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Charlie Nickles Offline
The Nickleman

XWF FanBase:
Drug addicts, rebels, weirdos

(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

04-09-2023, 09:04 PM

[Image: BroBOB.png?width=755&height=593]

We catch up with BOB backstage, shortly after the events of Warfare.

Dolly Waters storms into the locker room, picks up a chair, and flings it across the room. Bobby looks at her and raises his hands as if to ask why while Charlie and TK remain seated, looking heated. Nobody in BOB won on the evening, made all the more bittersweet by finally seeing a pack of hooded figures attacked. Bobby stands, holding his head, still in pain from his match with Raion Kido and the wild brawl with hooded figures.

Woah. You’re pissed? Good. I’m pissed. TK is pissed. Charlie is pissed. We’re better than this, all of us are, and we fucking know it. I mean, all of us, each and every one of us, could have beat our opponents tonight, but what happened? Did we ease up? Did we go light? No! We went hard in the paint, got our asses kicked, and you know what that means? Next time we go harder, next time we gotta push ourselves further, next time we all go out there and leave it like it’s the last night of our fucking careers like we used to, for fucks sake! I went out there knowing I’m hard, not ready to fucking show it. I’m not calling anyone else out here in this room, nah, I’m calling me out for me. I know damn well I gotta dig deeper, because fellas, we didn’t get to where we are by playing nice. We might do the right thing, but in that ring, we fucking trash from now on. I’m not going to boohoo how Flynn cheated, we knew he would! That wild hogwash at the end of the night? That was outright pathetic, but you know what? We gave them their opportunities to pull that bullshit. Next time, act like it’s the fucking last time.

Fuck, we ALL lost tonight? God damn it, I barely remember anything after my match!

Charlie is rubbing his head, clearly still recovering from being knocked out. Meanwhile TK is rubbing his arm, wincing in pain. Dolly is clearly confused judging from her actions at the end of Warfare. Bobby is cracking his shoulders from the Heaven’s Treasure. TK looks dead ass at Bobby.

That was tough to watch.

Looking over at Charlie.

You tried your best.

Looking over at Dolly now, TK continues.

Bad timing on the whole new, referees can watch the tape, like the NFL, rule.

TK looking around to all the Bros now.

I don't care how hard you train, fix yourself, how talented you are. Sometimes shit just isn’t going to go our way. Anything that can happen or, for that matter, has never happened before, will fucking happen. That’s okay, we just need to get up, dust ourselves off, crack our knuckles, and get ready for what comes our way next. Charlie, you did better than what was expected of you. Dolly, you need to seek medical attention. Your babbling at the end of your match has me worried…

In the middle of TK delivering an uplifting message to BoB, Dolly wobbles to the center of the room, a glazed over look on her face as she starts vomiting stomach bile. She produces a couple of crystals from her pocket, along with a deck of tarot cards and begins shuffling while aimlessly rambling to herself. Bobby, TK and Charlie look on with a genuine concern before TK resums his uplifting message:

Listen, Bobby, you're beating yourself up over nothing. The refs have hard jobs out there and maybe they just couldn't tell your back from your belly. All this is alright, guys, setbacks happen. Think about it , it's been so long since the fans have seen talent that they forgot what it was like, and now they are just comfortably dealing with the likes of SAGA carrying the torch for good people. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. This company has been settling for mediocrity for far too long. It’s time we correct that.

TK begins shaking his head in disbelief.

Shit, what am I going to tell Lilabeth? Oh, I’m sorry, kid, your cancer wasn’t deadly enough to help me beat a completely unprepared Mark Flynn? Man… This being nice shit is hard. Charlie, got any words?

Charlie, whose head is completely buried in his hands, now lifts his gaze up to meet that of his brothers. A single tear can be seen streaming down The Nickleman’s bruised cheek.

I can’t believe I failed again….I give it all I have, time and time again, but somehow the cards of fortune just never work out for me. What am I supposed to tell my kids now? You can work and work and work as hard as you can, and it will always be for naught? What kind of a child wants to grow up in a world like that?

The Nickleman runs his greasy hands through his matted hair as ponders the issue.

