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Oh... It's Raab Again
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04-11-2023, 05:35 PM

“Breaking news! Sidney Grey has won the XWF Universal championship.”

A television can be seen through a cracked door.

“In other news, HGH has finally climbed the mountain top, beating the now Universal champion for the XWF Anarchy championship earlier in the night. We caught up with HGH moments after his victory.”

Feed goes to a scene of HGH partying in the locker room area. As the champagne sprays everywhere the camera crew approach HGH.

“Mr. Hays, how does it feel to finally get that title?”

”Are you kidding me? What kind of a question is that? I went out there and did what I said I would do. I’ve said all along, I am the best professional wrestler on Anarchy, and tonight I FUCKING PROVED IT!

“Mr. Hays, have you seen what happened after the main event this evening?”

”You mean Sidney going out there at Bobby Bourbon’s request and picking up the scraps after a stellar main event?”


”All that means is that Sidney Grey can only get the job done after picking up scraps. She couldn’t beat me, and what does she do? She goes out for a consolation prize. That’s right I said it! Sidney couldn’t keep a hold of this belt. HGH holds up the Anarchy title. So in my eyes, this. This title is now the most prestigious belt in this company. Right? I mean why wouldn’t it be, I didn’t go picking up scraps, I FOUGHT for this and I damn sure plan on keeping a hold of this for a very, very, long time. Now, piss off, I have some celebrating to do.”

As HGH begins to celebrate the scene fades to black.

The television  is turned off. The door is opened with no light showing from inside the room.

Suddenly a spotlight hits a chair in the center of the room.

"Lacklan, Fury, Ruby, Centurion, Vita Valenteen, Oswald, LSM, Elijah Martin, EDWARD, Kenzi Gray, Mastermind, Tula Keali'i, Geri Miller, Unknown Soldier, Tommy Wish, Daniela,Sidney Grey.

HGH steps into the spotlight with his newly won Anarchy championship draped across his shoulder. He smirks at the camera and takes a seat. He places the Anarchy title on his lap and looks into the camera.

"Now, HGH! The Anarchy title is finally home where it belongs. So many times I have said that I am destined for gold, and here it fucking is. HGH hold up the Anarchy title.Now that I have this belt, it's time to continue to shut the haters up. First on the docket, Lord Raab, I guess you could say you've become somewhat my huckleberry haven't you? It seems everywhere I go and everything I do, there's always a big green dipshit making his appearance."

HGH sighs and puts his head down, but only for a moment then looks angrily at the camera.

"Raab, how many times must we go over this? Sure, you fancy yourself this hard-core/pure wrestling guy, you know the one that shows no mercy, extreme violence right? Fuck! When are you going to get it through your thick green skull? You can't, and will never beat me. What, do you think just because I won this belt I'm going to slack off? Think again jackoff. This is the closest you will ever get to MY title. Shit, half you fucks thought that this was a game? What, HGH climbs that mountain and then just bottoms out. Shit boys and girls getting here was the easy part. Now, we're gonna start the hard stuff. It's easy to be the hunter, am I right? Of course it is. However, what really separates the men from the boys so to speak, it's what you do once you're on top. Fellas, ladies, I plan on being on top for a very, very long time."

"Raab, do you really think you are worthy of my title? What the fuck have you done lately? Where has your fire gone? Where is your drive? What makes you the 'Big Green' monster? Where is he? I don't fucking see him. Are you even the same guy I stepped inside a steel cage with?"

HGH stops to collect himself.

"Thursday April,13th, 2023, we get to do battle in a sticky goop match? What the actual fuck is this happy day horseshit. Ehh…whatever! No matter what match it is Raab, the result will always and forever be the same HGH victorious over the big green dipshit."

”Make no mistake about it Raab, it doesn’t matter how motivated you are, it doesn’t matter how bad you want this belt. Frankly, it’s just not going to happen. We all know I’m better than you, we all know I’m more hardcore than you will ever be. No matter what you do, no matter what you say you just don’t have it in you. You may have had a spark, what the first three times I’ve destroyed you. You’ve lost it, you don’t have it in you anymore. However, if for some ungodly reason you choose to show up, there will be no mercy for you. You may say you’re the most violent son of a bitch in this business. Quit lying to yourself, I’ve proven many times you are definitely NOT. So once I beat you within an inch of your life, as liters of blood pour out of your body. Your lifeless corpse will then be thrown into the goop as my hand is raised in victory. SO FUCK OFF!”

HGH pauses to catch his breath.

”The time for fun and games are over and unfortunately for you Raab. You are now victim number one in my reign as the Anarchy champion. There was Conquest, there was War, then came Famine, and last came Death. All have risen, and in time will tell. You will suffer greatly, your end will be slow. Rest In Peace, Lord Raab, your sacrifice is accepted.”

”Show me what’s beyond my eyes.”

HGH begins to laugh as the scene fades to black.
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