stand the sight of being blooded and fucked up. You'd quiver at seeing your blood after your face gets busted up by an actual violent king like myself. While I'm ugly as it is, it wouldn't matter with the amount of blood, scars and pain I've gone through in my career, the pain I will easily inflict on weak little boys that pretend to be tough but are pussies. I will defeat you to restore hardcore wrestling to this brand; you'll fail to do. I can only do it by beating the shit out of you and winning the title after I've fucked you up so badly with weapons and my fist that I'll put you through the sticky goop and have money shoved up your ass with sticky goop with it. Prepare to be Raabinated by the new Anarchy champion."

Raab then stood up on the sticky slime, money ripping even more pieces, and the camera went off.

[Image: AgO3KzJ.png]

[Image: bcywcYD.jpg]

I love AJ Allmendinger.
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