And now that my worthless baby mamma abandoned the kids and went down to Panama City with her ‘Pedro’, I need to figure out a way to raise these two kids right! I don’t want to raise a pair of no good bastards!

Charlie looks over to Bobby and TK, TNGB.

No offense.

None taken.

But it’s just….what are we doing fellas? How do we turn this ship around?

The Nickleman sighs again before looking over to Bobby with disdain.

And you know, Bobby, this is all your fault.

Wait, how?

You got all hopped up on Mountain Dew before your title match and made a dumb decision to just give away your belt to a well-rested soap opera star! What were you thinking?! If you were the universal champion, none of this would have happened! Kido would have been in awe of your belt, and TK and I would have been the left and right hands to the #1 man, respectively! That kinda shit really matters around the XWF these days, you know! That’s why SAGA is all getting together like that, they’re aligning their chakras! And Bobby, you had them all aligned perfectly: but only for ten minutes, and then you just gave away everything we all worked so hard for !

Bobby looks shocked and appalled.

That is not true, don’t you put that on me! I don’t need left and right hands, I have some already, and I did nothing with their chakras. All the chakras were just great!


The fuck is a chakra?

Charlie tries to explain uncertainly.

It’s like this thing…

I don’t know but Charlie said ‘chakra’ and I feel like if I messed with one I’d know it!

I knew it! she flips a particular card from her tarot deck and stops to choke on a little more vomit, It took unprecedented circumstances to get the Television Championship away from me, when in the fuck has video replay ever been implemented in XWF? Did Isaiah King throw a damn challenge flag or sumthin? Fuck it! It doesn’t matter, boys. The Wheel of Fortune is already in motion…

TK taps at his pursed lips, turns to Bobby and whispers “we really need to get the medics back here, I think she’s dying.” Bobby nods in agreement, whispering back "but I'm impressed with the gusto, let her keep rolling."

They’ll not fix another goddamn thing, as the Divine as my witness! MayDay will be… my- I mean- OUR day!

Dolly… Hate to shit on your day but MayDay was two years ago.

NO! MayDay 2! I’m hosting another one! It’s replacing Warfare in four weeks.

The incredulous look on TK’s face is suddenly wiped away as Bobby nudges him, while showing him the official statement from Theo Pryce on his cellphone regarding the WarGames Captains Match at MayDay2.

Well, shit…

Dolly stands, wobbles, vomits a bit more-Now if you’ll excuse me, my loves… I have a hex to cast on Chaz Bobo.

I have no idea when these sticker licking refs were given the authority to change the outcome of a major championship, AFTER announcing a winner, but here we are.

Fuck if I know, that poor guy can’t even get laid and the world is supposed to trust his judgements? Well, that call against me will be the last mistake he makes.

Well, I mean, shit, now that y’all put it like that, TK, neither of us fucking tapped out tonight, that’s for fuck sure, and I don’t know what the fuck was happening that I got counted for three while on my gut, only for them to turn around and double check shit in Dolly’s match where she won, in the middle of that ring. Welp, hey, we can call conspiracy until we’re blue in the face. Well, not Charlie. Charlie got knocked the fuck out legit.

Charlie seethes silently in the corner.

But, I mean, look at the bias going on, boys. We got ourselves an uphill battle, but we already knew that shit from jump. The only guy who has it harder is Finn Kuhn, but that’s because he has all the talent of a muskellunge, and he’s not cool enough to hang with us.

BOB all laugh in unison and agreement.

I guess that means the only thing left to do is rip the whole fucker apart and shove it down their throats piece by piece.

Rip what apart?

The whole fucker.

Bobby puts in his hand.

An entire fucker.

TK follows suit and puts in his hand.

Yep, one metric fucker.

Dolly, off balance, puts in her hand.

A cubic ton fucker?

Charlie puts in his hand with a grin on his face.

Now you’re getting it.

Dolly violently vomits green bile on all the Bros hands.


Damn it, now I’m getting hungry again!

Oh, come on.

Sorry guys.

Bobby pats Dolly on the back with his vomit covered hand.

Happens to the best of us. All our hands got nailed, so it definitely did happen to the best of us.

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