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It's time to rise up and start the journey back
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04-12-2023, 10:59 PM


The camera fades in to the Private jet of Mastermind, as he is flying from New Zealand to Canada to attend Thursday Night Anarchy.

It shows him sitting in his usual booth staring out into the sky and deep in thought.  He spots the camera and starts talking

Chelsea Leclair, and Gina Van Zyl you two need to listen and need to watch very closely because I have got something to say.

"Remember this moment in time, because come Thursday Night I will be the one to stand victorious out of the three of us.

"You won't be able to save yourselves from me, and that'll be the truth.

"I know that deep down inside of me I have what it takes to win this match, and you guys don't, and I will give it everything, and by the time the bell rings to end the match, you will both be losers.

"My best is yet to come.  You will see me at my best, and because of that, you won't have any chance.  Either of you."

Mastermind smirks his infamous smirk.

"So get it out of your head the both of you, that you will be victorious come Thursday Night, because the truth is I will be the winner because I have a feeling here and now, that I have got what it takes to defeat the both of you.  My skin crawls with the thought that one of you will win the match, so I know what I have to do.

"There'll be no hiding come Thursday Night, not against me, because I know you guys know that deep down inside, that I am the strongest out of the three of us and when it comes to the fight, I have what it takes to pull out all the moves to beat you, and get the three count.  The fact will be on who to pin, because the other I will make sure to be nowhere near the scene of the crime.

"There's no middle ground when it comes to this match.

Mastermind shakes his head.

"I can tell you both now that it will be brutal.  I will be your demon.  So let me tell you now that up to Thursday Night, I will be what you think about when it comes to eating, when it comes to sleeping, and when it comes to breathing.

"Then you will both be standing in that ring looking me in my eyes and knowing that I am that demon, your worst nightmare come to life to win this match.

"I can tell you both that I feel darkness at the moment deep down inside that is why I say I will be your demon.  So I hope that gives you chills, because I am coming to Thursday Night Anarchy to take your souls and win this match.  There will be no escaping from me when the bell rings.

"I will hear your screams and it will be brutal, because myself as a demon will rise up.  I will dig your graves but just one will fall and that's when you will hear 1.... 2... 3.

"So look at me now, and then look at me on Thursday Night, and see if you can beat the demon inside me.  I'm sick of the darkness and I'm sick of the both of you.  It's time to rise up and take back what's mine.  You two are just the stepping stones to recapturing the Anarchy title."

Mastermind starts grinning and then starts laughing and the camera fades out.

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4th Year Record 2019 - 12 Wins 1 Draw 21 Losses
3rd Year Record 2018 - 6 Wins 2 Losses
2nd Year Record 2015 - 1 Wins 9 Losses 2 Technical
1st Year Record 2014 - 24 Wins 34 Losses 6 Technicals

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Former Two Time Ark of the Covenant Champion
Lost in the 1st Round of the Woodstock Open - Wrestlestock 2019
Semi Finalist in the XWF King of the Ring 2020

50TH CAREER WIN vs TOMMY WISH - Wednesday Night Warfare - 2ND SEPTEMBER 2020


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